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by A.E. Radley
Available in Kindle Unlimited

A ruthless executive. A destitute woman. Both on the way up.

Selina Hale is on her way to the top. She’s been working towards a boardroom position on the thirteenth floor for her entire career. And no one is going to get in her way. Not her clueless boss, her soon to be ex-wife, and most certainly not the homeless person who has moved into the car park at work.

Kate Morgan fell through the cracks in a broken support system and found herself destitute. Determined and strong-willed, she’s not about to accept help from a mean business woman who can’t even remember the names of her own nephews.

As their lives continue to intertwine, they have no choice but to work together and follow each other on their journey up.



by Abby Crofton

Molly and Hannah get along great and seem like the perfect match. Except that they’ve never met in person. After months of flirting online, they agree to finally meet at the Washington, D.C. Pride Festival. With Molly nervously excited and Hannah deciding to play it cool, they prepare themselves for a day of fun, and maybe, romance.




by Jennifer Hebbard

Kane and Eden had the perfect family and the perfect life, until one afternoon changed everything. Can they pick up the pieces of their shattered lives? Can they learn to forgive each other, and themselves? Watch as both women learn to love and live again in a novel of loss and redemption.

Trigger warning: death of a child




by Annette Mori

Two life events, two paths colliding, two souls destined to meet.Mandie Carter lives an uninspired life. No passion, no romance, and just when she thought things couldn’t get worse, life throws her a curve ball. Desperate to shake things up, she stumbles on an ad for skydiving in the newspaper. Could diving out of a plane be what it takes to jumpstart her life?Gail Forrester is barely hanging on. Buried under mountains of debt, only her much in demand architectural designs keep her afloat. Working around the clock to satisfy her hungry clients, she can’t seem to catch up. That is, until she is brought to a painful halt by a bus. Now, they must find a way forward together through what life and destiny has in store for them. Only then can they hope to step into that window to love.




Cherished Voices: Book 4

by Tessa Vidal
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Veronica’s nemesis is back in Hollywood.

Clarissa once got away with a million-dollar gemstone by charming the pants off a baby bodyguard.

But Veronica is now a highly trained FBI agent. More than a match for the red-haired beauty.

Even if the beauty in question is now a famous movie star.



by Claire Highton-Stevenson
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Boxset collection of the Cam Thomas Series.

Containing three full-length novels following Cam and Michelle.





Book 1

by Mildred Gail Digby

After a tragedy derailed her life, Dr. Megan Maier crawls back to the land of her birth to take a job in a private Jewish hospital. There, she meets Syler Terada, a pediatric surgeon with a brash attitude and a lack of respect for authority who incidentally rocks a tuxedo. She captivates Megan with one glance. Conservative culture and rules against fraternization can’t stop Megan. However the secrets she’s running from can.

Triggers: transphobia, mention of child abuse





by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Mitch applies to a job listed on the deep web, she knows what her new employer will want. Reclusive heiress Vanessa wants a girlfriend. A girlfriend she can keep as a pet do with as she pleases. 

What Mitch doesn’t count on is finding solace and healing in Vanessa’s brand of kinky love.  

Soon, they’re inseparable. And, soon, the ghosts haunting Vanessa’s house come to destroy everything they’ve built in such a short time. 

Will they escape the fire alive? 




The Dusk Queen Series: Book 2

by JJ Arias
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Love never quits, even in the face of impossible odds…

Vampire Queen Lucia has suffered many blows over her centuries long reign, but when a maniacal terrorist organization kidnaps Erin, a human woman and love of her life, she risks losing her heart and her power. Rescuing Erin will require Lucia to hunt down a threat she can’t see, and identify an enemy she doesn’t understand.

Meanwhile, after being taken prisoner and held captive by an unhinged cult leader hellbent on utterly destroying Lucia and everything she holds dear, Erin has to survive on her own in enemy territory. Will help come soon enough? Can Erin fight for her life while Lucia and her allies move heaven and earth to rescue her?

In this heart-pounding paranormal romance thriller, love grits her teeth and says not today.





by M.R. Gross
Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can one truly turn from evil? Is love strong enough to change one’s heart? Or, is that wickedness part of one’s very soul? Brie has been running for years. Running from her past, and her sister, who is trying to kill her. At long last she believes she has found peace and solitude, until a freak accident brings a mysterious women in her life. She didn’t mean to fall in love, she didn’t even think she was capable.

Rated M for mature. Includes: swearing, violence and an almost rape scene, more woman on woman and woman on man kicking ass than man on woman.





Starlight: Book 1

by Yuna Celeste
Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Meg Momozono moved to Kamogawa, Japan, to attend a university of the arts, her only real worries had been whether she’d get on okay, if she could speak the language without embarrassing mistakes, and if she could cook a basic meal without poisoning herself.

But when she has a chance run-in with a hulking, demonic-looking entity, her life takes a drastic turn. Receiving the help of a mysterious girl dressed in an outfit which Meg can’t help but associate with the magical girl shows she watched as a child, she must make the toughest decision of her life: to become a magical girl herself and reveal a world she never knew existed…

Or choose the safe option and go back to her life as a university student.





by J.S. Fields

One year after saving the Neek homeworld and redefining the people’s religion, the crew of the Scarlet Lucidity returns to the Charted Systems for a much-needed break. For Nicholas and Yorden, the Systems will always be home, but for Emn and Atalant, too many memories compound with Emn’s strange new illness to provide much relaxation.

TALES FROM ARDULUM continues the journey of Atalant, Emn, Yorden, Nicholas, and Salice as they try to define their place in a galaxy that no longer needs them while battling the artifacts of Ardulan colonization. Other stories include Yorden’s acquisition of the Mercy’s Pledge (and his grudge against the galaxy), Atalant’s exile from her homeworld, Ekimet and Savath’s romance, and many others.




Mystery of the Makers: Book 1

by K. Aten

Psiere is a world of intrigue where old ideology meets new. The Makers built massive pyramids on each continent and filled them with encrypted texts and advanced technology. The two suns, Archeos and Illeos shine down on a mostly undiscovered planet with a psionic race of people living on land, and violent sea people below the water. The Queen seeks to make the world a better place for all Psierians but her daughter, Royal Sovereign Connate Olivienne Dracore, seeks only to solve the Divine Mystery.

The connate makes her living as a historical adventurist and wants the answer to two important questions. Who were the Makers and where did they go? Because she is the heir, Olivienne travels with a security force and resents it every moment. Every one of her captains has either quit or been injured trying to keep up with the risk-taking woman. That’s where Commander Castellan Tosh comes in. Capable, confident, and oh-so-dashing, she is forced to switch career corps to take charge of Olivienne’s team. Sparks fly from the moment they meet and things only get hotter as they chase down the clues to the greatest mystery of all time.




A Monica Spade Novel

by Alexi Venice

A legal thriller with a dangerous romance– When fledgling lawyer Monica Spade becomes involved in a murder trial, she uncovers racial and ethnic bias against the victim as well as ugly truths about the men at her law firm. Risking her life and career, Monica pursues justice and the love of a woman.





by Barbara Winkes
Available in Kindle Unlimited

The most shocking case of her career:

When her niece Rosie is taken from the playground, Major Crimes detective Ann McCoy investigates alongside of Special Agent Cal Davis. Chrissie and Rachel, Rosie’s parents, are desperate for answers, but they aren’t the only family targeted. Ann and Cal uncover a criminal network driven by a hateful agenda. Can they hold them accountable—and bring Rosie home?

* While this book deals with the abduction of a lesbian couple’s daughter, the investigator is a straight woman (one of the women’s sister).





by C. E. Case

Shelby is a part-time assistant women’s soccer coach at Winston College, a small liberal arts school in North Carolina. Directionless at 25, she is unprepared for the upheaval in her life when one of her players is murdered.

Earlene is a rookie patrol cop working on her criminal justice degree. When a murder occurs at the soccer field, Earlene is asked to be a bridge between the police and the Winston community.

The students are rocked by the loss of a classmate, but mistrusting of police and outsiders. Earlene and Shelby must navigate campus politics, student secrets, and threats to their own lives.




L.A. Metro Series: Book 3

by RJ Nolan
narrated by Angela Dawe

Dr. Ashlee Logan’s world changed forever on a snowy December night in Boston. She has spent the last two years on the road, trying to escape the memory of that fateful night. With only her Great Dane, Drake, as her companion, she has worked her way across country from the Atlantic to the Pacific, working as an ER physician along the way.

While serving her country, former Navy doctor Dale Parker had her life shattered in a single moment on a hot, windswept desert roadside. Now, three years later, although her physical wounds have healed, Dale is forever changed by the experience. Struggling with her self-image, she has dedicated her second chance at life to helping other wounded veterans.

LA Metropolitan Hospital brings the two women together. Drawn together as kindred spirits, neither wants to face the stirring of emotions the other woman invokes.

Together can Dale and Logan move past the horrific events of their pasts, or are they forever destined to be . . . Wounded Souls?



by Caren J. Werlinger
narrated by Alana Kerr Collins

Nora McNeill has always dreamed of exploring her Irish roots. When she finally gets the opportunity to spend a summer in the village where her grandparents grew up, the experience promises to live up to her very high expectations. Except for the ghost that is haunting her rented cottage and is soon invading her dreams.

Briana Devlin has arranged her life the way she likes it: a good dog, good mates, and work with horses. There’s no room in her life for a relationship. Especially with an annoyingly clumsy – and attractive – American who is only going to be around for a few months.

The weeks fly by, and Nora’s ghost becomes more demanding, seeking her help in solving the mystery surrounding her death. Briana watches as Nora becomes more wrapped up in the past, seeming to fade away before her eyes.

Past and present are on a collision course, leaving Nora and Briana caught in a ghostly intrigue that could cost them not only their chance of a future together, but their very lives.


Girls of Summer: Book 4

by Kate Christie
narrated by Britney Gil

The first three books of the Girls of Summer series introduced Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell, two young athletes with bright soccer futures. Now, in The Road to Canada, a staffing change on the US Women’s National Team (USWNT) shortly before the 2015 World Cup has altered the playing field for both women.

For Jamie, a new coach means a renewed shot at making the World Cup roster for the top-ranked squad in the world. For Emma, the shift in priorities means that for the first time in her adult life, she isn’t sure she’ll be on the field – or even on the team – for a major championship.

Who will make the final cut for a chance to stand on top of the winner’s podium in Vancouver? To find out, join Jamie and Emma for the latest installment in the ongoing story of their lives, loves, and would-be world championships in The Road to Canada, book four of the bestselling series.



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