Guest Post: How long have you been writing by Brey Willows

Wowzers, it’s Thursday already. How did that happen?

I’m super excited to welcome Bold Strokes author Brey Willows. She recently released the second book in her Afterlife, Inc trilogy. Below you can enter the giveaway to win an e-book copy of Fury’s Choice.

Also, can you spot Brey’s lie? Check out the spot the lie section where she’s provided two truths and one lie and you get to guess which is the lie.

Please welcome the lovely Brey Willows.

“How long have you been writing?”

At various writing conferences over the last decade, I’d say that’s probably the most common question I’ve heard. And it seems like there’s a common answer:

“Since I was a child.”

My path was no different. Pads of paper and notebooks full of half-realised stories, really bad poetry, and plenty of pubescent angst. Then there were University creative writing anthologies and contests, where I published a few poems (still pretty bad and no less angsty) and a few short stories. Then, ten years ago, someone asked for a short story for an erotica anthology. From the moment my story came out in that book I was hooked. I kept up the short stories for erotica anthologies and stutter-started my way into novels. Life happened and the creativity ground to a halt. There were no stories in the darkness.

But then this wonderful thing happened: I got into a relationship with another writer (Robyn Nyx). And she made me a deal: finish the novel I wanted to write, and she’d get the same tattoo my main character has. Robyn was re-working her first novel, so it was a good time for me to start…

And so the Afterlife, Inc trilogy was born. Fury’s Bridge came out in March. Fury’s Choice was released earlier this month, and Fury’s Death comes out in March of next year. They were fun, sometimes silly, sometimes difficult, books to write. And I love the characters like they’re actual friends.

One of the great things about being in a relationship with another writer is the creativity element: when one of you wakes up at 2 in the morning with ideas to scribble down, it’s no problem. When a plot isn’t working, you can bounce things off each other. Writing time every night instead of tv? No problem. Holidays dedicated to doing nothing but working on a novel? Awesome. And when you’re in a state of imposter syndrome, you can lift each other out of the mire.

Robyn is working on her fourth book in three years, (part of the amazing Extractor Trilogy) with another contracted. I’ve just started my fourth, Chosen (environmental apocalypse meets Hunger Games for scientists, out in 2018), and I’ve submitted a couple proposals to my publisher for the pipeline.

So, how long will I be writing? As long as there are stories to be told, whether in darkness or light.

Oh—and Robyn is just waiting to get back to her favourite tattoo artist to get that snake on her back…


How well do you know Brey? She’s provided two truths and one lie and she’s challenged you to ferret out the lie. Let us know which statement you think is the lie by leaving a comment below. It’ll be revealed on Saturday.

1. Brey is allergic to pineapple.

2. Brey’s favorite color is yellow.

3. Brey loves to cook.


E-book $9.99
Paperback $16.95
Release Date: September 12, 2017
Romance / Speculative Fiction

Fury Tisera Graves needs a break. She wants a normal life, but she can’t see a way out of Afterlife. When the gods begin running marketing campaigns in an effort to woo followers, she steps in to keep them in line, although she really just wants to get away from it all.

Playgirl philanthropist Kera Espinosa made a nearly fatal mistake, and now she’s trying to make up for it by doing good work around the world. She’s got no time for the gods, who don’t do nearly enough. And she’s still searching for the people who nearly destroyed her. When she finds them, she’s prepared to sacrifice it all to make them pay.

When it comes time for both women to choose, will they find love or destruction?

Bold Strokes Books / Amazon US / Amazon UK / Amazon CA / Amazon AUS


Brey Willows is a longtime editor and writer. When she’s not running a social enterprise working with marginalized communities on writing projects, she’s editing other people’s writing or doing her own. She lives in the middle of England with her partner and fellow author and spends entirely too much time exploring castles and ancient ruins while bemoaning the rain.

Facebook / Twitter / Website / Bold Strokes Books Author Page


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Thanks so much Brey for stopping by today.

Best of luck to everyone who enters the giveaway.

Don’t forget to tell us which statement you think is the lie.



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  1. TBM says:

    Howdy folks. It’s time to reveal Brey’s lie. It’s number 2. According to Brey, she hates yellow with a passion usually reserved for things like Brussel sprouts or Marmite.

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