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Ylva author KD Williamson is here to talk about life, writing, and her latest release Pink. One lucky winner will receive an e-book. More details are below.

Please welcome KD.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thanks to you, T.B., for putting all this together. Authors should always celebrate and lend each other a hand. I appreciate you offering me yours to blab about myself and my new novella, Pink available October 18th on the Ylva Publishing website. It will be available for pre-order on sites like Amazon at that time and in wide release on November 1st.

You’ve moved around the US quite a bit. Do you have a favorite place?

The mountains in North Carolina were the quietest. It was interesting living in an area where I didn’t  have to lock my door. Asheville and Marshall weren’t my favorite but I lived in that area the longest as an adult. I do like New Orleans for the culture it offers but it was very different before and after Hurricane Katrina. The people are essentially the same but the crime is unbelievable. However, I hear the murder rate has improved. Yay? Long story short, I don’t have a favorite place. I put down roots whether temporary or long term wherever I am and now, it’s dependent on where my wife wants. Where she goes, I follow.

In your bio, it states you’ve lived with the strangest dogs and cats in creation. What’s one of your favorite pet stories? 

I have a whole new set of pets now who are just as nuts. I’d say our new kitten, Rey, takes the cake. When he sees me going into the bathroom he comes running. He sits by my feet and waits patiently but as soon as I reach for the toilet paper, he loses his mind and tries to wrestle it out of my hand.

Your Cops and Docs series features a psychiatrist, police officer, detective, and surgeon. Are you attracted to strong women in powerful positions? And, let’s not forget uniforms?

I like women who don’t take shit from anyone. I like women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and once they get over themselves aren’t afraid of going after what they want. This translates to my characters, I think. I like it when people keep it real so my characters do as well. They are strong, down to earth, and willing to work their asses off for what they want. As far as uniforms go, I could take it or leave it, but I know that I’m in the minority on that. LOL

In your new release Pink, one of the characters works at Stumpy’s Sex Emporium. Is the character based on you and your life experiences?

She is to an extent. When I first moved to New Orleans it was after a break-up. My heart was in like a million pieces. My girlfriend at the time went into another relationship immediately after ours ended which left me with a lot of questions, anger, and resentment. Not to mention my self esteem was as low as it could possible get. So, some of my emotional experience, that pain, is part of Pink. Also, my very first job in New Orleans was at an adult bookstore. I had some very colorful experiences with the clientele from getting propositioned to dealing with their wants and needs. Although, it was nothing like what Shawn dealt with. If it was, I would have possibly kept that job just for the slice of life it offered. Well… if it paid more.

Where’s your favorite place to eat in New Orleans and what dish do you usually get?

Oh. My. God. Drago’s. I could eat order upon order of the charbroiled oysters. So good. Garlic, lemon, butter, and all the other yumminess they put into them. Then, after I’m done with the oysters I use the huge piece of crusty French bread to dip in the sauce left in the shells and on the plate. Perfection.

You’ve been in a relationship for ten years. What’s the one thing your partner nags you about the most? 

It’s been a little over twelve years now. We actually got married on our 12th anniversary. So, don’t worry this question and my answers won’t cause a fight (LOL), but I’m not in love with cleaning at least not her type of ‘cleaning’. If things are off the floor, nothing smells and the surfaces look decent, I’m all good. She’s a scrub the floor boards with a toothbrush type clean kinda woman. Yeah, I’m never gonna do that.

There is actually a tie between the aforementioned and my tendency to do things in KD time rather than Michelle time. Drives her crazy, but if it eventually gets done… I’m so cool with that.

Finally, if you had a superpower, what would it be?

I’m greedy. I’d want them all. Pretty much a combination of Supergirl and Ms. Marvel but not the costumes. I’ll make my own thanks. This includes flying, super strength, super speed, energy beams from the hands and eyes, invincibility, freeze breath, and of course a big heart.


Fresh out of a relationship, Shawnna Green is heartbroken, lost, and almost penniless. She decides to start over in New Orleans to find a new sense of self, despite her ex hampering her progress. With the help of her best friend, Veda, she finds employment at Stumpy’s Sex Emporium where she deals with customers that range from the strange to the hilarious.

At the same time, Shawnna discovers that women, sex, and dating, are not what they used to be, but neither is she. In finding herself, she uncovers a part she didn’t know existed, and that’s not always a good thing.

Can Shawnna pick herself up, reach out, and connect with the people around her?

A smoldering look at the things we hide from ourselves.

The e-book is now available now on Ylva.



KD is a born and bred Southern. She has the accent to prove it. The most important thing, the best thing she did this year was getting married. She’s a writer first and a geek second, which include video games, TV, and all things Marvel. She has worked with mentally challenged kids and their families for over ten years and still does.

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  1. Anne Hagan says:

    I’ve always liked KD’s work. Now, I’ve read this and two different, glowing reviews of this book by two reviewers I know and respect very much. Sounds like a great one!

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