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by Jae

Shy butch Denny has a simple life as a cashier who helps raise her niece. Then she gets a wrong-number text from a stranger named Eliza, asking her for dating advice.

Eliza, the queen of disastrous first dates, finds an instant connection with Denny that makes her question everything…like just how straight she really is.

A slow-burn lesbian romance with likable characters and low angst.


Lesvos Island: Book 1

by Sam Skyborne

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Jacquie Lyon left the island as a teenager… crushed with a broken heart. Now, 20 years later, she has the opportunity to go back. Will she return, and risk opening those old wounds?

Dorothy Rowland has been a conscientious mother and teacher her whole life, always doing ‘the right thing’. Now, in her later years, when faced with a final chance at love, will she take it?


The Neon Fishnets: Book 2

by Scarlett Knight

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The Neon Fishnets’ lead guitarist, Raina Emerson, returns home from rehab a changed woman. Embarking on rock star life as a clean and sober musician isn’t easy, especially since Raina has been the band’s notorious party girl for the past decade, but she is totally up for the challenge. With a new album topping the charts, a tour coming up, and her band mates providing their love and support, everything is moving along perfectly.

That is, until a different kind of temptation enters her life in the form of a beautiful woman named Lara Thompson. Complicating things even further is the fact that Raina and Lara have a history, a shared dark past that Raina isn’t ready to confront.

Possible trigger warning includes dealing with grief over the long-ago tragic death of a friend.


Sports Series: Book 3

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mia Landis was so close to being an Olympian. Instead, she watched the Tokyo Olympics and her would-be-team from home with her one-year-old daughter. When Mia heard about a serious professional softball league starting up in the US, she thought it would be crazy to try out. After being convinced, though, she gave it a shot and ended up moving her entire life across the country.

Skylar Donahue lived for the game. Softball had been her entire world until an injury took away her shot to play in the Olympics. She resigned herself to coaching until she heard about a new league starting up. When she made the local team, she had no idea that a new woman in town would completely change her entire world.

Both women dreamed of representing their country in the Olympics. Neither of them thought their lives would take the turn they’d taken. But if they can see past what they thought their lives would be, and look at where they ended up, they might find a whole new dream; one that could last a lifetime.


Your Way Series: Book 2

by Jamey Moody

Available in Kindle Unlimited

How many life changing events can a brand new relationship stand?

Erin Evans is hoping the fourth time’s the charm in her quest to have a baby. At forty-one she’s out of time and doing this on her own. She knows the odds of finding her happily-ever-after are slim, but she wants to be a mother more than anything.

A semi-flirtatious conversation with a tall, fit, dark-haired woman in the waiting room of her fertility clinic gives Erin pause, which she attributes to hormones until she comes out of her procedure to find the alluring Desi Shaw still waiting.

What Desi does next surprises them both…


Love and Second Chances: Book 1

by Cailee Francis

Available in Kindle Unlimited


Two years after my divorce I’m ready to push through the pain. I didn’t expect to cross paths with Rae—in a chat room of all places. She was my first love, who I met in college. Ten years ago, I walked away from us at a time when she needed me. My first instinct is to run—it would be too easy to fall in love again.


Real love has evaded me since Lindsay, my first love and the girl I left behind. It’s been a string of friends with benefits—I give my body but never my heart. The girl I loved is now a woman with a broken heart and everything in me yearns to coax her back to life. That’s why I’m inviting her to stay with me in Ireland.



by Samantha Hicks

What do you do when you are in love with your best friend’s wife? Haze Evens is pleased Gabby Turner has everything she wants, expecting her first child, and happy in her marriage. Even though it breaks her heart she has it with someone else, her best friend Nicole.

Everything changes when Gabby turns up one night needing a place to stay. As they spend time together, their mutual attraction blossoms, but neither are willing to cross that line.

Tension between Gabby and her wife increase when the baby arrives, leaving Gabby with a traumatic choice, her child or Haze. Not willing to give up either, she decides to fight Nicole in any way she can.

This is a story about unrequited love, betrayal, and finding your soul mate. Can the heart really have it all?


The Intern: Book 1

by Scarlett Grace

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When the one with power is not the one in charge.

A Powerful CEO – the ice queen in her office but a submissive at night.

A Trivial Interns – a little nobody during the day, but when the night comes, she is the one with power.

Two identities, two parallel worlds. A discrete life full of lust and desires.

All comes to an end when the two women cross paths.

The book contain submissive and dominatrix activity.




The Pride Trilogy: Book 2

by TJ Dallas

Sexy meets romantic as Lara and Zoe take their relationship to the next level. Unfortunately, our sinful women aren’t so lucky. A weekend in Brighton turns dark after a horrific truth is uncovered that will change Harry’s life forever, forcing her to make a heartbreaking decision that could tear her and Althea apart. Faced with an impossible choice, nothing will ever be the same again.

All sexually explicit scenes are f/f only and completely consensual, however the story line contains sensitive issues that deal with the aftermath of rape trauma. The rape is NOT graphic; only hinted at for story line purposes.




Sequel to Payback

by Charlotte Mills

What’s a retired cop to do when her lover is being targeted? Ex-Detective Chief Inspector Helen pulls on her boots again in this lesbian mystery. She uses her old police skills to play bodyguard to Lexi and kick over clues. As the incidents keep piling up, Helen starts to wonder if one of her old enemies is behind it all.

A sequel to Payback, this exciting thriller will keep you on your toes.





by Martha Miller

Me Inside is a-true-to-life story with a broad appeal. It’s a family drama, speckled with just a touch of romance/coming out (but not angst-y) of mystery/intrigue.

It begins when Jeannie Baker’s mother abandons her at a very young age, which turns out to be the best thing that ever happened to her. She’s left alone with a father who provides a good childhood for her, with all the things she needs, from blue jeans that fit, to a hot breakfast, and to the steady and dependable life she’s never had. Then when Jeannie is fifteen years old, a high school basketball star, with good friends and a happy future, her father is murdered…





by Sandra Freeman

Danielle “Dany” Divito fell deeply in love at first sight with the mysterious Anita da Silva when she walked into a bar in a small French village. After a year of pining escalated into a few nights of desperate passion, Dany lost Anita, who disappeared back to the United States and was later tragically murdered by her ex-husband. Trying to recover from this devastating loss, Dany returns to France, retracing her steps as she lays memories of Anita to rest. Instead of a solo journey, though, Dany meets a young man operating a private hotel called El Paradiso, a retreat for those in confusion about themselves and their place in a society that imposes labels they reject. Andy carefully selects his guests; the one requirement is that they believe in love. Dany came back to France to forget a disastrous affair, but she is about to open her heart and mind to an experience she never expected.

Trigger warning: There is brief discussion of a murder that has taken place but no graphic details.



by C.A. Clemmings

As soon as Isabelle Bartley could, she left behind the life created by her mother and Jamaican drug kingpin stepfather – the secrets, the violence, the constant anxiety. Running a guesthouse in a secluded backwoods New Jersey town brought her much-needed peace. Then the mysterious and alluring Victoria Harper blows into town, bringing chaos in her wake. Isabelle gets wrapped up in Victoria’s sordid tales and twisted family history of crime and vigilantism. When Victoria must travel to Turkey to rescue a friend and they lose contact, Isabelle chases after her.

Along the turquoise waters of the Bosporus Strait, Isabelle again plunges into a shrouded and clandestine underworld – this time to be with the woman she loves while running for her life.




Shape-Shifter: Book 4

by Jae

narrated by Abby Craden

CEO Rue has no idea that her adopted son Danny is a wolf-shifter or that his beautiful tutor Kelsey isn’t there to teach him algebra.

When Danny runs away, the race is on to find him before his first transformation. In the frantic search, Kelsey and Rue unexpectedly find something else: each other.

A gripping lesbian paranormal romance about family bonds and being true to yourself.


Midnight Hunters: Book 8

by L.L. Raand

narrated by Keira Grace

Sylvan forms an alliance with the neighboring Snowcrest wolf Pack after an attack on Snowcrest by creatures from beyond the veil and sends a cadre of warriors to aid in training the Snowcrest soldiers to defend against the next attack. Trent, one of Sylvan’s lieutenants, understands her duty but can’t deny the primal call of another Were, even if Zora is the Alpha of the Snowcrest Pack and any relationship between them risks inter-Pack war. When Sylvan receives an unexpected summons – couched in the form of an invitation to parlay – from Cecilia, Queen of Faerie, she decides to cross into Faerie despite Drake’s misgivings and against the advice of her war council. The Timberwolf stronghold has never been breached, but this time the enemy is shielded by dark magic and no one is safe.


Jems & Jamz: Book 5

by Nicole Higginbotham-Hogue

narrated by Kris Szczesny

When Spike takes over the band’s public relations, she is suddenly knee-deep in fan mail, and much to Jemma’s dismay, she spends most of her time on her new position. However, when threatening e-mails begin to come in from Fangirl38, Spike finds herself at odds, and before she knows it, the whole band is caught up in a mixture of suspense and terror.



by M. Ullrich

narrated by Keira Grace

Kenzie Shaw is the most sought-after rookie in women’s major league soccer, but her life changes forever when she’s drafted in her home state of New Jersey. After all, it’s not every day you get a chance to play alongside your idol and the woman you’ve crushed on for years.

Sutton Flores has soccer in her blood. Her father raised her to play, her brothers pushed her even harder, and her coaches shaped her into a superstar athlete. Despite her success, Sutton never lost sight of what matters most – her family, friends, and the woman she’s dating – even if most of her relationships fizzle out as quickly as they start.

Kenzie and Sutton’s chemistry as teammates quickly escalates to undeniable attraction off the field, but when allegations of sexual harassment rock the team and their relationship, they must decide if they’re willing to sacrifice their dreams for love. Are they destined to last, or are they players in a game set to lose?



by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Cassandra Arnold

Earth and Eladia are being invaded by a race of destroyers. Only one hope remains for either world to survive, the goodwill of a madwoman, his daughter. Can Charles Carter convince her to help or will she even care?








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