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by TB Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can a weekend change your fate?

As soon as Rory Price’s plane touches down in Britain for her two-year work contract , she has big plans to see and experience everything she can. The one thing that isn’t on the twenty-seven-year old’s agenda is a relationship.

Tell that to her matchmaking British friend who sets Rory up on a coffee date on her first full day in the new country.

Imogen Wright doesn’t want any more complications in her life. The only thing she’s considering committing to is adopting a dog.

Their blind date starts off disastrous, but there might be more than meets the eye.

Will the two headstrong women continue to clash, or will they see what’s so obvious to their matchmaking friend?



by Callie Hall

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After a devastating loss, Beth spends her days walking the empty halls of a house that no longer feels like home. Comfortable in her solitude, Beth’s night is interrupted when a woman shows up on her doorstep asking for shelter from the cold.

Stranded and drenched by the pouring rain, 28-year-old Abby’s night has gone from bad to worse. From her cheating ex to a fallen tree that’s blocked her path, Abby’s had it with the rest of the world. The company could be also better, but with nowhere else to go, Abby must depend on the kindness of a stranger that, while rough around the edges, can be quite warm if given the chance.

Trigger warning: mention of a miscarriage/stillbirth in the book.



by Mariah R. Embry

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The moment seemed to still, around them as Veronica lowered the camera. Her eyes wandered over Madison’s body before they flashed up, locking with her gaze. Something seemed to shift between them. The tension in the room grew uncomfortably thick. As if the air dissipated, suffocating the life out of those that needed it to breathe. But she couldn’t look away. Veronica’s voice echoed in her mind as if it weren’t being spoken aloud. “You want me. You want me more than you’ve ever wanted anyone else…”



by Lucy Bexley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Reese Walker doesn’t like people, what she likes is silence and being left alone. When an unavoidable bill going to collections puts her sister’s treatment at risk, she has no choice but to take a recording job that pushes her out of her comfort zone.

After a disastrous blow to her career, Arden Abbott needs a successful book launch, including an audiobook. Arden’s ready to resume the life she had before her dreams fell apart, all she has to do is prove it to everyone around her.

Must Love Silence is an enemies-to-lovers slow burn romance featuring a lovable misanthrope and a heroine in recovery. It’s funny and a little dark, and it firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance to change.


Somerville Series: Book 8

by Carrie L. Carr

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Struggling through a drought and a depressed local economy, Lex & Amanda are raising their two daughters as best they can. Someone from the past returns and asks for an unusual favor. Will Lex & Amanda agree? Considering the request, how can they refuse?




JM Dragon

Ava Lawrence a research veterinarian is thrown in the deep end when her uncle asks her to cover his country practice while he has a vacation of a lifetime. How could she refuse? His team shouldn’t be any different than the crew at her parents’ practice, oh, was she so wrong. What she now has to work with is a sassy nurse, an obnoxious receptionist, and an animal whisperer, or so it seems. The patients, or at least their owners, a whole other story. Ava finds herself embroiled in taking care of animals in the area and local issues outside her experience, making her question her sanity. Two women show her she is missing one of the most wonderful things in world—allowing love into her life. Throw in chickens, cats, dogs, a donkey named Theo, along with various other animals. This turns out to be Ava’s unexpected adventure with far reaching romantic benefits.




Sex Raider: Book 2

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sexy relic hunter Laia Rios has just made the greatest discovery of her life: the legendary Amazons are real! And they’re all super-hot lesbians with the most amazing bodies ever!

Especially the Queen of the Amazons, who demands lots of sexy shenanigans from Laia and orders her to go on a dangerous mission to prove her worth.

Will Laia pass all the Amazonian physical and sexual tests and become one of them? Will she be able to survive the sexual limits the Queen pushes her to? And how many spankings from strong, sensual Amazonian hands will she be able to take?

Find out if the Sex Raider is up for her greatest challenge yet in this action/adventure erotica!




Lix Club: Book 3

by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What does forever look like for Lauren and Quinn?

The final instalment of Lauren and Quinn’s Age Gap, Butch/Femme, BDSM romance.

Lauren and Quinn are back in LA with the pressures of real life, work and family mounting.
Will Quinn’s demons come back to haunt her?

Can they find a way to their forever and get their Happy Ever After?

Her Forever can be read as a standalone, however it is the third part of Lauren and Quinn’s romance so it is recommended that you read Lix Club Series Book 1: Her Seduction and Book 2: Her Desire first.




Book 29

by K’Anne Meinel

When your life is a mess, and you are surrounded by enemies, how do you combat the overwhelming odds against you? Alice and Kathy must face down more than health concerns; life concerns and a litany of grievances are stacked against them.




The Alpha God: Book 4

by Lexa Luthor

Any landing Charlie can limp away from is a good one!

After another crash-landing, Charlie finds herself in Kardos and returns to New Earth for the first time since her childhood. But not all is well, Alpha Prime is stirring up trouble for the humans, but Kal and Charlie team up to take them on. Can Alpha Prime be stopped before the arrival of the Sworne? And how will the new threat challenge Charlie and Kal’s developing relationship? Join them on their first adventure together as they face off against an enemy bent on destroying Earthlings.

Trigger Warnings:  The book has a female lead character with a penis.





by Lily Lancaster

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When an accident strikes their starliner, six young ladies are marooned on a forsaken and forgotten planet. The six of them, all from wildly different backgrounds and walks of life, will have to learn to work together to survive this hostile world. But this planet was forgotten for a reason, and holds a secret that could shake the galaxy to its core…





by Ali Vali

narrated by Lori Prince

When orthopedic surgeon Harriet “Harry” Basantes is called to the ER to assess a patient who has been assaulted by her husband, she’s instantly thrust back 16 years to the day her childhood sweetheart, Desi Thompson, walked away and disappeared without a trace.

Desi’s always done the right thing, including marrying the man her father insisted was a better match than Harry. But when she ends up in the ER after an argument gone wrong, she can’t help wondering if the right thing is worth the cost.

Harry refuses to let Desi return to an unsafe home, even if that means putting aside her own broken heart. With love on the line, can they give each other one more chance?



by Aurora Rey

narrated by Keira Grace

Sometimes, you get a second chance at love. Sometimes, you hook up with your ex and remember why you broke up in the first place.

Amanda Russo knows better than to give her failed marriage another try, but the brief fling reminds her there’s more to life than work and parenting. When the architect she hires to remodel her bakery turns out to be as charming as she is talented, Amanda finds herself ready to take a chance on new love. The only problem? Her ex-wife didn’t get the memo.

For Quinn Sullivan, the sting of divorce is still fresh. Getting set up by pretty much everyone she knows hasn’t inspired her to give love another shot. Meeting Amanda does. Sure, they’re working together, but that’s not a deal breaker. Amanda’s ex might be another story.



by VK Powell

narrated by Hollis Elizabeth

For Frankie Strong, results mean more than sticking to the rules, until she runs heart-first into Evan Spears.

US Marshal Evan Spears commands a federal task force of seasoned agents who track and capture dangerous fugitives around the world.

When Evan is forced to take on DEA Agent Frankie Strong, a free spirit with unorthodox methods, she sees nothing but trouble for the team, the mission, and her future. Frankie just wants to locate the murder suspect and prove her worth, but Evan seems determined to block her.

To catch the killer, they must learn to work together, but their attraction blurs the lines between professional and personal.


The Mara and KATT Sex Chronicles: Book 1

by Riley Rose

narrated by Nikki Monroe

Mara Keoni is a sexy Navajo special agent of the IJF – Independent Justice Foundation. She travels the country righting wrongs and using amazing high-tech gadgets. But she never expected the IJF’s latest invention would become her new partner and the source of ultimate sexual pleasure!

Mara is paired up with KATT – Kaito Automotive Twin Turbo – an incredibly advanced female AI inside a black Phoenix turbocharged GTX sports car. Not only is KATT very eager to help Mara on her missions, she’s also eager to pleasure Mara in every possible way with her many “enhancements”.

Will Mara succumb to her curiosity and find out exactly what KATT can do to her? Will she help KATT find out what it means to be human? And will she take down the bad guys amidst all the crazy sex? Find out in book one of The Mara and KATT Sex Chronicles!







Welcome to Project Laughter. At least once a week, hopefully more, I’ll post a guest blog from a lesfic author sharing an embarrassing moment in their lives to help us laugh.

Jazzy Mitchell provides chuckles with The Epic Failed Runaway Attempt guest post. Jazzy is giving away 1 ecopy of Undertow

Authors if you’d like to get involved in the project, see this page for more details.

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