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The Inspiration for I Belong with Her

I’ve been in EMS for nearly five years. I’ve heard it called many things. Referred to, as many things. What inspired my story, “I Belong With Her,” wasn’t inspired by a personal romance, as my friends continuously ask. Nor, from anything I saw.

One day, at the start of my shift, I was checking inventory in my ambulance. My brother called being his nosy self.

Now his next set of words was something I think many First Responder’s consider a tad bit offensive. We’ve been called, “taxi drivers for the medical world,” second to, “Ambulance driver.”

My brother asked, “What do you do? Pick them up and just take him to the hospital?”

That one little question inspired my book, ” I Belong With Her.”

I started making small video blogs about the things I’ve done. Things I’ve seen equipment we used. Procedures. I wanted to educate my friends. Then I thought, why not write a book that will give many people an wider idea of the things First Responders deal with on a regular basis.

My characters, Tajel and Arianna represent more than two women falling you love. They represent more than just being Paramedic’s. These two women, continuously fight to be great at what they love, while facing what many still consider as a “Man’s World.”

The stoic strength both characters portray is a representation of what I see personally every day in the field amongst my female co-workers. That they can be strong enough, physically and mentally.

Tajel is arrogant and charming. She carries those parts of herself in her everyday life, except when she is on the job. She is humble, ambitious, determined, and compassionate. Creating Tajel was not a hard task to do. She is a character I strive to be like every day, minus her blow ups when she’s punching someone.

As for Arianna, being new to a new station, she comes off up-tight and abrasive on more than one occasion. It’s not about proving she’s a hard ass, only giving her co-workers a clear understanding, that she’s not to be messed with in any way. She opens to them, with the help of Tajel’s charm. Writing Arianna’s character took a lot more thought process. She’s stubborn, blurts out the wrong things when uncomfortable and yet through all that, she is far to appealing for Tajel to detour. Arianna’s honesty, passion, support, and ambitions out way the abrasive moments she had in the beginning.

Together these women are a force. I always believe, “There’s nothing better than a great partner.” Someone you can have your own language with. No words need to be said, and both can get the job done. Arianna and Tajel fall in love, not because of the many dates, they missed. These two women fall in love through the love of their careers as Medic’s.

If you love romance, it’s in this book. If you love strong sex appeal, you will definitely find it here. But, if you also love raw paramedic action, thrill, with two strong leading women, then you won’t have an issue finding it, as you read, “I Belong With Her.”


by Domina Alexandra

Release date: April 5, 2018

Tajel Pierce loves the thrill of being a paramedic. Every call she goes on gives her a rush. She makes no time for a personal life. No one can ruin her love for her career.

Then there is Arianna Castaldi, who just transferred to her new paramedic position in a whole new state. All she needs is a new start without any distractions.

Arianna and Tajel’s relationship doesn’t start off perfect. Embarrassed of the one night stand Arianna believes she had with Tajel, she wants to pretend they never met and make their relationship strictly business.

The only choice they have to keep from strangling each other is to go from denying their feelings to accepting them as they work through intense 911 calls.



Domina Alexandra is an author of stories with strong female protagonists, authentic emotions and thrilling action scenes that mirror her career as an EMT/Firefighter on the way to becoming a Paramedic. She grew up writing poetry as an outlet and, in 2006, joined a Live Theater program at Los Angeles Harbor College where she played many roles in a production of plays and musicals. During her four years of acting, she fell in love with writing monologues, screenplays and all things story. When she’s not saving lives as an EMT, she advocates for LGBT Youth with a vision of growing a stronger community of care, acceptance and compassion. A native of Southern California, she recently transplanted to Salem, Oregon. Her books include Her Endure and I Belong With Her.



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