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by Barbara Winkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Zoe inherits money from her grandmother, along with the instruction to do “something wild” with it, she takes a three-week vacation to Italy and Greece. But is that wild enough? Back home, she decides to open a restaurant to share with her community the food and wine she fell in love with.

The major wrinkle in her plan? She needs the perfect person to cook the delicious dishes she has in mind.

Chef Arianna O’Dell was a rising star in the culinary world before a public scandal put an abrupt halt to her dreams. Arianna is reluctant to resume a career in a field that has cast her out, but it’s hard to resist Zoe’s passion.

Can Zoe and Arianna overcome everything that’s holding them back, and make their shared dream a reality?



by Brenda Murphy

Dropped from her television show after a very public split with her cheating ex, celebrity chef Mai Li wants nothing more than to reopen her parents’ shuttered restaurant and make a fresh start in her former hometown. So what if twenty years of neglect has left the building in need of a major renovation?

Seduced by Mai’s charm and determination, hard-edged contractor Dale Miller agrees to take on her renovation project.

After a spring storm causes significant damage to the building and renovation costs exceed Mai’s budget, Dale offers her a deal, but is it a price Mai is willing to pay?


The Hellfire Quartet: Book 2

by Hildred Billings and Cynthia Dane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Danica has suffered enough bad luck to last her the rest of her life. The only highlight is using up the last month of her short-lived Hellfire membership to blow off some steam in LA’s most exclusive adult club.

Too bad she bumps into the woman who has absolutely wrecked her chances at stardom.

Cherry is one of LA’s most notable music producers, single-handedly creating a new wave of Motown and R’n’B staples for a brave new century. As a guest judge on American Song Champion, she first heard Danica’s voice and found it intriguing. The stage presence, though? Wanting.

Danica isn’t boring now. She’s exactly who Cherry is looking for tonight.


Robin & Jen: Book 1

by Leslye Marks

Available in Kindle Unlimited

There’s a freedom that comes with letting go and starting again. Robin Bowman and Jennifer Kinney are adjusting to their new lives and doing it on their own terms. When their worlds collide, both women learn they should always trust their instincts, their closest friends, and their hearts in order to achieve true happiness.



by Jaime Clevenger

What would you do for forty-one million dollars?

For Elizabeth Samuels, it’s not some hypothetical what-if. It’s the very real inheritance she stands to gain if she follows the stipulations in her grandfather’s will when she takes over his family practice. The only problem? The stipulations mean a life she doesn’t want.

Terri Anderson knows better than to get involved with her resident. She’s had a work romance before—it didn’t end well and she doesn’t want to be part of the gossip mill all over again. But with Sam, keeping her distance is easier said than done.

When Sam considers walking away from medicine, Terri knows she can’t let her make that huge mistake. But changing Sam’s mind means getting close. A little too close.

With so much at stake, now is definitely not the time to fall in love.


Book 1: Serena & Katerina

by Kimberly A. Todd

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Is it possible to find a second chance at love?

Being rich, powerful, and thirty years old for eternity has its perks. Being a heartbroken, 800-year-old lesbian vampire, not so much.

Serena Vanderen is chairman and CEO of V.A.M.P. Global. Advertiser by day; scientist, murderer, and cleanup artist for her pharmaceutical client by night.

Since her girlfriend was killed thirty years ago, Serena has been going through the motions of running her advertising agency while grieving and trying to armor her heart against any more pain. But when Katerina Davenport attends her company gala, everything changes.

Can this captivating, gorgeous, sexy redhead help Serena find love again? Will she reignite Serena’s long-dormant sexual desires? Will Katerina be able to accept that she is falling in love with a vampire? What dark secrets does the agency conceal that challenges their love—and Katerina’s safety?

Serena & Katerina is the first book of the V.A.M.P. series, beginning the erotic romance that follows the lives of the title characters and transcends time.



by Blythe H. Warren

Harper Maxfield is going to change the world. But first she has to change her life.

Harper’s mundane job provides a steady paycheck but not much else—leaving her feeling frustrated, a little empty, and wondering how she let her girlfriend talk her into it in the first place. Her friends and family wonder how she let her girlfriend talk her into anything—especially a relationship. But how could she help falling for a gorgeous, successful doctor who saves kids from cancer?

At least Harper has her volunteer work with Mental Illness Allies to fulfill her. And if the big fundraiser she’s organizing is the success she hopes it will be, maybe it will end in a full-time position with Allies.

When comic book artist Eliot DeSanto isn’t thinking about superheroes, sidekicks and archrivals, she’s worried about her niece, whose recent cancer diagnosis has turned her life upside down. Eliot has no time for anything outside of work and family. But when eager humanitarian Harper asks for help with a fundraiser, Eliot finds herself unable to resist the attractive young woman.

Their work brings them closer together, but with so many obstacles between them, will they have the courage to follow their hearts?


City General: Book 1

by Ruby Scott

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When experienced Paramedic and soccer coach, Chrissie, is thrown together with much younger Sam, a twenty-four-year-old talented player and EMT, both at work and on the pitch, sparks fly!

Unable to escape each other what will it really take to get a winning combination in this slow burn, age gap, lesbian medical romance?

Sam thinks her soccer coach is a hard ass but then she finds that she will be her supervisor at work too. Thrown together they have to confront their own shortcomings in this steamy medical romance.





by Les Mood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Charlie’s friend Anika keeps trying to hook her up with Taylor. Taylor’s friend Angela keeps trying to hook her up with Charlie. But the two women have nothing in common. Charlie does maintenance and plumbing at their apartment complex. Taylor doesn’t know a monkey wrench from a pipe wrench. Taylor is a bartender. Charlie doesn’t drink. Charlie writes romance novels for straight women. Taylor illustrates graphic novels for lesbians. Charlie thinks Taylor’s illustrations are borderline porn. Taylor thinks Charlie’s novels are sentimental crap. Taylor has a smart mouth and an attitude. Charlie has an attitude and a smart mouth. They’ve both got a hot temper, and the only thing they consistently agree on is that they do not like each other one little bit.

So why can’t they keep their hands off each other?



by Amber M. Kestner

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Amber lives in the Country and Natalie is all for the City life. When they meet it is like fate brought them together. Amber faces a lot of mental problems from losing her wife to cancer though that is far from the truth as Natalie learns more about Sarah’s quest by being alive than actually being dead.

Trigger warning:  there is body shaming from both characters and mental issues with the main character.





by McGee Mathews

What would you do if, after finally finding the woman of your dreams, she suddenly leaves to fight in the Civil War?

It’s 1863, and Elizabeth Hepscott has resigned herself to a life of monotonous boredom far from the battlefields as the wife of a Missouri rancher. Her fate changes when she travels with her brother to Kentucky to help him join the Union Army. On a whim, she poses as his little brother and is bullied into enlisting, as well. Reluctantly pulled into a new destiny, a lark decision quickly cascades into mortal danger.

While Elizabeth’s life has made a drastic U-turn, Charlie Schweicher, heiress to a glass-making fortune, is still searching for the only thing money can’t buy.

A chance encounter drastically changes everything for both of them.

Will Charlie find the love she’s longed for, or will the war take it all away?




Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 30

by Victoria Rush

When Jade travels to Marrakesh for a North African vacation, she’s captivated by the sights and sounds of the bustling metropolis. But when a handsome and mysterious sheik invites her to join him on his desert caravan, she hesitates deciding to accept his offer.

The next day, she takes a camel ride out to his encampment and is mesmerized by the serene beauty of the Sahara landscape. But when they reach his camp and Amir introduces her to his stable of young and pretty wives, her thoughts suddenly turn to a different form of entertainment.

After Amir treats her to a private Arabian belly dance in his tent, she heads back to the women’s tent with one of the girls and they make love on the warm desert floor. For the next couple of days, Jade immerses herself in the culture of their peaceful nomadic lifestyle, sampling all of their special delicacies.

But when an unfortunate mishap suddenly turns their plans upside down, Jade and the rest of the girls must find a way to escape from the middle of the desert and make their way back to civilization. Join Jade as she’s taken on a wild and erotic journey through the wilderness, making memories that will last her a lifetime…





by Morgan Elliot and Erin Wade

When beautiful Jules Law of Intelligent Security Services made Sophie Martini an offer that would save her ranch from pending foreclosure, Sophie was hesitant to accept due to the danger that accompanied Jule’s multi-million-dollar offer.

It boiled down to hiding a dangerous woman struggling with PTSD from terrorists or losing her ranch. Sophia called on her gorgeous niece forensic psychologist Alex Martini to help make the decision.

The attraction between Jules and Alex was instantaneous but could it grow into something stronger in a world of subterfuge and deceit where the players constantly changed characters? For the first time Erin Wade joins with Morgan Elliot to co-author a dynamite love story wrapped in action and adventure. A new adventure in Lesfic.




Hellriders in Love: Book 4

by Parker Jaysen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sure, I’ve loved Dinah forever. Sure, we partner on desert runs ALWAYS.

She knows how I feel. If she wanted more she’d say so.
Wouldn’t she?

A secret egg in cargo has hatched in transit, but the powers-that-be still want the young dragon.

Veteran riders Charlie and Dinah are tapped to make the final delivery, but when guild elder Thea and her partner Lucy are also assigned, is it to help care for the beast, to keep tabs on Charlie and Dinah, or for some other purpose?

Deep in the hostile desert, Charlie and Dinah have decisions to make – a decision that could shatter the guild, and a decision that will make or break the bond between them.




Chronicles of Alsea: Book 10

by Fletcher DeLancey

The Voloth opening gambit upends months of planning. Their second assault leaves Alsea’s defenses scrambling. The third may end it all. While Captain Serrado and her forces desperately fight to prevent a catastrophe, Lancer Tal activates her secret weapon. But Salomen is no warrior, and a changing battle can unravel even the best of plans.


Shipbreakers Series: Book 1

by Lily Lancaster

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Galactic Encyclopaedia of Everything (33rd edition) defines a Shipbreaker as a person (or persons) who salvages high value targets, space hulks, and other strategic assets.

Those working in the Shipbreaking business mostly just think of themselves as freedom seekers. It can be a lonely profession, spending weeks at a time scouring the fringes of known space and beyond for signs of the next big score, but a thousand years of human history among the stars has left behind all manner of relics and goodies for the taking… for those brave (or foolish) enough to chase after them.

Captain Eliza Schneider’s all-female crew of the salvage vessel Star of Dawn is one such team brave enough to enter the lawless regions of space where there are no rules, and where justice is dispensed from the barrel of a hyper-velocity railgun.

Old & New is the first part of a multi-part series following the adventures of the Star of Dawn’s crew as they find new targets for salvage… and end up embroiled in something much bigger and more dangerous than merely salvaging derelict spacecraft.




Book 3

by Scott Kujawa

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Elly returns!

Elly hunts for the secret organization spreading chaos throughout Ellyville. Working with Rylee, Skylar, and Kasumi, the four fight to end the threat.

The first battle happens at the drive-in, and their adventures escalate from there. Elly finds herself drawn into the alternate realities. Portals need closed. Meeting the Skylar who came from another version of Ellyville and the evil version of Elly is inevitable.

The relationships between Elly and Rylee deepen, as does Skylar’s and Kasumi’s.

Will Elly and her companions protect Ellyville? Will they allow Skylar and Evil Elly access to their reality? What happens with Captain Kansas when the four interrogate the police captain about being a member of the secret organization? These questions and other surprises are revealed in this installment of Elly of Ellyville.





by Serena J. Bishop

Available in Kindle Unlimited

This humorous short story bundle contains three intertwined tales that take place before the events of the novel, Leveled.

Sisters: After Perse and Missy both experience a terrible and demoralizing day, Missy decides a night out is just what they need to brighten their spirits. And to boost Perse’s self-confidence.

Mission: Marriage: While on a cruise with friends, Stef comes to the conclusion that she’s ready for a long-term relationship again and is convinced she can design the perfect system to make that happen. But she’ll need the input from her friends, and a flirtatious waitress, to get the ball rolling.

The Interview: After a mock interview conducted by her family, Perse is ready to face the last hurdle to secure her dream job. All she needs to do is keep her anxiety in check and hope the interviewers don’t ask any off-the-wall questions. As long as that happens, she’ll be fine. Yeah, she’ll be just fine.

The novel, Leveled, will be released on September 8, 2020.





by Kiki Archer

narrated by Ella Lynch

Wedding planner Lauren Hilliard weaves fairytales out of possibilities. It’s her business and she’s good at it. Her brides love her for making their dreams come true but she’s not managed to make the magic happen for herself – yet.

Trouble is, Lauren’s in love with her best friend and has been for eleven hopeless years. Years in which she’s secretly imagined the fairytale of possibilities if she had the courage to speak…which she hasn’t. So she doesn’t. And she won’t.

But what if the feelings are mutual?


A Wild for You Novel: Book 1

by Jenny Frame

narrated by Keira Grace

Alexis Villiers’s best friend, the Principe of the Debrek clan, is newly bonded to Amelia, and Alexis hasn’t felt so alone for centuries. No longer her leader’s closest confidante, Alexis has to face the ever growing longing she has for the Debrek housekeeper, Katie Brekman.

Katie is enjoying her new role as head housekeeper for the Debreks. All she has to worry about is the moody, bad tempered Alexis. Katie has no idea why Alexis dislikes her so much, or why she has refused to feed from her. Certainly Amelia’s theory that Alexis is attracted to Katie couldn’t possibly be true. Katie can’t imagine her showing any kind of emotion, let alone attraction.

When Katie is attacked amid a burgeoning vampire-witch war, Alexis is set to go against everything her clan believes in. Forced to face her longing for Katie, she is torn between opening her heart to a human and abandoning her clan when they need her the most.


Taylor & Kaitlyn: Book 1

by Leslye Marks

narrated by Lori Prince

A mandatory meeting and a chance encounter. Two strangers bond over their shared warped sense of humor. Once things change, there’s no going back. But, sometimes changes are absolutely perfect and happen just at the perfect time!







Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

TB Markinson shares an embarrassing story with her Can You Spot Me a Fiver? guest post. TB and Clare Lydon are giving away Amazon Gift Cards and a signed copy of One Golden Summer

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