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by Lyn Gardner

Robin Novak has made many choices in her life. She chose her career. She chose her friends, and she also chose to come out in college. Since that time, many women have walked in and out of Robin’s life, but two had left indelible impressions. The first was a crush, and the second…almost destroyed her.

Mentally bruised and battered from an abusive relationship, in one short year, Robin has gone from being a successful author to someone struggling to breathe almost as much as she’s struggling to write. With her confidence shattered, and her self-loathing at an all-time high, when an unexpected inheritance comes her way, Robin doesn’t think twice. At the age of forty-four, Robin Novak packs up her life and her cats and moves to a place where she hopes to start fresh. But a change of location isn’t the only thing Robin is looking for. After her last relationship, she knows this move will also drastically reduce the possibility of ever having another woman in her life.

Choices made create the paths on which we travel. Down some, friendships are born, and down others love is found, and during those journeys, lives change, truths are discovered, secrets are revealed, and high school crushes…can sometimes walk back into your life.


Irresistibly Bound: Book 3

by Anna Stone
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lindsey had big plans for her post-art school life—a successful art career, excitement, adventure, meeting the man of her dreams. She never expected she’d end up joining a sugar baby website to pay off her crippling debt. And she definitely didn’t expect that her first client would be a charming, vivacious woman named Camilla.

The older woman has an unusual proposal for Lindsey—move into her mansion for three months as her girlfriend and submissive, and all of Lindsey’s financial woes will disappear. It’s the perfect solution to Lindsey’s problems, and she can’t say no to three months of pleasure and luxury beyond her wildest dreams. Camilla has made it clear that she’s comfortable with the arrangement. A difficult life has left the solitary woman hesitant to let anyone get too close. And Lindsey isn’t attracted to women, anyway. It’s all just a charade.

Until it isn’t. When Lindsey can no longer deny her feelings toward her Mistress, she runs the risk of losing everything. It was all supposed to be pretend. One big lie.

What happens when the lie becomes the truth?



by Em Stevens
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Meg’s picture-perfect life is upended when her husband of twenty five years asks for a divorce. She’s scared of losing everything, especially her best friend Jamie… who happens to be her husband’s twin. Jamie is forced to balance on a knife’s edge of loyalties while Meg seeks to redefine herself. As they navigate murky waters, things heat up. But will this taboo romance burn out too quickly? Or can they withstand the flames?


Tahoe Blue Series: Book 1

by Nicole Pyland
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kellan Cobb had to get out of San Francisco. She’d just watched her ex-girlfriend meet the woman of her dreams. Her broken heart needed a break from it all, and Lake Tahoe was calling her name.

Reese Lee has a secret. Only her twin sister knows the one thing Reese hasn’t even told the closest people around her. When she meets Kellan at a fun weekend game of beach football, she knows there’s something interesting about the tourist. She’s never had a problem wining, dining, and sometimes bedding the tourists that strolled into the lake town. But with Kellan, she might just see the possibility of more.

Kellan is determined to address the loneliness in her heart. Reese is determined to keep her secret for fear it would change the way people see her. As the two women try to navigate their attraction, they each have to give up something their holding onto that could prevent them from finding what they’ve both been looking for all along.



by Blythe Stone & Morgan Routh
Available in Kindle Unlimited

You can’t choose who you fall for…

Jade Nero is out. For the first time in her life, she’s free to live her wildest dreams — loving women, and loving them openly. When Jade and her friends travel to the small tourist town of Summerside, Jade knows this is the perfect opportunity to get out, enjoy the pretty weather and maybe a fling or two with the bikini-clad girls on the beach. That all changes when Jade meets Lenn, a punk, sun-bleached blonde bike shop repair girl that isn’t ready to fall in love with a tourist like Jade.

Will their love survive the long summer nights? Will Lenn learn to open her heart? Jade really hopes so, because she starting to fall in love…



by McGee Matthews
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When interim police chief Molly Gorman pulls Amy over, more than the antics on the motorcycle catch her eye. She discovers Amy Gilbert spends her days repairing cars in her family garage and is intrigued. The only holdup? Amy occupies her nights playing softball and drinking with her wild best friend, who offers incredibly bad advice about love. After several run-ins with a certain drunken mechanic, Molly wonders if Amy is really worth the trouble. When Amy disappears, she has to put her mixed emotions aside to work the case.




NIGHTS OF LILY ANN: Finding Kathleen

by L.L. Shelton
Available in Kindle Unlimited

One phone call can make all the difference …

Working for G’s Nightly Escorts by night to support her family, Lily Ann Bailey makes women’s dreams come true. Desires, pleasures, secrets. When she is assigned client number 299, Lily Ann has no idea the woman waiting for her needs a friend more than an escort.

Kathleen Harris is grieving the loss of her wife. She has secluded herself from family, friends, and the world for two years. All until a newspaper ad for an escort service makes her question her life.

Suddenly, Kathleen’s eyes are reopened to the beautiful possibilities all around her. Including Bonnie Gibson, a sexy butch who she suddenly must work side-by-side with. But is Lily Ann’s influence enough to keep Kathleen from unraveling from her reawakening emotions?

Only Lily Ann has deeply rooted troubles of her own. Determined to keep her family together after their parents are killed on an icy road two years before, she will do anything to keep them safe. Anything.




UNLEASHED: Case of the Yorkshire Pudding
Unleashed: Book 5

by Erik Schubach

Finnegan May has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her.

While Finnegan and her detective bride, Jane, are on their honeymoon in upstate New York, Fin finds a lost dog. The little Yorkshire Terrier becomes a mystery as everything seems to snowball around the women, causing Finnegan to think she just might really be a magnet for trouble like her family keeps implying.

After a string of break ins, all the evidence keeps pointing toward the little dog, Killer. And that’s when the mystery deepens.

Finnegan Temperance May, dog walker extraordinaire, must figure things out before she and Killer are put into danger.




Dorm Life Series: Book 2

by Morgan Routh
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Whether she likes it or not, Jolene Camen heads to her family’s empty cabin for spring break without a boyfriend, friends, or any idea what is going to happen. Maybe it’s the perfect opportunity to start figuring out all of these strange, queer feelings for the gorgeous girls walking around camp.

Jo’s journey is an introvertive, first time gay experience very reminiscent of the movie Blue is the Warmest Color with a rustic twist.





by Katharine Duckett

With Miranda in Milan, debut author Katharine Duckett reimagines the consequences of Shakespeare’s The Tempest, casting Miranda into a Milanese pit of vipers and building a queer love story that lifts off the page in whirlwinds of feeling.

After the tempest, after the reunion, after her father drowned his books, Miranda was meant to enter a brave new world. Naples awaited her, and Ferdinand, and a throne. Instead she finds herself in Milan, in her father’s castle, surrounded by hostile servants who treat her like a ghost. Whispers cling to her like spiderwebs, whispers that carry her dead mother’s name. And though he promised to give away his power, Milan is once again contorting around Prospero’s dark arts.

With only Dorothea, her sole companion and confidant to aid her, Miranda must cut through the mystery and find the truth about her father, her mother, and herself.




Blood Canticles: Book 5

by Naomi Clark

Chaos magic makes anything possible. Even the unthinkable.

Lola and Tristesse have defeated one enemy, but Gehenna isn’t finished with them yet. A way home seems impossible. And while Lola struggles with the magical bond she forged with the mysterious patrons, the Shrouded Guard are still hunting them down.

Forced into strange alliances with rebel demons and an underground cult, Lola and Tristesse must decide what they’re willing to do—and to sacrifice.




The Taste of Her Blood: Book 2

by K. C. Bloom
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Centuries ago, Ilena and Alina, two sensuous vampiric lovers enter the city of Vienna to sate their lust in the bedchambers of beautiful maidens.

When Gretchen, one such fortunate young woman, is murdered after a night of passion, they feel it is their duty to avenge her.

They discover a trail of treachery, greed, blood and lust.

Enjoy this erotic story about undying, lustful women feasting on the blood of the rich, powerful and especially the beautiful of this ancient city and about the revenge they take on those who would stand in their way.





by Cailee Francis

Nerisa is a selkie who had long dreamed of exploring the world beyond her people’s territory and finding her other half, should she exist. With a leap of faith fueled by wanderlust, she found an uninhabited shack by the sea, a job as a carer and the beginnings of a new life.

The thief struck when she was at work and stole her pelt. It was more than a piece of clothing or her means to shapeshift; it was a part of her soul and her only way of returning to live among her kind as she had before.

Desperate, Nerisa searches for help and finds it with Nina, the daughter of a witch and fortune teller. Nina is still recovering from a break-up, and she becomes captivated by the beautiful woman from the sea, and feels she must help her.




MacGregor FBI Series: Book 3

by R.E. Gauthier
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lies Hurt the Heart and Secrets Scar the Soul

When FBI Senior Special Agent Kelsey MacGregor delves into her past she does so at her own peril. Nothing is as it seems when Kelsey returns from a long-awaited vacation in the love nest, she built with Miranda. Firstly, the mastermind behind the killings in D. C. is unmasked to be not Robert Smith, but a man thought to be dead.

Kelsey and her best-friend and FBI partner, Nikki Hyland, embark on a journey to find the evidence to put a killer away for good. There are pitfalls along the way and they enlist the help of Cassidy Torres and a return character from In Plain Sight.

Kelsey will learn things about family history and the secrets that lie there. Through her investigation, she learns to unlock the gift of Second Sight. With her gift, she sees the vision that will help to capture a killer.

The killer has other plans and Kelsey will race to save the ones she loves while she continues to learn the truth about family secrets.
When Kelsey thinks she can finally breathe and keep her promise, more danger lurks around the corner. There are warnings, there are answers, but there are also the lies that have festered for many years.

Find out if Kelsey can find the truth, learn the secrets, and survive the lies.





by Cara Malone and Anna Cove
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Madison is a lone wolf thief. Cass is fallen swindler royalty. When they meet inside a bank vault, they’re both going after the same rare book. Working together is the only way to get the prize, but can they trust each other with the most precious treasure of all – their hearts?





by K’Anne Meinel

A tragic explosion results in the death of over 200 airplane passengers. Was the explosion caused by pilot error, or was it a conspiracy?

Pilot Cathalene (Lena) Penn, accused by the airline of being a smuggler, died in the tragedy, and her wife, Jessica is desperate to clear Lena’s good name.

When Jessica travels to Belgium, her wife’s home away from home, she discovers diamonds, a second family, and a mystery…

Sometimes, choosing between what is safe and what is right isn’t easy, and running away is always an option…Flight!





by Cheryl A. Head

Someone is murdering the homeless in Detroit’s Cass Corridor—by immolation. These horrific crimes wouldn’t require an investigation by Charlie Mack and her crack team investigators, except one of the burned bodies is identified as her mother’s friend. There’s a lot wrong with this case: the police won’t admit a serial killer is on the loose, drug trafficking intersects with the deaths, and a rogue cop is involved. The timing also couldn’t be worse—Charlie and Mandy are finally moving in together. This case becomes the most difficult of Charlie’s career when she transforms herself into a street person, and mixes with the corridor’s gangs, do-gooders, and the down-and-out to uncover evidence the police can’t continue to ignore.





by Kris Bryant
narrated by Brittni Pope

When Grace Danner finds out her great-aunt has passed away leaving her a flower shop in Ireland, she is anxious to get it off her hands as quickly as possible. Her career with the most prestigious advertising firm in Dallas has her busy six days a week, and she doesn’t have time to step away from her life to handle her aunt’s estate. She plans a quick trip to sign papers and save family heirlooms, hoping to return home before the end of the week.

She meets real estate agent Kerry Mulligan who was consigned to the property quite by accident. Their relationship starts off rocky, and as much as Grace wants to get to know the red-haired Irish beauty in the short time she is there, Kerry is nothing but business. Can Grace break through Kerry’s icy disposition and open her up to a quick affair? Even if Grace manages to seduce Kerry, can she return unscathed to the life she left in Dallas?



by Bridget Essex
narrated by Marina Barrett

Guarding her heart was never part of the contract.

Annie Bellfield is walking her dog early one morning when, from out of nowhere, a gorgeous stranger approaches her and starts to walk with her. The captivating woman’s name is Nova, and Annie finds her intensely attractive. Until Nova pushes her into a black van with no windows.

Nova swears it isn’t a kidnapping – that she’s in charge of keeping Annie safe from someone or something she can’t tell Annie about. Nova is frustrating, obtuse, and cocky, but as Annie and Nova go on the run from this untold danger, Annie finds herself falling head over heels for her bodyguard.

Mysteries, family secrets, werewolves, and passionate romance combine…what could possibly go wrong?



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