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by Jade Winters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can a friendship blossom into love?

News reporter Danique has a good career and a stable relationship. That’s until her boyfriend dumps her, and she’s forced out of her job and her home.

When she starts a new job at The Gazette, Danique experiences an instant connection to her colleague Jenna. As they work closer together investigating a tragedy in the local community, Danique finds herself even more drawn to Jenna and begins to question her own sexuality.

Can Danique overcome her fears of starting a new relationship? Or will she hide her true feelings at the expense of her happiness?



by JA Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Holly “Jolly” Murphy and “Christmas” Carol O’Connor are best friends. Holly is the Meathead to Carol’s Archie Bunker. The one thing Holly has always desired is a family. For years, Carol called Holly, Santa Klaus—a hopeless romantic who believed in Christmas magic. Heartbreak and disappointment have turned the once, Holly Jolly, into a bit of a Grinch. Carol tries to convince her best friend to go in search of Mrs. Klaus, someone who can restore Holly’s hope and Christmas spirit. Holly opts for the company of her faithful Jack Russell Terrier, Potter. Love guarantees loss, and Holly has no desire to experience heartbreak again. But when Carol dies, life for Holly takes more than a few unexpected turns. On a walk with Potter to clear her head, Holly meets a little girl named Ali. Potter’s immediate affection for the youngster is rivaled only by Holly’s curiosity about Ali’s mom, Delaney. A new friendship is welcome. Romance? Love? Holly gave up on those ideals long ago—or has she?

Navigating the sea of grief amid growing affection for Delaney will prove challenging for Holly. Can Holly learn to let go and love again? With the help of her friend, Mo, and a few gentle nudges from Carol’s voice, Holly might find her Christmas spirit again.

We only grieve because we have loved. Holly Murphy is about to discover that there is one thing more magical than being Santa; Finding Mrs. Klaus.


Book 9

by Blythe Stone & Emma Chamberlain

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The verdict of the court trial is revealed and the girls have to try to learn how to move on with their lives after the carnage. Media buzz has the whole school talking and a senior ditch day leads to unexpected trouble with Sky.

Not all can be palm trees, beaches, and friendly flirtation. Therapy and old memories threaten to come between the girls and their forever happy-ending.



by Lily Seabrooke

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Melissa Warden is at the top of her field, CFO of a high-powered financial institution, but there’s only one problem: she doesn’t know why she did any of it, what she sacrifices every second of her life for. And after lying to her family pretending she has a girlfriend to keep them from worrying about her, it backfires when they invite her girlfriend to her sister’s baby shower. With everything at risk of crashing down at work, she’s forced to face the fact that she’s thrown her whole life away for nothing more than a title.

Kayla Spencer lives by a motto that matches the name of her candy store: Life is Sweet. But her faith in that mantra is put to the test when her candy store is heading towards insolvency, and when an ex-boyfriend from a life she thought she escaped shows up to try to bring her back.

Grabbing a customer you barely know to pretend to be your girlfriend just to get a pushy ex off your back is a half-baked plan, but Kayla has a lot of those. Besides, what are the odds that customer you barely know is actually a disillusioned millionaire who could also use a fake girlfriend? That would be an unbelievable coincidence that would obviously never happen.

Content warning for descriptions of domestic abuse and intimate partner violence, open-door sex scenes, and the most disastrous of bisexual disasters.





by Maggie Cummings

Ashleigh McAllister’s life is a total disaster. Her ex dumped her for a guy, and she can’t seem to stop bumping into them in their suddenly way too small Brooklyn neighborhood. At least Mother Nature is on her side. Summer is here and the forecast is all sun. Ashleigh needs a little excitement, and things get exponentially hotter when Kellan Dwyer walks into her life.

Fresh out of the army, Kellan is killing time apartment sitting before returning home to a scripted future in Colorado. Her itinerary consists solely of having a blast.

Ashleigh and Kellan decide friends with benefits is hot, and fun, and sexy as hell, but romance? Terrible idea.

With the New York City skyline as their backdrop, the summer heats up fast. They just have to keep their feelings in check before someone gets hurt. When opposites attract, can a summer of passion lead to a lifetime of love?



by C. Spencer

Love is never easy.

But once you add a complicated ex-wife and eight-year-old daughter, you’re playing with a new set of rules. Madisen’s just beginning to figure out those rules when she meets Rae in what becomes an all-consuming affair filled with late nights and exhausted euphoria. Rae is charming. Madisen is smitten. And life couldn’t feel more perfect.

At least, that is, until her ex-wife begins to have second thoughts.



by Carsen Taite

Attorney Abby Keane’s vacation is perfect, especially her steamy interlude with a beautiful stranger. But her newfound zen crumbles when her biggest client, a chain of bridal stores, leaves hundreds of brides without dresses. As if reentry isn’t bad enough, a new wedding blogger is doing her best to stoke the anger of the already unhappy brides, and has chosen Abby as the villain.

Roxanne Daly’s blog has finally hit the sweet spot, and her popularity is soaring. With a regular TV spot on the line, she’ll do whatever it takes to impress the network producers. Running point for a horde of angry brides against a hotshot lawyer seems like the perfect plan until her crusade collides with Abby, the woman she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about since she left her in a tropical paradise.

Legal Affairs: one law firm, three best friends, three chances to fall in love.



by KC Richardson

Lisa Tobias dreams of coaching women’s basketball at a major university and possibly advancing to the pros. She’ll never get there if she stays where she is, coaching for a small-town college. She wants to move on and move up, so a relationship is the last thing on her mind.

English professor Celeste Bouchard is exactly where she wants to be teaching at Glassell University. Popular and on a first-name basis with her students, Celeste loves her job. She doesn’t love the gossip and rumors that followed her disastrous romance with a fellow professor, but she’s never getting involved with a coworker again.

When Lisa’s star player has trouble in Celeste’s class, they have to work together to find a solution. The attraction is off the charts, but Lisa and Celeste are determined to block another shot at love.



by Leigh Hays

Rebekiah Kearns’s passion is photography—erotic images of sex, love, and the boundaries between them. Still wounded by the death of her best friend, she’s locked her heart away and forges her only meaningful connections through the lens of her camera.

Lindsey Blackwell never stops. Her work as a wealth management consultant takes her all over the world, and she just doesn’t have time to make a relationship work. Women always end up asking for more than she can give.

When Rebekiah receives a huge inheritance, all she wants to do is get rid of it, but Lindsey has other ideas. Their professional relationship quickly turns personal when Lindsey agrees to pose for Rebekiah. With every click of the shutter, Rebekiah finds it harder and harder to keep Lindsey in focus without getting too close.



by Alyssa Linn Palmer

Kitty Kerr is a high-flying lawyer when her career plans are derailed by the luscious blackberries from Lucy Shen’s Country Mouse Farms. Kitty can’t get enough of the fruit, or of Lucy. Suddenly, she’s wanting things she never dared to want—Lucy, and the life on the farm. But how will being an artisan cook/farmer fit with her legal ambitions and city habits?

Between her beautiful farm and her sculpture, Lucy’s life is set. Falling for a big city lawyer is not part of the plan. Even as Kitty helps make her dreams of spotlighting her farm’s produce in restaurants a reality, Lucy’s terrified that she and the farm aren’t enough to keep Kitty interested in love and the simpler things in life.

Pulled in two different directions, will the city kitty and country mouse be able to make it work?




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 20

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade goes to a campy cabaret show with her girlfriend, she’s amazed at how realistic the female impersonators look. But there’s one performer who catches her eye. Beautiful, super-feminine and talented, Jade is quickly smitten with the T-girl.

When she bumps into her a few days later at the supermarket and tells her how much she enjoyed the show, the girl invites her on a coffee date. They quickly become attracted to one another, and before long they’re headed back to Jade’s place in a fit of passion.

But as they begin to make out, Jade is surprised and delighted to discover the girl is a true hermaphrodite. Equipped with both male and female anatomy, Jade soon learns that having twice the equipment leads to twice the pleasure…




After Dark Series: Book 3

by Jackie D

Dylan Prey is willing to risk her life and her cover to help Homeland Security and the CIA bring wanted terrorist Carol O’Brien to justice. Deep undercover inside the Russian mafia, Dylan does whatever it takes to secure her place in the mafia’s upper ranks. Finding love amidst the lies, manipulation, and violence isn’t easy.

NSA cyberstalker Emma Quinn has just joined the team responsible for taking down O’Brien’s top lieutenants, but they’ll need every ounce of her genius to find and capture O’Brien herself. Emma is shy, awkward, and brilliant. Dylan is fierce, charismatic, and unyielding. Their dynamic is exactly what the team needs to complete the mission, but it spells disaster for the attraction that simmers between them.

The race is on to bring Carol O’Brien to justice before more lives are lost. Friendships will be tested, relationships strained, and one of the team may pay the ultimate price.


Jems & Jamz: Book 5

by Nicole Higginbotham-Houge

When Spike takes over the band’s public relations, she is suddenly knee-deep in fan mail, and much to Jemma’s dismay, she spends most of her time on her new position. However, when threatening e-mails begin to come in from Fangirl38, Spike finds herself at odds, and before she knows it, the whole band is caught up in a mixture of suspense and terror.




The Seven Realms of Ar’rothi: Book 4

by Alison Naomi Holt

Verigo Liris Estia, former Estian princess, walks the halls in the palace of the most violent and depraved queen in all of Ar’rothi.

Her adopted country, Anacafria, searches for one of its most beloved and critical assets–stolen and spirited away without a trace. One whose absence, if discovered by the wrong people, will bring about a violent and bloody civil war. While King Leopold sends his Black Watch to search every kingdom, commonwealth and archipelago, Liris and Daínon play a dangerous game of cat and mouse in the blood-soaked courts of Organdy’s Queen Desdamea.





by Natalie Brunwick

Available in Kindle Unlimited

On the heels of a nasty breakup, the last thing Alex needs is another roommate, especially the two-legged variety. However, when a stray shows up at the shelter and is in need of a home, Alex can’t help taking her in.

Sadie’s pretty sure that isn’t her name. In fact, she doesn’t think she’s a dog at all. But with no memory or voice to call her own, the only thing she can do is sit and listen to the woman who’s kindly taken her in.

It isn’t until she sees a photo of Alex standing with another woman when all of her memories come rushing back.

The other woman in that photo is her.



by Nicole Stiling

One seemingly ordinary evening, Angeline Vallencourt is ripped from life as she knows it and thrust into a world she doesn’t understand. As a newly turned vampire, the only one she can turn to for help is the vampire who becomes her worst nightmare.

Megan Denham is in the wrong place at the wrong time. After ending up the victim of a robbery-gone-wrong, her life is turned upside down by the strange and beautiful Angeline. If Angeline is telling the truth about who she is, then everything Megan believes about the world is a lie. If Angeline is lying, then she will have to walk away from the first person to set her heart on fire.

When suspicious deaths begin to occur in their small town of Fog Hollow, Angeline and Megan find themselves as unlikely allies, with an even more unlikely attraction.



Check out the I Heart Lesfic Valentine’s Week Sale. The deals end this Friday, February 14th.





by Kiki Archer
narrated by Claire Storey

Real life doesn’t play out like a movie. Electric connections mostly mean you’ve got static in your jumper. Camila Moore knows that; she’s not daft. She has two teenage boys and bills to pay, plus the only man she’s ever been with has traded her in for a gym bunny.

Returning to work’s the answer, but when she finds herself in the wrong room and wrong place at the wrong time, the last thing she expects is to be promoted out of obscurity into the arms of Harriet Imogen Pearson, media darling, hotshot entrepreneur, and notorious lesbian playgirl.

Camila can’t believe it. She’s an ordinary woman, nothing special – in her view – so what’s Harriet’s motivation? What’s her end game?

Are Camila’s feelings just infatuation, or is it real life love?



by Marian Snowe & Ruby Grandin
narrated by Regine Riviere

Lynn Evans needs to break away. Her girlfriend Marie wants to plan Lynn’s entire life down to the last detail. Lynn can’t stand the idea of letting Marie down, but things just keep getting worse. In the hopes of rekindling their passion, she invites Marie on a romantic vacation at an inn on the picturesque Maine coast.

But at the last minute, Marie bails on her, and Lynn is left all alone…except for the innkeeper Dana, a charmingly awkward and surprisingly romantic woman who listens and appreciates every word Lynn says.

When a severe storm traps the two women together at the inn, an immediate and undeniable spark flames to life between them. As Lynn’s relationship with her girlfriend crumbles, she and Dana grow closer, and soon, neither of them can deny their feelings.

But Dana has sworn off falling in love, and soon, the very reason for that shows up in her life again and threatens everything she and Lynn have. Can Lynn and Dana throw off the shackles of the past and stay for good?

This heartfelt, passionate romance by wife-and-wife team Marian Snowe and Ruby Grandin tells a story of love, longing, perseverance, and how finding your soulmate can help you stay true to yourself.







Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Check out Jackie D’s story about Singapore Slings. Also, Jackie is giving away 1 ecopy of Elimination.

Also, CD Cain provided some giggles with her I Still Have the Scars guest post and she’s giving away 1 ecopy of After the Storm.

And, Michelle Arnold shares about her lovable cat and a sleepless night.

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.



WLW & lesbian slow-burn romance novels (F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge #4)





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