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I’m thrilled to announce Ylva author G Benson is here.

Please welcome G Benson.

Before we begin, thanks so much for stopping by today for a chat.

Thanks for having me!

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in a small town in south west Australia. I was super lucky and was right by the beach. My very pale skin did not appreciate the sun exposure, though.

How did you end up in Spain and are you fluent in Spanish?

About five years ago, I went over to Europe with the plan to backpack and to later end up nursing in the UK. Only half went as it was meant to, as I did go backpacking, but then I took a job nannying in Spain after quite a while, just “short term”—and, well, four years later I still live in Spain. Oops.

I definitely wouldn’t use the word “fluent” for my Spanish—I’m conversational now, which took me a long time. Since I never intended to move there, I only knew “hola” “fiesta” and “siesta” when I first arrived. Everyone there assures me they were the most important words, anyway…

How did you pair up with Ylva?

I come from fanfic origins, and was approached by them to see if I’d be interested in publishing. I’d had no thoughts to do so before and it took me a long while to believe the offer was even real. I thought I was being pranked.

What type of stories do you write?

I like to think I write character-driven stories. Plot is important to me, and I love a bit of angst, but I like to read stories with characters who grab me. They’re the kind of stories I like to write, too.

What’s your latest novel about?

Cash-strapped ER nurse Hayden is perusing the Internet for fun on a sleepless night (who hasn’t done that?) and stumbles over an ad in which someone is seeking a wife, with some serious monetary compensation. She accidentally/on purpose responds and ends up meeting the person, only to discover it’s the surgeon, Sam, from work she plain doesn’t like. Yet, what’s a broke nurse to do? She accepts under several conditions, one being that Sam doesn’t have to reveal her reasons for needing to marry. Hilarity ensues, as well as some feels. I hope.

You traveled in Europe for six months. What’s your favorite memory from the experience?

That’s a tough one! I would say just the entire experience of doing it alone. I met so many people and had to put so myself out there, way out of my comfort zone, so many times.

Any funny mishaps that happened during your travels?

I would have to say it was the day I accidentally ran into a guy I had gone to school with my entire childhood and adolescence in a random hostel in Bulgaria. It got more hilarious as time went on—we hung out for a week, then went our different ways. When in Croatia, some girls in my hostel were talking about this Australian guy they’d met and, you guess it, it was one and the same guy. Then, later in Prague, he sent me a photo of him with a girl I was hanging out with for a week while I was in Budapest—they were in Slovenia at the time.

All very random!

Is there one place you want to visit?

I’d love to snowboard in Japan.

When you aren’t writing or reading, what’s your go-to activity?

Snowboarding! It’s my passion. A surprising one considering how uncoordinated I am. I fall regularly, but I’m addicted. I go as often as I can in winter.

Aside from writing, if you could have any job, what would it be?

Professional snowboarder. Just kidding. Last year I spent six months volunteering in Greece within the refugee crisis, and it’s definitely something I want to do with my life moving forward.

Thanks so much for chatting today.

Thanks so much for having me!


E-book $9.99
Paperback $19.99
Release date: October 18, 2017

Top neurosurgeon Samantha Thomson needs to get married fast and is tightlipped as to why. And with over $200,000 on offer to tie the knot, no questions asked, cash-strapped ER nurse Hayden Pérez isn’t about to demand answers.

The deal is only for a year of marriage, but Hayden’s going into it knowing it will be a nightmare. Sam is complicated, rude, kind of cold, and someone Hayden barely tolerates at work, let alone wants to marry. The hardest part is that Hayden has to convince everyone around them that they’re madly in love and that racing down the aisle together is all they’ve ever wanted. What could possibly go wrong?

Ylva / Amazon 


Benson spent her childhood wrapped up in any book she could get her hands on and—as her mother likes to tell people at parties—even found a way to read in the shower. Moving on from writing bad poetry (thankfully) she started to write stories. About anything and everything. Tearing her from her laptop is a fairly difficult feat, though if you come bearing coffee you have a good chance.

When not writing or reading, she’s got her butt firmly on a train or plane to see the big wide world. Originally from Australia, she currently lives in Spain, speaking terrible Spanish and going on as many trips to new places as she can, budget permitting. This means she mostly walks around the city she lives in.





Thanks so much for stopping by today.




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