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A Collection of Short Stories

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Summer Loving is a collection of short summer stories from a selection of some of the hottest names in f/f fiction right now.

These nine stories will definitely get you in the mood for summer. From Honduras to Lanzarote and from beach houses to camping, there’s something for everyone.

This collection is limited edition and will only be available for sale during the summer of 2020, so grab your copy now!



by Lise Gold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In a last-ditch attempt to secure an investor for an app she’s developed, Rome Foster travels to her namesake city hoping her luck is going to change. Just as she’s about to pitch her life’s work, she meets the charming and captivating Nadine; a high-end escort who shocks Rome by flirting with her. Rome is straight, but Nadine sparks up a fire in her so strong that it seems impossible to extinguish.

Nadine Costa is pleased with the way her life is going. She lives in a fantastic apartment in the city she loves, and her lucrative job provides the funds she needs to support her expensive passion: perfume making. When Rome crosses her path, she knows she’s never smelled anything quite so exquisite in her life.

Rome is a loner and doesn’t let people in, but when an incident occurs and Nadine steps in to save her, she realizes her feelings go deeper than just lust. Neither of them was looking for something more than physical, but when the stars are aligned, it’s hard to escape destiny…



by Eliza Lentzski

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The challenge was supposed to be simple. Spill a drink on an airline passenger and be one square closer to winning the company’s secret bingo card game. Twenty-five different challenges, at various levels of difficulty, had to be accomplished within a month’s time. After nearly eight years of being a flight attendant, Alice Kaminski had spilled drinks on plenty of passengers, mostly on accident and during rough air. She didn’t particularly like the idea of the bingo card, but she had massive student debt; the financial incentives were enough to make her momentarily forget the questionable ethics of it all. The challenge was supposed to be simple—that is, until Alice saw her intended target—the beautiful woman seated in 3B. And after that, nothing was simple ever again.


Sports Series: Book 1

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Everly Holman is between an internship and, hopefully, finding her dream job when she finds an online listing she thinks will be perfect for her. As a relatively new sports psychologist, she’s worried she won’t find the right place for herself. When she applies for a job with the Los Angeles Legends, the professional women’s volleyball team, she finally feels at home.

Wyatt Wicked is the number one volleyball player in the world. She could play in any professional league and had played in many during her career. When the US starts the first professional women’s league, she’s eager to play on her home soil and finally do the thing she loves most in her home country.

Wyatt’s not one to trust psychology in sports. But when she meets Everly Holman, Wyatt not only starts trusting the woman to help improve her game, she also sees Everly as much more than the team doctor. Unfortunately for her, Everly might not be willing to risk her career over their growing feelings. As they both work to establish the fledgling league, they discover that, sometimes, falling in love is worth the possibility of losing everything.



by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For the past few years, Stefani has been running her family’s Oregon winery, Bel Cielo Estate. The only thing missing from her picturesque, countryside life is companionship. But with a great distaste for dating – and the city – Stefani approaches an international service to make her marital dreams come true.

Enter Yulia, the alluring Russian woman with a penchant for heavy flirtation. She occasionally puts her money where her mouth is, too, driving Stefani wild with fantasies that this marriage might be more than convenience.

Yet she can’t shake the feeling that Yulia has an ulterior motive. Or maybe that’s the Valettis’ collective past coming back to bite them.



by Mariah R. Embry

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Eileen’s life is everything she thought it would be. She has a fabulous career as a zoologist, lives in the city, has amazing friends, and a family she adores.  Eileen never thought she’d live to see herself so happy. Sure, her living situation is not ideal, and living in the city is expensive, but  Eileen could not be happier with her life.

Alta is one of San Francisco’s top real estate agents. She’s great at her job and finds fulfillment in making a sale. As a faithful Jewish woman, Alta never pictured herself living so far from her family and single at the age of thirty-five, yet this is where Alta is in life. With pressure coming from her mother and biological clock, Alta feels a sense of anxiety about never finding the right man for marriage. It’s just that the thought of being married causes Alta more stress than the idea of never having children.

When Eileen and Alta’s paths keep crossing, they strike up a friendship. Both women have so much in common that they find it hard not to become instant BFFs. Yet, this friendship becomes blurred when Eileen finds herself in need of a new home, and Alta offers up her guest bedroom.

Even though friendship is all the women wanted, they can’t help but feel more for each other. Yet, with imposing family, religious beliefs, and meddling friends, they can’t help but think that loving one another is too hard.

Will love win? Or will Eileen and Alta find that they can never be together freely?


The Somerville Series: Book 6

by Carrie L. Carr

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amanda Cauble-Walters is thrilled as her sister, Jeannie, prepares for the birth of her first child. Amanda’s elation is offset by the compelling desire to have a child of her own, but she fears that her wife, Lex, doesn’t want children.

Lex is so busy trying to hang onto newly acquired land that she doesn’t realize what’s going on with Amanda. When a stranger claiming to be a long-lost relative insinuates herself into the family, Lex sees red.

The tragic loss of someone dear to them dampens the joy of Jeannie’s baby, bringing pain – and hope, to them all.





by Les Mood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

With her divorce to her philandering husband pending, Sherry Hilgren is caught in a snowstorm in central Nebraska where she is forced to share a room with Kim. In a midnight conversation fueled by too much stress, too much wine, and a little sex, they both admit to having been unfaithful in their marriages. The difference between them is that Kim’s lovers were always women. Snowed in the next day, and knowing she’ll never see Kim again, Sherry let’s her inner lesbian run free. Months later she is unexpectedly transferred to Omahawhere she runs into Kim, and their one-night stand turns into a steamy love affair.

Can she trust a woman with a history of being sleeping around? And can Kim trust Sherry, knowing she cheated on her husband? Despite their doubts and temptations, the two women cannot keep from falling in love.




Gold Sky Series: Book 5

by Rebel Carter

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What do you do when you’ve been chasing the wrong dream your entire life?

Mary Sophia James came to Gold Sky, Montana to find a husband at the insistence of her overbearing mother. Striking out in spectacular fashion after setting her eye on Julian Baptiste, her options are dwindling, and time is running out. She needs to find a man to marry before her condition becomes…obvious. Her mother’s prejudice and sharp tongue aren’t helping matters and Mary, to her shame, hasn’t behaved much better. But all her plans are upended when she spots the most beautiful person she’s ever seen across the town square. Alex Pierce is strong, intriguing, looks stunning in a pair of trousers…and a woman.

Gold Sky is accepting of all types of love, and that between women is no different. Still, Alex didn’t expect to be so floored by the sight of the firey haired, yet fragile looking young woman. Mary needs to be married and Alex has a solution. Because in Gold Sky, Montana there are many ways to be married…and not all of them include a man.

Leather and Lace is a 37k word novella set at the same time as the events of book 2, Hearth and Home. It includes passionate and romantic f/f love in a town where diversity, and love, reign supreme.





by Victoria Holmes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bridesmaiding is a tedious business at the best of times, but as Julia discovers, the task is particularly cumbersome when one of the brides is your ex and her fiancée won’t stop sulking about it.

With the wedding threatening to dominate everything for the rest of the year, a bewildering embrace with a devastatingly attractive pop star offers a welcome distraction. Dating Krisha catapults Julia away from the paltry concerns of dress fittings and hen dos, but it also takes her away from her friends, and directly leads to her most disastrous f**k up yet. Much to her surprise, she discovers that embracing the role she’d accepted so reluctantly might just be exactly what she needs.

Trigger Warning: This novel contains scenes depicting the abuse of drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and attempted suicide which some readers may find upsetting.




Girl Who Fell: Book 1

by Raechel Sands

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What will I be? Lady, baby, gypsy, queen?

Russian, American and British women spies clash in this surreal series.

MI6 agent, Felicity, seduces her way into the elite assassin program. However, when she goes rogue on a wet job—aided by her taboo lover, Bio—CIA agent Blanka’s life takes a terrifying turn.

If you like the fun of Killing Eve, the suspense of Dan Brown, or a Sapho-friendly version of Helen of Troy, you’ll love this high-octane polyamory drama.




Jade’s Erotica Adventures: Book 26

by Victoria Rush

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jade’s best friend invites her to a private women’s spa, she gets more than they bargained for. Starting with a relaxing couples massage, the two girls are shocked when they’re greeted by two nude masseuses.

But it’s not until they get to the rooftop pool that they realize this spa is much more than a typical rejuvenation center. With beautiful naked women parading in and out of the water, it’s a feast for their eyes.

Becoming increasingly aroused by the sight of everyone’s dripping bodies, Jade heads to the sauna to try to relax. But when she finds a pretty African-American girl lounging in a provocative pose, one thing leads to another, and before long the girls are enjoying a private tryst in the hot steam room.

Join Jade as more and more of the members become entwined in increasingly decadent encounters moving from one area of the spa to the next…




Galaxy Girl: Book 1

by Kate Christie

To most people, Kenzie Shepherd appears to be a slightly nerdy reporter for Emerald City Media, with close friends and a noticeably over-protective big sister. In reality, she’s a super-powered alien refugee who arrived on Earth as a tween and has passed as human ever since. When her editor asks her to interview Ava Westbrook, chief operations officer at Hyperion Tech, Kenzie is understandably nervous about meeting the heir to the most notorious anti-alien family in America. She certainly doesn’t expect Ava to announce that she wants to transform her family’s company into a force for good. But is Ava really as different from her alien-hating brother and father as she seems?

When she agreed to take her mother’s place at Hyperion’s Seattle office, Ava Westbrook was hoping to turn over a new leaf both for the embattled corporation and for her family’s name. But with a hostile board and equally antagonistic CEO thwarting her sustainable energy plans, the path to change looks murky. Add in the highly inconvenient crush she has developed on a local reporter, and Ava is certain she is swimming out of her depth. And what is her mother up to, anyway?

Drum up the Dawn is the first book in a new urban fantasy series that takes place on an Earth where alien refugees live on the fringes of society, Kenzie Shepherd may well be the last daughter of a long-dead planet, and Ava Westbrook wishes everyone could just get along.



by Mia Archer and Andrew Beymer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kirsten had the life she’d always wanted. Until a werewolf stepped out of a packed movie theater and ruined her date night.

She thought she was free of that life. Free of the supernatural. Free from her dad preparing her for a family legacy she didn’t want.

The werewolves that keep attacking her didn’t get the memo, which might explain why she keeps having to kill the furry bastards.

Cara hated horror movies. Her brothers forced her to watch them growing up, and she coped by making up plans for surviving if she ever found herself in a horror situation.

She never thought she’d use those plans until a werewolf stepped into a class project on cryptids and murdered two thirds of her group.

Now she’s on the run, hunted, and her only chance is to track down a mysterious and oh so sexy cheerleader who, according to rumors, totally killed a werewolf at the campus theater.

The cheerleader who’s been forced into the role of reluctant werewolf hunter. The horror buff who’s using every lesson she ever learned from movies that were a lot more real than she ever imagined.

Will they be able to come together and save the world as they embark on the only first date to ever involve pumping werewolves full of hot silver?

Werewolves vs Cheerleaders is a 93,000 mix of horror, comedy, urban fantasy, and lesbian romance from the author of Villains Don’t Date Heroes and A Date With Death!





by Natalie Debrabandere

Available in Kindle Unlimited


US presidential hopeful Abigail Christensen is on a mission that goes far beyond her official political goals; it is planetary in its scope. As a secret global network threatens to silence her for good, she needs to watch her own back, or have someone do it for her.

Army Ranger Crystal J. Thor spent her career running high-risk covert operations in the Middle-East. Now retired, she is done with her service with a capital D… Or so she would like to believe. A combination of restlessness and curiosity for the controversial candidate leads her to becoming Christensen’s personal bodyguard.

A handsome soldier; tough as nails, and fiercely protective…

An alluring politician; passionate, but vulnerable…

A deadly conspiracy to enslave humanity…




by Erik Schubach

The United Races have become stronger in the centuries after losing their greatest beacon of peace and gentleness. Olympus has moved the palace and capitol City Tree of Alfheim into the citadel in case the Jotunn reach the Olympian’s host world.

The daughter of Queen Jania Sure Step, the All Mother of the Ljósálfar and Dökkálfar elves, is at a crucial juncture in her life as she becomes an adult. She must choose from three paths before her, yet she feels none of those are her calling.

Crowned Princess of the Elves, Arin, named for the fallen Hero of Asgard and Olympus, finds a path lost to her people and restarts old traditions so that she may stand as the Iron Wall for her Elvish heritage.

But when both Titan and Frost Giant Star Killer vessels threaten her world, will her resolve be enough? And what are these flashes and visions she has been seeing since she was born?

This final chapter of the Tales From Olympus holds the key to a universal peace, or Alfheim’s fiery end.




Stefanosa Scardino: Book 1

by C.M. Blackwood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Thirty-year-old Stefanosa Scardino is a renowned violinist from New York City. Garnering the attention of the Juilliard School at the age of sixteen, she attended tuition-free, then quickly rose to prominence and attained a position in the New York Philharmonic.

Some would say Stef has led a charmed life – but nothing could be farther from the truth. She started seeing strange shadows and hearing inexplicable voices when she was thirteen. Diagnosed with schizophrenia, she was prescribed a heavy dosage of risperidone, which keeps the hallucinations at bay but also saps her of energy and emotion. Her existence is lonely and empty.

Until the night she meets Blanca Perez. Forty-five-year-old Blanca owns the Majestic Hotel with her husband Diego, and is also an esteemed fashion designer. She feels trapped in her marriage and wishes she could be free. She has been captivated by Stef’s music for years now.

After a chance encounter with the beautiful designer and a night of fiery passion, Stef falls head over heels. For the first time in her life, she can feel genuine happiness. But it seems her good fortune is to be short-lived.

They’ve stayed away for seventeen years – but now, the shadows return. What’s more, Stef starts to notice strange changes in herself: things she can’t explain. Violent anger. Almost-supernatural capabilities.

A man who professes to be an angel informs her that the shadowy entities are truly demons, and that Stef isn’t who she thinks she is. Then, when a demonic being takes the liberty of paying Stef a visit, things get even more complicated.

The demon makes a request of Stef; and she has two days to fulfill it. If she does not comply, Blanca’s life is on the line.

While trying to work out the mystery of her own identity, can Stef find a way to escape the demon’s trap? Or will both she and Blanca pay the ultimate price?

This book contains explicit content.





by Tracey Richardson
narrated by Lori Prince

Dr. Joss McNab needs a wife.

As if juggling surgery and being an instructor isn’t enough, she’s recently taken on a more demanding administrative role at the medical school that was named after her legendary father. To make things worse, she’s now required to attend a growing number of galas, fundraisers, and conventions.

Wouldn’t having a wife – a wife of convenience – help ease the burden that’s threatening to overtake her world?

Sarah Young’s heart belongs to painting. Much as she’d like to dismiss Joss’ ridiculous proposal, the art world isn’t paying well and she’s running short on cash. Playing a trophy wife a few hours a week would cover her bills and still leave plenty of time to devote to her artwork.

The deal is struck. But will the convenient pairing turn into disaster or prove to be a stroke of genius? With feelings deepening and attraction undeniable, can two women who have agreed to settle discover that they could actually have it all?


Samantha Rain Mysteries: Book 1

by Arizona Tape
narrated by Ophelia De Armas

When Detective Samantha Rain gets bitten by a hellhound, she’s forced into the magical world of the Nox, night creatures living in secret between humans. Vampires, Will-O-Wisps, and much more uncommon types hide in a world that runs on oaths, blood, and death.

Unsure of whom she can trust, she has no choice but to rely on Lilith, heir of the Will-O-Wisp clan. Samantha has to earn her protection by solving a missing person’s case that could change the future.

If she doesn’t succeed, she’ll pay with her life.

The Case of the Night Mark is an urban fantasy mystery with a lesbian romance in the background.


Rivers Family Romance: Book 6

by Radclyffe
narrated by Paige McKinney

Between ruling the night shift in the ER at the Rivers and raising her teenage daughter, Blaise Richelieu has all the drama she needs in her life. When a dashing young attending appears on the scene and relentlessly pursues her, Blaise has plenty of reasons to say no – or at least she tells herself she does, despite Grady’s nearly irresistible charm. Even if Blaise had the slightest desire to play Grady’s game, the past she’s kept hidden from everyone is a secret she intends to keep buried. What Blaise doesn’t know is the barriers she constructs make Grady even more determined to find a way through them.



Summer Loving is a collection of short summer stories from a selection of some of the hottest names in f/f fiction.

Available now!


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