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by Suzie Carr

Available in Kindle Unlimited

On a fateful spring afternoon, two strangers meet at a musical event and a spark of an idea brings them both the opportunity to right some wrongs. Meet Harper Ray, an undiscovered musician who’s willing to dig weeds, clean houses, and give guitar lessons to stay afloat. A childhood tragedy has kept her blocked and has limited her ability to see and live her potential. Ivy Homestead is a green witch and life coach. Her life purpose has always been to help people live their best lives. But after hurting her best friend over a year ago, Ivy has struggled with feelings of inadequacy. What they both discover will test their strength and have them questioning what they’re willing to risk to find their way back home within themselves and each other.


Two Hearts Trilogy: Book 2

by Harper Bliss

After finding their way to each other in Two Hearts Alone, Zoe and Anna must now navigate the waves of a budding relationship, and the scrutiny that comes with living in a small town.

Will Zoe be be able to make the compromises needed to be with Anna?

Or will Anna’s anxieties get the better of her and doom the relationship before it even has time to flourish?

Find out in part two of this brand new novella trilogy by lesbian romance best-seller Harper Bliss.

Please note that this is the second part of a three-part story. You need to have read part one, Two Hearts Alone, to enjoy this book. The third novella, Two Hearts Forever, will be out on 7 April 2020.



by Susan X Meagher

Who are you? Is the real you a moving target or is there an essence that remains unchanged?

Avery Nichols is certain that she is a better, more evolved person than she was when she left home for college. But not everyone has watched her mature. When she returns to her childhood home, the one person she most wants to get close to is also the one whose impression of her remains fixed in the past.

Casey Van Dyke wants to think the best of Avery, but old hurts have a way of calcifying when they’re not explored. They both want to be closer, they both long for connection, but their images of who they are now and who they were then keep getting in the way. To get past their stumbling blocks, they have to open their hearts, something neither of them has excelled at. They’re both motivated, but is that enough?



by Evelyn Dar

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Pretty. Popular. Perfect.

Avery Bradley has it all. The captain of the cheerleading squad, Instagram Influencer, and soon-to-be Harvard student lives a life most teenage girls would envy.

A loyal friend. A dutiful daughter. A doting girlfriend.
But there’s more to Avery than meets the eye.

Because Avery has a secret…

And if you knew what Avery knew, you wouldn’t want to be her.

And if you were there when the curtain fell, you wouldn’t think she was so lucky.

Because some lies are just lies…but other lies are




by KJ

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sophia Lindstrom plays football for South Melbourne. She’s tall, focused, intense, and has some major trust issues, which she’s currently ignoring. Sophia just wants her life to stay exactly the same, which means playing AFL, running the boutique fine foods and wine store with her brother, and volunteering at the homeless shelter. The same.Cameron Weathers is smart, sassy, also has some major trust issues, and knows she is a great reporter if only she was given the chance to shine. Her sexist editor assigns her the job of shadowing some of the players from this season’s women’s Australian Rules Football League so she can write fluffy stories for the lifestyle page. Not exactly hard-hitting journalism. When Cam and Sophia meet, there’s instant chemistry, which is immediately put on hold when their everyday lives are shattered by misogyny, media manipulation, and tragedy. Cam, Sophia, and the other players discover that football games are not the only contests they need to win. Now they’re fighting for the entire league, their professional status, and even their lives. Sophia and Cam attempt to expose the sinister activities, come to terms with their mutual attraction, and eventually discover that kicking back at those who seek to destroy can open the door to love.


Taylor and Kaitlyn: Book 2

by Leslye Marks

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life has taken some major turns for Taylor Ables and Kaitlyn Collins. With the help of family and friends, they navigate the new changes and challenges. Laugh and cry and witness how a family can be built entirely based on love!



by Roz James

Available in Kindle Unlimited

With familial responsibilities now behind her, Natalie Ross is finally free to concentrate on her career as an English Professor; and focus on her own life with her wife Louise. Now 37, she has never forgotten her first love and has protected her heart.

Louise, 9 years her junior and a teacher and housemistress at her Uncle’s boarding school for girls, hasn’t given up hope of extending her own family; but as Natalie would have to carry their child, time is fast running out.

Kara Daniels, also 37, had planned a life with Natalie, her soulmate. She’d wanted forever. Cast aside at 22 with no explanation, confused, her dreams dashed; she travelled, taught and played the field, before marrying Vivien, now her partner of 13 years. A full-time author of lesbian fiction, she can be flexible where she lives and works, ensuring Vivien can follow her dreams.

At 35 Vivien is also at a turning point in her life. Relocating to Dundee, to pursue her ideal job. has occupied her and Kara’s life for the last 18 months. Now settled the cracks in their relationship have widened to a gaping chasm, one which neither appear motivated to breach.

When Vivien becomes Louise’s boss, and Louise’s wife turns out to be her wife’s soulmate, mutual attractions overwhelm. Everything that seemed stable is suddenly unclear. What follows is turmoil, difficult decisions, and the need for self-analysis and honesty as they move forward. What are the chances everyone will be happy with the outcome?

When you’ve married the carbon copy, what happens when the original reappears?



by Sarah Markel

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life as a newlywed is wonderful. Everything is exciting and new, and finding your rhythm is part of the fun. For Aspen and Lorelei Blaise, however, finding that rhythm might be easier said than done.

Lorelei is a twenty-something firefighter who puts everything she is into the service of her community. Far older than her years due to her upbringing, Lorelei sees the world much differently than most people her age.

Aspen is an eighteen-year-old cheerleader who is just entering the final year of her high school career. A volunteer firefighter since her eighteenth birthday, Aspen is eager and excited to have her wife at her side as she journeys into adulthood.

But that journey is about to become treacherous. Juggling high school, cheerleading, marriage, and firefighting aren’t easy for Aspen, and when her grades begin to suffer, things start to get tense. She learns the hard way that adulthood and married life aren’t as easy as she expected. Just as things are starting to look up for the determined young woman, Lorelei is summoned to assist with a wildfire in California and life takes a heartbreaking turn. Will Lorelei be able to keep the promise she made to watch her young wife graduate high school? Or will fate succeed in extinguishing Aspen’s Blaise?



by Bet Milner

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Danni Rose is an unknown singer songwriter with a dream and a secret obsession. Her band is a joke, her partner stifles her free-spirited nature and her desires are becoming harder to contain. At least her best friend, Reese, has everything figured out though, right?

Julia Jones is a high profile actress, star of the science fiction movie trilogy, Recoil, and has a massive social media following. She lives the dream that most can only imagine but is that an accurate picture on the cover of those magazines? Looks can be deceiving.

Obsessions can lead to new discoveries, unconsidered opportunities and a life better than fiction.

A look at the world of fandoms, ships that never sailed and the real world impact they might just have on the stars of such stories!

Romance, humor, sex, music and the red carpet.



by Jen Silver

When Peri Sanderson achieves her dream of moving from London to a cottage in the English countryside, she expects her domestic bliss will be complete when her wife, Karla, leaves her London job to join her. Peri sees their future together as growing vegetables, tending some chickens, and chatting with the locals by a roaring log fire in a quaint village pub. Sexy urbanite, Karla, has other ideas and they don’t include a move to the countryside. Secrets are everywhere. Peri quickly senses something not quite right among her rural neighbours, and Karla is not quite the worldly wise woman-about-town that she thinks she is. Temptation, betrayal and intrigue combine to change the lives of both women beyond anything they could have imagined.



by Annette Mori

Joey Hartford is a fourth-year medical student who often jokes about her jealous mistress—medical school. She insists she doesn’t have time for a relationship given the disastrous consequence of a diversion from her studies, but the new tenant in her apartment building is proving too tempting to ignore.

Sabrina is also in her final year of her doctoral program. Her focus is on completing her dissertation for a topic she has long lost her passion for. Meeting Joey is dangerous for so many reasons. She should know, because mental health is her specialty?

Add to the mix a suicidal ex-girlfriend who suddenly reappears in Sabrina’s life along with Joey’s jealous ‘friend-with-benefits’, and things can’t help but get complicated quickly.





by Candace Harper

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Two women. One bed. And a Mrs. Mix-Up that doesn’t quite go by the books. Can they make it through five days of professional development with both their hearts and their jobs intact?





by Madeleine Taylor

Available in Kindle Unlimited

I’m Valerie, a recently divorced CFO from LA. After discovering lesbian erotica, I joined an online book club and have been indulging in steamy novels ever since.

A new chapter in my life starts when Syd, a fellow member I’ve been sharing a sexy online exchange with, invites me to her house in Quebec.

It seems excessive to get on a flight for someone I don’t know, but my curiosity wins over my deeply grounded sensibilities, and soon I find myself tangled in a web of discovery and raging desire.


Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 21

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

While trolling through the classified listings of her city’s underground newspaper, Jade comes across an interesting ad. A local theater catering to the LGBT crowd is hosting a ladies-only casting call every Friday night where performers are encouraged to disrobe and perform an erotic dance in front of a crowd of strangers.

Intrigued, Jade buys a ticket to this week’s performance and is shocked what she discovers when she arrives at the theater. Instead of a typical strip-club setup, the stage is decorated with a single Victorian bed highlighted under a bright spotlight.

When the first nude performer walks shyly onto the stage, at first she pulls the sheets high up over her chest while she pretends to touch herself. But as the crowd continues to encourage her, she becomes progressively more brazen until she’s writhing on the bed completely naked in the throes of a convincing climax.

Excited to try it for herself, Jade decides to audition at the following week’s show. While waiting in the wings for her turn to perform, she meets a sexy brunette who shares some performance tips and ideas. As Jade gets increasingly aroused beginning to perform for the audience, her new friend decides to join her on stage where they give the crowd the most erotic show of their lives…





by Monique S

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Magna is almost desperate, a disastrous legal dispute with his ex-partners has left him more or less broke, unemployed and unable to find work.

The offer from London to interview for the position of technical director seems like a god-sent. He quickly contacts his long term friend Sandra for a place to sleep and spends most of his last money on the plane ticket to Heathrow.

Sandra is overjoyed to see him again and appalled at the story of the betrayal by his former partners, of whom he had thought of as friends. Magna on the other hand learns that Sandra has found out that she is definitely bi if not lesbian and now is in a relationship with a lesbian partner, May, who has a rather unusual profession, she is a wardrobe mistress.

The two women joke about him having a make-over by May and then going out as three girls, but none of them knows yet, how much May’s experience will be needed very soon, as the job interview reveals, that What Else Productions looks for a high class female lighting technician as technical director for an all female musical production.

Well and truly in need of a break and money Magna decides to copy a page from Sandra’s book and to do something rather crazy, he offers to work the length of the contract pretending to be a woman …




The Chronicles of Dorsa: Book 2

by Eliza Andrews

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A war is brewing in the Empire.

Not the War in the East — that is a war everyone already knows about, the war that some wanted to end so badly that they murdered an Emperor to stop it. No, this is a different war. A war between the Shadowlands and the mortal world, a war between light and darkness. A war the Brotherhood of Culo has warned about for generations. But no one wanted to listen.

And as war brews, an Empress in exile struggles to regain her crown, and the warrior sworn to protect that Empress fights to make it back to her. Yet the warrior faces an enemy which even she, the Empire’s greatest living sword master, may not be able to defeat: The warrior battles time itself.

And time is running out for the soldiers of the House of Dorsa.

The shadows are coming. Can you hear them?





by Erik Schubach

The fallout from Evangeline’s rescue of Felicia in the Under-Veil and the plans of the mysterious puppet master who has been manipulating events on both sides of the veil, comes to a head.

Rumblings on both sides of Evie’s gateway point to the Dragons being on the move as the Crimson Court declare all out war against the Willow Court and the mortal realm.

A last ditch effort to stop the dragons ends with Sharee unconscious as Kane tries to stop the Dragons.

No matter how things turn out, the world will never be the same.

Follow Evangeline in the series finale of The Bridge, as she trolls the Roebling Bridge in Cincinnati.




The Voltana Adventures: Book 1

by C. M. Blackwood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Blake Turner is the twenty-eight-year-old CEO of Biotech Industries, a pioneering force in the world’s prosthetics market. She’s a savvy businesswoman and a brilliant scientist.

But even high-powered CEOs have secrets. Well, actually – they probably have more secrets than most people. Still, the vast majority of them most likely aren’t superheroes.

Blake Turner is a superhero. Shadow City has dubbed her Voltana, the masked crusader with lightning in her hands and laser beams in her eyes.

Blake has been fighting crime on the streets of Shadow City for three years now, but one night when she rescues a young gang member named Andrea (“Andi”) De Luca from a vampire attack, everything changes. Sordid characters in the city’s underbelly make their appearance — and an intricate plot Blake could never have imagined, devised by an evil vampire, comes to light.

When Andi is caught in a web of darkness that threatens to consume the entire city, can Blake come to her rescue once again?

Or will the shadows swallow them both?





by Emily L. Quint Freeman

In this vivid, no holds barred page turner Failure to Appear: Resistance, Identity and Loss is a memoir about a lesbian of conscience who became a fugitive, on the run for over nineteen years using several identities. A gripping story about finding your true self and your sexual truth during the turbulent late sixties through the late eighties, against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, the Nixon and Reagan years, the women’s and gay liberation movements, and the AIDS crisis.





by Karin Kallmaker
narrated by Abby Craden

Scholar and award-winning author Faith Fitzgerald has every reason to be happy: a wealthy, charming man who adores her and a family cheering her marriage prospects. But from the moment she meets Eric’s sister, Sydney Van Allen, she knows her safe, predictable feelings for him are a shadow of what could be.

Openly lesbian and running for senator, Sydney can only succeed if she can live down her wild past. That means no liaisons, especially with the achingly alluring woman on her brother’s arm who looks at her with confusion – and desire.



by Allie Keane
narrated by Lori Prince

Twenty-seven-year-old Erica is happy with her uncomplicated life: She works in her aunt’s floral shop, she bakes in her free time, and she cherishes her small group of friends. Sure, she’s single, but Erica’s fine with it. As far as she’s concerned, not everybody gets a great love.

Then one day she delivers flowers to her aunt’s newest client, Catherine, a forty-year-old bridal shop owner, and Erica finds herself drawn to her. While the attraction initially catches her off guard – she’s never desired a woman before-she soon realizes that her crush is the real deal.

And Erica isn’t the only one experiencing sparks. Catherine feels them, too. But between their age difference, the need to remain professional, and both of their past experiences with love, both women are hesitant to make a move. Soon, however, it becomes obvious that they need to stop holding back and let their love bloom.



by Rachel Spangler
narrated by Ann Etter

Will the heat building between a disgraced reporter and a rising curling star melt the already thin ice they each are on?

Max Lauren made a mistake that shattered her pride, heart, and career in one fell swoop. Relegated to covering the lowly game of curling – she already resents the so-called “sport” – she steps onto the ice, where things get infinitely worse. She’s been knocked down before, and she’s always gotten back up, but a frosty resolve goes only so far in a world of people who thrive on ice.

Callie Mulligan is the amiable skipper of America’s second place curling team. Upbeat, optimistic, and with a fiery passion for an icy sport, she has both the mental and physical skills to become Team USA’s top contender. What she doesn’t have is the fame or the funding. Coverage from a journalist of Max’s caliber could be the answer to both problems, if only Max wasn’t so cold to the idea. As Callie tries to warm her to the sport, a little bit of heat grows into a fire neither of them can contain.

Passion, competition, ambition, redemption, and raw need collide as the bright lights of success and celebrity grow hotter, but can the fire between Max and Callie be sustained when it’s put on ice?



by Marian Snowe
narrated by Sophie Daniels

Nan Kellers is running away from herself. She made a lot of bad decisions, and her most recent one was renting a sailboat with a storm on the horizon. On the brink of death, Nan gets rescued by a strong, gorgeous woman. Maybe, her luck is finally starting to change?

Cass Finnegan lives in a lighthouse with her young daughter Annalee, just trying to get by as a single mother while dodging the judgments of her neighbors. One day, a beautiful woman washes up on the beach. Annalee thinks she’s a mermaid, but Cass wonders if there isn’t something even more special about her.

An immediate, red-hot passion ignites between Nan and Cass, in spite of the secrets both of them are fighting to keep hidden. But for two scarred women, can love ever win?

Neither of them can hide from their pasts for long. When it all comes crashing down, Annalee is caught in the middle, and the result is far more dangerous than any of them feared.





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Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Check out In the Wild by Kim Hartfield for a cringe-worthy laugh. Kim is giving away 1 ecopy of Half a Heart.

Susan X Meagher provides chuckles with her The Wrath of Sister Stanislaus guest post. Susan is giving away 1 ecopy of Friday Night Flights.

And, Superstar by Nicole Pyland will put a smile on your face. Nicole is giving away 1 ecopy of No After You.

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