New Lesfic Goodies: December 18th Edition

Here are the latest book and audio releases.


by Harper Bliss &
T.B. Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Holiday Romance

Can a Christmas romance mend a life that’s broken to pieces?

Eileen Makenna is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who has traveled the world for over two decades, chasing the next big story. She returns home for the holidays shattered by a life-altering event and facing the terrifying prospect she’ll never be able to work again.

When Eileen meets Naomi Weaver, a small-town girl who dedicates her free time to helping those in need, Eileen is entranced by Naomi’s zest for life. Can Eileen overcome her inner demons and troubled family relationships to let Naomi in?

Best-selling lesbian romance authors Harper Bliss & T.B. Markinson have teamed up to bring this touching age-gap love story to life. Grab your copy of the holiday romance that’s the talk of the season.


by Ellen Jane

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Holiday Romance

Lee has been secretly in love with her best friend’s older sister, Jo, for eight years when a fortune-teller proclaims Jo is ready to return Lee’s feelings.

At first, Lee doesn’t believe her, but when she finds a mysterious book of matches that bring good luck when they’re lit, it seems Christmas miracles could be real. But just as fate favours her, her luck fails. The magic goes awry, and every time she strikes a match, disaster occurs.

The fortune-teller warns Lee that something is interfering with her destiny, and she needs to look inward to find the solution. Can Lee figure out what is ruining her luck before she hurts someone, or should she give up on her Christmas dreams altogether?

A Christmas short story of approximately 16k words (~40 pages). Full of mutual pining, cosy romance, and Christmas cheer.


by Natasha West

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Romantic Comedy

Izzy Mortimer is getting married. But as that trip down the aisle draws near, she finds herself wondering if she’s got what it takes to make a marriage work… Izzy goes on a side-splitting trip down memory lane, visited by the ghost of girlfriends past as she tries to understand how she got to where she is and where she’s going next. From first love to the woman she’s choosing to spend her life with, it’s a winding, chaotic trip filled with hilarious blunders and comical bad decisions.

An entertaining romantic comedy novel from the author of ‘The Plus One’ and ‘By Any Other Name’, ‘The A to Z of Girlfriends’ is the story of every mistake that takes you to where you need to be.


by Robin Alexander

Romantic Comedy

Blaze Sonnier has had a bad year. In the spring she made national news while dressed as the Easter Bunny in a brawl where she was trying to defend herself, and earned the moniker Bitch Slap Bunny. In the fall the mother who abandoned Blaze for an acting career showed up on her doorstep, not only injured from an accident but broke and in need of a place to stay. While on a bike ride to purge her stress Blaze encounters one small (in physical stature only) silver lining with a flat tire.

The job Caleigh Breaux took after graduating college required her to live as a nomad into her late thirties. Weary of traveling, hotels and being unable to have a real relationship, she made a career change. Though she hoped the change would lead her to meet the woman of her dreams she’s stunned when it happens the night she rolls into the town of Falcon, Louisiana.

In her latest romantic comedy, Robin Alexander has woven another tale with her trademark humor about small-town life, family, forgiveness, and falling in love.


E.J. Noyes


What do you do when the source of all your problems is the one thing you don’t know how to fix?

With Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell nothing more than an unpleasant memory, US Army surgeon Sabine Fleischer is ready to move on with her life—if she can just figure out how to move past her PTSD. Fresh from her first deployment since surviving a vehicle attack in Afghanistan, Sabine is finding the things she’s tried so hard to push aside aren’t as easy to ignore as she’d hoped.

Sabine’s girlfriend and ex-commanding officer Rebecca Keane is happily settled into her new job running a trauma department in a civilian hospital. Life with Sabine is everything Rebecca ever wanted. But when Sabine’s PTSD reappears worse than before, she’s left struggling with her own guilt.

There’s no doubt that both Sabine and Rebecca want the same thing. But how do you help the most important person in your life when they don’t want to need your help?

Ask Me Again is the must-read sequel to the best-selling Ask, Tell.


by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A stand-alone novel, and the third installment in the Elemental series of romances set in Japan.

On the one-year anniversary of her son’s death, Sayuri finds herself on a subway station platform, and she doesn’t know how she got there.

Neither does Miwa, the station employee who has one eye on the lost and weary woman the moment their paths cross.

All it takes is one precarious step, and both Sayuri and Miwa are enveloped in a whirlwind relationship that brings them closer to the edge than ever before. For schoolteacher Sayuri, that means letting go of the life that is no longer hers to claim. For train enthusiast Miwa, it’s realizing that there is more to human existence than isolation and struggling to get by.

Every time they think about one another, a spark is ignited.

Every time they speak, kindling is thrown into the flame.

And every time they touch, the fire grows hotter.

Imagine what a single kiss contains.

AS ALL OUR FIRES BURN is a standalone romance. It contains themes of losing a child (before the start of the story,) and depression.


by Emma Nichols

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Madeleine isn’t like other grieving war widows.

Claudette isn’t like other young French women.

As their lives collide, Madeleine and Claude will discover a depth of connection and desire they never knew could exist. Can their love flourish in post-WW2 France or will their past derail their future?

If you like your novels with strong leading ladies, smouldering chemistry and an epic love story that twists and turns, then you’ll love Emma Nichol’s latest lesbian romance.


by L.M Croft

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Alex Rivera is finally free. After spending ten years with a man she didn’t love, could leaving town give her everything she’s ever wanted? A woman. The chance to be happy…

Blake Jenkins is very much the hot neighbor in her hometown, but the scars of her marriage have been too much to overcome. Forever pulling away from what she truly wants, life changes in the blink of an eye. Just when Blake believes she has it all, she discovers everything isn’t quite as it seems.

Pasts. Old flames.

Can she battle one final time for the life she’s always dreamed about, or will love ultimately defeat her?


by Evelyn Dar

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bailey Torres is hopelessly in love with Caitlyn Hunter. And who could blame her? Caitlyn is smart, generous and the kind of beautiful that makes Bailey’s stomach do backflips, then front flips, then somersaults. Needless to say, Caitlyn’s perfect in every way…well, she would be if she wasn’t Bailey’s high school English teacher.

On graduation night, fueled by liquid courage, Bailey does the unthinkable and confesses her love to her former teacher. She’s all in and hopes Caitlyn will be too. Who cares if there’s an obstacle…or two…or ten in their path? True love conquers all, doesn’t it?


Jade’s Erotic Adventures
Book 12
by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When recent divorcée Jade searches online for something to change up her boring sex life, she finds an ad for a dominatrix. Intrigued, she clicks on the link and begins to learn all about the exciting world of bondage and domination.

She books an appointment with the sexy redhead and when she gets to her pleasure palace, she’s shocked to see the wide assortment of whips and bondage equipment. After signing a waiver and establishing her safe word, Jade is tied up into a strange harness hanging from the ceiling.

For the next two hours, she’s teased and punished by the pretty domme until she’s begging for sexual release. By the time her session is over, Jade experiences the most erotic encounter of her life.


Juliana Series
Book 4
by Vanda

Available in Kindle Unlimited
Historical Romance

How far would you go to save the person you loved?

It’s 1956. In Heaven is to Your Left (Book 4 of the Juliana Series) Alice (Al) and Juliana arrive home from a successful run at Le Lido in Paris, only to be greeted by Dan Schuyler who has threatened to reveal to the world the nature of their “immoral” relationship. Under this threat Schuyler has gotten Juliana to sign a contract with him to be in a Broadway play. Now, the control and manipulation begins. Al seeks a way to free Juliana from this man’s clutches. She turns to Max, accomplished businessman, owner of two night clubs, to help her. There must be something he can do; he has friends who are gangsters. Still, Max does nothing. Or does he? Al knows she has to act. She knows gangsters too.




Wolfgang County Novella
by Jenny Frame
narrated by AJ Ferraro

Wolf expert Maddox “Ripp” Rippington knows nothing about her past and has only ever felt at home among her wolves at Willow Creek Wolf Sanctuary. When the Sanctuary is shut down, she’s lost. The only clue to her past is a birth certificate with the name Ansel Wolfgang on it, but she has never been brave enough to track her father down. Until now.

Kindergarten teacher Kyra Wolfgang is more than attracted to the mysterious human who arrives in Wolfgang County, a human as dominant and confident as any wolf she has ever met. For the first time in her life, Kyra knows the passion she has always longed for. But with the Wolfgang Alpha and Second distrustful of Ripp’s sudden appearance and her claim of a connection to the pack, does Kyra and Ripp’s love stand a chance?


by Lise Gold
narrated by Addison Barnes

Hannah Hudson decides to take a break from her busy restaurant and her life in London after her girlfriend, who she thought she’d spend her life with, suddenly walks out on her. She travels to a small boutique hotel in Kirkenes, Norway, hoping to spend a peaceful and relaxing Christmas by herself.

Kristine Miller loves adventure. A bank manager living in a small town in Louisiana, she’ll take every opportunity she can get to explore the world. Kristine travels to Norway hoping to see the famous northern lights but when she meets Hannah, a fellow guest at her hotel, she realizes soon enough that the northern lights might not be the most fascinating thing there.

Both women expected Christmas in Norway to be special but neither of them expected it to bring magic into their lives…


by Karen F. Williams
narrated by Brittni Pope

Samantha Weller, a forensic scientist turned paranormal novelist, owes her life and writing career to a crow that saved her from certain death. When she buys an old bookend that looks like her avian muse, her world begins to resemble the plots of her novels.

Determined to find the mate to her bookend, Samantha and her antiquarian sidekick, Liz, go on a search leading them to the beautiful and wealthy Gwen Laraway. Samantha is instantly smitten, but the age difference has Gwen second-guessing Samantha’s interest.

Meanwhile, Liz is crushing on Gwen’s niece, Isabel. As clueless as she is sensuous, Isabel hasn’t had a date since her high school prom ten years ago, and she’s petrified to act on her sudden attraction to Liz.

Romance seems to be blooming all around, but problems arise when a restless ghost emerges from the ether to roam the dark corners of this haunting tale that explores the quantum mechanics of immortality.


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