New Lesfic Goodies: November 27th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.



Cops and Docs
Book 4
by KD.Williamson


Pediatric resident Dr. Dani Russell is focused on her career and there’s no room for anything else since her last relationship crashed and burned. She’s seen as standoffish and cold to everyone except her patients and her best friend Rick. That’s just fine with her.

Detective Rebecca Wells, newly appointed to Atlanta’s Juvenile Missing Person Unit, is a woman in a state of flux and on a mission to fix her unsatisfying personal life. That means reaching out to her ex, Dani, to make amends. But after sizing up the once warm, friendly woman she loved, Rebecca can’t believe how unrecognizable she now is or how hurt she is.

Is it too late for them? Has too much time passed to make things right?

An enemies-to-lovers, second-chance lesbian romance that’s powerful, sizzling, thought-provoking, and everything in between.


by A. E. Radley

Available in Kindle Unlimited


Amber Tate is about to lose her job at a London publishing house. And it’s nearly Christmas.

Her boss gives her one last chance. Sadly, it’s the impossible task of obtaining the rights to the popular Lund Collection of fairy tales.

The rights to the fairy tales are held by the author’s granddaughter, Emilia Lund, who lives a reclusive life in Sweden and has steadfastly refused to talk to anyone about the rights for the last several years.

However, in order to convince her one and only friend that she can be sociable, Emilia agrees to invite Amber – under strict conditions – to the cosy setting of wintry Sweden.

They both agree to this vital meeting for their own separate reasons. Except… things never pan out quite as planned, do they?


I Found My Heart In San Francisco
Book 22
by Susan X Meagher


It’s easy, not to mention tempting, to blithely commit some serious errors in judgment when you’re young. Most of them become distant memories as the years tick by. But every once in a while a youthful indiscretion is more like a ticking time bomb, counting down until it blows.

Catherine Smith has had her share of misfortune, but few of her travails have shaken her like the revelation she faces now. It’s unsettled every part of her life; from her relationship with Giacomo, to Jamie, and even to Jennie. All she wants is some time alone to grapple with her feelings, but when you’re raising a high school student, your time is not your own. Her instinct is to run and hide, but she desperately needs the love and support of her family. Trying to hide a secret prevents those who love you from offering the right kind of support, though, so Catherine has to struggle to balance her needs with those of the people she loves the most. Sadly, her instincts are not great.

Jamie once again feels shut out, and she has a hard time dealing with it. But she’s so busy, with Aisling visiting, and starting her final semester of real estate classes at Cal that she’s largely able to play the waiting game.

Of course, when Ryan O’Flaherty’s in the mix, free time is never in abundance. Ryan’s trying to spend time with Aisling, Caitlin, and the new O’Flaherty Cousin’s Project while taking a full class load at Cal, and training for the AIDS Ride. And in her spare time, she’s determined to find out what’s bothering Catherine.

Just another few months amidst the mayhem of Clan O’Flaherty-Evans, the liveliest spot in town.


Journey of Exploration
Book 3
by JA Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Erotic Romance

Sadie Watkins has lost her faith—or so she thinks.

Sadie’s life once appeared the picture of success—an accomplished prosecutor with an adoring wife and two beautiful children. After an amicable yet painful divorce, and a 360-degree turn in her career, Sadie believes she has accepted what her future holds. Planning, structure, and familiarity are here things Sadie prizes. At forty-nine, she remains best friends with her ex-wife, Julie. She’s learned to accept the addition of Julie’s partner, Becca in her life and the lives of their two teenage children, Kaylee and Kevin. If not always fulfilling, Sadie’s life has become comfortably familiar. That is until she collides with a young musician named Faith Devine.

Eighteen years Sadie’s junior, Faith is an adventurer. The driving force between a popular local band called Divine Intervention, Faith is insanely curious about everything, not the least of which is Sadie Watkins. As Sadie and Faith’s friendship blossoms, Sadie will find the comfort she finds in familiarity challenged by Faith’s spirit of exploration and her honesty. Falling in love is the easy part of starting a relationship. Learning to let go of the past without fearing the future requires something greater than excitement and attraction. Sadie is about to discover the meaning of FINDING FAITH.

Finding Faith is the third installment in a series of short-story erotic romances by best-selling author J.A. Armstrong.


by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kristin Clark, a beloved elementary school teacher, discovers the power of a single disapproving voice. Her lifestyle brought into question, and false accusations made by one student’s father, sees Kristin suspended from her position and her career in potential ruin. How can she win when it’s her word against his?

Ex Michelin Star chef, Taylor O’Connell, has sworn off relationships with women who aren’t honest and open about their sexuality. Happy in her unconventional day job, and rediscovering her love for cooking, Taylor is making small steps in an attempt to move forward from recent heartbreak.

When the two women’s worlds intersect, the reality of their situations quickly diminishes the unexpected attraction they feel for each other. Kristin’s need to be discreet, and Taylor’s need for openness, defies compatibility. Will the fear and ignorance of others shape their futures, or will they fight for the right to live and love on their own terms?


by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when a lesbian samurai refuses to marry the king? He kills her lover and then orders his sorceress to curse her to immortality as a five-inch-tall woman, of course.Fast forward almost 600 years.Mae’s plan to try to meet a beautiful woman backfires and instead she befriends a young IT nerd who is all too excited to try to help her break her curse – which requires a woman to fall in love with her.Can a five-inch tall lesbian samurai find love? Can Mae’s curse be broken? Or will the enemies of her past come back to destroy everything?


by Kim Hartfield

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lora is a kind-hearted, mature, capable young woman – in the eyes of everyone but her girlfriend. She puts up with verbal abuse, but when Chantel gets physical, she knows it’s time to leave. Gathering her courage, she escapes to a women’s shelter. With her new kitten at her side, she hopes to make a fresh start.

Sydney is shocked to see Lora walk into the shelter. As her former professor, she knows how smart and capable Lora is. She vows to help the younger woman in any way she can. When she begins to mentor Lora, they connect over feminist issues and trashy movies – and Sydney finds herself falling for Lora’s sad eyes and broken smile.

Will Lora break free of her abusive ex and forge a new path with Sydney? Or will she go back to the woman who’s already shattered her once?


Jade’s Erotic Adventure
Book 11
by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When lonely divorcée Jade notices some subtle changes in her figure, she decides to set up a workout routine to get back into shape. She makes an appointment at her local health club for a personal training session and is floored by how beautiful and shapely her instructor is.

As her trainer begins to put her through her paces, Jade gets increasingly turned on watching the girl’s sexy body. By the end of her first workout, she experiences a secret climax pumping out the last rep.

Hoping for some more privacy at her next training session, Jade books an appointment at the trainer’s personal fitness studio. What happens next surprises her, as her coach puts her through an increasingly intimate set of exercises, until they end up in an intense partnered activity that pushes them both through their limits…


by Erin Wade

Action & Adventure / Romance

When esteemed surgeon Dawn Fairchild is wrongly accused of vehicular manslaughter, her world is turned up side down. Sentenced to two years in a federal women’s prison Dawn encounters a side of life she didn’t know existed. Caged with drug addicts, killers and rapist, she is surprised when her knight in shinning armor is a scrawny, scrappy redhead serving time for drug addiction and prostitution. A woman she couldn’t bring herself to shake hands with for fear of touching her.

You will laugh, cry and cheer for these two unlikely friends as they navigate the horrors of a prison ran by a no-nonsense warden with her own plans for Dr. Dawn Fairchild.


Thermopylae Bound Series
Book 3
by Belinda Harrison

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Fantasy Romance

Everyone has secrets. But what has Leandros kept from Skylar that would cause her to turn from him, perhaps forever, and should she believe what others tell her over the man who has cared for her and taught her for twenty winters?

After their challenges and adventures in the south, Skylar and Alexis return to Trachis where King Agrias grants Skylar permission to betroth his daughter. Skylar forms an important alliance with Cleomenes, King of Sparta, to gain the privilege and quell those who would oppose the union. With their wedding feast complete and the announcement of their child made, another new beginning emerges for Skylar: as Princess of Trachis.

But before their child’s birthing day arrives, Ares decides it is time Skylar learned who she really is, and what she means to him and the Keres. He gifts her with an amulet and as Skylar tests her abilities and falls under the amulet’s intoxicating spell, she risks losing everyone and everything she has come to love. And she may not care.

Leandros does the only thing he can to break her from the spell, but neither the child, Alexis or Skylar may survive what lies ahead the next few moons.


by Erzabet Bishop

Paranormal Fantasy

Sonia is a succubus with one goal: stay off Hell’s radar. But when succubi start to die, including her sometimes lover, Jeannie, she’s drawn into battle between good and evil and a past that isn’t ready to let her go.

Fae is a blood witch turned vampire, running a tattoo parlor and trading her craft for blood. She notices that something isn’t right on the streets of her city. The denizens of Hell are restless.

With the aid of her nest mate, Perry, and his partner, Charley, she races against time before the next victim falls. The killer has a target in his sights, and Sonia might not live to see the dawn.

This edition includes new edits and First Christmas: A Sigil Fire Holiday Story.


Grievance Committee Chronicles
Book 1
by Elizabeth Andre

Paranormal / Supernatural Suspense

Two rival lesbian paranormal investigators. A dangerous cursed entity. Long dark nights in the old woods.

Maya Nicholas doesn’t need any help finding ghosts. They find her and talk to her all the time.

Julie Sussman doesn’t need any help either. She solves plenty of cases, both normal and paranormal, without any special abilities.

When they learn that both of them have been hired to find a teenager, lost decades ago in the haunted Promontory Woods, they are not happy. But when they find the teenager’s ghost and discover that she, along with many other spirits, are being held captive by an evil entity, they have to work together.

Or they, along with many others, will never leave the woods again.


by Claire Highton-Stevenson

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Mystery & Detective

A body turns up in a field. She’s blonde and her eyes have been gouged out. DI Sophie Whitton knows it’s him – The man the press has dubbed: The Doll Maker. Whitton and her team must act fast if they are to stop anyone else falling victim to The Doll Maker.With an innate need to seek the truth and find justice for the dead, DI Whitton risks losing it all, including her long-term relationship with live-in lover, Yvonne, as she strives to find a killer, and maybe even herself along the way.


A Detective Amy Sadler Mystery
Book 4
by Michelle Arnold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A body is found in the woods, covered in tally marks…Homicide detective Amy Sadler and her wife, forensic pathologist Lira Sadler, have seen this before. Soon other bodies appear, each one reminiscent of a different case the two women have worked on. Someone with a very personal grudge is trying to send them a message, and they need to work it out before it’s too late.




Book 1
by T.B. Markinson
narrated by TJ Richards

JJ returns to her Colorado hometown after she’s promoted to turn around a dying newspaper. She’s forced to work with the woman she secretly loved during her college years, many years ago. Both are keeping secrets that could ruin their second chance at love. Must JJ lose everything in order to gain a life more fully her own?


by Harper & Caroline Bliss
narrated by Carmen Rose

On the fairway of life, love comes when you least expect it.

Diane Thompson is happy enough. Her successful accounting firm allows her plenty of time to play all the golf she wants and enjoy her life in small Sussex village Tynebury. She’s finally over the divorce from her husband, but potential suitors are few and far between for a 50-something woman in the English countryside.

Tamsin Foxley is determined to keep matters of the heart separated from her new teaching job at the Royal Tynebury Golf Club after a disastrous romantic experience put an end to her previous employment. She has also vowed to no longer fall for women almost half her age.

When the new season starts at the golf club, Diane and Tamsin become fast friends. Their feelings for each other quickly go in an unexpected direction and they both have to reevaluate what it is they want from life. Can Diane overcome her fear of falling for a woman? And can Tamsin accept her taste in women may have changed?




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