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by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

With six years under her belt at work and the highly deserved title of senior financial analyst, Lana Scott has done very well for herself. But something is missing from her life. Love and family. But few women are interested in starting a family at her age, especially when they’re focused on their careers.

With her heart still on the mend from the tragic loss of the love of her life several years ago, Elli Voss is nearly out of hope that she’ll ever find love again. And she’s even less hopeful that she’ll be able to have children to train as her heirs to take over the family tailor and repair shop that’s been passed down in her family for several generations.

After a chance encounter and a promise to grab a cup of coffee soon, they may have just possibly found exactly what they’ve been looking for.



by Gerri Hill

Workaholic Erin Ryder was on the fast track to self-destruction. Reeling after her lover walked out on her, she turned to booze and caffeine to make it through each day. After a family intervention, she finds herself on a remote ranch in New Mexico—on womyn’s land—to detox and heal. No cell service, no Internet—she’s convinced she won’t last three days, much less for the three-month sentence her father has mandated.

Running from the chaos that had become her life, Melanie West moved to Eagle Bluff Ranch seven years ago. By far the youngest there, she embraced the compassionate, peaceful life that the elders espoused. Living off what her garden produced, her chickens and goats became her friends and confidants. Exposure to the outside world was limited to the handful of guests who stayed a few days at the ranch each year.

This summer would be different. Melanie found herself hosting a young woman for three months. A young woman who wanted to be anywhere but there. As the days and weeks passed, their animosity turned to friendship as they helped the other heal from their past failures.

Erin soon found herself loving life on Mel’s little farm. Loving life and loving Mel. Saying goodbye would be the hardest thing she had to do—saying goodbye to Mel…or saying goodbye to her previous life.


Tahoe Series: Book 3

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Adler Williams had been surprised with a trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, by her boyfriend; but not in a good way. That was the last place Adler ever wanted to be. She was not a woman who enjoyed camping or the outdoors in any way. While trying to return the camping supplies she wouldn’t be needing for this surprise trip, she meets a woman who loves the outdoors so much, she runs an outfitter’s shop in South Lake Tahoe.

Morgan Burns had watched her ex-girlfriend fall for and get engaged to her new girlfriend. Then, she’d watched her best friend get the girl of her dreams. When she visits Jackson Hole to plan a new store to her ever-growing chain, she meets a woman who is clearly not a fan of many of the activities Morgan holds dear.

The two women begin a long-distance friendship while they both attempt to navigate the newest hurdles in their lives: Adler’s relationship with her boyfriend and Morgan’s drive to expand her store empire. As Adler spends more and more time with Morgan, she begins to realize there’s more to her life than just work; or at least there can be, as long as she’s willing to risk her heart.



by Susan Mesler-Evans

Elisa Benitez is proud of who she is, from her bitingly sarcastic remarks, to her love of both pretty boys and pretty girls. If someone doesn’t like her, that’s their problem, and Elisa couldn’t care less. Particularly if that person is Darcy Fitzgerald, a snobby, socially awkward heiress with an attitude problem and more money than she knows what to do with.

From the moment they meet, Elisa and Darcy are at each other’s throats — which is a bit unfortunate, since Darcy’s best friend is dating Elisa’s sister. It quickly becomes clear that fate intends to throw the two of them together, whether they like it or not. As hers and Darcy’s lives become more and more entwined, Elisa’s once-dull world quickly spirals into chaos in this story of pride, prejudice, and finding love with the people you least expect.



by Elle Hyden

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Two lost souls are on a collision course. One searching for a life partner while the other mourns the loss of hers.

Selina is at a crossroads. No job, no home to call her own, and no partner. She has to turn her life around, but in which direction? Returning to her Native American roots, she seeks mystical aid from the spirit world, to find the life she hungers for.

Rea has been able to find a measure of solace after her wife’s death but longs for the crack in her heart to heal. Sighting a falling star, she sends her wish out into the universe, where it’s heard by the most unlikely allies.

Selina and Rea’s paths crossed many times in the past, but they’d never connected. Now they are being inescapably drawn together by fate, desire, and a touch of the mystical. Will love and trust prevail over loss and fear, so they can have their shot at being found forever?

Join them on their souls’ journey through the Lost & Found.





by Samantha Hicks

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jac Colby faces her biggest challenge to date – to go back and see her estranged wife, Molly, after five years apart. Jac’s a solicitor specialising in contract law. It was her job that led to the eventual death of Molly’s brother after she found a loophole in his business lease that paved the way for his self-destruction, causing Molly to throw her out and break all contact with her. Now, in a strange coincidence, Jac has been sent to Molly’s butterfly farm by her boss to do the same thing – get Molly to break her lease so the land can be sold. Unable to do this to Molly, she sets out to convince her to give their relationship another try.

Molly Fisher has missed her wife terribly over the last five years, but when Jac does turn up, her anger gets the better of her, telling Jac to leave. Upset by her visit, Molly drives off and gets involved in a serious car accident, landing her in hospital. Jac comes across the scene and fears Molly is dead.

Jac sticks around to help Molly heal, even with Molly’s reservations about her presence in her life standing in her way.

Will they overcome their differences and rekindle their love? Or will Molly stick to her guns and keep Jac at arms-length? And will they be able to save Molly’s business, Bloomin’ Butterfly, from Jac’s greedy boss?

This is a story about lost love and failings, and finding your soul mate once again.





by Anne Hagan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Will Mel unmask her captor before she’s seduced into risking it all?

Sheriff Melissa ‘Mel’ Crane has one more duty after assisting with Trick-or-Treat patrol on Halloween night. She has to pick up her friend and housemate Hannah at her old friend Rebekah’s farm. The task sounded simple enough. It turned out to be anything but.

Mel gets lured into a Sapphic Secret Masquerade. The more she tries to find out what’s really going on and who has tricked her into showing up at the deep woods, lesbians only Halloween party the further she falls into an erotic adventure that will test her willpower and maybe even her marriage.




A Woman Down Under: Book 4

by K’Anne Meinel

Alinta Lawrence, helping her wife to establish a station in her native outback, learning white ways, is finding it a challenge for the primitive woman. Having a child to raise with her wife, there is so much to learn, about the white woman’s world. She’s amazed and sometimes overwhelmed by the things these white people seem to need in their lives, will she be able to cope with it all?




State Changers: Book 1

by Chris Fenwick

Available in Kindle Unlimited

“Wolf” is the story about a girl. Alone in the world, Casidhe Keneally is frightened to unravel her family’s secret, a secret her own body has been reporting in disturbing ways. She must travel far from the only home she has ever known, to uncover the clues her dead parents left her.

Tracked to a sleepy pub in Butte Montana, Casidhe locates the strange people who can reveal the truth, but the discovery could, quite literally, kill her.

Amidst all the changes she struggles to assimilate, Casidhe meets Dana, a woman who simply cannot exist, sparking a fire inside herself, she cannot fight.

Her travels take her deep into the realm of the Fae, the powerful and ancient Irish mythological beings, whom she realizes still endure. But some Fae are angry she has returned and will not stop until she follows the way of her parents.

In “Wolf,” Casidhe discovers her true identity, finds her people, but also finds cruelty and danger as she learns what real magic looks and feels like.

“Wolf” is the first book in the State Changers series, following the extraordinary life of Casidhe, as she learns about love, magic and the veritable power of her own spirit.



by C.M. Blackwood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rose Collier is a young woman from colonial New England who washes laundry for a living. Her father is a drunk, and her young brother is terribly ill. She’s been offered proposals of marriage by the young men in her village, but she’s turned them all down.

Her brother’s sudden death, and her father’s cruel unkindness, drive her out into the snow one cold winter’s night. She wanders into Blackfriars Forest, where she is confronted with a vampire chief from a nearby Native American clan. He bites her, then disappears into the darkness.

Rose is rescued the following morning by a young woman named Alice. A young woman who just so happens to be a witch. And a vampire. She brings Rose back to her forest home and introduces her to the rest of her coven. Alice and Rose begin to bond right away, and it’s clear that they’re attracted to each other. Soon, their feelings grow stronger, and they confess them to one another, pledging their romance with a physical pact.

But the vampire who bit Rose has plans to return for her. He’s claimed her as his squaw – and he’ll stop at nothing until he has her. Will Alice’s coven risk their lives for Rose? With or without them, can Alice protect her new lover from the dangerous Indian chief and his clan of warriors?

Each book in the Dark World series is a stand-alone lesbian romance with new
characters and settings. Contains mature content.


In Eternal Bloom: Book 1

by Lauren Keen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Playing to psychological horror, a slow to sprout lesbian romance blossoms between a vampire noble and her newfound interest.

Having to question her own sanity isn’t typical for Heather. But following a particularly abnormal attack, she struggles to piece together what happened on that night. Fragmented in her recollection, she gets thrown in a world of myth and legend, finding herself at the center of vampiric desire. Desperate to just escape from it all.

A bond of trust and friendship shatters to love interests and wonder.




Cupcakes and Sorcery: Book 2

by Ellen Jane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Cupcakes, romance, and lovable canines abound in Heather and Sinead’s next adventure, but it isn’t all fun and games. The girlfriends are investigating a very personal kidnapping, and the threatening notes left behind accuse Sinéad and her punk-rocker twin brother of hiding something.

But after solving their first mystery together last Christmas, this one should be a piece of cake. After all, no one’s been murdered this time, and their witch-sorcerer rivalry is a thing of the past. Except it turns out there is a murderer, and a jewel thief as well, and why on earth does everyone keep talking about bees?

It appears Starford is a lot more exciting than Heather’s home town of Old Wetchhaven, and Sinéad’s insistence that Heather move in with her brings a whiff of trouble to their private paradise. Can Heather adjust to life near the big city? Or will the mounting secrets prove too much and turn their second case into their last?





by Thea Landen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Following a failed relationship with her supervisor at work, Dr. Catalina Frost volunteers her services with a charitable organization providing medical aid to those in need. In her first journey away from her home planet of Earth, she travels to the opposite end of the galaxy to the icy world of Ruvuk. Dismal weather conditions and an unfamiliar species of aliens take her far outside her comfort zone, but she’s determined to fulfil her obligations.

When Sari, a human settler on Ruvuk, first heard about a doctor being assigned to lend assistance to her health clinic in a remote village, she never expected the gorgeous woman who walks through her door. She introduces her to the planet’s ways of life and is impressed by her skills and experience. Though she drops hints about her growing attraction to Catalina, she’s shocked when those feelings are reciprocated.

The pair embarks on a romantic fling, but the definitive end date of Catalina’s assignment approaches quickly. She wants to plan for the future, but Sari has been hurt by false promises before and asks that they simply enjoy the time they have left. Will they each return to their separate lives, or can they find a way to reunite somewhere in the galaxy?





by Summer Munger

West Brook General Hospital closed its doors for good over a decade ago, but the halls were far from empty even before Sam Gilbert arrived. Hard living in New York sends the broken photographer back to her small hometown to serve as the hospital’s new caretaker. Everyone tells her the building is haunted. But the job comes with free room and board, plus a little extra cash to help her get back on her feet. Not to mention, it isn’t her old bedroom at her parent’s house. She soon finds life back in West Brook isn’t all that bad. New friends emerge to make her days less lonely. Then an old love resurfaces in Shelby Walker, forcing Sam to face her past mistakes. Just as life starts to look brighter, her new abode gets darker and darker.

Will Sam brave the growls, footsteps and phantom voices that surround her to figure out what happened at West Brook General? Or will she succumb to her own demons along the way?





by Carsen Taite
narrated by Paige McKinney

Catherine Landauer spends her days grilling prosecution witnesses in zealous defense of the accused criminals she represents, but no one knows she was once the victim of a headline-grabbing crime. When the man who kidnapped her resurfaces, Catherine goes from attorney to witness, reluctant to trust anyone, especially the alluring prosecutor assigned to the case.

Veteran prosecutor Starr Rio has a reputation of doing whatever it takes to win, even if she has to skirt the edge of the law in the pursuit of justice. Now, she’s trying the case of a lifetime, saddled with an uncooperative star witness who is sexy as hell and who thinks she knows more about criminal law than the entire prosecution team.

But when Starr and Catherine give in to desire, their hearts, careers, and even their lives are on the line.



by Cari Hunter
narrated by Nicola Victoria Vincent

Jemima Pardon, a paramedic with a daft name and chronic asthma, has never had much in the way of good luck. The only things she attracts are traumatic jobs, and no one wants to work with her for long. But when Jem bumps into devil-may-care police officer Rosie Jones, her fortunes seem to be changing. Rosie is bright and funny, and she doesn’t mind that Jem can’t go far without her inhaler.

Things are looking up, until a suspicious death draws Jem and Rosie into an investigation that spirals beyond their control. As torrential rain floods the city, they face a battle to survive if they’re ever going to have a chance at finding love.



by Karin Kallmaker
narrated by Abby Craden

Cursing the familial obligation that sent her into the path of a blizzard, Jackie Frakes is deeply grateful for rescue on a snow-choked mountain road, even if her rescuer’s reception is as cold as the landscape.

Leah Beck spends her days in a twilight of grief, actively avoiding all reminders of her former life as an artist whose work was exhibited nationwide. A houseguest for Thanksgiving is disruptive and painful, and the very last thing she wanted.

The snowbound weekend leaves them with an unforgettable, undeniable attraction that challenges both of their personal and professional commitments. Leah turns to her art with renewed inspiration while Jackie seizes control of her future. But will these new paths lead back to each other? Or will that stunning weekend together be their last?



by Jenn Matthews
narrated by Rachael Beresford

Yorkshire anatomy lecturer Ruby Clark considers her life low-maintenance. She teaches at the local university, has two well-behaved teenage daughters, and what she doesn’t know about human anatomy isn’t worth knowing. Unfortunately, that knowledge doesn’t stretch to plants, and she’s been asked to help out on a school garden project.

Being a paramedic doesn’t do Melissa Jackson’s back or knees any favors, so she’s looking into university courses to try a less strenuous line of her work. But the brash, proudly out, down-to-earth woman’s biggest challenge is keeping her dyslexia a secret. That, and living down the stigma that follows her when people find out.

A university open day throws the two women into each other’s orbits. When Mel, an expert green thumb, makes a few helpful suggestions on Ruby’s garden project, Ruby convinces her to team up to make it a success.

Personality-wise, they couldn’t be less compatible. Mel’s brazen attitude, cocky jokes, and affinity with earthworms immediately rub the hyper-professional, straight-laced Ruby the wrong way. Can they ever find common ground?



by Anna Stone
narrated by Nicole Blessing

A second chance at once forbidden love.

Twenty-eight-year-old Zoe is heartbroken. Her career as a principal dancer in a prestigious London ballet company has just been brought to a screeching halt by an injury. Needing to re-evaluate her future and make sense of life away from center stage, she returns home to the States, where she runs into her former ballet teacher -and once forbidden love – Natasha.

Ten years older, and the ice to Zoe’s fire, Natasha captured Zoe’s heart a decade earlier. Undeniable sparks danced between them, yet they were never able to give in to temptation. When Zoe moved to London, both were left shattered. Neither woman has been able to move on since.

Now they find the same heat smoldering between them, with no reason to resist it. However, the specter of how they last parted still casts a dark shadow on them – one neither woman can seem to let go of.

Secrets from the past, desires of the present, and the uncertainty of the future might keep Zoe and Natasha from having their chance at true love. Or perhaps they’ll realize fate brought them back together to dance the ultimate pas de deux.



by Cara Malone
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Kelsey is a rookie forensic investigator trying to balance the demands of her job and the challenges of her obsessive compulsive disorder. Her new coworkers aren’t too welcoming – their idea of fun involves morbid pranks and gallows humor.

Zara is a patrol officer with her eye on the narcotics department, determined to avenge her sister’s overdose death. But the chief won’t promote her – not until she overcomes her fear of death scenes.

When a call comes in for an apparent suicide, meticulous Kelsey meets anxious Zara, and they’ve both got something to prove.

But the case isn’t as simple as it looks, and together, they’re thrust into a complex investigation that has them chasing clues, confronting lies, and getting cozy with each other.

Can Kelsey and Zara discover the truth, or will they succumb to the mind games we play – in life, love, and even in death?




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