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by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when the one person who makes your heart sing is also the one person who could destroy everything you’ve worked for?

Laurie “the Hatchet” Emerson is a ruthless leader in Boston finance who’s rumoured to have a block of ice where her heart should be. If only. Recently widowed, Laurie fears she’s broken beyond repair, until a once-in-a-lifetime business deal reignites her passion for work and gives her a shot at proving to the world she still has some life left in her.

Jack Kennedy is a young portfolio manager who aspires to greatness. Unfortunately, she’s so many rungs down the corporate ladder she can’t even scrape up enough money to move out of her mother’s apartment. Her luck changes when her work ethic is finally rewarded with the job opportunity of her dreams.

A blizzard forces their worlds to collide, but what was meant to be a no-strings night of passion becomes more complicated when they both arrive at the office the next morning to discover they each spent the night with the one person in the city who could crush their futures.

Together, they just might hold the keys to everything they’ve ever wanted, but the difference in their ages and positions could spell the end of their careers. Will the ice queen and the protégé find happiness together or lose everything?


Red Bush and Lemon: Book 2

by Alysia D. Evans

Available in Kindle Unlimited

It had only taken Lucy two weeks to fall in love with Jaz. She had shown Lucy what love truly was and saved her from an abusive husband. But living away from her home town is making Lucy feel insecure. She needs more of Jaz’s time and attention to help her find a way through her new life.

But Jaz is merrily enjoying her days, busy working, helping out her family and coming home to the love of her life. Jaz doesn’t realise that she and Lucy have problems, and through her actions is repeatedly letting Lucy down. Causing their relationship to fall from wonder to despair.

Will the two of them be able to reconcile and re-align their lives to take on the challenges the future may bring.



by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

You can’t always get what you want.

In the space of five months, Alex Blakely has gone from party-girl traveler who never wanted to settle down, to house-owner and guardian to seven-year-old Libby. The responsibility terrifies her, she never wanted this.

In the course of a year, Kat Stein has gone from happily married second-grade teacher, to divorced, broke and hanging onto her job by a thread. The loss of her perfect life is devastating, she never wanted this.

And when travel-crazed hippy meets disciplined, strait-laced teacher, it’s hate at first sight. Alex and Kat couldn’t be more different, and neither is exactly living her best life. Until a rigged school election, a painful accident in the woods, and the re-appearance of Libby’s mysterious father mean that the two are reluctantly bound together…

Getting everything you ever wanted is hard enough. But getting everything you never wanted? That’s a whole lot trickier…





by Erin Wade

Erin Wade’s historical lesbian novel is set in West Texas where cattle & oil were king and men were masters of their fate. A woman didn’t have a chance of making it in the straight shooting, fast riding, hard drinking world of the Texas cowboy or did she? A novel about a love so forbidden it wasn’t even whispered. A heroine so unlikely she wasn’t believed. Wade’s newest novel scorches the Texas badlands and runs over hearts like a herd of Texas Longhorns. This action-packed thriller will remind you why Erin Wade is the #1 International Bestselling Lesbian author in the action/adventure field. Almost too hot to handle.




Exile Academy: Book 1

by J.S. Diaz

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Discovering my magical powers was weird, but getting recruited into a secret magical academy was weirder. I’m Ace, and I’m navigating a competitive new world where I’ve made friends with a Death Walker and a Diviner. The jury is still out on whether my romantic entanglement with a tough girl Transmute is a good idea.

The more I learn about our magical history, the more I realize they aren’t telling us everything. Why did our ancestors really leave our homeland? With the help of new friends and rivals alike, its time we shed some light on the secrets lurking beneath the surface. You’ll never believe what we uncovered. . . .




Fire and Ice: Book 5

by Idella Breen

They say dreadful things happen in three. All it took was one night for Snow to understand the truth of this. One decision made, protect Raegan McCloud, sets into motion a series of unforgettable and unforgivable events. Can Cait and Snow rise to this next challenge? Or will they all fall victim to the King of Brimstone and Bones?




Monica Spade Series: Book 2

by Alexi Venice

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Monica Spade insists she isn’t a trial lawyer, much less one who represents dangerous criminals. Despite her protests, Judge O’Brien orders Monica to serve as standby counsel for a young woman accused of repeatedly stabbing her boyfriend.

As Monica digs into the facts of the case, she uncovers sexual innuendo and layers of international intrigue. Soon, deadly forces come after her in the form of a Ukrainian thug who will stop at nothing to get what he wants and two suspicious federal agents all too willing to put the squeeze on her.

Stuck between an unrelenting judge and a killer in a pink cardigan, Monica pursues the truth in court while fighting to keep her new girlfriend, Shelby St. Claire, out of harm’s way.

Trigger warning: Contains graphic descriptions of a stabbing scene.




Mistress: Book 1

by Anna Stone

narrated by Lexy Rebe

One year. Five million dollars. A proposal she can’t refuse.

Escort Ruby Scott is used to waking up in the bed of a wealthy woman. What she isn’t expecting is to wake up with a ring on her finger and married to Yvonne Maxwell, one of the executives behind the Mistress Media empire, a woman as alluring as she is cold.

For 10 years, Yvonne has been sitting on an inheritance she can’t touch until she’s married. An encounter with an escort in a red dress presents the perfect solution – a marriage of convenience. In exchange for a year playing the role of her wife, Yvonne offers Ruby a life of glamour, decadence, and more money than Ruby ever dreamed of.

Yvonne is adamant that they keep their arrangement strictly business. But as Ruby’s submissive side awakens, Yvonne can’t resist the temptation to make Ruby hers, and Ruby is intoxicated by the commanding woman and the release Yvonne grants her.

As Ruby falls deeper into Yvonne’s seductive world of luxury and power games, both women struggle to keep their hearts from getting caught up in the passion between them. When their inner demons emerge and their fake marriage plot is threatened, Ruby and Yvonne find they have far more to lose than just the inheritance.


Jems & Jamz: Book 4

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

narrated by Kris Szczesny

Ziggy Johnson has been through one of the worst years of her life, but when she is roomed with Lana Waverly, a pompous woman with no concept of empathy, things take a turn for the worst. Ziggy does her best to cope with her roommate’s undesirable behavior, and in the process, she learns that there is much more to the other woman than she thought.



by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Cassandra Arnold

Coming out is hard. Coming out in the public eye is even harder. People think they own a piece of you, your work, and your life, they feel they have the right to judge you. You lose not only friends but fans and ultimately, possibly, your career…or your life.

Cassie Summers is a Southern rock star; she came out so that she could feel true to herself. Her family, including her band and those important to her support her, but there are others that feel she betrayed them, they have revenge on their minds.

Karin Myers is a rock star in her own right; she is one of those new super promoters: Manager, go-to gal, agent, public relations expert, and hand-holder, all in one. Her name is synonymous with getting someone recognized, promoted, and making money. She only handles particular clients though; she’s choosy…for some very specific reasons.

Meeting Cassie at a party there is a definite attraction. She does not however wish to represent her despite her excellent reputation. She fights it tooth and nail until she is contractually required to do so. It nearly costs them more than either of them anticipated…their lives.



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Cade Haddock Strong provides chuckles with the Good Kid With A Wild Streak guest post. Cade is giving away 1 ecopy of Fare Game

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