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Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

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Sins of Mercy: Book 3

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

No one is more productive at work than Mercy, who is blessed with lust and avarice – and both sins leave her with too much energy! For a week Mercy has not slept a wink, opting to instead put in overtime at work, clean her house every day, and probably train for a marathon, too. It’s gotten to the point where her coworkers are noticing her for all the wrong reasons.

That’s why the next sinner to visit her is Sloth, a lethargic beauty who invites Mercy into her “dream world.” What Mercy discovers on the other side of consciousness is a world where anything is possible. Anything except actual sleep!


Lix Club: Book 1

by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Quinn is the handsome, yet guarded owner of LA’s most exclusive women-only club, Lix- an incredible adult playground where fantasies do come true. Can Lauren find a way to seduce Quinn and explore the magical world of Lix?

A sizzling hot Butch/Femme Age Gap Lesbian Romance with light BDSM themes by Emily Hayes

Lauren is curious to explore the enigmatic nightclub, Lix, and also her own sexuality. When she meets the club owner, Kelly Quinn, she is blown away by Quinn’s charm and natural dominance. Quinn is fiercely guarded and Quinn is a player. Can Lauren find a way to change all of that?



by Dorothy Rice Bennett

Brittany Forrest, animal lover and vet tech, needs a better place to rent in Sequim, on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula. Noticing a for-rent sign, she calls the owner of the large house. Brit, guessing she isn’t the only woman needing a better/cheaper place to live, finds three other lesbians to rent with her. Needing one more, Aggie Hollister, the straight older woman who owns the big house, asks to remain as the fifth woman. How will this work out for the five women – a vet tech, a lawn-maintenance worker, a college student with a secret friend, a retired pianist, and a straight woman who has built a life caring for other people, all of different ages – sharing space and lives?


Conclusion to The RV Ranch

by Tey Holden

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Jo and Kate embarked on their RV road trip to Alaska, it was not what they expected. The long road took them through unexpected turns and stops that would test their resolve and love.

Will they stay together and make it to Alaska, or will the trip put their relationship in danger?




A LadyLuck Startups Romance: Book 2

by Monica McCallan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

App designer Carter Montgomery has thrown herself into being a successful co-founder of LadyLuck for the last half decade. Until now, she’s been content to focus on work mixed with a little light fun. It takes a horrible date with an infuriating woman to make her realize that maybe she isn’t so satisfied with things and that it’s time she got serious about investing in her love life.




Sellswords & Spellweavers: Book 3

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A prank gone wrong. A murder that’s more than it seems.

Something’s wrong in the jarldom. A rash of inexplicable disappearances, mysterious sightings of strange creatures, and an accidental killing are just the beginning. When the jarl himself is transformed into a beast, people begin to look to the Mage’s University.

Together with the giant Njal, apprentice wizard Idun Wintermoon and investigator Lissette Forlatt are in a race against time to clear the university – and find the real culprit. But there’s more afoot than magical pranks.

The transmogrification games are just beginning.





by Linda North

Available in Kindle Unlimited

In 1901, Rose McLeod and her father are in Cairo to acquire ancient Egyptian relics for their antiquities business back home in Baltimore. A notorious slaver, known for procuring concubines for harems, attempts to abduct Rose. She is rescued only to find she is now captive of a beautiful woman claiming to be the pharaoh of a kingdom hidden deep in the Sahara.

Merytneit is autocratic, arrogant, and entitled. She believes Rose is a gift from Goddess Neit. Rose refuses to accept any of this. She’s a “freeborn American woman.” During her journey across the desert to the Valley of Wind and Dreams, Rose joins Meryt’s three companions as a reluctant member of Meryt’s family. Rose discovers the women are not just Meryt’s companions. “Harem. This is a harem.”

Cultures clash, danger intrudes, and passions flame. Travel with Meryt and Rose across the Sahara to the Valley of Wind and Dreams, where they discover their entwined destinies as decreed by the ancient Egyptian Gods.

2nd Edition rewritten with expanded and additional chapters. Contains mild violence.





by Lexa Luther

Omega Princess Kinsey will one day rule the House of Wymarc and Thornstone Castle—as long as she secures the next heir to the throne. Her father has given her four Alpha slaves to choose as the breeder. In exchange for her pregnancy, the slave will be granted freedom.

Aubrey, a She-Alpha, was sold into slavery as a young child. Life as a misunderstood Alpha has been difficult, and now she has the chance to regain her freedom. All she must do is best the other three Alphas, impregnate the princess, and leave without a trace. However, discovering she will be forbidden to ever see the child, Aubrey realizes the real cost of her freedom.

Trigger Warning:  The book has a female lead character with a penis.




Hannah Graves Series: Book 1

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Growing up in Doylestown, Pa I have had a pretty nice life for the first sixteen years. Great adoptive parents, loving girlfriend, and outstanding best friend. However, when a random dare turns deadly, I am forced to the harshest truth of my world. Life is never going to be the same, because I’m not even human.

Now I am struggling to figure out the truth months later, scrambling to put this terrifying evil back into its bottle!


Hellriders in Love: Book 3

by Parker Jaysen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The bad news: Your partner’s dead. The guild wants you on the mission anyway.

The worse news: The cargo is a live dragon. Going alone is unthinkable.

The WTF: Your boss is coming along.

Lucy and Jess were lined up for the next hellrun, but Jess is gone. Into the vacancy slides guild leader Thea: tall, blonde, rich — and why is she even here?

The marsh is more demonic than usual, the dragon is bigger than a station cat and growing, and even as a ley mage, Lucy is lost in a world without her old partner.

But two hearts in sync are another kind of map, pointing the way to love, if she has only the courage to follow.

Short reads, steamy romance, epic scope.




Two Hearts Trilogy: Book 1

by Harper Bliss

narrated by Melissa Moran & Tanya Eby

In the small town of Donovan Grove, Anna Gunn’s life is organized just the way she likes it: work from home, walks with her dog, Friday night drinks at the bar.

But Anna’s strict routine is challenged when the local bookstore is taken over by city slicker, Zoe Perez.

Will Anna let Zoe into her life, despite the major disruption she will have to tolerate?

And can Zoe look past Anna’s eccentricity and embrace her unconventional behavior?


Curtis and Reynolds: Book 2

by Carolyn Elizabeth

narrated by Lori Prince

Though still suffering side effects from the injuries she sustained in a serious fall, Corey Curtis is off restricted duty and back at work in the morgue. Within hours of cutting the cast off her arm with a bone saw, she’s asked by her former mentor to assist on a body recovery. Now she’s elbow deep in decomposing human remains and a suspicious death that hits far too close to home.

Just when her relationship with Dr. Thayer Reynolds has reached a new milestone, the new case tests Corey’s limits while Thayer struggles with a difficult situation at work. Corey’s impulsive nature has her hurtling down an all too familiar road with trouble around every corner.

The only thing keeping the wheels from totally coming off is Thayer’s unwavering love and support. But when the investigation comes full circle, everyone is caught off guard…threatening a most unhappy ending.



KD Williamson, author of Cops and Docs, Pink, and Big Girl Pill is holding an auction for autographed paperbacks from some of your favorite lesfic authors in order to raise money for her preventative mastectomy. Please join us on Facebook from July 25th-August 1st to bid, win and help an author in need.



Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Isabella provides cringeworthy chuckles with her You Can’t Make This Stuff Up! guest post. Isabella is giving away 1 ecopy of Blood Honor.

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

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