New Lesfic Goodies: Sept. 4th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



by Jae

Contemporary Romance

Susanne isn’t thrilled when she’s sent to save her uncle’s stationery store from bankruptcy. Paper Love’s employee Anja instantly dislikes the digital-loving snob who’s her fill-in boss.

But thanks to a meddling cat, a stationery road trip, and an armada of origami boats, Susanne discovers how sexy pens, notebooks, and certain stubborn employees can be.


by Eliza Lentzski

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Midwest-transplant, Mercy Lewis, has always been responsible. Cautious. Careful. She wore sunscreen to the beach. A lifejacket on a boat. She crossed the street at crosswalks. She enjoyed life in moderation, and she didn’t indulge. So why is she having such a hard time remembering that on vacation when she meets a beautiful expatriate on a tropical island?


by Susan X Meagher


Molly Bradley has had a hell of a bad year, but she’s doing everything possible to keep herself from going off the rails.

When she joins a new book club, she finds herself using every spare minute to plow through the difficult titles the hyper-competitive members choose.

The schedule is so tough she would have quit after the first meeting. But spending a little time with Alexa Fox, the host for that night’s meeting, convinced her that whipping through a book a week was a small price to pay for the pleasure of her company.

Now all she has to do is remind herself that their growing friendship has to remain just that—a hurdle that proves to be her toughest yet.


by Gemma Bloom

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Contemporary Romance

Tired of her role as the single lesbian sister, Marissa dreads going to another family wedding dateless. In between managing her booming writing career, and fighting with her obnoxious musician neighbor, she stalks her dating apps, trying not to get discouraged. Maybe she won’t find Mrs. Right, but even Ms. Right Now would do.

When her friend sets her up on a blind date with the feuding neighbor, Zenith, the two start a tumultuous relationship neither can quite explain. After more dating disasters, Zen makes a deal with Marissa – three set-ups and if nothing pans out, Zen will be her date to the wedding.

It’s clear there are sparks between Marissa and Zen, but are they from hate…or something else?


by Q. Kelly


Melissa MacKenzie, a basketball star in high school, never wanted to play college ball. The daughter of a legendary women’s coach, she has played since she was in diapers. Basketball was always a chore for Melissa, and she never developed the passion and skills necessary to garner much Division I attention. She hoped that by attending college across the country, she could get a break from basketball and carve out her own place in the world.

Parental interference conspired, and Melissa ended up playing for the Richmond College Ravens, riding the bench for four years.

As Melissa’s last NCAA tournament approaches, she wonders if she wasted the past few years by not giving her all. However, a series of unfortunate events means that Melissa has no more time to dwell on these woes—because she’s being pressed into service. Now she’s a starter, and all eyes are on her and the Ravens’ head coach, Andi Zappa.

Andi is fighting her own demons, and Richmond College is letting her go after the season ends. The two women work together to ensure that the Ravens don’t embarrass themselves too much on the national stage, and they find themselves playing with matters of the heart as well as matters of basketball as the national championship looms.

Will these human frailties doom them or make them stronger?


by Jessica Pots

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romance Novella

Two soulmates.

One great big happy cruise.

Do you believe in fate?


by Jax Meyer 

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cam, a former Marine, has taken a sabbatical from her current job to rediscover her love of music and has now gone back to college to brush up her drumming skills. Here she bumps into her old music teacher from high school, Laura and soon a friendship forms. United by their love of music and the beautiful Colorado scenery around them, an attraction soon builds but neither knows how to react. Will their growing love for each other be enough for Cam to accept her second chance at happiness or will she continue to be tortured by the tragedy buried in her past?


by Lou J. Bard

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Indiana Reynolds is the newest Intern Social Worker at Plantation House for the Disabled. Among her charges is the young and elusive Alice Jameson.

Alice Jameson has been silent for the last fifteen years of her life and doesn’t have any plans to open up about her past or her traumatic life anytime soon, especially not to someone as beautiful and perfect as Indiana Reynolds who manages to get the shy Alice to start experiencing what life could be like outside of the sound of silence.

Warning: Graphic violence mentioned but not explicit.  


The Fae Souls Books 1-3
by Cailee Francis

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Fantasy Romance

When I arrived at Prince Eldran’s estate, I had no memory of who I was or how I’d gotten there, but everything was prepared and waiting for me as though I’d been expected. As I struggled to piece together my past, I met Sorcha, whose memories were as fragmented as mine. We quickly became friends and our connection developed into one that I could only describe as magical. During the Prince’s glittering masquerade ball, I realised that I loved her deeply and I wanted to discover what it meant to share my life with her. Our love blossomed like the beautiful gardens that surrounded the estate, but something dark was brewing in the realm beyond the mansion.


The Arrow of Artemis Series: Book 3
by K. Aten

Historical Fiction

Kyri has known her share of loss in the two decades that she has been alive. She never expected to find herself a slave in roman lands, nor did she think she had the heart to become a gladiatrix. But with her soul shattered she must fight to see her way back home again. Will she win her freedom and return to all that she has known, or will she become another kind of slave to the killer that has taken over her mind? The only thing that is certain through it all is her love and devotion to Queen Orianna.


Karst Series: Book 2
Renee MacKenzie

Adventure / Romance

Warrior Naomi Adams is on a routine mission for the Peace Movement when tragedy strikes her contingent. She will need to dig deep to find the strength to move past the devastating earthquake that has split up her party.

Camryn Brodie has a secret. All she has to do is make it to McNally and she can finally quit hiding the truth from her family and travel companions—and get away from that arrogant, womanizing Naomi.

Isolated from their people, Naomi and Camryn are forced to work together to get free from the belly of an unstable mountain. Can they work past their differences to survive against nature and the feral Merrick clan?

This second book in the Karst Series picks up the Peace Movement where Kai’s Heart left off. Everyone is still struggling to find the balance between reconciliation and guarding. Control must remain in the hands of those working diligently for peace in the war and disease ravaged New America.


by Georgette Kaplan

Action & Adventure

Easy Nevada is a fortune hunter with an eye on a pyramid buried for two thousand years. She’ll do anything to get her hands on its untold riches, if she can just get past the deadly traps that protect them.

Candice Cushing is an archaeologist born in Sudan and raised in Britain, who is drawn toward the mysterious pyramid that she sees as a piece of her heritage.

Farouq Al-Jabbar doesn’t see it as either history or treasure. The zealot has come to destroy anything that smells of blasphemy, and anyone who gets in his way.

In this wild adventure, as the stakes ratchet up amid the burning, shifting sands, the women fighting for their lives start to wonder if they’re really so different after all…and if that cursed pyramid has been buried for a reason.


Fixit Adventures: Book 4
by Erik Schubach


This short novella follows Fixit, a worker on the surface of Tau Ceti Prime in another adventure.

As Prime comes out of its perihelion orbit at the end of the pass, a new peril raises its head and only Fixit, Vega, is in any position to save the star system from calamity.

Vega and Glitch must put all of their knowledge, skills, and creativity to the test to go off world to save Vashon and the population of the floating cities of Prime from certain death.

Familiar friends and new enemies abound as Fixit races against time in the harshest environment she has ever faced… space!




A Woman Lost: Book 2
by T. B. Markinson
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Historian Lizzie Petrie remains nothing more than a lesbian in her bitter mother’s eyes. The suppressed hurt of that superficial assessment means she still catches herself off guard when thinking of Sarah as her wife. The couple has endured the fallout of Lizzie’s insecurities and set-up house in Fort Collins, Colorado. Now their relationship is about to be tested again.

When her wife announces she wants to have a baby, Lizzie panics. A baby? The thought of sucking an egg from her ovary and implanting the resulting embryo into Sarah’s womb terrifies her. Lizzie constantly worries if she’ll make a good mother.

Just when she starts to make peace with the idea, Lizzie’s estranged family enters her life again. The news is anything but good, and she finds herself wondering how to make amends with her aloof mother, stranger of a father, and self-centered brother.

Deep down, Lizzie is more loving and caring than she ever gives herself credit. Sometimes it takes a tragedy to open a woman’s eyes to her full potential. But at what price?


by Radclyffe
narrated by Lori Prince

Onetime lovers, unexpected rivals…

Emmett McCabe never expected to see Sydney Stevens—a woman with whom she’d shared a brief, incendiary connection before it all went up in flames—again. Luckily, ascending the cutthroat ladder of a high-pressure surgery residency to reach the top spot makes it easy to ignore what’s missing in her life. Then Sydney reappears after nearly five years. Emmett is barely over her shock when she discovers Sydney is her new competition for the coveted chief’s position everyone, including Emmett, expects will be hers.

Professional rivalry and long-simmering passions create a combustible combination when the two are forced to work together, especially when past attractions won’t stay buried.


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