Guest Post: The Not-So-Long History of Lesfic: What’s Next? by Diane Marina

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The Not-So-Long History of Lesfic: What’s Next?

Long before I published any of my work, I was an avid reader. I still am, when I can find the time – of books in general, but in particular, my favorite genre-lesbian fiction. I still have warm memories of driving an hour and a half to get to my favorite gay and lesbian book store, and losing myself in the new releases section. Finding books written by Karin Kallmaker or Rita Mae Brown made my heart soar, and going home with six, seven or eight books was not unusual. How I treasured my purchases!

Back then (late 80s-early 90s), finding lesbian fiction was not easy. There were only a few publishers devoted to lesbian works, and buying options were limited to mainly paperback copies. For the most part, these books could only be found in gay bookstores. While waiting for new releases (which were very limited), favorites were re-read again and again, resulting in a worn, dog-eared book collection.

When I began to write, print was still the only option a reader (and writer) had. My first short stories were published by the now-defunct Alyson Press as part of their paperback anthologies, and my first novel, How Still My Love, was released as part of a gargantuan paperback entitled Triple Delight by a small publisher also now out of business.

Much has changed since then, and as a reader and author, I’ve had to change with the times. Along with a growth in the number of lesbian publishers, there are self-published options. As an author, I self-publish my books. This gives me the freedom to create my stories the way I want to create them, and the only deadlines I have are those I set for myself. The drawback is that I have to pay my own editor and narrator (more on that later), and marketing falls entirely on my shoulders. As an independent author, it’s not easy spreading the word about my books.

Another change that made a huge impact was the birth of e-books and how they have changed the industry. Although it took some getting used to, I usually buy the electronic version of a book. I like the idea of carrying hundreds of titles with me when I travel. As an author, I appreciate being able to publish a book so quickly, and having publication under my own control. If I find an error, I can quickly correct and re-publish.

The last hold-out for me was the audiobook. I resisted using and producing audiobooks for years. I like the experience of sitting down with a book and reading. There’s something romantic about settling into a comfy chair on a rainy day and losing yourself in a good read. I love the act of reading, of being able to stop and ruminate over what I’ve read, and to re-read portions that affect me. I like being able to form my own visuals. I finally gave in and tested the waters because of my horrendous daily commute. I caved and gave it a try, and now my commute is so much more pleasant. Listening to a book enhances my experience. If I want to hear a certain part, either because a passage stands out, or because I’ve missed something due to distraction, I can go back and listen.

As an author, I have been especially resistant. I have had readers ask if they could expect my books to release as audiobooks. My response was always, “never say never, but probably not.” Producing an audiobook was so hard (I thought), it cost too much money to create (I assumed), and I didn’t know the first thing about how to proceed (getting easier). One morning last November, something prompted me to visit Amazon and before I knew it, I was uploading How Still My Love, just to get an idea of what would be involved. Before I knew it, I had clicked the submit button and had signed the agreement to produce my first book for Audible. How exciting and terrifying that was to a control freak like myself. How Still My Love was released on Audible in March, and my second one, After the Glitter Fades, is now in production (you can read all about my experience with producing an audiobook in my guest blog on the Women and Words site in the coming days).

So, despite my resistance as both an author and a still-avid reader, I have changed along with the industry. At times I have resisted, but I eventually gave in and am glad I did. More changes will come, and when they do, I’ll be ready.


by Diane Marina

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: March 20, 2018

Siena Armetta. Film star, Hollywood icon, tabloid darling. To her fans and the media, she appears to be living a dream life. But things aren’t always as they seem. The price she pays to maintain her fame is to deny who she is. Siena’s number one rule in life – self-preservation at all costs. Admitting the truth could be a career killer.

Enter Julia Westbrooke…

Julia is soaring to new heights as a nationwide entertainment news anchor. Since coming out, she has been presented with countless opportunities – most recently, entry into a new circle of friends who are among the Hollywood elite – a circle in which Siena Armetta plays a starring role.

Unwillingly thrown together, Siena and Julia fight their growing attraction. Will Siena risk it all for Hollywood’s most prominent media personality? Will Julia ignore everything she’s worked for and step quietly back into the closet?

After the Glitter Fades is an irresistibly emotional roller coaster ride.



Diane Marina bides her time in the Washington, DC metro area while plotting her move to a warmer climate. She’s an avid runner, traveler, and craft gin aficionado. When not writing, she spends her waking hours visiting nearby microbreweries and distilleries, hanging out with her wife and dogs, and tearing into good books. When she’s not traveling, she’s dreaming of all of the places she’d like to visit.



Facebook / Twitter: @diane_marina / Instagram: / Website



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