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Please welcome Alexi Venice. Alexi is giving away one ebook copy of Conscious Bias to one lucky winner. More details are below. 

Tell us about your last book in one sentence.

Conscious Bias, A Monica Spade Novel, is the first in a series about a fledgling lawyer who has to break through several layers of bias for justice and love.

Did you do a lot of research for this legal thriller featuring f/f romance?

I like to write what I know, so no, I didn’t have to do any research for this book. A variety of events in the book—both legal and romance—are based on a day-in-the-life of my legal work and life at the CrossFit Box. I’m an attorney—under a different name—at an international healthcare system. I specialize in preparing physicians and nurses for testimony in criminal trials regarding their treatment of the defendant or victim, or both. I work side-by-side with the prosecution to present the medical testimony to the jury. My 30 years of practicing law definitely informs my fiction. That’s why my leading ladies are usually lawyers, physicians and nurses.

What’s the last book you read that blew you away?

Killing Eve by Luke Jennings. I’m addicted. Apparently, I really love psychopathic humor! I find myself laughing out loud while being scared out of my pants. This entire storyline really gets under my skin and in my head. In the T.V. series on BBC, Jodi Comer’s facial expressions make me laugh one second and believe she’s a killing machine the next. Love her.

Do you happen to have any celebrity crushes at the moment? 😉

Of course. I’ve had a longstanding crush on Jennifer Beal. Those abs! That curly, long hair. Those sultry eyes that can flash—without warning—to murderous anger. Her on-screen chemistry with Laurel Holloman was hot, hot, hot.

What are you most proud of as a writer?

Connecting with readers. Daydreaming a story is energizing. Translating it to the page is grueling but satisfying. Entertaining a reader is THE BOMB. I love to hear from readers about what they liked (and hated). My core readers for The San Francisco Mystery Series are very opinionated and VOCAL about where they want the relationship triangle of Tommy, Jen and Amanda to go. I will abide their wishes but not without some suspense and angst.

Do you have any favorite songs at the moment?

Billie Eilish singing Wish You Were Gay. I love working out to this song. I crank up the base as far as it will go. Would love to see her in concert.


A Monica Spade Novel

by Alexi Venice

A legal thriller with a dangerous romance– When fledgling lawyer Monica Spade becomes involved in a murder trial, she uncovers racial and ethnic bias against the victim as well as ugly truths about the men at her law firm. Risking her life and career, Monica pursues justice and the love of a woman.



Win an ebook copy of Conscious Bias. All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me the name of the author of Conscious Bias. Hint: It’s Alexi Venice. One winner will be selected on June 28th.


Alexi Venice is the bestselling author of The San Francisco Mystery Series. Her novels are equal parts legal thriller and steamy romance.

She lives in Wisconsin, where she works out, practices yoga, water skis, and bikes when not engaging in other things that are said to be bad for her health.



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