Interview with KB Draper author of the Kanyon & Daylen Series

KB Draper is here!

For those of you who haven’t met KB, you’re in for a treat. And, for those of you who do know her, I know you’re already laughing.

Before we get to the interview, I should mention one lucky winner will receive all three books in her Kanyon & Daylen Series. Yep, three books!

Please welcome KB.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thanks for having me! I can’t believe you still invited me after reading the small print on my warning label. Just FYI – This is how bungee jumping and Hula-Hoop accidents happen. And bungee jumping while Hula-Hooping accidents happen. Rambling already. Sorry. But to be fair, you were warned.

In your bio it states you, and I’m quoting, discovered a talent for storytelling after drinking a cheap bottle of wine at a Christmas Party. Can you elaborate on this experience?

I also learned that night that I can’t limbo … at least not while drinking. Or breathing. Or possessing this very non-bendy human form. It was a give and take kind of night. I realized my gift of storytelling and the host of the evening realized never to put the 7-layer bean dip on a card table or ask me about my dating life.

The night started innocent enough.  You know the ones … the “What clothes should I wear? Why will my hair not behave? There’s a good chance an ex will be there, now I need to change, again, so I look hotter than when she broke up with me. Why did I eat the extra three slices of pizza because now my hot jeans don’t fit …” kind of nights.  *Fast-forward*  An entire bottle of Electric Reindeer wine (it was a Christmas Party – there was a theme – don’t judge me) happened and the dating and break-up stories began to flow. A crowd gathered and lots of laughs ensued.  And though I was fresh from a break-up, was well into the pathetic phase of post-relationship depression, the chuckles and laughs of my friends were (and still are) so incredibly healing.  And somewhere in the night, between the tales, a friend said “you need to write that sh** down”.  I left that party with a smile and with the crazy idea to write a book in an effort to try to make some other people laugh in a time they may need it …  And that, my friends, was how The U-haul Diary came to be.  *Bow. Close curtain.*

Your bio also mentions a cocktail napkin ending up in an inappropriate place … enquiring minds really want to know.

Yep. The morning after the illustrious Christmas Party, I woke up playing pillow partner with it.  It’s my 7th longest relationship.

Tell us a bit about your first book The U-Haul Diary.

The U-haul Diary, or UHD, as I lovingly call it because it minimizes the odds I’ll accidently type The U-haul Dairy, which is a completely different story about a cow with self-esteem issues.

UHD is quite honestly a completely one-sided, totally biased, rendition of my dating life, minus the curled up in bed, eating Cheetos dipped in Rocky Road, overly-dramatic crying scenes, to which there are no witnesses, so they may or may not have happened.

Each chapter, sadly it’s not a novella, which means there are several, is a re-telling of a different relationship. There is a repeat offender, but hey, she was hot and I was horn-ulnerable. Give it a moment, you will figure it out. If not, feel free to email me at please use Horn-ulnerable in the subject line (purely for my personal amusement). Anyway, UHD is meant to be a light-hearted, “oh my God, I so had a girlfriend like that”, journey through my up and downs of dating a wonderful, colorful, and all uniquely amazing array of women.

You moved from writing a story about exes to a fantasy series featuring Kanyon and Daylen. Was switching genres difficult?

Yes. Fortunately, I ran out of exes to write about, so I decided to make up two new people with relationship problems – because I thought that kind of dynamic is really underrepresented in the real world. *This might be a good time to introduce myself. Hi, I’m K.B. and I use humor to mask my fiber deficiency.

It did take a little time to adjust perspectives and come up with an all new storyline. With The UHD, I had a story, I had characters, I had personalities, I just needed to figure out how to translate it all onto paper. With Close-up, the first book in the Kanyon and Daylen series, I had a fragment of an idea and had to build the characters, their worlds, their hang-ups and quirks. It was challenging, but I think that is when I first started to almost kind-of think of myself as a writer.

Speaking of switching genres, you also have the Demons series, which is darker. Tell us about that.

The Demons Series is currently plotted to be a trilogy. Demons Shemons is the first in the series and I’m currently in the middle of the next book – which I will announce officially here – Spirits Smearits. The Demons Series is a little darker. AJ, is more raw than Kanyon, but is still all badass, sass, and fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants bravado.

Demons Shemons involves AJ, a modern day demon hunter, who got her supernatural powers by getting drunk and stumbling, literally, into an Native American ritual, where a grandfather, later named Grand (see what I did there), was passing the Hunter Spirit, to his grandson and rightful heir, Danny.  In a Three Stooges like scene, AJ ends up with the spirit in her.  And then, well, a whole lot of chaos and a little demon hunting happens.

Do you prefer writing a certain genre? 

Nope. I’m an equal opportunity genre-ist? Genre-er? Genre-tonist? Whatever. For now, I’m having fun trying them all out. I’ve bellied up to the genre buffet. I’m trying a little of this, a little of that. I’m skipping the weird outdated gelatinous pudding thing with fake peaches and grabbing a double helping of whatever strikes my fancy. I have a couple of thriller ideas and another story that dips a creative toe in the romance waters.  But one thing I can most positively say, whatever genre I’m in, I will always write about strong, sassy badass women.  Unless I flip over to do a children’s book, then it will be a strong, sassy badass platypus. But, it will be a girl platypus, so …

Inspiration? It’s everywhere. I meet characters all the time. I steal characteristics from random people at the grocery store, mannerisms or an eye color, hair, or a patch of freckles from a passerby at the airport.   Any and all encounters, that make me just stop and think “What if this happened but with an alien or a zombie?”  Oddly, (I promise this isn’t the tequila shots talking because they’re in time out after telling me I could still pull off a tube top) I’ve also had dreams that have turned into scenes or books ideas. Mix in some real-life events and past experiences. Obviously with UHD there was a whole lot of past-experiencing, but I also have a story plotted which is based on a case I worked during my time with the sheriff’s department. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure everything else comes from all the vacant spaces left by the lost brains cells caused by too many keg stands in college.

Tell us about your latest release Stand-In: Take 3 of the Kanyon and Daylen Series.

Stand-in, Take 3 … Let’s pick up where we last left our zany heroes.

Powers and the overall story are starting to come together. Kanyon and Daylen’s love life however … not so much. *Spoiler Alert* In Fade-out, Take 2, in a big dramatic a’la Days of Our Lives scene, our duo solves the case, but Daylen ends up pushing Kanyon away. Yes. Again. (I know. I know. My only excuse was I was probably hosting Aunt Flo the week I wrote that and I was in that 2nd day “I’m getting chunky, nobody could possible love me” funk, so I decided to torture my characters and everyone else around me).  Anyway, Stand-in begins eight months later. Kanyon has gone back to acting and Daylen has thrown herself into her work and learning how to control her newly released powers so she doesn’t hurt anyone else. But fate, with a little helpful nudge from Aunt Ruby, was no-going this separate lives thing and an article mystically ends up on Kanyon’s movie set, where of course the two are forced to work together again.  The article they are seeking makes people go full on insta-lust, but Kanyon and Daylen don’t need any assistance in that area. Sparks fly and a warehouse blows up.

Oh, and there’s a dog.

Before we go, do you have a piece of advice to people who want to write but don’t think they can?

Write. Write. And write some more. And when you’re not writing, read. Throw in some food and random breaks for personal hygiene must dos and then repeat. In the end, you just might end up surprising yourself. I did. Still do, every time I sit down and words appear on paper.

I knew absolutely no one in the field or anything at all about writing when I first sat down and stared at my first blank page.  Writing in 3rd person? I thought that was when all of your personalities got to come out at one time to the writing playground and swing on the monkey bars. Prose? I thought that was a Vogue reference as in “strike a …”  And don’t get me started on proper comma placement- seriously, commas, are, the, worst!  But, I’ve learned to fake it pretty okay and I have met the most amazing women and authors along the way, which makes all the sweat, tears, and binge eating totally worth it.

So in summary, I will steal from the famed philosopher NIKE-tradamus – JUST DO IT!

Best of luck!!!

STAND-IN: Take 3 of the Kanyon & Daylen Series 

E-book $2.99
Release date: September 7, 2017

Kanyon McKane is a good actress. A skill only made better by practice. Something that she’s been doing a lot of on and off set since getting pink-slipped from the real-life role of Guardian by her Seeker partner, AKA Daylen Elliott, AKA the woman she loves. As a Seeker, Daylen Elliott sees and feels other peoples’ emotions. On a good day, she can almost not kill someone with her newly found powers, now if she could only figure out how to play that nice in her own emotional sandbox. Fate has forced Kanyon and Daylen back together. An article, which apparently makes everyone’s libidos go ‘Friday night at the Playboy Mansion’ has found it’s way onto Kanyon’s movie set. With two unlikely lovebirds gone M.I.A., new secrets, old flames and impromptu make-out sessions, Kanyon and Daylen are questioning everyone’s true intentions, including their own…



In 2008, K.B. Draper discovered a talent for storytelling after drinking a cheap bottle of wine at a Christmas Party. One of her also intoxicated friends said “you are so freak’n *burp* funny, you should write a book.” The idea stuck and so did a cocktail napkin in an inappropriate place, but that’s a totally different story.

After that, K.B. Draper taught herself to write. Which was challenging being she’s a bad student and an even worse teacher. But words started to make sentences, sentences made paragraphs and paragraphs eventually made a story, which came to be The U-haul Diary. The U-haul Diary is a comedic, loose interpretation (okay, completely one-sided view) of the women she dated, and moved in and out of her life (and house).

Being writing was cheaper than therapy, she continued to tell stories in her same rambling humor, but this time in a modern day, will they-won’t they, oh no they didn’t, fantasy series, featuring Kanyon and Daylen, two heroines out to save the world from sin infused articles and the supernatural bad guys. Want a little something darker … check out her Demons Series.

In summary, K.B. Draper is not a classically trained writer but she fakes it pretty okay and hopefully inspires a few chuckles along the way.

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