New Lesfic Goodies: May 29th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Harper Bliss and Clare Lydon

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Can true love be their crowning glory?

Olivia Charlton is a princess who believes in love – not a high priority in a royal family hung up on tradition and duty.

Meanwhile, village sweetheart Rosie Perkins has no time for affairs of the heart — she’s just struggling to keep her cafe and life afloat.

When Olivia heads to Cornwall to escape her royal duties for a few weeks, the two meet and sparks fly. But can a cafe owner and a princess truly end up with their own happily ever after when all the odds are stacked against them?



Chicago Series: Book 2
by Nicole Pyland

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Charlie Adams has two best friends. Ember Elliot and Hailey Grant, the woman she’s secretly been in love with since the moment they met over a decade ago. She has watched Hailey date all the wrong women and never said anything about how she wanted to be Hailey’s forever love.

Hailey Grant had a first love that she was comparing every other woman to. When that woman comes back into her life, Hailey has to get to know her again after all this time. As Hailey tries to figure out if her first love is actually her forever love, she sees something is different about Charlie.

When the two women embark on new relationships, they’ll have to finally confront their growing attraction for each other and decide if they can be brave enough to risk the most important friendship they have for possibly something more. Charlie might just be the girl who gets the girl after years of watching Hailey be miserable with other women who didn’t deserve her, and Hailey might have just had the right woman by her side this whole time.



by Anna Cove

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Love lurks in the strangest places.

Savannah Burns doesn’t have time for new love. She’s too busy saving the world, lobbying around-the-clock for landmark environmental legislation. Sleep? Who needs it? But when a pink-haired roller skating chick crashes into her in a restroom, she knocks something loose in Savannah.

That’s the only excuse Sav can find for kissing the woman, anyway. And kissing her again. And insisting on inserting herself into the skater’s life.

After years of being shoveled from foster home to foster home, Casey Day no longer takes direction from anyone. Especially not the pushy lobbyist who has decided to take her on as a project. Casey is skating all fifty-two states and D.C. for charity and she’s doing it her own way. The thing is… even she has to admit Savannah always seems right.

On the outside, they couldn’t be more different. Savannah is a southern woman with a hardened political edge and Casey is a joyful California free-spirit. But they come to find they actually have more in common than just their initial attraction to one another.

For the first time in her life, Casey wants to stay rather than run. But could their secrets destroy their chance at love?
Find out in this big-hearted love story of two women who enter one another’s lives like cyclones and change their fates forever.

Halfway Home is part of a series of loosely connected standalone novels featuring a group of friends. Start (or continue) this series of sweet and sexy romances today.



by Hildred Billings

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Is it possible to be so much alike that you’re completely incompatible?

Tess and Sidney have both committed the greatest online dating faux pas possible: uploading old pictures. When the two tough butches meet at a small town bar, they think they’re getting the femmes of their dreams.

So begins the awkward – yet sordid – acquaintance of the only two lesbians in town. Local rancher Tess doesn’t have time for women who aren’t her type, and new-girl-in-town Sidney isn’t interested in someone who only sees her as a piece of fresh meat.

Yet they keep bumping into each other… is it fate, or just small town karma?

A bad date turns into a one-night stand. A one-night stand turns into a casual relationship. A casual relationship becomes Sidney’s greatest amusement, and Tess’s biggest nightmare as she’s slowly forced out of the closet in conservative River Rock.

Desperate times are afoot in the sleepy, gossipy hamlet of rural America. It’s going to take more than nerves of steel to survive the isolationism and people with nothing better to do than ruin their neighbors’ lives.

It’s going to take a whole lotta introspection – and love.

(And no-holds-barred carnality. Let’s be real.)



Chasing the Dream: Book 2
by Ashlee Winston

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Serendipity is the sequel to Chasing The Dream and follows the highs and lows of Spencer and Kailey’s new relationship.

Spencer Harris is ready to go back on tour with her newest album, Serendipity.

With Kailey as her manager and girlfriend, Spencer should be on top of the world.

Instead of enjoying herself, Spencer is crippled by anxiety after spending so long away from the business.

Will she let Kailey in or struggle through on her own?



by C. P. Watson

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Rosalie’s in a stable relationship with a woman who she adores, but nothing is ever black and white; love is never what it seems to be and no one knows what the future may hold. One thing for sure is that life gets better.




by Kara Ripley

Contemporary Western Romance

Herding cattle and drinking Australian beer aren’t pastimes that particularly appeal to an ‘indoor girl’ like Clara, but she’d be damned if she’d let her cheating ex-boyfriend have the vacation they were meant to share. So, to salvage some piece of her self-respect after a bad break-up, she finds herself riding a horse along the Oodnadatta Track for five days.

When Clara arrives, she can’t help but feel an intense attraction to Evelyn, the drover who guides their group through the immensely unique landscape between Coober Pedy and the Anna Creek Station. Clara’s never been one for a no-strings-attached fling, but cowgirl Evie becomes increasingly difficult to resist.

In combination with the exquisite outback, soulful horses, and overly cheerful tourists, Evie may just be exactly what Clara needs to escape her own pessimism.




by Mairsile Leabhair

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Murder Mystery Romance

U.S. Marshal Hettie Quinn was having a bad day. She and her partner were not making much progress in their attempt to catch a sex offender who preferred children. There was no love lost between her and her new boss, who took every opportunity to put her down in front of her fellow officers. Now, her day was made even worse when he informs her that she is being transferred to Witness Protection Division.

Connie Yarbrough-Morrison, shy, depressed and still grieving over loss of her wife, who was killed two years ago. Finally, she has found the strength and desire to return to work. But a horrific incident has forced her into the Witness Protection Program. Determined to see that justice is served and that she will be able to hold on to her self-identity, she reaches out to the one person she knows can help her find her way back.

Hunted across several states by a ruthless killer, the two women must remain close, even as they push each other away. Sparks fly between them as they fight against their growing attraction for one another.



by Cheryl A. Head


Charlie Mack and her crack team private investigators have been asked to take on a seemingly impossible task—to identify and thwart an attack on the upcoming Detroit Auto Show. With a $100K incentive and the help of a dozen freelancers, Charlie and her team slowly begin to unravel a twisted plot that runs through several countries and even more bank accounts. But finding out who’s behind the deadly plot only solves half the problem, because Charlie is drawn into an intensive game of cat-and-mouse to locate dozens of hidden bombs before they can be detonated.




A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery
Book 3

by Michelle Arnold

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Homicide Detective Amy Sadler is overjoyed: her wife, forensic pathologist Lira Ward, is pregnant with their first child. Life couldn’t be better, although Amy soon finds that impending motherhood has made her a little more sensitive to cases involving children, such as the small girl found at the bottom of a pool.

An investigation into the child’s family and possibly not-so-accidental death leads Amy into the twisted world of an isolated country church with extreme ideas, a world of child abuse and subjugated women. Amy’s gut tells her there are sinister things happening beneath the church’s picture-perfect public image, but proving it is another matter.

Then a man shows up claiming to be Lira’s father, and everything Lira thought she knew about herself is turned on its head. Now as Amy struggles to prove her suspicions about the cult-like church before more children are hurt, she must also find a way to protect Lira from her own past.

Warning: The case in the story involves child abuse and sexual assault. 



by Mia Archer

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Scifi Superhero

Night Terror, the greatest villain Starlight City has ever known, is having a bad day.

Her super powered girlfriend? Shoved through a portal and stranded on a strange and dangerous alien world.

Her archnemesis? Dead of an unfortunate torture accident. Before she could tell Night Terror how to reach that strange and dangerous alien world to mount a rescue mission.

Her city? Under attack by a race of parasitic alien worms pulling an invasion of the body snatchers with the local cat population in a nefarious but adorable plot to conquer the world!

Yeah, that’s not happening on her home turf. The only problem? The more she brings the fight to ET the more heroic she looks!

It turns out it’s hard to maintain villain cred while flying around the city saving the day. Even if it is saving the day in the name of beating the crap out of an enemy trying to muscle in on her territory!

Searching for her lost girlfriend. Saving the world from the cutest alien invasion ever. Trying to maintain a nefarious image despite repeatedly getting caught in heroic photo ops. No one ever said being a villain would be easy!

I’m Not A Hero! is a lesbian scifi superhero novel that continues exploring the world of villains, antiheroes, and heroes first introduced in Villains Don’t Date Heroes! This is the start of a new storyline which means you don’t need to read the previous books, but it helps!



The Lycan Games Spring Serial

by Luna Wolf

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal Romance

A few days have passed, and the time to travel to Oh-Anna for a vacation with the Queen Alpha Selena has come. Join Kate and her harem as the navigate the world of being something unconventional in the public eye. Kate must balance school and her love life as learning how to behave as Queen comes into play. Will she be up for the task, or crumble under the pressure?

Find out in Spring, the KU serial sequel to The Lycan Games Winter.




by Nell Stark
narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

Annie Jump Navarro is an Ivy League math whiz kid who has won numerous Internet poker championships under the handle supernova. But when the Feds crack down on legislation making the funding of online gambling accounts illegal, most of Nova’s assets are frozen. Her sponsors will only continue to support her if she can win a championship bracelet at one of the live events of the World Series of Poker.

She heads for Vegas, where she meets Vesper Blake, an ambitious but jaded casino host who has seen too many fools flock to the strip only to leave broke and humiliated.

Will Vesper be able to successfully coach the volatile Nova to win at live poker? And will Nova be able to convince Vesper she should take a gamble on true romance?

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Audible US / Audible UK


by Magnolia Robbins
narrated by Joan Dukore

Grace Allen had always been a big fish growing up in a very small pond. Of course, just about any place was bigger than her tiny town of Chetwynd, nestled in the wildlands of northern Canada. So when she left to attend college in the states six years ago, she thought she’d never look back. That was until a terrifying breakdown brought her overly ambitious life crumbling down around her.

Shiloh Pierce had always embraced her small town in Canada, with no intention of ever leaving. A quiet cabin and living off the land was all she really needed. Except six years ago her best friend and the love of her life moved thousands of miles away, leaving a gaping hole that she was unable to fill and throwing her entire world off of its axis.

When a damaged and broken Grace finds herself back in Canada over a half decade later, she too finds herself face-to-face with a friendship and a love story that had never quite finished. As Grace begins to reacquaint herself with Chetwynd, she too begins to rebuild her tarnished relationship with Shiloh. Together, the two begin to discover what they’ve really been missing in their lives, and that maybe they can help each other overcome their complicated pasts after all.

Amazon US / Amazon UK / Audible US / Audible UK


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