New Lesfic Goodies: June 5th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by A. E. Radley


Two women from very different backgrounds. Forced to share a long journey home. Will they work together or pull each other apart?

Rebecca is stuck in Portugal. All planes to England are grounded and it’s only two days until Christmas.

Desperate to get home but without money to hire a car; she’s stuck. She sees an opportunity when she meets a snobby businesswoman with a broken leg, a platinum credit card, and a desire to get home. A tentative agreement is struck in order reach their destination before the festive deadline. Will they make it, or will they kill each other along the way?

A heartwarming enemies to lovers romance with a twist. Discover The Road Ahead and make your own journey home today.


by Clare Ashton


What do you do when you’re in love with your straight best friend? What do you do when your best friend’s family are your entire support network?

Dr Abby Hart has been keeping her passion for Jude Goodman secret for years – from her friend, Jude’s force-of-nature mother Maggie, mischievous brother Eli, agreeable father Richard, and 60s-child grandmother Celia. Although she pines for Jude, life is good for Abby in the quintessential English border town of Ludbury, with its cocktail of personalities and her doting adoptive family, the Goodmans.

But secrets have a habit of sneaking out, and Abby’s not the only one with things to hide.


by Cara Malone

Also available in Kindle Unlimited

Trail magic (noun). An unexpected gift bestowed on long-distance hikers.

Raven is two years cancer-free on the day she arrives on the Appalachian Trail, ready to prove to the world that she’s more than just a breast cancer survivor. She’s still Raven, and she’s strong enough to tackle the 2,000-mile journey.

Kit shows up with nothing but a hastily-packed bag and a new pair of hiking boots. When her boss and her girlfriend dump her on the same day, she decides now is as good a time as any to tick the AT off her bucket list.

Trail magic brings Kit and Raven together on the mountain. Raven needs a friend and Kit needs an experienced hiker to guide her.

They share meals, fireside stories, old wounds and new dreams… and a one-man tent in the wilderness.

But can they bring that magic with them off the mountain?


by Jen Silver


Sarah Frost enjoys her dream job as director of the Frost Foundation making her home at one of their writers’ retreats, The Lodge on the Lake. The general manager of The Lodge is Berry Fields, an old childhood friend.

Galen Thomas arrives at the island to fill the post of handy person, taking an extended break from her vet’s practice to help her decide how to shape her future life and career.

When the next group of writers arrives for their two-week retreat, along with Sarah’s grandmother, tensions start to surface. Magda Frost doesn’t approve of the appointment of the “vet” and still questions Sarah’s decision to hire Berry.

The island idyll is soon undermined by the revelation of events from forty years earlier, threatening the lives and loves of Sarah, Berry, and Galen. Calling home and what they now call home—all are affected by the disturbing legacy from the past.





This three book collection showcases the talents of Annette Mori:

Love Forever live Forever
The Review
The Termination



Forever Woman: Book 7
by B. L. Wilson


In Forever Women In Love & Lust, hot burning hunks of passion, it’s been several years since the main characters from Sweet Sarah’s Bluez met and fell in love or broke up. This storyline follows stud muffin and chick magnet Shannon Chestnut (from Ferrelli’s Restaurant) on her journey to find that special somebody. Along the way, Shannon meets Adele Hailey (The Bookstore and Ferrelli’s Restaurant), who ignores her flirty and bold ways to partner with Percy Burnette (Forever Woman), tailor extraordinaire. Rebuffed by Adele, Shannon finds comfort with Gloria Lopez (Sweet Sarah’s Bluez) and several other women who are ready, willing, and able to play games. Will Shannon ever get serious long enough to find that special someone?


by Jane Alden


It’s Christmastime, 1950, in the affluent Manhattan suburb of New Canaan, Connecticut. Bennie Grant leaves her life as a trophy wife of a successful man to follow her dream of being a director on Broadway. The rub is a custody battle over her young daughter. There are hurdles: Will’s meddling mother, Bennie’s confessed affair with her best friend, Alice, and Will’s fight to keep Bennie at any cost.

What could make things more complicated? Bennie meets a charismatic woman, Laura, to whom she is irresistibly attracted.


by Nat Burns

Romance / Historical Saga

Fidelia Grace Nelson, nicknamed Foxy for her thick, red hair and wild nature, came to America in the 1700s to help populate the new settlement of Savannah, Georgia. Though disappointment reigned supreme in this new land, Foxy’s good nature as she grew buoyed everyone. Then, she fell in love with her best friend, Maggie.

It was a difficult love, as a relationship between two women would not further their two families’ plans for success, but Foxy was determined to make it happen. But such a love was not to be.

Foxy, brokenhearted, escapes into the wilderness of uncharted lands. This sets in motion a life of hard work, tragic love among the native Cree people and eventual prosperity. Her plantation, Trapper’s Folly, near the port of New Orleans, becomes well respected for its humanitarian ethics and excellent management.

Though doing well, Foxy, middle-aged, realizes that she is lonely. To escape this, she travels back to Georgia to find everything very different than before. Will love be waiting there for her?

This epic novel takes the reader to the early days of America and shares the adventures of a powerful frontier woman who summarily beats the odds and thrives despite adversity.


by Kelli Jae Baeli

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Romance / Adventure

Into every life a little rain must fall. Sometimes it’s a sprinkle, and sometimes it’s a deluge. This is the wetter one.

Drew Keen is not a people-person. No surprise, she’s lived in the Northwoods for the last decade, living simply and working freelance photography jobs for National Geographic. Finally, the loneliness persuades her to attend her college reunion, intent on reconnecting with the one that got away.

Amber Richards has gone to every class reunion, hoping to see Drew, who fell off the grid after their graduation led to an inevitable breakup. She didn’t expect Drew to be there this year either.

She also didn’t expect to spend her reunion time with an old flame, running away from her in the Northwoods.


The Ice Rose Series: Book 2
by Destiny Hawkins

Also available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal / Scifi

I never thought that my life would ever change. Not like this.

Only a short while ago, I was debating suicide, but then I met Alexa and my entire world flipped upside down. Light became dark, and darkness became beauty. For what seemed to be the end was just the beginning.




by JA Armstrong
narrated by Jill Smith

Fallon Foster serves up more than the most potent drinks at Murphy’s Law, the local pub in Whiskey Springs, Vermont. Fallon is the keeper of the town’s secrets. She’s heard tales of broken hearts, torrid affairs, closet cases, and the dreams of hopeful romantics. With a sensitive ear and a warm bed, Fallon is a legend in her small town. One thing still eludes her – love.

Happily married, a new baby, and a burgeoning career, Riley Main’s life was on course. One drunk driver turned her world upside down. A widow before the age of 30, Riley’s life has fallen out of balance. A gentle suggestion from her husband’s grandmother convinces Riley to embark on a journey across the country. With her two-year-old son, Owen, Riley makes her way from sunny San Diego to the chilly little Vermont town of Whiskey Springs. A blown fuel pump in the middle of a snow storm puts Riley on a collision course with a charming pub owner named Fallon Foster. Nothing will be the same again for anyone.

Rich with a colorful cast of characters that will make you laugh and cry, Open Tab is a new kind of romantic adventure from best-selling, lesbian fiction author JA Armstrong. Welcome to Whiskey Springs.


by Saxon Bennett & Layce Gardner
narrated by Layce Gardner

One minute Jordan March was falling out a window and the next she was falling in love – with the emergency room doctor!

It looked as if nothing could stand in the way of Jordan and Dr. Amy Stewart finding true love together…except a banana peel, a psycho stalker, a lesbian poetess, an extreme chef, a KGB spy, and a sex toy inventor.

Join Saxon Bennett and Layce Gardner as they combine their creative genius* to bring you the romantic comedy of the century. Guaranteed money back if you don’t laugh out loud.**

* Geniuses in their own minds.

** This is a lie. The authors are broke.



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Les Rêveur Lesbian Fiction Group

Very excited to announce our Author Spotlight sessions for 2018 in the Les Rêveur Lesbian Fiction Group
Events will be posted near to each date but I’m excited to see what questions you all come up with!!!

Come join the group and join the fun! 


The wonderful Jenny Frame will be coming by Les Rêveur Lesbian Fiction Group to hang out for a hour and answer some questions from our  the members June 16th.

Times are below:

NY: 4:30pm

UK: 9:30pm

LA: 1:30pm

Mel: 6:30am

If you won’t make it but would like one of the admins to post your questions please PM us.

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