Guest Post: The Ups and Downs of Writing by Samantha Hicks

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I’m thrilled to welcome Affinity Rainbow Publications author Samantha Hicks who recently published her first novel, Trusting Hearts. Please welcome Samantha.


The Ups and Downs of Writing


At the time of writing this, my debut novel, Trusting Hearts, has been on sale for just over a month. It has been a few weeks of surreal moments and I thought I would share a few of these with you. I started writing the book many, many years ago and I never really thought it would get published. Of course, in the back of my mind I always wanted to try my hand at finding a publisher, and as most of you know, it is a really hard industry to get into. I was extremally proud and over-joyed Affinity Rainbow Publications decided to except my manuscript and guide me on the journey of publishing my book.

After months of hard work, it was finally time for it to go on pre-sale and then general release two weeks later. Watching the sales come in baffled me as I honestly thought no-one would want to read it, but boy was I wrong! The support from the lesfic community has been over-whelming and not once in my life have I ever felt so welcomed into a group of people. I couldn’t have asked for a better welcoming into the publishing world.

About a week into its release I had a request from a fan for a signed copy of the paperback. She had enjoyed the ebook so much she wanted the real book. This had me smiling for two days straight, and even thinking of it now brings a goofy grin to my face. All those years of practising my autograph when I was ten years old finally paid off. Granted, I was practising for when I became a pop star, but not being able to sing was a huge road block in those plans.

A few days after this amazing moment I was brought back to reality when I received my first negative review. I always feared this day and just knew it would leave me a sobbing mess on my lounge floor. As I began to read what was written I found myself smiling, then laughing at how absurd the review was. Trying to be objective, I knew the book was nothing like what had been described and suddenly all the fear and anxiety over how I was going to deal with the negativity went away. I felt lighter and free. I’ve been told I handled the whole thing with poise and a great attitude and I would have to agree. It’s hard for authors to try not to engage with the writers of bad reviews and defend our book babies. In the end I treated the experience the same as when someone bullied me in school. Everyone is allowed their opinion and just because they think a particular way doesn’t mean it’s true. There are books I’ve read and not enjoyed so I know there isn’t a one size fits all. That’s why it’s great having such a diverse and wide selection of books and authors out there so we can all find something we enjoy.

The next surreal moment was receiving my author copies from Affinity. Seeing the UPS van pull up outside my home sent a bazillion butterflies loose in my stomach and I could hardly open the box without shaking. Finley, my springer spaniel, was rather worried when I started jumping around the kitchen shouting “my book, my book!” I’m averse to any forms of exercise so seeing me move like that as kinda shocking for him. I think I pulled a muscle or two.

The list of my achievements keeps growing day by day and this is definitely one of the happiest times of my professional life. My advice for anyone out there who aspires to write a book and get it published is keep at it. Believe in yourself, learn everything you can from groups and videos, and never stop trying, no matter how many knock backs you get. If being an author is what you want then go for it. It truly is worth the effort and if it can happen to little old me, it can happen for you.

I am currently in the editing stages of my first draft on my new book and hopefully I’ll get it released soon. If you want to get in contact or keep up with what I’m up to, you can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


by Samantha Hicks

Release date: April 1, 2018

Carrie-Ann Stedman, an advertising executive, who has excelled in the world she occupies, is told by her boss she is to train a new hire, a woman who Carrie has very bad feelings toward.

Holly Fletcher, the newbie, once stole a very important client away from Carrie, a fact that Carrie has never forgiven.

Thrown together to make a presentation and trade show the best the company have ever seen, they must overcome their own obstacles and resentments to work together and build a working relationship that will make the company succeed.

Add in a high mix of attraction and sexual chemistry, they struggle to fight the urges that push them together and the obstacles that pull them apart. Carrie’s mistrust of Holly’s motives and Holly’s guilt over the accident that landed her younger sister in a facility for brain damaged adults, may have just left the bridge of doubt too insurmountable to find the happiness they both crave.




Coming from my small countryside village in England, the release of this book is my biggest achievement to date. I wrote my first draft over five years ago, never thinking it would go any further than my laptop. It was a dream come true when Affinity Rainbow Publications agreed to take the story to the next level.

Reading has always been one of my biggest passions and the inspiration for me to write my own story.  Aside of this I am an avid artist doing portrait, wildlife, and animal drawings (my extended families various homes are filled with them)!

The one and only man for me is my one year old Springer Spaniel, Finn. He is constantly by my side, bringing me his toys while I am writing and reminds me to get out in the fresh air a couple of times a day.

My future plans include continuing to write and draw and one day hope to be doing these living by the beach.



Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: samhicks_82


Thanks so much for stopping by today.



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  1. Lovley post , and I particualy like the vision of your dog, Finely worried about you, 🙂 excellent advice about writing. Congratulaions on your release.

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