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by Lynn Ames

It’s November 3, 2020, and Emma McMasters has just been elected the 46th president of the United States. She’s facing a divided Congress and nation, allies that no longer trust America, enemies that have been emboldened, and the legacy of destruction left by the last administration. She must rebuild and reestablish trust in government, in the media, and in the electoral system, all the while carrying the mantle of first female president, and along with it, the hopes and dreams of millions of women and little girls who need her to prove that a woman can get the job done.

Palmer Estes has devoted her life and her career to the military, rising to become the highest-ranking female officer in the US Army. An enigmatic, battle-tested hero, she’s the perfect choice to brief the new president on one last, urgent, highly sensitive mission before she retires.

Two strong women, both driven to serve the country they love, neither prepared for the sparks that fly between them.


Hobbs: Book 3

by Elena Graf

Available in Kindle Unlimited

This third novel in the popular Hobbs series tells the inspiring story of how a community of close friends deals with the pandemic. It’s midwinter in Maine, and the biggest problem is a snowstorm. Only Liz Stolz, the senior doctor of Hobbs Family practice, is paying attention to the strange virus in China that’s roiling the financial markets. She tries to alert the town leaders to the potential danger, but police chief, Brenda Harrison, is distracted by Liz’s new physician’s assistant, Cherie Bois. Brenda’s interest repels Cherie. After witnessing police violence, Cherie despises cops. While Liz and Reverend Lucy Bartlett try to help Cherie get past the trauma and give Brenda a chance, the pandemic closes in. The friends are pushed together during the lockdown. Friendships and relationships are strained as they act selflessly and selfishly out of love, faith, and duty. Can they find new strength and forge deeper connections through helping one another and the town survive?



by Erin O’Reilly

At fourteen, Hannah Garvin met ‘the one’, Charlene Gaines and her life was never the same. They were inseparable and spent every moment they could together. One day, Charlie left without a word and again, Hannah’s life took a dramatic change.

Hannah vowed to never fall in love again. When she meets Mick, a new arrival to the small Texas panhandle town near her family’s farm, her heart remembers what being in love was like, and yearns for more.

Will Hannah let the memory of Charlie go so she can start a new life with Mick? Or will her heart betray her and hold on to her love for Charlie?



by Jenn Alexander

Rowan Barnes never planned on living in Texas, and she’s not sure she likes it. She tells herself that her dream job as grill chef at a new up-and-coming restaurant was worth the relocation from her Portland home, but she feels out of place and alone in the Lone Star State.

Kate Landreth, on the other hand, is Texas through-and-through. Rowan meets Kate while picking up beef from a local cattle ranch, and is immediately drawn to the woman whose heart is as big as the state she loves. As the two women become closer, Rowan begins to see Texas through Kate’s eyes, but Kate is hesitant to fall too deeply for someone who makes it clear that Texas will never be her home.

When Rowan finds herself at an unexpected crossroads, she must decide whether she stays in Texas or returns to the safe confines of Portland.

It all comes down to one question: is home is where she grew up, or is home where the heart is?





by Lily Seabrooke

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Annelise was never part of Natasha’s world.

But when desperation leads her to a strange job posting, she finds herself the new assistant to the corporate heiress—who wants nothing to do with her.

But maybe it’s exactly what their two broken, healing hearts need.

Trigger warnings for grief, loss, depression, and references to self-harm.





by S. R. Silcox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can renovating a run-down cottage mend a broken heart?

Georgia Ballantyne is anxious to move on after an exhausting two-year-long battle over her former partner’s estate. Once she completes the renovations on the quaint country cottage, she’ll finally be free to find her way forward.

If she could only stop being distracted by her builder, Zoe.

Will what’s supposed to be a simple business transaction lead to an unexpected outcome for the broken-hearted homeowner, the pedantic builder, and the cottage that brought them together?





by Lara Kinsey

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Romance blooms between a sweet-talking gardener and a spinster headmistress in this steamy lesbian love story.

On the cusp of the 20th century, France is where libertines indulge poetic desires. Dorothea has fled the structure of dreary old England for a place in the sun. She’s opening a school for elegant young ladies, but it’s an experienced lady gardener who has caught her eye. Madame Laurent works with her hands, but it’s her words that cultivate Dorothea’s fallow heart. The Côte d’Azur was meant to be her escape, but could it be forever?

9,800 words ending in Happily Ever After. Great for fans of Olivia Waite or Lily Maxton.




Harrietta Lee: Book 3

by Stephanie Ahn

Harrietta Lee’s demons have come back to haunt her. Two demons, to be exact: one who tried to buy her ex-girlfriend’s soul, and another who invaded her dreams for six months.

To make matters worse, Harry’s falling in love.

Contains violence. Full trigger warning at the front of the book.




Book 1 of Salt

by Idella Breen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mercer is a hunter of wyverns, a race of beings that feast on all that lives and thrives. Lena is an heiress in a time where vampires are dying out. The bond forged between them may be the needed beacon of light in a world that is quickly losing hope for a better tomorrow.




Blue Helix: Book 2

by Kathrin Hutson

They say home is where the heart is. Now that Sleepwater’s on the run, home is just another place to hide.

Wyoming’s Sleepwater chapter is on the run, hunted for their ability to spin a beat. With little time to mourn the members they’ve lost, Bernadette Manney takes the group to the one place she swore she’d never see again: the cabin in Hollywood, South Carolina. It’s remote enough to lay low and catch a break, but not for long.

Their beats are condemned as mutations, radical terrorist tactics, and felonies punishable both by and outside the law. Bernadette thought Sleepwater would be safe here, but returning to her Southern roots unleashes more demons than she left behind. Her past, her love, and even her own flesh and blood won’t let her move on through a venomous society intent on rooting out her people. Now, to bring a mother’s first child safely into an unsafe world, Bernadette must face her own shame from before Sleepwater itself was born. But redemption and forgiveness may be too much to ask, and it may just be too late.




The Unlikely Adventures of Mortensen & Spurlock: Book 2

by Lucy True

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Nothing will stop Alice and Nora from being together. Not even a disapproving mother. With their dissimilar Aetheric natures called into question, Alice and Nora undertake a journey halfway around the world for answers. Whether by railway, steamer, or airship, Alice and Nora will not rest until they can allay Lady Spurlock’s concerns about their union. Nor will they realize the unimaginable discovery or danger to which their inquiries will lead until a chance meeting leads to a long overdue reunion…




Books 21-25

by K’Anne Meinel

This boxset includes books 21-25 in the series.





Joanna Mitchell Thrillers: Book 3

by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Joanna is about to solve the last mystery: She finally meets a central figure from her past. The encounter leaves her with many questions, and Mary is reluctant to answer them. Why did she leave? What influence did Joanna’s father have? Most importantly, why do people seem to die around her? There won’t be any closure without those answers, but they’ll come at a price.





by Kris Bryant
narrated by Brittni Pope

Winning the lottery is the best thing that’s ever happened to Serena Evans. Gone are the days of living paycheck to paycheck. On her own and fully funded, Serena’s excited to open Pet Posh Inn. She can’t imagine a more fulfilling dream than caring for and being surrounded by animals.

Gabrielle Barnes can’t understand why anyone would dump millions of dollars into a pet daycare, but if she wants to prove herself worthy of a partner position at Arnest & Max Architecture, she’s going to have paste on a smile while designing the ridiculous waste of space.

Serena’s kindness and big heart draw Gabrielle in, but her stubbornness drives a wedge between them. As the design builds, so does their attraction.

Was Serena’s luck really about money, or is she about to get lucky in love?


A Woman Lost: Book 7

by TB Markinson
narrated by Stephanie Murphy

Lizzie is starting to figure out life, right when fate decides to destroy every facet of her world.

After the birth of her son and adopting a daughter, Lizzie learns her latest book deal is toast. But that’s not all. External forces are out to ruin Lizzie’s career and reputation, threatening her ability to support and protect her wife and four children. But who is behind the attacks? And why?

Simultaneously, a mom-bully has set her sights on Lizzie, and a crackpot social media group is spreading malicious rumors about Lizzie.

As Lizzie’s world crumbles around her, she can’t burden her wife, since Sarah is struggling to recover from a caesarean. Lizzie turns to a new friend, but will they be able to stop the destruction before Lizzie loses everything she’s worked so hard to get?


The Hollywood Series: Book 4

by Jae
narrated by Abigail Rakocy

It was supposed to be just a one-night stand.

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, 25-year-old Jill Corrigan takes herself off the romantic market. Not wanting to become a burden to a potential partner, she focuses on her career as an actress instead.

On the set of a disaster movie, she meets stunt woman Kristine “Crash” Patterson, whose easy smile instantly makes Jill wish things were different. Meanwhile, Crash is trained to fall, but she didn’t count on falling in love.

Despite their growing feelings for each other, Jill resolves to let Crash into her bed, but not her heart.

As they start to play with fire on and off camera, will they really be able to keep things just physical?


The Compass Series: Book 4

by Lise Gold
narrated by Addison Barnes

Madison Wilson, a marine biologist, has recently graduated and is ready to start her adult life with her first job as a research technician in Santa Cruz. After moving to Capitola, a sweet and colorful beach town in Northern California, she is immediately enchanted by her new house, as well as her beautiful landlady, Ally.

Ally Santos, a widow and single mother, is relieved to be rid of the fuss of holiday tenants, as she’s busy enough with her highly gifted son Theo and her bar, Western Shores. When a young, pink-haired girl moves into her pink house, she’s hoping life will get calmer, but nothing could have prepared her for the curious attraction she feels toward her new neighbor….

Is Ally ready to embrace her feelings for someone who is not only a woman but also 17 years her junior? And is Madison ready to take on the challenge of instant full adulthood with all its trappings, instead of slowly easing into it?



by K’Anne Meinel
narrated by Desarae Holland

This is what happens when I wear a bikini for the first time. A short erotic story that tells a tale for those who understand that bikinis are dangerous.



Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 6

by Victoria Rush
narrated by Jupiter Grant

Spying on the neighbors just got a lot more interesting…

When the parents of the shy college girl next door decide to take a vacation, recent divorcée Jade sees a window of opportunity to meet her. One night, before heading to bed, she notices a light in the girl’s bedroom and a crack in her blinds.

Jade grabs a spyglass and sees the girl viewing an erotic video while touching herself. The girl notices movement in the window across the lane and catches Jade watching her. Things escalate quickly as they exchange increasingly provocative displays, until Jade decides to ask the girl over for dinner.

When they finally meet, Jade is shocked to find the shy girl next door isn’t nearly as innocent as she’s let on!





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