New Lesfic Goodies: June 26th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.




The Complete Trilogy
by Miranda MacLeod

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A poignantly realistic and deeply moving love story that will take you on a journey of fame, fortune, and finding a second chance at love.

Read the complete Love’s Encore Trilogy in this special omnibus edition, which contains all three unabridged books in one convenient bundle.



Short Stories and Series Starters


This collection of novellas and short stories by lesbian romance author Harper Bliss will introduce you to Harper’s unique blend of drama, emotions and heat. 

Allow yourself to be introduced into Harper’s sexy, heartfelt universe and grab this great deal now!



On the Record Book 2
by Lee Winter


What do a stolen food-delivery robot, a woman from the past, and a bizarre scheme to microchip military veterans have in common?

The infamous Caustic Queen, Washington DC bureau chief Catherine Ayers, would love to find out but she has a lot on her plate right now. She and her fiancée, reporter and Iowa girl Lauren King, are busy wedding planning in Lauren’s home town.

That means facing a lot of beefy mechanic brothers, a haughty cat, and a sharp-tongued Meemaw. Catherine’s sure she can play nice with everyone. Well, pretty sure. How hard can it be, anyway?

A twisty lesbian romance sequel to The Red Files about the family we can’t choose, and the one that chooses us.


Wall South Dakota
by Anne Hagan


The Badlands of South Dakota bring two 40-something year old women, set in their ways, together, but will they find common ground?

Heidi spent her high-school years in Wall, while her father served and then later worked as a civilian contractor at the air base near Rapid City after he retired from the Air Force. 25 years later, she travels back as a freelance photojournalist on assignment for a national magazine and has her first run-in with Danielle.

Dani’s a Wall lifer and she likes it that way. She’s on track to retire by the time she’s fifty if she can just keep doing the driving job she loves. She’s been heartbroken. She doesn’t want to go down that road again.

Their attraction is undeniable, but their conflicting life goals stand firmly in the way.


by E.A. Schreiber


Taking a leave of absence from her doctoral program was never on Chloe Amden’s radar. Neither was running away from a future she had been building for years, but that didn’t stop either from becoming her reality. Like the tides in her new coastal hideout, her life seems filled with the ebb and flow of change, though nothing seems capable of washing away the bitter taste left in her mouth from her days in university.

Surely new faces and a change of pace could help her gather her thoughts. Leaving the city for Boothbay Harbor, the lure of salty ocean air and anonymity was enough to justify taking a job at a local boat shop. True to form, as soon as things become comfortable, Chloe finds herself facing new opportunities at a local school. With a substitute position and a circle of friends she never anticipated, Chloe’s newfound support system has the potential to help her navigate this uncharted territory. Then again, a mysterious English teacher and her friendship might just be Chloe’s undoing.


by Sarah Libero


Lisa Owens has recently moved to the lakeside town of Winchester, Maine. When the situation at her new job becomes uncomfortable, she turns to Carrie Sawyer, owner of the local café, for support. Carrie grew up in Winchester and seems to know everything about everyone there.

Lisa soon discovers that her boss seems to have many secrets, and with Carrie’s help, begins to dig deeper into her boss’s activity. As the two women work together to expose a cover-up, their attraction to each other begins to grow.

But Carrie is certain that Lisa doesn’t feel that way about her—especially when Toni, the woman that Lisa had a major crush on back in college—enters the picture.



by EL Bossert


Jamie Jordan, a well-known actress and single mom of four-year- old Max, plans a quiet summer in her hometown of Crestwood. Her serenity is shattered when a delivery truck barrels toward Max on a wet summer morning. He is rescued at the last second by a passerby. No one knows the identity of Max’s savior, who is knocked unconscious and cannot remember her name or her past.

Jamie invites the mystery woman, temporarily named Boo, into her home while Boo recovers and they search for Boo’s real identity and family. As the paparazzi close in, Jamie and Boo try to manage their growing mutual attraction and track down the one name Boo remembers – María Garcia.

Can Jamie and her family trust that Boo is just an innocent hero? Is Boo married or is she available for romance? And, can Jamie and Boo resist each other long enough to find the answers?



by Judy Folger

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Royal has spent a lifetime living by her family’s expectations. First, her mother’s, then later, her husband’s. But change is in the air when Mackenzie Edwards, local lesbian icon, and incidentally, Royal’s best friend back in high school, pops back into Royal’s life.

Royal, however, has been well-conditioned that her feelings don’t matter. After all, she is just a girl.

Can Royal break free of the bonds that hold her, and rekindle that special connection to Mackenzie?


Moving On: Book 3
by Adan Ramie

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Single-mother Rachel never thought she would find love, so when she did, she didn’t stop to look that particular gift horse in the mouth. She found The One, she had her two best friends, and everyone’s lives were looking up.

When life throws her a painful curve ball, she and her friends must face the fact that three isn’t company – it’s a crowd. And things will never be the same.


Volume 2
by Emily Sharp

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Modern Fairy Tale

Up-and-coming rock star Briar Rose sings songs of love inspired by fairy tales, though she doesn’t waste time believing in them. Scared and tired of being alone, she has seen first hand that happily ever afters don’t exist. In fact, they always end in divorce. All she needs to make her life complete is to get her own tour, and the only thing that may hinder that are the threatening letters she has been receiving.

With a career as a bodyguard, and drowning in debt, no-nonsense twenty-nine-year-old Holly Prince has never faced a challenge or temptation she couldn’t handle—especially when it comes to clients. As for love, she has gone down that road before and will not allow herself to go down that road again. When an unusually high offer comes in to protect the daughter of a famous rock star, Holly jumps at the chance, knowing that it will be what she needs to get her life back on track.

When the rigid bodyguard and the rock star beauty meet, tempers are as hot as the instant attraction. But as the two begin to open up, they find that they might just have more in common that they first thought.

In order for this modern day Sleeping Beauty and her Dashing Princess to get the storybook ending they both deserve, they will have to find the fairytale magic that exists not in book or song, but much closer than they ever imagined.


by Lise MacTague

Steampunk / Paranormal

At the height of Britain’s Industrial Revolution, steam power and magic join forces to create wonders the world has never seen. But those wonders have a dark side—one that will soon force a reckoning few could have anticipated.

Half-demon Briar is content with her structured life as an archivist, a far cry from the chaos of her background and upbringing. Briar’s simple and predictable existence is rocked when she discovers something sinister powers one of the grand, new inventions of her era.

Isabella Castel, the only daughter of Viscount Sherard, is far from the brainless socialite she pretends to be. Isabella is everything Briar is not: passionate, creative and impulsive, but with secrets to rival even Briar’s own. Two more unlikely partners should not exist, yet if the women cannot find a way to work together, they will lose far more than their reputations.

Can a half-demon and a debutante work past their secrets before all hell breaks loose?


Carpenter/ Harding Book 7
by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Murder and marriage…

On her first assignment as a detective, Ellie investigates the murder of a homeless woman, a task that is complicated by the actions of her new partner. How far did the leader of a neighborhood watch go to achieve his goals? Jordan’s case comes with unwelcome memories. Planning the wedding is shining a spotlight on her difficult relationship with her biological mother, while Ellie has to confront her own grief.

Professional and private challenges will arise as they continue build their life together.


by Erin Wade

Action and Adventure

At age 18 Eden Daye loses her entire family to a vicious killer. Eden questions her own sanity when she describes the killer to the police.

“The . . . abductor threw your sister on its shoulder and leaped over the wall?” The agent questioned again.

“Not over it,” Eden said, her brow furrowed as she recalled the horrifying event. “To the top of it. A wall this tall is also deep It’s about four feet thick. It stood on top of the wall and . . . and—”

“And what?” Agent Knight’s voice was low and persuasive. “Howled!” Eden slapped her hand over her mouth as if trying to keep the words from tumbling out. “It howled like a wolf.”




by Melissa Brayden
narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Gia Malone wants one thing and one thing only: to be the best surfer in the world. Her biggest obstacle is the annoyingly perky Elle Britton. Not only is Elle number one in the rankings, she’s also a fan favorite. But there’s a lot about Elle that Gia never noticed, like her surprising sense of humor and picture-perfect mouth.

Elle Britton is tired. After tournaments, fan meet-ups, and nonstop media requests, all she wants in the world is a little peace and quiet. But with Gia Malone closing in on her ranking, she has to surf her best. When the media picks up the story of their neck and neck status, Elle finds herself forced further into the spotlight, this time alongside Gia, the knockout with the killer shred and sexy smile.

It’s not long before there’s no denying the chemistry on and off the beach. But only one can win…




by Kris Bryant
narrated by Brittni Pope

As the go-to therapist at Elite Therapy, Dr. Hayley Sims is the best in her field. It’s exactly why she’s just been assigned her most challenging patient yet, hockey player Elizabeth Stone. Not because Stone’s injury is complicated, but because she is intense to work with and needs someone to keep her in check. When Hayley’s personal life starts unraveling and she realizes she might be developing feelings for her patient, she’s torn between finishing her assignment and walking away to protect herself. Can Hayley get Stone back on the ice in one piece while keeping her heart from breaking?



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