Guest Post: Why LesFic by Layce Gardner

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Layce Gardner is here today to discuss why she writes lesfic. This has been a popular topic on I Heart Lesfic. Niamh Murphy shared her thoughts. Also, K’Anne Meinel chatted about it. And, for those of you who don’t follow Annette Mori’s blog (you should), she wrote about it last Friday.

It’s an important topic for lesfic writers and fans, which is why when Layce contacted me about this guest post I jumped at the chance to host her. And, Layce is super sweet and funny.

Before I hand control over to Layce, I want to mention she and Saxon Bennett are giving away a paperback copy of Change of Heart. Details can be found below.

Please welcome Layce Gardner.

Why LesFic

The single most asked question I get as a writer is “Why don’t you write mainstream fiction?” In other words, why don’t I write about straight people?  Let me begin by saying that most of the askers have good intentions. They are under the impression that mainstream fiction is somehow better than lesbian fiction. They think I would make more money, or that I would gain more recognition writing mainstream. Both of those assumptions are false.

The reason I write lesfic is because I am a lesbian. It has been said, “Write what you know.” It makes me wonder if a black person is ever asked “Why don’t you write about white people?” Did James Baldwin or Toni Morrison ever get asked that?

Was Amy Tan ever thought of as lesser because she wrote about her culture?

I am a lesbian. I write about lesbian lives, romances, dramas, and comedies because that is where my heart is. It’s what I know. I don’t understand straight people. I don’t understand a single freakin’ thing about their relationships. It’s like entering a foreign land where I don’t speak the language.

There’s just something about seeing myself on the page that excites me. It validates me. It makes me feel so not alone. I would rather read or write about lesbians any day over straight people.

Reason number two why I write lesfic: because that is where I am needed most. Mainstream fiction doesn’t need nor want me. I can make a mark in lesfic. I feel needed and appreciated there. I know with the advent of self-publishing we have a lot of lesfic writers. Some say too many. I say not enough. We need more lesbian writers. We need more lesbian readers. There is never too much of a good thing. Fifteen years ago, there was only Naiad. I’m ever glad they were there, but it was a monopoly. That meant whatever Naiad wanted, that’s all we got. Now that lesbians are self-publishing the stories are more varied than ever. Envelopes are being pushed. I love that! Homogenization is going away!

I love being the mirror that is held up before the eyes of lesbians. It makes me proud. I am so blessed that my work has a home. A home where I feel useful and wanted.

To all my readers out there—I don’t care if you’re lesbian, gay, straight, male or female, trans, genderqueer, bi, non-binaryr—thank you for making me proud to be a lesfic writer.

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Layce Gardner is a screenwriter, a novelist, and a playwright. Her plays have been performed around the world and she is the recipient of The Los Angeles Drama-Logue Award for Best Play. She has written screenplays for every major television network and her movie “Prison of Secrets” was Lifetime’s highest rated movie. She is the Goldie award-winning author of the novel, Tats. She has written over forty books and is one half of the best-selling comedic duo, Layce Gardner and Saxon Bennett. 


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