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by Jade Winters

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date: May 2018
Romance / Short Story

Jess is a commitment-phobe with a string of lovers under her belt.

Hannah is a hot shot financial whiz kid who wants to tick a one-night stand off her bucket list.

When the two meet, neither expect anything more than a quick encounter, but the intensity of their connection exceeds anything either could have imagined.

This is a 10,000 word short story.


Strong Southern Women: Book 2
by Ali Spooner

Release date: April 2018

In the sequel to Diamond Dreams Cam St. Angelo finished her freshman year on a high. Her softball career is on path and her lover, Tab Fortner, is planning on spending some time in the bayou with Cam’s family before starting their next year of college.

Everything seems to fall in place for Cam and Tab as the new school year and softball season take off. All too soon, unfortunate events at the home front, force Cam to leave collage and her softball dreams behind. As always, it’s family first.


by Marian Snowe

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date:  April 2018

As a successful event planner, Mila Fanucci can organize every detail of a party down to the last silk napkin. Too bad she can’t sort out her own love life.

It’s been years since Mila set foot in Cloudy Harbor, her hometown. After her first love took off without a word, Mila followed suit and moved away. But now, years later, Mila’s sister wants to get married at their childhood home, and Mila is forced to face her own loneliness.

To her surprise, she finds that sleepy Cloudy Harbor has changed almost as much as she has—and that change is embodied by Rickie, the sexy, rebellious master chef at the new modern cuisine restaurant.

With her dashing good looks and her culinary wizardry, Rickie charms Mila in a way she never imagined possible. But when a missing piece from Mila’s past blows into town, she realizes that she isn’t sure of anything anymore, and her delicious romance with Rickie is put to the test. Is history bound to repeat itself?


Brooke and Hannah: Book 2
by Amy DeMeritt

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date:  May 2018

With their hearts set on marriage and children in the near future, Brooke and Hannah will have to first deal with the fallout from learning Brooke’s mother has terminal cancer. As if opening Pandora’s box, Brooke will deal with one painful blow after another, and discover a hidden secret from her past. Major opportunities and career changes will affect both of them, while they pursue starting a photography business together. An invitation out of town will gain them a couple of new friends and promising futures of love and support. While riding out the many ups and downs, will Brooke and Hannah finally learn whether or not Hannah’s friend is a murderer?


Savannah Georgia
by Anne Hagan

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date:  May 2018

Ghosts of the past help along a modern-day coming out…

Jo Lynn isn’t happy with her life in tiny Birdsville, Georgia, but she doesn’t feel like she has a lot of choices. She loves her job with Magnolia Springs State Park and she could advance in a career with the parks…if she had the nerve to buck the wishes of her mother and head out on her own.

A tour of Savannah with friendly, outgoing tour guide Calli, leads to an all new worldview for Jo Lynn and maybe even a little courage to change.

Savannah is the sixth short story in the Loving Blue in Red States series by Anne Hagan. It was preceded by, Sweetwater Texas, Birmingham Alabama, Jackson Hole Wyoming, Perryville Missouri and Salt Lake City Utah. Look for other short stories and novellas to come out in this series throughout 2018.


A Short Story
by Judy Folger

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date:  May 2018
Romance / Short Read

Reni’s Grandma has set her up on a blind date. Reni isn’t sure what she thinks about blind dates, but she won’t disappoint Grandma. What happens next is a case of Mistaken Identity!


by R.G. Emanuelle

Release date: April 2018
Gothic Romance

Vera Kennedy, widow of Professor James Kennedy, wants to be a scientist, but in Victorian Boston, that isn’t an option for women. Nevertheless, after assisting her husband in the laboratory with his experiments, she has learned everything she could through his unintended tutelage. After his death, she continues his work until she veers off onto a different path with her own experiments, which threaten to consume her to the exclusion of all else.

Georgette Harris, widow of Professor Roland Harris, has been left destitute in the wake of her husband’s death. He had amassed mountains of debt and left Georgette to pay it, in any way she could, and now she occupies a dilapidated and mostly empty mansion with what little food her remaining housekeeper can scrounge. So when a medicinals company wants to purchase a formula that Roland had proposed to them, Georgette searches for it without success, and then discovers evidence that her husband had worked with James Kennedy. Armed with this information, she seeks the help of Vera in uncovering the missing formula.

But Vera is not one to give up secrets easily, though she is inexplicably drawn to Georgette. Despite her reservations, she considers Georgette’s request, and they soon discover that both their husbands were involved in an experiment layered in deception and danger. Together, they sort through mysterious clues and talk to unscrupulous men in order to discover what that outcome was supposed to be and in the process, they may discover something far stronger between them.


by KC Luck

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date:  May 2018
Sci-fi Romance

Two women. One galaxy.

As a decorated Space Ranger in the 8th Galaxy, Captain Natalie (Nat) Reynolds has an exciting, albeit lonely, life. Yet, when Nat answers a distress call from a craft in trouble on a nearby planet, it has the possibility of changing the trajectory of her life forever.

Catherine Porter is down on her luck in the worst way. Evicted, almost penniless, she worries all hope is lost until a charismatic stranger flies into her life. Inexplicably drawn to the one woman who can possibly save her, Catherine must face feelings she never considered.

Will their stars align and lead them to a happily ever after? Or will their differences tear their hearts apart?

If you like a story with romance and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning new book. Explore the world of “Rescue Her Heart” today!

Note: This is a full-length, stand-alone novel with a science fiction theme, but is significantly more focused on strong female characters in a loving lesbian relationship.



Kate Ryan Mysteries: Book 12
by Kate Sweeney

Release date: April 2018

In this twelfth installment, things are changing all around Kate Ryan. Finding out Maureen Costello is returning to Ireland certainly isn’t helping. And now Allison Carson, Maggie’s ex-girlfriend from Cedar Lake, is in the picture. There’s no love lost between her and Kate, but she needs Kate’s help with a missing friend. And Kate can’t blame the friend in the least. No one can blame Kate for not leaping at the chance. But with a gentle nudge from Aunt Hannah, which sends Kate sprawling, Kate reluctantly decides to offer her assistance.

What happens next will change Kate, Maggie, and Aunt Hannah’s lives forever. It’s definitely stranger than murder.

Join the girls in one more mysterious romp. Who knows what the future will bring!


by Sarah Markel

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Release date:  April 2018
Crime / Murder

A serial killer torments the small town of Falls City, Oregon. Dubbed The Confessor, due to a penchant for withdrawing confessions from their victims, the killer has eluded capture for fifteen years.

Detective Cordelia Weston and her partner, Gibson Price, learn of the killer’s existence, after a twelve year lull in activity. A search for similar crimes, in neighboring towns, reveals that their killer hasn’t been inactive at all.

Delving into the investigation, Cordy is dismayed to find that there is no physical evidence, at any of the crime scenes, to point her in the direction of the killer. When the FBI joins the investigation, Cordy is surprised to learn that the assigned Agent is an old friend of her wife.

With the help of the Agent’s psychological profile of The Confessor, Cordy’s investigation begins to take off. Unfortunately, the investigation begins to take a personal turn, and Cordy is conflicted about the leads she uncovers.

Torn between what the evidence is telling her, and her own feelings, Cordy is faced with a dilemma. Can she solve this case, knowing it would mean exposing the most painful events of a friend’s past?

Or, will the investigation take yet another turn, and lead the decorated Detective to a harrowing revelation about someone else she knows?


by Brenda Murphy

Release date:  May 2018

Vivian Abiola is a connection to a past Octavia would like to forget, and a love she never expected to see again. After Octavia’s past relationship with Vivian is exposed, Octavia and Bridget explore the limits of their desires with Vivian. When an arsonist threatens to destroy their vineyard, past loyalties and secrets endanger their lives, and the three women’s relationship. Their love may be the only thing that helps them survive the firestorm of doubt, intrigue, and jealousy.

This is a BDSM novel with power play and is intended for mature audiences.




by T. B. Markinson
narrated by Lori Prince

Girls are a risk college freshman Ainsley Carmichael can’t take. Her powerful political family sees her as the Chosen One who will someday be president. Upholding a carefully crafted veneer is second nature until the first day of class when Maya’s mysterious gray eyes hold her in thrall.

Ainsley may be out publicly regarding her sexual orientation, but she lives under the shadow of the Carmichael’s ancient but shrewd matriarch in this contemporary lesbian romance. It soon becomes clear Maya is hiding something when she cuts their first kiss short by pointing out they come from different worlds.

The privileged world of the Carmichael clan stands in stark contrast to Maya’s limited means. Ainsley’s quirky and carefree cousin helps her investigate, only to discover details of Maya’s past are sketchy at best as the suspense builds in this work of LGBT fiction.

Will Ainsley’s love for the enigmatic girl enable her to break her Carmichael shackles?

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Audible US / Audible UK

KELLEN’S MOMENT Ends on May 9th




A novel by DIANE MARINA Ends on May 16th


BOOK 1 & 2 in THE TINDERBOX TALES Ends on May 18th



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