Bad Librarian by Cara Malone

I don’t know about you, but the world seems to be getting pretty (insert your favorite colorful word here) intense. While I like to stay informed, I also like to laugh to deal with stress. And, I need some chuckles these days.

Today, the wonderful Cara Malone is here to help us laugh with an embarrassing story. Also, Cara is giving away 1 ecopy of Good Vibes. Below the guest post, you’ll find more details about the giveaway.

Take it away, Cara.

Bad Librarian

Some of you may know that before I was a full-time author, I was a college librarian. I loved that job, but the one thing I didn’t expect when I took it was that a large part of my duties would be classroom visits to teach students how to research and use the library’s resources.

Now, typical writer-introvert that I am, I was not confident teaching these lessons at first. I could explain the databases one-on-one until I was blue in the face, but the idea of thirty sets of eyes all staring blankly at me while I stood at the front of the room… yikes! But it was part of my job, so I was determined to do it well.

I spent a few weeks shadowing the other librarians and getting familiar with the lessons, and I fumbled my way through my first few classroom visits. But then I started to get comfortable – I knew what I was talking about and the instructors were always welcoming when I came into their classrooms.

Sometimes, they were a little too welcoming.

One day, I looked at the library lecture schedule, gathered my materials, and confidently walked to the classroom. I knocked and the instructor seemed surprised to see me there so soon – I guess I was a few minutes early, but he set aside his materials and gave me the floor. I spent the next 30 minutes teaching a roomful of students about the nursing databases we had available, and they looked confused so I slowed down and explained more – it happens sometimes, but I was getting a little bit frustrated because they all seemed lost and yet no one was asking any questions.

It was not until the very end of my presentation, when I invited them to come down to the library for individual help since no one seemed to want to engage in the lesson, that a girl in the back of the room politely raised her hand and informed me that this was a business management class and none of the students in the room were in nursing school.


I turned to the instructor, wondering why he’d let me commandeer his class. He just shrugged and said, “You sounded like you were supposed to be here.”

Apparently, sometimes you can have too much confidence!



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  1. Leslye Marks says:

    At least you weren’t teaching sex education lessons! 🙂

  2. Erin Saluta says:

    This totally made me laugh! Thanks for sharing Cara. I think it was the instructor’s response that got me the most!

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