12 Days of Lesfic Christmas in July

12 Days of Lesfic Christmas July 17-28 

When I was a kid, the best holiday, without a doubt, was Christmas. Bubble lights, the scent of pine trees, candy canes, repeatedly watching A Christmas Story, lime sherbet punch, gifts, and so much more. As an adult, I’m not too picky about holidays, just as long as I get a day off from work to spend time with my family.

But I miss feeling like a kid sometimes. The excitement. And quite possibly I may just want to justify watching Elf three times so far this month, which is one of the best movies ever. My partner and I constantly quote it.

I know it’s July, but it’s never too early to try to tap into the Christmas spirt. There’s a lot going on in the world these days. I want to focus on the good. Which is why I’ve been feeling nostalgic about memories that brought me much joy.

I asked eleven authors to help celebrate 12 Days of Lesfic Christmas in July. Over 12 books are on sale for rock-bottom prices. Slip into tantalizing and heartfelt stories that’ll help you forget the real world for many blissful hours.

Below you’ll find all the goodies on offer. Before I get to all the wonderful authors and their books, I should get the basics out of the way. This sale ends on July 28th. Before you click the buy button, please ensure the sale price matches.

Now for the authors and their fab books:


Suzie Carr is a contemporary novelist, podcaster on the Lesbian Talk Show, and avid blogger at Curves Welcome.

With eleven bestsellers on Amazon Kindle, Suzie continues to enjoy writing about the beauty of love and life. She believes strongly in giving back to the community. She donates a portion of book sale proceeds to the Hearts United for Animals and NOH8 Campaign. 

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Somewhere along the line, Sarah Destin, took a wrong turn and ended up in the dreaded rat race of life. When she meets Jolene, a scuba instructor from Bonaire, she begins to crave adventure. By getting out of her comfort zone, Sarah soon begins to question what’s most important in life. Does Sarah have the courage to embrace her newfound discoveries, even if that means letting go of what brings her comfort in the process?


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Clare Lydon is a London-based writer of contemporary lesbian romance. She’s a No.1 best-seller on lesbian fiction charts around the globe – if you’re a sucker for romance, prepare to fall head over heels in love. When she’s not writing, Clare enjoys playing the guitar badly, watching far too many home improvement shows and eating Curly Wurlys. In her next life, she’d like to come back as Rayna James. (RIP, sob!)

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THIS LONDON LOVE  $0.99   $6.99

A successful editor. A workaholic florist. It’s complicated, but is it love?

Kate Carter has it all, except for a special person to share it with. The stylish, charismatic art editor has her sights set on someone, but a few unanswered questions keep her from making a move.

Meg Harding is single but stuck living with her ex. When she meets Kate, she sees a bright light at the end of her life’s dark tunnel. But it doesn’t take long for the florist’s secrets to nearly derail the promising pairing.

Can they overcome the obstacles they can’t control to find their happily-ever-after? Get this witty, sexy romance today!


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Peach loves writing and racing buses round the South Coast, but her passion also lies in music. Shadoe Publishing has ’47’ which was her 1st novella. She has had number 1’s with ‘The Blurring’ and the smash hit ‘Playing My Love’ which held the top spot for 6 weeks and went to number 1 in 4 different countries. She also collaborated with Kiki Archer to bring together the ‘L Is For…’ charity anthology and after a short break from writing, currently has several projects she’s trying to furiously type up! 

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PLAYING MY LOVE   $0.99   $2.99

“I’d never believed in love at first sight. I mean, it had never happened to me, so I guess I just didn’t think about it. But then..

Darcy. Beautiful, kind, intelligent Darcy, who showed me a whole new meaning to the word love, and how to live when I thought there was nothing to live for. Was it love at 1st sight? No. It was so much more.”



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A DARKER KIND OF LOVE  $0.99   $2.99

Stronger than desire, deeper than attraction.

Relationships can be tricky, especially when your ex is still hanging around. For Hanna, meeting Sophie marks the start of something new…but first she has to convince her ex girlfriend, Mel, to let her go.

But Mel doesn’t want to let go. Ever.


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Born in Australia with an overactive imagination, Camryn directs her creative energy into her favourite genre: lesbian romance. She has a habit of tripping over her own feet because she’s too busy rushing headlong into life. We only get one, so why not make the most of it?

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ROMANCING THE GIRL   $1.99  $3.99

Aimee Turner is a country girl, living and working on her family’s sheep station in rural Australia. Life is easy and full of hard, dusty work, but when her brother Joseph decides to become a contestant in a reality TV dating show, Romancing the Farmer, everything goes to hell. Justine Cason, the ringleader of the circus Aimee instantly detests is an irritating, arrogant presence that she is forced to chaperone around the massive property. The two women find more in common than trading insults the more time they spend together, sparking an unexpected connection neither was looking for.


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Layce Gardner is a screenwriter, a novelist, and a playwright. Her plays have been performed around the world and she is the recipient of The Los Angeles Drama Logue Award for Best Playwrighting. She has written screenplays for every major television network and her movie “Prison of Secrets” was Lifetime’s highest rated movie. She is the Goldie award-winning author of the novel, Tats. She is one half of a dynamic comedy writing duo with her wife, Saxon Bennett. Together, they have written over 45 novels and short stories.

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Saxon Bennett is the author of over twenty novels and numerous short stories. She has won two Goldie awards, the Alice B. Reader award for body of work, and is one half of the best-selling comedic duo Layce Gardner& Saxon Bennett.

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GIGALO GIRL  $0.99   $4.99

WARNING: This book contains comic situations, lesbian sex and comic lesbian sex.

When Mildred’s girlfriend runs off with all the egg money, Mildred decides she has had enough of small town living. She leaves her chicken ranch behind and heads for the big city of Bon Chance, Texas. Once there, she gets a job as a gigolo girl—and pleasing sex-starved lesbians is the name of the game. She meets another gigolo girl, Desiree Hart, and falls madly in love. But it’s against company policy to date a fellow employee. Can Mildred and Desiree find true love with each other or will sex get in the way?


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Natasha West has been writing for many years but has only recently plunged into the world of writing lesbian romances after she decided that a life of enjoying her own shouldn’t go to waste. She likes to write complicated characters who aren’t looking for love, but find it anyway. Via the funniest, hottest routes possible.  

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THE PLUS ONE  $0.99   $2.99

When Charlie Black gets dumped by her girlfriend Lucy just before her sister’s wedding, it’s the worst timing possible. Going stag to the big event after she told her entire family that Lucy was ‘The One?’ Far too humiliating.

Then Charlie happens across a website, ‘Rent-a-Date, a service that provides actors who will pretend to be anyone you want at social occasions, including Lucy. It seems like the perfect solution to all Charlie’s problems. But when Charlie turns up at the church, her Rent-a-Date has a surprise in store…


Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS


Cara Malone writes contemporary lesbian fiction with drama, depth, and plenty of heat! After nearly ten years as a librarian, Cara is transitioning into a full-time writer, aka. her dream job. She can be found writing – and caffeinating – in coffee shops around Northeast Ohio. When she’s not working, she’s usually caught up in a home renovation project, binge-watching terrible TV, taking a yoga class, or snuggling with her house rabbits.

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AWAKENED  $0.99   $3.99

Leah is starting a new job where she desperately wants to blend in and be anonymous. Her new trainer, Morgan, makes that difficult and the heat between them is impossible to deny. Morgan is mesmerizing but sullen, nursing a broken heart after her troubled ex-girlfriend, Allison, left one day out of the blue. Thrust together in the cramped quarters of a cubicle, Morgan and Leah can’t deny their attraction, but when Allison blows back into town with a terrible secret, it threatens to tear all three of their worlds apart and destroy Morgan and Leah’s budding relationship.


Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS


Eliza Lentzski is the author of lesbian fiction, romance, and erotica including the Winter Jacket and Don’t Call Me Hero series and the forthcoming novel, Hunter (Summer 2017). Although a historian by day, Eliza is passionate about fiction. She was born and raised in the upper Midwest, which is often the setting for her novels. She currently lives in Boston with her wife and their cat, Charley.

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$0.99  $3.99

It’s been over a year since Cassidy Miller retired from the United States Marine Corps, but try telling that to her nightmares. She knew that coming back after eight years in a war zone wouldn’t be easy, but she’d underestimated the real difficulties of transitioning back to civilian life. Looking for a fresh start, she’s left her friends and career in Minneapolis to be a police officer in northern Minnesota. It’s in the tiny town of Embarrass where she learns more about Julia Desjardin. The city prosecutor is cool, professional, and untouchable. For all their surface differences, Cassidy and Julia have more in common than they first realized—both are reluctant to hand over their pasts to be judged and studied. But it might take someone just as damaged as the other to help each cope with the skeletons in their respective closets.

Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS


Susan X Meagher began her writing career posting Uber Xena fan fiction in the late nineties, progressing to publishing her debut novel with Fortitude Press in 2002. This July she will publish her newest, Fame, her fortieth.

Born in East St. Louis, Illinois, Susan has spent significant amounts of time in Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York, where she now lives with her long-suffering wife, Carrie.

Susan was awarded a 2011 Lesbian Fiction Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Lesbian Fiction Writer, and was also the recipient of the 2014 Alice B. Medal for her body of work. She has won three Golden Crown Literary Society “Goldie” awards – 2010 for Short Stories, 2013 for Contemporary Romance and 2016 for Contemporary Romance.

Nearly all of Susan’s novels are contemporary romances, a genre that speaks to her belief in happy endings for all who seek them.

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SMOOTH SAILING  $1.99  $9.99

Opening a new theme park is not for kids. Laurie Nielsen is so overworked and overstressed that she’s forced to take a vacation—on one of her company’s kid-centric cruise ships. It’s a slow torture, but she eventually makes the best of it and gets off the boat in St. Maarten. There, Laurie meets and insults Kaatje Hoogaboom, a woman who has very little of Laurie’s work obsession. But they still manage to hit it off—to her great surprise.

Once Laurie returns home they stay in touch, getting to know each other via phone calls and e-mails. But Laurie isn’t an ideal girlfriend. Work is at the top of her priority list and toppling it might be more than Kaatje is able, or even willing, to do.

Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS


I love sitting down with a good book and letting my imagination run wild. Even better is bringing characters and their love affairs to life. I write lesbian romance with strong and complex characters, hot sex and a great plot.


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SUN CATCHER $0.99   $3.99

Cate craves excitement, and a trip to Panama to visit a wild and crazy friend from her college days is the perfect solution. The expat community there welcomes her, but Cate is more intrigued by Lexi, her friend’s beautiful but mysterious neighbor. Lexi is the very embodiment of passion and adventure, and the more time they spend together, the harder Cate falls. Then she discovers Lexi’s secret … and has to make a wrenching choice. Will love prove stronger than heartache, or has Cate found her dream only to lose it?

Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS


Mia Archer is an author of bestselling Young Adult and adult lesbian romance. She lives in the midwest with her partner, kids, and cats, and loves writing stories about happily ever afters in small town America where she grew up.



Being a princess was supposed to be cool, but Amelia knew the truth. It sucked. One kiss with another girl. One media firestorm. One bummed princess. Dani was supposed to be having the trip of a lifetime. Only now she’s a social outcast after doing the right thing and dumping her boyfriend when she realized she was into girls. Two girls. Two worlds. One vacation they’ll never forget!


Amazon US  /  Amazon UK  /  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS



T. B. Markinson is an American writer, living in England. When she isn’t writing, she’s traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs, or reading. Not necessarily in that order.

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THE CHOSEN ONE  $0.99   $3.99

Girls are a risk college freshman Ainsley Carmichael can’t take. Her powerful political family sees her as the Chosen One who will someday be president. Upholding a carefully crafted veneer is second nature until the first day of class when Maya’s mysterious gray eyes hold her in thrall.

Ainsley may be out publicly regarding her sexual orientation, but she lives under the shadow of the Carmichael’s ancient but shrewd matriarch in this contemporary lesbian romance. It soon becomes clear Maya is hiding something when she cuts their first kiss short by pointing out they come from different worlds.

The privileged world of the Carmichael clan stands in stark contrast to Maya’s limited means. Ainsley’s quirky and carefree cousin helps her investigate, only to discover details of Maya’s past are sketchy at best as the suspense builds in this work of LGBT fiction.

Will Ainsley’s love for the enigmatic girl enable her to break her Carmichael shackles?

Amazon US  Amazon UK  Amazon CA  Amazon AUS

Okay, I know I just threw a lot of names, prices, and links at you. Take a deep breath, and scroll back up to see which of the above titles you need to add to your library. I don’t want you to miss out on getting all these fab books before the sale ends on July 28th. Act fast! Time is running out.




About TBM

TB Markinson is an American who's recently returned to the US after a seven-year stint in the UK and Ireland. When she isn't writing, she's traveling the world, watching sports on the telly, visiting pubs in New England, or reading. Not necessarily in that order. Her novels have hit Amazon bestseller lists for lesbian fiction and lesbian romance. She cohosts the Lesbians Who Write Podcast (lesbianswhowrite.com) with Clare Lydon. TB also runs I Heart Lesfic (iheartlesfic.com), a place for authors and fans of lesfic to come together to celebrate lesbian fiction.
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