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Midnight in Manhattan: Book 1

by Rachel Lacey

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A frosty television host, a bubbly bar owner, and a litter of abandoned kittens. The recipe for ratings gold…or heartbreak?

Eve Marlow has her eyes on the prize: a third season of her popular business makeover show, Do Over. The last thing she needs is to find a litter of newborn kittens in a trash can, or to become involved—personally or professionally—with the bubbly kitten rescuer she contacts for help.

Josie Swanson had to put her kitten rescue on the back burner when she inherited her father’s bar two years ago, but despite her best efforts, Swanson’s is going under. She’s desperate to save it, and Eve could be the perfect person to help her, if only she can convince her to take a chance on her bar…and on Josie herself.



by Emma Nichols

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bound by the Mafia’s code of honour, loyalty and silence, Maria Lombardo has always dreamed of another life. But when her father dies, she must take over from him as head of the Lombardo clan, the most powerful member of the Sicilian Mafia, La Cosa Nostra.

On the other side of Palermo, the Amato family’s growing lust for power presents a dangerous problem. Maria is forced to take action that goes against every fibre of her being, or she will lose the respect of her clan. Falling for Simone complicates an already complex situation. As the two women’s attraction for each other deepens, secrets are revealed that threaten their future together.

Will Maria choose loyalty to the Cosa Nostra or will she risk it all for love?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Emma Nichols weaves a breath-taking story of love, loyalty and honour that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.



by Lyn Gardner

Brodie Shaw not only loves her life, she lives it to the fullest. A successful architect, she spends long hours turning her clients’ dreams into reality, but when Friday night comes along, Brodie’s focus shifts from work to play…because Brodie likes to play.

Out and proud, Brodie doesn’t lack in female companionship. As long as it lasts for only one night, Brodie is content to go about her life. She’s not interested in a relationship, and out of all the women who have come and gone from her life, not one has turned Brodie’s head for more than it took to bring her to climax, and then she meets Kate Monroe.

Kate Monroe is dedicated, diligent, and determined. A Detective Inspector on the outskirts of London, Kate is as disciplined in her job as she is in her life because Kate has a stubborn streak, and Kate has a plan. She’s plotted out her life like a roadmap, but upon meeting Brodie Shaw, another avenue appears. It’s tempting. It’s oh so tempting, yet a life set in stone is not easily crumbled, and Kate’s not one to give up without a fight.

Love happens out of nowhere. A glance, a touch, a scent, a word, and a life planned to the nth degree is altered in the blink of an eye. It’s a detour you tell yourself you don’t want to take. You can’t take it. You shouldn’t take it. You must not take it, and you do everything in your power to stay on the straight and narrow path you had planned…or do you?



by Lily Seabrooke

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Erin’s dreams didn’t pan out the way she’d had in mind. An unsatisfying job, a relationship gone south, she’s heading nowhere fast—until she sends one little text to an old best friend, estranged with time.

But bringing Aubrey back into her life changes everything for Erin, as the last things holding her relationship together fall apart. With nothing left to lose, what’s stopping her from leaving home, crossing the country and staying with Aubrey instead?

In the middle of struggles with her self-image, with health and with work trying to start a new life starting from scratch, she finds herself falling into something unfamiliar—she never thought she might be a lesbian, but before long, her best friend starts to feel like maybe more than a friend.

Good Composition is a 50k-word low-angst friends-to-lovers romance. Content warning for an emotionally abusive relationship, hospitalization, an eating disorder, open-door sex scenes and Britney—just Britney. Pick it up for a lighthearted, fluffy and easy read that feels like a shippy fanfiction or a teenage romantic daydream!




Catskill Crew Romance: Book 1

by Anna Cove

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Laura Munro is a disgraced soap opera star, forced to flee Hollywood for the small Catskill mountain town of Love Falls. When she meets the reserved 9-1-1 operator Dylan Munro, she’s intrigued. But she can’t risk the scandal of a new relationship.

Dylan Wilson knows the pain of loss all too well. After losing her wife three years earlier, she’s poured her soul into her work helping others. Laura is the first person she notices again… like that. But she can’t bring herself to take the risk.

They’ve both been through a long and lonely winter. Can they find love with one another to melt the ice around their hearts?


Women at Work: Book 1

by D. R. Coghlan

What do you do when you come face to face with the childhood crush you never got over?

Innocent young Harper is immediately smitten by her grungy, disaffected new neighbour. Three years older, Gwen is a troubled preteen when she moves in next door. After a terrible row at home, Gwen leaves in the middle of the night.

Eighteen years later they meet again amid unanswered questions, half-forgotten memories, and feelings that now seem childish. Get this beautiful story now to see what becomes of these girls when they meet again as women.


Rainbow Central: Book 1

by Arizona Tape

It only takes the right person to turn everything around.

An evil stepmother drives Quinn away from home and desperate for money, she ends up working in Rainbow Central, a bar on the verge of going bankrupt. The only saving grace? The beautiful owner and divorcée, Olivia White.

Despite their age difference, the two women work well together trying to breathe a new lease of life into the bar. But what about a new lease of love?

New Lease Of Love is a May-December lesbian romance in the workplace and was previously titled ‘Turning The Tables’.





by Kit Eyre

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lily McFarlane prefers the quiet life restoring retro furniture in her converted church, but everyone around her seems to have different ideas. When her favourite haunt is targeted in a vicious attack and a new client turns out to be more trouble than they’re worth, Lily finds her solitary existence under threat. And that’s before she even factors in the gorgeous stranger determined to make a friend of her.




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 24

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade notices a young hitchhiker at the side of the highway, she stops to see where she’s headed. She’s going all the way to California, but since it’s on the way to Jade’s business meeting, she decides to pick her up.

As they begin to share some of their mutual interests and experiences, Jade realizes they have a lot more in common than she thought. Before long, they’re wailing out country songs together on the radio and having the time of their lives.

When Jade needs to turn off the highway for her meeting, she invites the girl to have dinner with her and share her hotel room for the night. The two women are attracted to one another, but Jade is reluctant to take advantage of the much younger girl.

But when they head back out on the highway the following day, Brooke discovers an unusual item in Jade’s glove box. As the sexual tension quickly ramps up between the two travelers, Jade and Brooke soon fall into each other’s arms, not knowing when their journey will end…




Simmons Series: Book 3

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

When a mysterious woman named Emily Haines approaches Gertie and Edna Simmons, claiming that the stray cat that they have been taking care of is hers, the couple decides to give the woman back her feline companion, but afterwards, Edna begins to suspect that Emily isn’t the woman that they originally thought that she was. In an attempt to find out the true identity of the new resident of Sanders, Edna and Gertie go undercover and find out that this woman might not only be a catnapper but a murderer. As the couple attempts to collect enough evidence to turn Emily in, one question remains. Will they be able to get the information that they need without losing their lives?




The Alpha God: Book 3

by Lexa Luthor

Charlie, agreeing to spend the next six months on Kander, hopes to find a few moments of peace. The moment she arrives back on the planet, however, she finds her Alpha in a rut, a bounty on her head, and Earth’s arch enemy, the Sworne, barreling toward them.

Kal, in a desperate move to save her planet, hires Charlie for another mission, in hopes she can learn more about the Sworne and banish the bounty on her lover’s head. But when her Alpha rut takes over, will she be able to keep Charlie at a distance, or will she bind her lover to her forever and risk another civil war?

The book has a female lead character with a penis.




An Ever the Hero Novella

by Darby Harn

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When superheroes abandon a city, the wolves move in.

Kit Baldwin defeated Great Power, the superhero corporation that kept Break Pointe on its knees. For her trouble, she’s won a broken city suffering its worst winter in years. Kit investigates the body of a strange, giant wolf found among the ruins and realizes a pack of Empowered wolves is encroaching on Break Pointe. They want justice. She wants the truth. As she tries to find out who killed the wolf, Kit is drawn into a complex mystery that tests her power, her integrity, and the fragile peace she fights for.

BLOODBACK continues the adventures of Kit Baldwin of EVER THE HERO, a young woman with alien power and human faults.





by Erin Wade

Katie Brandt was like no woman Shay had ever met. She was brilliant, funny, gorgeous, exciting, sexy as hell and she made Shay’s blood boil. She made Shay feel things she’d never felt before.

Katie’s estranged husband described her as, “Not your run-of-the-mill genius, but universe-bending genius. Her mind works in mysterious ways. Ways we can’t fathom or comprehend. Ways that are sometimes violent and dangerous—sometimes self-destructive. She borders on insanity.”

Katie Brandt was beautiful, determined and brilliant. She held a doctoral degree in electrical engineering and in computer science from MIT.

Shay often felt like she was spending time with two different women. Was David right? Did Katie play skip rope with that thin line between genius and madness?





by Sheena Howard

Available in Kindle Unlimited

There’s no such thing as perfect love.

Nina Chandler knows this to be true. Even so, love is the one thing missing from her almost perfect life. With a medical degree and new house, she’s worked hard to twist and tug her dreams into reality. But with her twenties almost over, it sometimes feels like she slept through the party and woke up to find everyone gone.

When a young woman cannonballs into Nina’s world, she’s a big, bold example of everything Nina isn’t. Page, with her edgy personality and free spirit is…perfect. Nina struggles to understand why someone so effervescent would be drawn into her small, suburban life, but her insecurity fades before the glory of Page’s adulation.

Of course, there’s no such thing as perfect love.

Nina tells herself that, when small red flags rise and fall. A moment of pure, selfish recklessness. A sharp word, a bone-cold look. But if there’s one thing Nina has always been good at, it’s hushing the voices of doubt that get between her and her ambitions—until those dreams start to spin out of control, and become a nightmare she can’t wake up from.




The Remember Me Series: Book 2

by A.E. Radley
narrated by Emily Beresford

Former personal assistant Holly Carter is settling into her new life as a mother, a journalist, and partner of magazine editor – and former boss – Victoria Hastings. The arrival of an anonymous email threatens to split the happy couple up.

They have to work together, but will they be able to overcome both Holly’s amnesia and Victoria’s reserved demeanor to find the perpetrator?



by Chris Zett
narrated by Lori Prince

An enemies-to-lovers lesbian romance about daring to open your heart.

Dr. Jess Riley’s life is perfect, ticking all the boxes – successful cardiologist, newborn daughter, and a luxurious condo. That is, until she suddenly collapses from acute heart failure. Her entire world crumples along with her exhausted body.

Jess is forced to face facts – she can’t keep working endless hours, and she’ll have to move back home to recover.

To her shock, her mother has already taken in Lena Walker, a struggling artist who isn’t a stranger to heartbreak either.

At first, an unimpressed Jess resents Lena’s cheerful presence. Gradually, though, the two women form a tentative friendship over tai chi, picking fruit, and evening walks with the baby. A sexy massage leads to friends-with-benefits fun. But is it all too soon? Should two barely mended souls try to risk a future together?



by Melissa Tereze
narrated by Emma Griffiths

A second chance, age gap winter romance that will have you cheering them on, crying for them…while a whole lot of love settles in your heart.

Paisley Healy was never supposed to fall in love with her boss. Her superior. The woman she looked up to. Working at the best law firm in the city was supposed to be cut and dry. The night she confessed her love to the woman she was falling for should have been magical, so why was she alone three years on, unanswered questions continuously plaguing her mind?

Georgina Weaver’s dream had always centered around her business. Love wasn’t everything to her – she wasn’t sure it could compete with the demands of her job – but her assistant had quickly blown that out of the water. With the words “I love you” spoken with such beauty and honesty, Georgina was prepared to give her entire universe to Paisley.

One night would change everything. One moment would crush their dream.

When Georgina walks back through the doors of Weaver and Associates – interrupting the annual Christmas party and Paisley’s life – both of them must make choices. While Georgina learns of some powerful news, Paisley believes their past is better left buried.



by Jenny Frame
narrated by Keira Grace

A royal romance story.

Clementine Fitzroy, Duchess of Rosebrook, doesn’t trust dreamers. After her grandmother and famous social reformer blew the family fortune on her dream of creating a new kind of community, the family land was sold off and their coffers drained. Clementine grew up watching her mother struggle and, now, lives in the small gatehouse behind her former family home.

Evan Fox has a dream that could change the world and save the planet. As CEO of her family toy company, she creates fuel for the imagination. When the Rosebrook estate comes up for sale, Evan jumps at the chance to make her vision of a utopian eco-community come to life.

Clementine is wary of the good-looking newcomer, but Evan is determined to win over the beautiful duchess and prove that, sometimes, dreams really do come true.


Girls of Summer: Book 3

by Kate Christie
narrated by Britney Gil

Training Ground, book one of the Girls of Summer series, introduced Emma Blakeley and Jamie Maxwell, two young athletes with seemingly bright soccer futures. In book two, Game Time, those futures caught up to them – and brought them back together. Now, in Outside the Lines, Jamie and Emma are forced to come to terms with their relationship as each dedicates herself to a lifelong dream: Making the 2015 World Cup roster for the US Women’s National Team, the top-ranked squad in the world.

Back in the US for the first time in several years, Jamie has decided to focus on figuring things out with Emma and trying to stay healthy for her new NWSL club team, the Portland Thorns. Emma, meanwhile, a Seattle Reign mainstay, is trying to navigate conflicting commitments, both personally and professionally. But finding balance while living apart and playing for club and country presents challenges that neither woman anticipated.

Join Jamie and Emma for the latest installment in the ongoing story of their lives, loves, and would-be world championships in Outside the Lines, book three of the best-selling Girls of Summer series.







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