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by Kim Hartfield

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When up-and-coming journalist Hayley is asked to interview Maya Ross, she’s excited to show the world a new side of the president’s daughter. But when Maya refuses to open up about anything more than the charity she runs, Hayley becomes determined to unearth her secrets. Once she finds out the powerful older woman takes part in the shadowy underworld of lesbian BDSM, she’s dying to write an article. Maya agrees to show her around – on the condition that Hayley submit to her. Despite Hayley’s inexperience, she finds herself unexpectedly intrigued. Could the First Daughter be Hayley’s first kiss, first domme, first everything?



by Lisa Elliot

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Yoga teacher Angela Forbes has fulfilled her dream of opening her very own studio, Heart Yoga, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, Scotland. Passionate and principled, she believes in yoga and wants to make a difference. For unemployed Emily Mackenzie, life isn’t going the way she had planned. Stressed and struggling, she might just be at her rock bottom. When Emily joins Heart Yoga she finds a lot more than just a good stretch. An unexpected kiss forces Angela to question everything she holds dear, and as Emily gets back on her feet is it wise for her to risk getting involved with someone who’s not looking for love?



by Layce Gardner & Saxon Bennett

Joy and Carol are complete opposites in almost everything. They couldn’t be more opposite if Neil Simon had written their life stories. The only thing they have in common is the apartment they rented together. It didn’t take them long to realize that the old saying was true: Opposites attract. But is this a rebound type of attraction or is it the real thing?




by Erin Wade

Put into the witness protection program medical doctor Haven Langley is hidden in a veterinarian clinic In Sugar Land, TX. On her way home one night she saves a small Yorkie from a pack of vicious dogs. She pets and soothes the trembling little guy, and both fall asleep in her bed. Haven is surprised to be awakened the next morning by a small boy pulling the covers off her asking to be fed. She searches every room in her house but can’t find the Yorkie. Things heat up when hired killer Nova Norton appears on the scene to collect the bounty placed on Haven’s head by a New York crime boss. Can Federal Marshall Genesis Adams keep her witness alive long enough to put criminals behind bars? For suspense, laughter and romance check out Bestselling Author Erin Wade’s new lesbian short story designed to entertain you.



by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A sizzling hot Age Gap Medical Romance from Emily Hayes.

Dr Katherine Ross is a world class heart surgeon. She holds life and death in her hands on a daily basis. Her own heart is fiercely guarded.

She finds an intense forbidden passion with the mysterious Sophia.

Can she find a way to let Sophia in, to heal her own broken heart?



Edited by Astrid Ohletz & Alex K. Thorne

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What if the story didn’t have to end? We give you the after happily-ever-after for eleven lesbian romances.

Nine best-selling authors have come together to imagine what happened after the happily-ever-after in some of Ylva’s most popular lesbian books.

Discover the irresistible magic of the morning after, or the month after, or even years later. What happens when it’s not just about discovering new love, but letting love settle a little? What are these passionate lovers, fighters, executives, and explorers up to now?

These charming, funny, and entertaining short stories can each be read as standalone pieces to whisk you into new and different worlds…or immerse you in universes you already know and love, and can’t wait to revisit.



by Samantha Hicks

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Devon Price meets Ellie Thompson, Devon is in a battle with her mental health. Having lost her husband and son to a home invasion three years ago, she seeks out help from a therapist. She literally runs into Ellie, knocking her over, after charging out of her first appointment, and vows never to return.

One look into Devon’s haunted eyes sparks Ellie’s empathic nature, she will stop at nothing to make sure Devon is okay. A chance meeting at the local park leads to a friendship that soon finds Ellie falling in love. She tries to hide these feelings from her new friend, not wanting to fracture Devon any more than she already is, but unbeknownst to her, Devon feels the same way.

As Devon fights her inner demons, things become complicated with Ellie. She’s not ready to face her true feelings, so backs away from her. Situations arrive that pull them together, but will Devon take the leap and find the courage to love again after the heartbreak of losing her family? And is Ellie capable of rising to the challenge of loving someone who suffers greatly with PTSD and depression?

This is a love story about two women finding the strength and courage to follow their hearts and letting go of the past. Add in to the mix a dachshund puppy and Ellie’s seven-year-old-niece, and you’re left with a heart-breaking tale of loss and healing.



by Bette Hawkins

Welcome to the world of elite swimming with all its competitiveness and comradery—and sometimes much, much more.

It’s here that American swimming star Angie Thompson and Australian prodigy Hannah Clark—both the youngest on their respective teams—form a fast friendship that grows into something much deeper. As they train for the Olympics, the long-distance sweethearts exchange loving letters and lengthy phone calls—until Angie suddenly and unexpectedly severs their relationship, leaving Hannah confused and devastated.

Years later, as Hannah trains for a comeback at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, she is stunned to learn that Angie has been hired by the Australian coaching team. Although Hannah is still crushed by what happened all those years ago, the two athletes slowly form a tentative bond and get to know each other again—this time as adults.

Soon neither can ignore the intense attraction they still feel, now propelled to a higher level by a steamy kiss in a hotel swimming pool. Is it possible for them to win each other’s love…or are they just treading water?



by Natalie Brunwick

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Valarie’s been playing Auroradon for over a year, but she wouldn’t have survived half as long without her good friend and designated healer, Haley. Haley is smart, caring, and does an adorable thing with her nose whenever she’s super focused on a fight, but Valarie swears she only appreciates those things because of how close they are.

From online acquaintances to best friends, their relationship changes once more when Haley spends a long weekend with Val so they can attend the game’s yearly convention together. As the line between fiction and reality begins to blur, there’s only so much Valarie can do to keep her heart from getting in the way of their amazing friendship.

The thought of pushing Haley away is almost too much to stand, but when Haley confesses she has feelings of her own, her admission sends Val right over the edge.

With Val’s overwhelming anxiety and hundreds of miles between them, can they find a way to make their new relationship work? Or will the distance be too much for Valarie to handle?

A Game of Hearts is a sweet lesbian romance featuring a self-proclaimed introvert, her perky friend, and the world of gaming that brings them closer together.





by Emma Sterner-Radley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

American Aubrey DeValle is currently working as a nurse in London. Once a vibrant and confident world traveller, she is now lonely and both physically and mentally in recovery. Her whole life has been turned upside down and she’s not sure if the controversial decisions she made were the right ones.

Swedish Elina Lindvall is brooding in her small town and about to be whisked away by her best friends to a summer cabin in the south of Sweden, where she knows they will pump her for information about her breakup and why she refuses to talk about what happened.

When we go back in time and find out what paths led each woman to their present, will we find solutions to their problems or merely more issues to overcome? Moreover, does the past hold the key to how they can both dare to love again? And if so, can love beat the greatest obstacle of all?




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 25

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade departs for a long overdue vacation, she leaves her house in the hands of her friend’s college-bound daughter. But it comes with a caveat. The house is equipped with a series of Wi-Fi cameras that will enable Jade to keep an eye on the precocious teenager while she’s away.

Even before Jade begins to board her plane, she catches Jenny swimming nude in the backyard pool. But when the girl moves to the adjoining hot tub and positions herself in front of an underwater jet, Jade has a hard time keeping her composure for the rest of the flight.

When she reaches her final destination and checks back in, Jenny is preparing to go to bed when she discovers Jade’s secret collection of toys in the nightstand. As things quickly begin to heat up, Jade soon loses interest in exploring the various attractions of her luxury resort.

But it’s not until Jenny invites a girlfriend over for a sleepover that things really begin to get interesting. Unable to hold back her rising passion, Jade decides to fly home a day early to surprise the sexy girl with a new proposal…





Sellswords & Spellweavers: Book 2

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A rash of grave robberies. A cursed barrow. A case that will test the balance between magic and law.

When bodies go missing, the Academy of Arcane Arts assigns the case to Apprentice Mage Idun Wintermoon. With the jarl’s liaison for all things magical, Lissette Forlatt, and her best friend, the giant Njal, they try to track the thief.

But the closer they get to answers, the further away from truth they find themselves. When a series of strange visions brings Lissette to the ruins of the long abandoned goblin kingdom, they descend into a dark and terrible world of magic and secrets.

They’re in a race against time as they try to stop the Necromancer. But to get to her, they have to tread where the dead sleep – or worse, don’t.

And if they’re not careful, they’ll end up forgotten denizens of the undead themselves.





by Poppy Woods

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Taryn of Vanir has spent her entire life fearing the dragons that rule the mountain ranges bordering her father’s kingdom. They are vicious, cruel beasts who care only for gold and how much chaos they can cause.

When a knight discovers an heirloom that belonged to Taryn’s mother, the king of Vanir finally has proof that the dragon responsible for her death is alive and well in the mountains. It’s the tipping point in a war that’s been brewing for years.

Niressa, the teal and rose dragon, comes for her stolen treasure, intent on forcing the kingdom to return what is hers. When the beast takes Taryn as penance, instead, Taryn knows she must fight for her life. The dragons of Lazeorat will defend their hoardes with their lives—and murder to build it—and Taryn has no intention of being another treasured piece of the hoarde.

But when the dragon transforms into a beautiful woman, the princess finds herself questioning everything she has ever been told.

Could the beasts in the mountains be more than the murderous creatures they’ve been painted as?

She thought she wanted to escape, but suddenly, being treasured doesnt sound so bad, after all…




The Unlikely Adventures of Mortensen & Spurlock: Book 1

by Lucy True

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Midnight adventures, artifact hunting, and the occasional murder—it’s all in a day’s (or night’s) work for Alice Mortensen. As an Aetheral, a supernatural race with special abilities, she is hardly an eligible marital prospect, even with her upper class social status. Not that she minds. The woman she once loved broke her heart and that, for Alice, is that. Until said woman, one Lady Eleanora Spurlock, returns with a desperate request: find a powerful artifact to ransom in exchange for a kidnapped servant. It’s one thing for Alice to risk her life. It’s quite another to risk her heart for the second time. Soon, both Alice and Nora are fighting off fireballs, an over-eager stepmother determined to see them marry, and each other in a race to rescue an innocent lady’s maid.





by Stacy Lynn Miller

Newly minted San Francisco police detective Manhattan Sloane lets no one get close. Especially lovers.

Sloane has her reasons for keeping the world at arm’s length. But then her first childhood crush, DEA Agent Finn Harper, reappears and changes everything. Harper has arrived in San Francisco to investigate a new street drug weaving its way into the city—a drug that has personal ties for Sloane. The two find themselves thrown together as they team up to take down a ruthless cartel lord. Soon sparks fly as old feelings surface, forcing Sloane to face her past in order to build a new future.

Out of the Flames is the breakout debut novel by Stacy Lynn Miller. This is the first novel in the Manhattan Sloane romantic thriller series.




Book 2

by Rachel Ford
narrated by Barbara Rich

Sometimes still waters are the most dangerous.

Murder turns a quiet month of shore leave into a nightmare for Chief Engineer Kay Ellis and Captain Magdalene Landon of the Black Flag. When a member of their crew is implicated in the killing of a young woman, the privateers find themselves pawns in an interplanetary diplomatic struggle that predates any of them.

With little evidence to support their claims of innocence, an alien government eager to make examples of the human visitors, and the eyes of two superpowers watching their every move, every passing day brings them closer to ruin.

If they don’t find the real killer soon, they’ll swing for a crime they didn’t commit. And the Union will be hung out to dry with them.



by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Cassandra Arnold

In the midst of the Great Depression, Cassandra Scheimer is trying to keep the family farm afloat in the Big Woods of Wisconsin…alone. As a local midwife and struggling backwoods doctor, she certainly doesn’t need more mouths to feed.

Stephanie Evans is a widow enceinte with her third child. She accepts a kind stranger’s offer of marriage in exchange for keeping house for him…but he never shows up to claim her. While dealing with unrequited guilt and the desperation of impoverished motherhood, moving in and consequentially falling in love with Cass is the least of her worries.

For Cass, having been in love with a woman once before, she feels it couldn’t possibly happen twice. When it does, Cass is convinced the love cannot be returned. Can she and Stephanie keep it hidden from the prying eyes of children and the meddling neighbors in this small rural community?

Can Cass deal with the guilt she feels over her brother’s injury, an injury that prevents him from doing his duty for their country? She worries joining the Nursing Corps may put too much stress on her newfound relationship with Stephanie, yet she decides to join nonetheless.

The woman who returns from the war and the woman left behind on the farm are not the same people who once fell in love. Can they return to being lovers after years spent apart? Destiny put them in each other’s path, but will World War II tear apart their love?



The Mika and Leah Cross Saga: Book 3

by Donna Raider
narrated by Melissa Schwairy

Marked for Murder is the third novel championing the eternal love of Angel Mika and Witch Leah Cross. Mika has been tasked with righting the wrongs growing in the church. Bored in New York Leah auditions for a television series and lands the starring role, shinning a spotlight on the two immortal lovers.

You’ll laugh and cry as our lovers strive to hide their true identities and protect their children while staying one step ahead of an ancient serial killer.



by E. J. Noyes
narrated by Abby Craden

Morgan Ashworth isn’t having a good day. The award for Minion of the Year is slipping out of reach, and she has to administer an afterlife package to one of her human employees. An employee she’s attracted to. An employee who’ll soon know Morgan isn’t quite what she seems.

Jane Smith was having a great day. Until her hot boss dropped a bombshell. It’s time for Jane to complete the questionnaire to decide where she’ll spend her afterlife. Oh, and her boss is immortal and also Death’s Head Minion. Yes, Death, as in the Grim Reaper.


Shape-Shifter: Book 1

by Jae
narrated by Abby Craden

A compelling stand-alone lesbian paranormal romance, part one in the award-winning Shape-Shifter series.

For solitary novelist Jorie Price, true love seems as fictional as the shape-shifting creatures she writes about in her paranormal romances. Griffin Westmore doesn’t believe in love, either, but she’s one of those not-so-fictional shape-shifters who secretly live among humans.

When Jorie’s writing gets uncomfortably close to the truth, Griffin is sent to investigate and, if necessary, kill the author to protect the secrets of her kind. But when Griffin unexpectedly finds herself drawn to Jorie, her world is turned upside down. Hell, she’s supposed to kill the human, not fall in love with her! How can she complete her mission now?


Books 1-3

by Harper Bliss
narrated by Angela Dawe, Melissa Moran

Sydney is full of coffee shops, but none as exciting, and full of drama, as the Pink Bean.

First meet Micky, a newly divorced mother of two, who in No Strings Attached is claiming her independence by taking a job at the Pink Bean and exploring a new side to herself.

Next up are Kristin and Sheryl, the owners of the Pink Bean. Beneath the Surface will take you back in time to follow their journey and discover the origin story of Sydney’s pinkest coffee shop.

Finally, get to know Josephine, long-time barista at the Pink Bean, as she attempts to get over her insecurities and opens herself up to love in Everything Between Us.



Summer Loving is a collection of short summer stories from a selection of some of the hottest names in f/f fiction right now. Available for preorder!







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