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Sports Series: Book 2

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Elodie Booker was a phenomenon. No one had ever taken the sport of archery by storm the way she had. Trophies and accolades piled up around her even in her first years in the sport. Then, something terrible happened. She lost the only father figure she had ever known after losing person after person in her life. It was the proverbial straw breaking the camel’s back, and Elodie left the game, never looking back.

Madison Fletcher was the next big thing in the sport of archery, or at least, that was what she thought. She was about to turn twenty-three, just graduated from college, and needed a new archery coach. Madison knew there was only one person she could reach out to; one person to take her all the way to the Olympic games. The only problem was that Elodie Booker was now a thirty-three-year-old lawyer who wanted nothing to do with archery and hadn’t fired a single shot since she had lost her own former coach.

Madison had known loss, too. Her loss was a different one, but it was still something that could unite them in their pain and understanding. If she could convince Elodie to give her a chance at being the archery star Madison knew she could be, she might also be able to convince Elodie that they were meant to be much more than coach and athlete.


Sins of Mercy: Book 2

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Since her visit from the first of the Seven Sinners, Mercy Devereux has been living a life of sin. At first, she enjoyed the renewed desires, but now they’re starting to control her existence! How is Mercy supposed to live a life of insatiable sin without trading one addiction for another?

The answer comes in the form of Avarice, the greedy goddess Mercy catches ransacking her house one night. Together they can bring balance to Mercy’s sins while reintroducing her to the world of ambition and covetousness. Assuming Mercy can distract the deity from her own avaricious ways, that is.



by Quinn Ivins

Molly Cook is almost thirty, with dismal career prospects, and has given up on saving the world. It might be the nineties, and everything’s shoulder pads, Doc Martens, and The X-Files, but people won’t budge on gay rights. Molly decides to give a PhD a whirl but finds herself more interested in campus politics…and her strict and sexy statistics professor.

Professor Carmen Vaughn is stuck in small-town Maryland with smarmy blowhards for colleagues and ungrateful students who can’t handle her high standards. She has no intention of coming out, least of all to Molly, a troublemaking grad student who can’t stop picking fights with the conservative faculty.

But when Molly discovers evidence implicating a homophobic colleague in a scandal, Carmen can’t ignore it—even if the subject hits too close to home.



by Chloe Peterson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens if you fall for your boss’s daughter?

Hard-working Margo just bagged a job as the private chef for a wealthy family.

But her plans for a relaxed summer are shut down when she meets the Decaudin’s eldest daughter.

Elise is a gorgeous, frustrating mystery.

Most importantly, a relationship with her is forbidden.

As the two strike up a friendship, Margo must decide if an unproven summer romance is worth risking a job she desperately needs.



by Chanel Ivy

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amid the chaos of everyday life, secrets can bind people together or pull them apart in devastating ways.

Georgia Hunt, a successful CEO, struggles with the desire to be free from her failing marriage to an emotionally abusive man, all while trying to find out who she truly is. Kat Smith, a mysteriously unknown accountant who is just supposed to be filling in for someone on maternity leave, walks into her life, and surprises Georgia in so many ways. Kat opens Georgia’s eyes to the possibilities life can offer and the happiness they can have together if they can work past the secret of their love for one another.

Secrets and lies abound in this whirlwind love story that will give you all the feels.

Contains mild domestic violence.



by Catherine Maiorisi

Officer Quincy Adams is a hero. She pulled eleven people from burning cars and risked her own life to save the twelfth—a woman trapped in a car that could explode at any moment. But the event begins to trigger flashbacks to another time. Another tragedy. Trying to avoid the depression that she’s certain is just around the corner, Quincy heads to the local lesbian bar in search of light and life.

Lindy James is a loner. She’s only at the bar to celebrate her best friend’s birthday. But something about the bedraggled woman, whose image is breaking news on the TV, touches her heart and she agrees to drive the stranger home.

But Quincy doesn’t want to be alone and Lindy agrees to stay as long as Quincy doesn’t expect sex or ask personal questions. One night turns into three intimate but sexless nights. Then Monday morning Quincy asks Lindy for a date. And Lindy flees.

Thrown together by a devastating accident, but kept apart by fears from the past—will Quincy and Lindy take a chance on love?



by Jenn Matthews

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A beautiful lesbian romance about wants, love, family, and duty, asking when is the right time to live our own life and dreams.

English police constable Molly Blue is devastated when an assault forces her to endure weeks of therapy and disrupts her promising career. The cute physiotherapist getting her back on her feet is an intriguing distraction at least.

Physiotherapist Kudzi Mufaro is a bold, confident woman in every area of her life except one. She hasn’t told her Zimbabwean parents she’s gay. That probably explains the parade of men her family keeps trotting past her nose. Is it time to finally be honest?

But when Molly takes a visit home, it rocks her to the core. She is forced to decide whether to stay and look after her sister or not. It would mean giving up her career and any hope of something more with Kudzi.





by Luci Dreamer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What if you got a second chance at first love?

Hotshot firefighter captain Michelle ‘Mitch’ Mitchell loves her job, loves her dog, and loves her best friend Fish. She did love a girl once, but that girl left their small town, taking Mitch’s heart with her.

Lilly never meant to hurt Mitch. She just wanted some time to figure out who she was. Now ten years later, she’s back in her hometown dealing with an ailing aunt, a failing family bar, and a girlfriend she can’t seem to fall in love with.

When grief brings Mitch and Lilly together, secrets are revealed, old wounds are reopened and long-smoldering feelings reignited. Will they be able to forgive past mistakes and start over again?





by Amy Hoff

The year is 1888. Brilliant and beautiful, Lady Jane Crichton has fought the constraints of her Victorian Edinburgh upbringing to become one of the first women to attend university for medicine. Denied a degree because of her gender, she decides to marry a closeted gay man, providing him with political and social cover and herself with the time and money to pursue her scientific interests—one of which is a time machine. Jane’s machine works…but not exactly as she expected, and soon she has crash-landed in the 13th-century Scottish Highlands.

There she is rescued by a wild, red-haired warrior woman, Ainslie nic Dòmhnaill, next in line to the chiefship of the great Clan Donald, the rulers of the Sea Kingdom of the Isles. Despite the constant threat of attacks from enemy clans, harsh winters and a touch of homesickness, Jane finds herself bewitched by this land, this time and this magnificent woman. The rough and warlike Ainslie also feels the magic and revels in a passion and love neither she nor Jane had ever imagined.

But Jane is hiding a dangerous secret—one that threatens to tragically transform their Highland fairy tale.




Book 3

by Scott Kujawa

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For three weeks, May’s been with Catherine in the relationship the two agreed upon when May visited Crimson Rose.

Trusting Catherine to teach her what she wanted, May learned about herself, Catherine’s desires, and what she’s willing to do for Catherine. With the beginner class half over, May enjoyed more of the scenes she shared with Catherine. This time May learned how her teasing leads to being corrected by Catherine.

Catherine’s desire to be with May grew the longer the two spent time together. Without pushing May beyond her limits, Catherine showed her everything she desired. With this being the third week they’ve been together, Catherine added fresh experiences to their relationship. She was eager for the beginner class to end, which allowed the two of them to explore more of what Catherine was interested in sharing. Plus, she knew May desired the same things.

Together, the two continued to build the relationship they wanted.




The Redamancy Series: Book 2

by Lara Hayes

Elizabeth Dumas is under quarantine. As the newest Strigoi in Fane’s family, she must prove her loyalty and discretion before she can leave the freight tunnels they call home to hunt on the streets of Chicago. Publicly, she answers to Irina. The name Fane gave her. But how long can Elizabeth deceive the Moroi before he discovers her true allegiance lies with her Maker, Stela?

Stela is in debt. When she killed a human associate to protect Elizabeth, she terminated a lucrative business endeavor. Now her fledgling Elizabeth is yet another Strigoi Fane must feed, clothe, and protect. And he will have his recompense.

Together in blood, body and mind, Stela and Elizabeth must keep the truth of their bond and the depth of their love hidden from Fane and the rest of the family.

After all, one Strigoi cannot belong to another.

All Together Stranger is the riveting sequel to the ground-breaking Terrible Praise.




Little Green: Book 1

by Kimberly Hart

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Marsha’s broken teleporter sends her to Earth, her only priority is to get back to civilization. Unfortunately, she has no way to get off this primitive planet or even contact home. Since she’s stuck here indefinitely, she’ll have to make the best of it.

Sophie is surprisingly calm when the beautiful woman wandering the streets says she’s from outer space. Having often felt like an alien herself, she’s determined to help Marsha however possible – even if that means letting the complete stranger move in with her.

As Marsha tries to settle in on Earth, Sophie realizes she’s unique in the universe. It’s not just Marsha’s unearthly good looks; Sophie is drawn to her kind and curious nature. Meanwhile, Marsha realizes that even a backwards planet can be home to intelligent life – and that the life form called Sophie is also downright sexy.

Will Marsha find her way home? Or will her heart convince her to change her plans?




Knight Protector: Book 2

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

From the mountains, a witch will rise.

Knight Protector Brynja knows why the people of her village never wander too far. There’s a witch who lives deep in the heart of the mountain. Brynja saw her as a child; she still sees her, in her nightmares.

But when an army of dragon riders shows up at Brynja’s doorstep, the knight protector has to warn her queen. The only way to the capital is through the impenetrable wall of riders.

The only way, except through the mountain caves; the only way, unless she’s willing to revisit her nightmares.





by Jody Klaire

Hayefield Manor is not a welcoming place . . .

Medically retired ex-DCI Morgan Lloyd is persuaded by her good friend to take on a different type of case as a private investigator. However, Lady Sophie Haye is not exactly innocent and even with her smoldering charm, breathtaking beauty, the more Morgan investigates, the more guilty Lady Haye appears . . . yet the harder it becomes for Morgan to break free.

Her old colleagues begin to close the net around Lady Haye, and Morgan needs to make her decision: does she let the case go and walk away while she still can, or does she stick by a woman who has captivated her and just hope she’s not being lured in by a killer?





by Nicole Pyland

narrated by Heather Costa

Cali Banks lost her job and needs money fast.

When her best friend tries to sign Cali up to appear on a reality show where contestants complete ridiculous challenges for cash and prizes, Cali tells her she’s crazy. When she gets a call back for an audition, she thinks there’s no chance the show will be interested in her boring life. Little does she know; that’s just what they’re looking for. When Cali agrees to go, she’s thinking about keeping her head down and trying to win as much cash as possible.

Dayton Maine is a reality show mainstay.

She’s already done three and has been asked back for a fourth by the Berserk producers. Dayton understands she’s there to bring the drama. She has no problem doing that. She also has no problem hooking up with her fellow female contestants should the opportunity arise. She loves the challenges and the thrill of the chase. She’s there for the fun and the fame.

When the two meet, it isn’t exactly love or lust at first sight. While the cast members get kicked off one by one, though, the two women find common ground mixed in with a whole lot of differences.



by KD Williamson

narrated by Wesleigh Siobhan

Maya Davis is done hiding. It’s left her empty and out of touch with her family. Now she’s a young woman on a mission: getting rid of residual feelings for her former best friend from college. Her plan is to put herself through a wringer by being in Nina’s upcoming wedding and burning away whatever emotions are left, so she can start anew. Her plan, however, has big holes, and everything she’s been feeling rushes through and leaves her thinking that this was a bad idea.

Nina Sterling is a work in progress, torn between being two very different things-the person others expect her to be and who she wants to become. For the past couple of years, it’s been easier to give in to her demanding, steamroller of a mother and her pleasant but controlling fiance, but with Maya’s return for a lengthy stay in town, and encouragement from Nina’s hilarious cousin, seeds of rebellion are sown.

As Maya and Nina try to patch up the past and get closer, old sparks rekindle, and as they both grow into who they are meant to be, those sparks might just become a fire.



15 Short Stories

by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Desarae Holland

A series of short stories, some of which are no where else!



Five Moons Rising: Book 2

by Lise MacTague

narrated by Lori Prince

While investigating the deaths of multiple students at a boot-camp style institution, Malice and Ruri become trapped in the mysterious Kingdom of Flower and Bone – a netherworld filled with both magical and malignant beings. But which is which?

Even ancient forces aren’t immune to petty squabbles. Will the pair make it out alive?

Mary Alice Nolan, code-named “Malice”, is a Hunter: genetically modified and rigorously trained to track and kill supranormals (“supras”) such as werewolves, vampires, and demons. Seeking revenge after her sister is malevolently “turned” into a werewolf, the last thing the hot-tempered Malice expected was to develop deep desires for one of her sworn enemies.

Ruri Samson is a magnificent golden-eyed wolven without a pack. Smart, sensitive, and loyal, she considers Malice her mate. Ruri would sacrifice her own life to protect her – and this time she just may have to.



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