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Bold Strokes Books author Kay Bigelow is here to chat about her travels, life, favorite authors, and her debut novel.

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Please welcome Kay Bigelow.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thanks for asking to interview me.  

You were born in Alabama and started traveling at a young age. How many countries have you lived in? Visited?

I’ve lived in five countries, China, the Philippines, Germany, Italy, and the US. I’ve visited five other countries, Viet Nam, Thailand, Macau, Mexico, and France.

Have you traveled much in the United States?

I’ve traversed the US several times and have lived in or visited nineteen states sometimes more than once. Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Washington.

Who is your favorite author?

My favorite lesfic author is someone I’ve only recently discovered, Brey Willows. Her second book in the Afterlife, Inc. series, Fury’s Choice, and the first I read, really surprised me. The plot was immensely creative, her writing excellent, the characters are believable and likable. Add to that, her humor shines throughout the story. When you have all the gods throughout history living in Santa Monica and writing business plans what could possibly go wrong?

My favorite non-lesfic author is Louise Penny, the Canadian author of the Inspector Gamache series. Her writing is wonderfully lyrical, her stories complex without being dense, and her characters are people who you are disappointed to say goodbye to for a year when the book ends.

What type of stories do you write?

I’ve enjoyed writing romance, historical fiction, and science fiction.

Are you a pantser or plotter?

I’m a life-long pantser and have recently blogged about that. However, a recent editor taught me that being a pantser has its own inherent problems like my propensity for having too many subplots that don’t necessarily further the story, but were sure fun to write. I’m currently creating a new series and decided to try being a plotter. It has made my life easier because I have created and written down all things having to do with my new world, which will mean I no longer have to keep going back to see whether, for instance, the characters’ cars are capable of flying and are all cars sentient. I’ve found its easier to create a new world before you start writing than create it as you go along.

What inspired you to write your debut novel Hiding Out?

I was miserably hot one summer night, so hot I couldn’t sleep. So I turned my mind to somewhere cooler. I’d spent several years in Vermont where the winters are more than cold. So I went there. The next morning when I woke, I had the kernel of an idea for a book set in beautiful Vermont. Next came the characters, Treat Dandridge and Mickey Heiden. Being a pantser, I was good to go and I started writing. The result is Hiding Out.

What are you working on now?

Right now I’m in the final stages of editing my first book in the Leah Samuels series, Killer Winter, which will come out in March 2018. When I’m not working on Killer Winter, I’m finishing the second book in the series, Killer Spring, and writing the first draft of the third book, Killer Summer. And I’m trying to read as many lesfic books as I can.

Do you have any advice to someone who wants to try their hand at writing?

Several years ago, I read a survey that said something like 80% the people surveyed said they wanted to write a book. I’ve been asked how to do that when people learn I’m an author. I tell them they need to read in the genre they’re interested in writing and then they need to sit down and start writing. I also suggest they keep a journal so they are writing something every day. When they ask, “But what do I write?” I smile and excuse myself knowing they’re not ready yet.


Kay Bigelow was born in Alabama and three months later began her world travels. She has lived in Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, and much of the U.S. Her novels and short stories are often set in the various places she has lived. She has finally settled down (for the time being) in a small town in northern Washington State at the foot of the Olympic Mountains.


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