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Happily Ever After  

One of the reasons I read and write romance is that I’m a fan of happily ever after in any format. When I read or write, I know my couple’s story will end with a happily ever after, but I don’t know quite how they will get there. When I’m reading, I enjoy the discovery of the couple’s relationship journey through initial meeting then falling in love. When I’m writing, it’s a thrill to create a couple’s journey to their happily ever after. But I often wonder what happens after I close the book cover or I type “The End.”

I’ve developed a habit in the last few years of asking people I know who have been in a long-term relationship how they met. If you’re ever having a bad day or feeling grumpy, try this. Every single time I ask this question something magical happens. The expression on the person’s face changes as they start thinking back to that first meeting. They smile as they recount the story. Sometimes they blush. Every single story is different and wonderful and every person I’ve asked loved telling their story. As they talk their love story touches me and I feel hopeful and happy too. This is the magic of a love story, a romance.

I like to think that this is what happened after I closed the book or typed “The End.” That couple that met and overcame obstacles and feel in love are just regular people that you talk to each day or see at the grocery store, or the gym, or the library. But they have an untold love story inside of them.



Laney Webber

Jannika Peterson arrived in Grangeton, New Hampshire, with a broken heart and a new job managing the local bookstore. She has a gift for pairing readers with the perfect books, but her matchmaking skills don’t extend to her love life. Love doesn’t stand a chance against her well-protected heart.

Eighteen years ago, Lee Thompson was Jannika’s summer camp counselor, and Lee has never forgotten the beautiful girl with the unusual name. Still healing from her wife’s sudden death, Lee hopes her new job in a new town will help her to begin a new chapter.

When Jannika and Lee reunite, their instant connection feels like a gift, but neither is ready for a second chance at love. Unable to deny their attraction, will they finally get on the same page when it comes to love?



Laney Webber lives in Vermont with her wife, rescue dog Gracie and rescue cat Rudy Valentino. She likes camping, visiting libraries, and driving up the coast of Maine. Her story “Bat Girl” is included in the anthology, Girls Next Door (Bold Strokes Books, 2017) and her debut novel, A Chapter on Love (Bold Strokes Books, 2019) is available wherever books are sold. Laney is currently working on her next love story, The Real Thing, available December 2019.



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