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Here are the latest book and audio releases.



London Romance Series
Book 5
by Clare Lydon


Rules Are Made To Be Broken…

Two years after her marriage implodes, event-planner Cleo Nightingale is ready to get back in the dating game. However, she has one key rule: no younger women. How hard can it be?

Fresh out of uni, Becca Cramer is single and ready to embrace her new career. She’s not looking for a relationship, but then fate steps in and introduces her to Cleo.

Mix in two weddings & a festival, a jilted brother and a pregnant best friend, and you’ve got all the ingredients for a hilarious page-turner featuring the unlikely love-match of the year!

Book five in the London Romance series features favourite characters from previous novels, and is another uplifting, sparky romantic comedy from best-selling author Clare Lydon.

This is a standalone novel.

The Window Shopping Collection
Book 4
by A.L. Brooks


Corporate lawyer Sarah Connolly keeps her love life simple—no strings, no complications, and definitely no falling in love. It works for her, even if it’s getting a little, well, boring.

Demure teacher Bethany Keane has been out of the dating pool for ages but is ready to dip her toe back in. She would love to be swept off her feet by some beautiful, romantic soul.

A chance encounter outside a sex shop in London draws the unlikely pair together and the attraction is immediate and powerful. But how can two people so different even connect, let alone fall in love? Can Ms. Wrong ever be right?

A fun, sexy, lesbian romance about finding yourself and discovering not what we want, but what we need.


by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Grieving the loss of her mother and the desertion of her long-term girlfriend, Pip Walker merely exists; a financial analyst by day, an emotional eater by night. When the calories begin to stack on, Pip realizes she needs to get out of her rut, regain her fitness and find her mojo.

Recently betrayed and reluctant to date, personal trainer Morgan Evans prioritizes self-preservation over allowing herself to love again. Distracted by the return of her emotionally abusive and manipulative brother, Morgan is surprised to find her growing attraction to a new client impossible to ignore.

When the two broken-hearted women meet, will they be able to leave their pasts behind, put their trust in one another, and grab hold of the second chance at love they’ve been offered?

Coffee and Emeralds Series
Book 1
by Rae McDaniel

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jo Flynn has never been in love. She is still looking for that connection. Sparks and tingles. Humor and tenderness. Desire.

On a business trip to Raleigh, North Carolina a need for more coffee sends her to a cafe where a chance encounter with a beautiful woman with emerald green eyes changes her perspective of what she’s been looking for and her own beliefs about herself.

Sarah Evans was not ready to date again. Her last girlfriend took her by surprise and kicked her out of their apartment, moving in the new girl the same weekend.

When she took the only available seat remaining at the coffee shop that day, she didn’t plan on meeting someone like Jo. An intoxicating and sexy woman with a smile that cripples her. She was only there for coffee.

Overwhelmed with unfamiliar feelings, Jo neglects to tell Sarah that she has a boyfriend, perpetuating an emotional evening that ends with the two of them falling asleep together in Jo’s hotel room.

Time and distance keep them apart until after weeks of waiting, they share an incredible night together. An emotional connection tied up with intense physical attraction.

Jo takes a new job, moves across the country and throws herself into a love affair with all the excitement, humor and confusion a new relationship can bring.

Sarah overcomes her fear of being hurt again and seeks to claim Jo as her one and only.

Will they take a leap to make it forever?

Jade’s Erotic Adventures
Book 10
by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Erotic Romance

When lonely divorcée Jade hears about a sex robot brothel in town, her interest is piqued. She books a session with a pretty redheaded model, and when she gets to the facility she’s floored by how lifelike the robot is.

With realistic skin, anatomically correct body parts, and natural human expressions, she’s quickly smitten with the fully animated robot. As they strike up a conversation, Jade begins to realize that the artificial intelligence of the robot allows it to learn and respond to her unique wants and desires.

She decides to take the robot home with her for a two-day trial, and when they finally make love, she finds the robot is more humanlike than she ever imagined. When the time comes to return her, Jade is torn about saying goodbye to the perfect companion with whom she’s grown unusually close…

The Flowers
Book 2
by Olivia Lark

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Historical Romance

As Lavender Inn shakes under the hurricane’s onslaught, other storms whirl within.

Clara Winslow’s struggling seaside inn needs a successful society wedding, but a big storm will take it out of her hands.

Wedding guest Tillie Walker is stylish and kind, but she is harboring secrets, secrets that could get in the way of the growing fascination between her and glorious, windswept Clara.

Can a catastrophe be the salvation of two women near ruin?

Lavender Inn is a standalone romance set in 1890, with the kind of tender happily-ever-after readers enjoyed in Daisy Crown (The Flowers, Book 1).

by Red Hope

Western Romance

In 1878, Landen Morrison is a wandering cowgirl with an ugly past that keeps finding her, even when she rides into Texas. She goes to the town of Paris, looking for work, alcohol, and sex but she accidentally lets her guard slip around Raleigh Baylor, the only female Ranger in Paris, Texas.

Despite her attempts, Raleigh watches Landen leave Paris but is later shocked to learn Landen has suddenly joined the infamous Sam Bass Gang. Several train robberies later, a war ensues between the rangers and the Bass Gang, one that includes a personal battle of justice and betrayal between the two opposing women. As the conflict comes to a bloody end, the truth of Landen’s lies is revealed. Can Raleigh’s love conquer Landen’s dark past, or has she lost her forever?

Whiteheart Clan
Book 3
by Chloe Peterson

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Paranormal Romance

When everything crumbles, love finds a way to put the pieces back together…

Zoe Dagiel has spent her entire life fighting to counter her father’s thirst for blood. A life without love and comfort has been the result. When she walks into a deadly trap that robs her of everything she holds dear, she starts to wonder if her years of sacrifice were worth it.

Giselle Russel spends her days seeking thrill after thrill, more often than not, in the arms of beautiful women. When a night time rescue leads to a run in with the nemesis of her clan, Giselle finds it hard to stay away. Zoe is the perfect combination of soft and hard, but Giselle is determined to keep her heart closed off.

When Zoe’s actions lead to her banishment from the Darksong, the wolf shifter seeks sanctuary with the Whiteheart clan. But not everyone is on board with harboring a wanted woman. Things only get more complicated when Zoe’s father shows everyone why the very mention of his name, stirs fear in people’s hearts…

The Succubus Moon
Book 3
by Cailee Francis

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romantic Urban Fantasy

Life in Bellasford is seldom peaceful for succubus, Rose. A fun night out to celebrate her girlfriend’s birthday takes a sinister turn as a mutual friend is found near-dead, drained of her life energy: the hallmarks of a succubus feeding.

With the Succubus Moon drawing near, suspicion falls on Rose and her long-missing mother, Ella. Investigation leads to more victims drained of energy and no clear suspect in sight.

Racing against time, Rose, Lisa and their friends Alexis and Jamie seek to unravel the mystery before more innocents are attacked or something worse happens. They know the energy is being taken for a reason and could place a great deal of power at their adversary’s fingertips.

Rising Moon is a F/F romantic urban fantasy novella of around 22,000 words, which contains strong steamy content and language.



Prequel to the A Woman Lost Series
by T.B. Markinson
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Lizzie feels more comfortable around books than people. Although an expert in the Hitler Youth, she’s a novice in love.

When Sarah crosses Lizzie’s path, their attraction is instant, but not without complications.

The harder Lizzie tries to keep Sarah from finding out the truth, the more endearingly clueless she becomes.


by Tamsen Parker
narrated by Jill Smith

Matchmaking? Check. Surfing? Check. Falling in love? As if.

Sunny, striking, and satisfied with her life in paradise, Theodosia Sullivan sees no need for marriage. She does, however, relish serving as matchmaker for everyone who crosses her path. As the manager of her family’s surf shop in Hanalei Bay, that includes locals and tourists alike.

One person she won’t be playing Cupid for is the equally happy bachelorette down the street. Baker Kini ʻŌpūnui has been the owner of Queen’s Sweet Shop since her parents passed away and her younger brother married Theo’s older sister and moved to Oahu. Kini’s ready smile, haupia shortbread, and lilikoi malasadas are staples of Hanalei’s main street.

However, Theo’s matchmaking machinations and social scheming soon become less charming—even hazardous—to everyone involved. And when she fails to heed Kini’s warnings about her meddling, she may be more successful than she ever intended. Theo has to face the prospect of Kini ending up with someone else, just as she realizes she’s loved Kini all along.


by Bridget Essex
narrated by TJ Richards

Who said anything about love?

Jadin Fields is a werewolf with a big heart. She loves her work as a dog trainer at a pet store, and she loves spending time with her kid sister. She has such a big heart, in fact, that when a complete (and gorgeous) stranger approaches her out of the blue at a pizza shop and begs her to act like her girlfriend–just for a minute…Jadin actually says yes.

Tess Loranger has long, honey blonde hair, a bewitching smile and is the most attractive woman Jadin has ever set eyes on. She was also just dumped by her fiancee, and is trying, desperately, to show her that Tess can rebound just as fast as she can.

But this is just a one-time thing, right? Just a few minutes in a pizza parlor. Just one, amazing kiss, right in front of Tess’s ex-fiancee…

But then there’s the party. And the wedding. And then Jadin realizes she just might be falling for the woman she’s not supposed to be in love with…

What could possibly go wrong?



Weather Witch Book 1
by Emilia Spring

Only 99 cents!

Burnt-out social worker Natalie Ethridge thinks she’s caught a lucky break–a free cottage from her Great-Aunt. With nothing to lose, Natalie heads for the hills, or, in this case, the mountains. Turns out the cottage comes with a big family secret—Natalie is from a long line of witches. She quickly discovers that living in a new town isn’t easy, especially when lightning strikes whenever she loses her temper!

When an orphaned eleven-year-old stands accused of murder, Natalie’s social worker instincts compel her to solve the case and clear the child, even if it means digging into painful secrets the town considers long buried. Secrets that paint a target on her back.

Between her crazy family, magic lessons, investigating a murder, and the sexy witch detective hell-bent on keeping her in line, Natalie’s not sure which one will be the death of her first–her newfound abilities or the killer.




TB Markinson is giving away a limited number of copies of A Clueless Woman (Prequel to the A Woman Lost series) to US and UK Audible listeners.

Email her at to enter the contest. In the subject line, please write A Clueless Woman Audiobook Giveaway. Be sure to tell her if you’re a US or UK listener.

That’s all you have to do.

The deadline to enter is November 8th.


Massive giveaway
K’Anne Meinel is giving away a HUNDRED books, ten a day, for ten days after her birthday on the 10th when her one-hundredth book is released: Vetted Again.


You can enter EVERY day between now and the 10th.


You can EARN points by sharing it as well as participating every day.

Click on this link to enter. 





Listen to episode 46 of the Lesbian Book Club with Clare Lydon as she interviews US author Elle Spencer, whose book “Casting Lacey” was the runaway success at the beginning of the year, staying at No.1 in the US for a month. Elle writes angst-filled romance with snark and humour, and I loved Casting Lacey, as did most of the world. She talks about her debut success, her first year as a full-time writer and how she’s excited to take her writing to the next level.Click here to listen. 

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Rae D Magdon for the Love and Money podcast, part of The Lesbian Talk Show. I had a fab time, and Rae is such a sweetheart. You can listen to the podcast episode here.

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