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by Aurora Rey

Sometimes, you get a second chance at love. Sometimes, you hook up with your ex and remember why you broke up in the first place.

Amanda Russo knows better than to give her failed marriage another try, but the brief fling reminds her there’s more to life than work and parenting. When the architect she hires to remodel her bakery turns out to be as charming as she is talented, Amanda finds herself ready to take a chance on new love. The only problem? Her ex-wife didn’t get the memo.

For Quinn Sullivan, the sting of divorce is still fresh. Getting set up by pretty much everyone she knows hasn’t inspired her to give love another shot. Meeting Amanda does. Sure, they’re working together, but that’s not a deal breaker. Amanda’s ex might be another story.



by Erin Zak

Cecily Yates should love her husband, but doesn’t. She should leave him, but hasn’t. Instead, she leads a safe life in Chicago and sees Willow Carmichael on the side. When Willow moves for a job opportunity in Las Vegas, their love affair comes to a screeching halt, leaving Cecily broken, guilty, and confused.

Francesca Lopez has everything she needs: family, friends, a great job, and glittery nonstop Las Vegas excitement. If she’d known her perfect life was going to be flipped upside down when none other than Willow Carmichael tore her way into it, she would’ve guarded her heart a little better.

While on a business trip in Las Vegas, Cecily meets Francesca by chance at a bar and they are inexplicably drawn to each other. What starts as friendship grows into more, beginning to heal Francesca’s heart and give Cecily the strength to be true to herself. But when they discover they have more in common than they think, the very person who bound them together may be the reason they’re ripped apart.



by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

It was supposed to be a business arrangement. But love got in the way.

Leigh Hudson is about to lose her visa. After a tumultuous past, she finally thought she’d found a home in London. But if she can’t find a visa sponsor soon, she’ll be on the first plane back to the States.

Rosie Fulton is a struggling market gardener. She dreams of owning her own nursery, but she’s quite literally living in a shed.

When a chance meeting in a dirty pub convinces Rosie that she and Leigh were fated to be together, it dawns on Ice Queen Leigh that Rosie just might be her ticket to stay in the country. And that should be that. Except… Leigh can’t stop thinking about Rosie. And Rosie is still convinced that they were meant to be together. Sparks fly as their fake wedding nears until neither one is sure what’s true and what’s false anymore.

Marrying someone you love is simple. It turns out that not marrying someone you love is a whole lot harder…



by Ali Vali

When orthopedic surgeon Harriet “Harry” Basantes is called to the ER to assess a patient who has been assaulted by her husband, she’s instantly thrust back sixteen years to the day her childhood sweetheart, Desi Thompson, walked away and disappeared without a trace.

Desi’s always done the right thing, including marrying the man her father insisted was a better match than Harry. But when she ends up in the ER after an argument gone wrong, she can’t help wondering if the right thing is worth the cost.

Harry refuses to let Desi return to an unsafe home, even if that means putting aside her own broken heart. With love on the line, can they give each other one more chance?

Content advisory: This book contains graphic instances of domestic violence.



by Kris Bryant

To say Sheriff Natalie Strand is shocked that Sarah Eastman, the girl who kissed her at a high school party, is back in town would be a huge understatement. Between Sarah’s return and a stray dog that gets the best of her, Natalie’s world is suddenly turned upside down.

They say you can’t go home again, but that’s exactly what Sarah does when she returns to Spruce Mountain, Oregon, to live with her aunt and uncle after her divorce. All she wants is peace and to ensure her daughter, Harley, has stability. Seeing Natalie again after seventeen years ignites a passion that she hasn’t felt in a long time. Never mind that her heart tumbles in her chest or that she forgets words when Natalie’s around, she needs to focus on her family and getting her life back together.

Natalie and Sarah are about to discover that anything is possible when love takes the long way home.



by Margaux Fox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The enigmatic Diana Davis is a brilliant lawyer and a partner in one of the top Law firms in New York City. She doesn’t do romance, especially not at work. So why is she finding herself increasingly drawn to her hot young intern?

Diana is working a big case that is close to her heart.

As temptation continues to test her every day in the office, can Diana find a way to win her case?

Will her legal intern’s persistent charms break down the barriers around her heart?


A Legal Affairs Romance: Book 3

by Carsen Taite

Perry Clark takes pride in her legal work for a needy nonprofit. When disaster strikes, leaving her unemployed and homeless, her sister Campbell comes to the rescue with a job offer. Perry accepts reluctantly—working for corporate clients is only temporary, right? But after Campbell assigns Grace, Perry’s childhood crush, as her mentor, Perry’s heart might be making longer-term plans.

Grace Maldonado remembers Perry Clark as her best friend’s sometimes annoying, often rebellious, little sister, so she isn’t prepared when she discovers Perry is now brilliant and gorgeous—though still bullheaded—and challenges her at every turn. When she isn’t arguing with Perry, Grace is fighting a growing attraction she can’t seem to ignore. Because not only is it wrong to fall in love with your best friend’s sister, Perry has no intention of sticking around.



by Michele L. Rivera

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What starts off as a casual arrangement between the heartbroken Charlie Meyers and hopelessly romantic Hannah Bradshaw quickly becomes complicated as their feelings for one another begin to grow because Charlie isn’t ready for anything serious, but Hannah’s been waiting for someone like Charlie all her life.

If two people who are right for each other fall in love at the wrong time, do they stand a chance?


Forest Vale Hospital: Book 2

by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Dr Hollis Roman is a highly respected army veteran who becomes Head of Diagnostics at Forest Vale Hospital. Nobody ever dares to challenge her, until she clashes with the feisty paramedic, Ava Rodriguez. Hollis hates that outspoken paramedic. Doesn’t she?

A hot Age Gap, Enemies to Lovers, Butch-Femme, Medical Lesbian Romance. This is a standalone book, although does include Sophia and Katherine from the book, Surgeon.

Includes minor self harm (not graphic) and shooting (not graphic).



by Susanne M. Beck & T. Novan

When the legendary Pallas Dylan Lambert (aka The Goddess) selects Catherine “Cat” Hodges as the new Point Guard in the revamped Basketball team, the Birmingham Badgers, Cat is overjoyed. She can’t wait to become part of a team that will fulfill one of her lifelong dreams. What Cat was not anticipating was falling in love with The Goddess…





Justine Saracen

Norwegian Kirsten Brun, a Nazi resister, has one mission: destroy the installation that produces the chemicals Germany needs for an atomic weapon. Unfortunately, her first attempt fails, leaving her injured and unconscious in the Arctic snow.

The Indigenous Sami people have tried to remain outside the conflict, but when Marrit Ragnar and the reindeer she herds discover Kristen and save her life, joining the battle is inevitable. A misfit in her own culture, Marrit participates in the second destruction attempt in order to avenge the killing of her family.

Kirsten’s and Marrit’s feelings for each other grow deeper, but each attack they join is costly in blood and conscience and nearly tears them apart. Should they carry on with the carnage for a questionable cause, or retreat north with the gentle reindeer?




The Mara & KATT Sex Chronicles: Book 2

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sexy Navajo special agent Mara Keoni and her AI car partner KATT face their biggest challenge yet: infiltrate a new criminal organization comprised of the sexiest and most badass women on the planet.

Mara goes undercover, posing as one of the larcenous ladies with KATT backing her up. Well, when she’s not busy tying Mara up and pleasuring her. But Mara gets more than she bargained for when she meets the woman behind the whole operation.

Will Mara be able to focus on the mission and not all the super-hot female criminals she’s supposed to take down? Will she submit to KATT in even kinkier ways than she has before? And will she and KATT be able to stop the sexy criminals from pulling off the biggest crime of the century?




Endless: Book 2

by Maria Siopis

Rachael O’Connor is trapped in the mortal realm again, and no matter how hard she tries she never accomplishes her goal of crossing to the divine end. However, this time is different. Rachael doesn’t proclaim her innocence in front of the judge as she has done in the past. Instead she embraces the journey to another era no matter how painful it is. In this journey Rachael battles dark forces that will produce heartache and pain, yet she is willing to sacrifice everything to be with Elizabeth. Is she going to find out the true meaning or will she be forced to assume another life when she faces the judge? One person holds the answers, but Rachael has to listen. Will she?





by Erin Wade

Just in Time for Halloween, this Lesbian short story by Erin Wade is karma at its finest. When a Gypsy promises Eva Mora a magic trinket if she will raise the Gypsy’s son, Eva agrees. Not for the trinket, but because she has fallen in love with the baby boy. Eva has no concept of the trinket’s power or what she may be called upon to do to ensure the boy’s happiness and safety. When beautiful Nicole Windsor appears in Eva’s life the trinket takes on an entirely different meaning and significance.





by Eden Darry

Meg Daltry isn’t interested in falling in love and certainly doesn’t have time for a relationship, even though she can’t quite forget about Lane Boyd, a vacation fling she left behind in London.

When Lane arrives in Provincetown hoping to win Meg back, she isn’t expecting a town in perpetual dusk. Or the hordes of zombies overrunning it. Now she’s not only fighting for Meg, she’s fighting for her life.

An ancient Viking grave has been disturbed and its treasures stolen. Something wants back what was taken, and it won’t rest until everyone in Provincetown is destroyed. Forced to work together to stay alive, Meg and Lane must find the centuries-old treasure before the zombies find them first.




Eververse: Book 2

by Darby Harn

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Valene hears everything in the world. Except for her killer coming.

For the first time in her life, Valene Blackwood has peace. She’s been aboard her own private space station for a year, removed from the sonic duress of the world that she suffers due to her superhuman ability to hear everything, everywhere. When her father dies, she must return and take over the family business – selling superhuman protection for profit.

With her father gone, challengers emerge for control of Great Power. Valene is young, unproven, and wanting only to go back to her sanctuary in the sky. She struggles to stay focused, knowing the future of the company is at stake. The future of the Empowered. Before she has a chance to get her feet on the ground, someone tries to kill her.





by Missouri Vaun

Scientists have sounded alarms about the demise of Earth’s oceans for decades, and now the extinction event is here. As the world braces for disaster, paleobotanist Dr. Elle Graham finds a possible cure. Unfortunately, it’s been extinct for over one hundred thousand years.

Captain Jackson Drake lives in the past because she can’t stand to face the present after the woman she loved sacrificed herself to save others, a casualty of a world ravaged by superbugs.

The last person Jackson wants to travel back in time with is another woman trying to save the world at the cost of her own life. When things go sideways on primeval Earth, Jackson and Elle must put aside conflicts and work together to save the mission. Faith in each other just might give them the strength to save the world and rescue a broken heart in the process. But can Elle convince Jackson that the future is worth saving?



by Gun Brooke

Aurelia DeCallum runs the Tallawens, a motley crew of selfless freedom fighters who help dissidents escape the oppressive Klowdyn government. Abducted at the age of four and held captive until she turned eighteen, she dreams of finding her home in the neighboring nation, Sandslot.

Aurelia and her fighters find an unconscious woman, beaten badly, who remembers her name is Blue, but little beyond fragmented memories that reveal nothing of her identity or what happened to her.

Despite Aurelia’s initial apprehension, she is drawn to Blue, but just as their fragile trust grows into more, Blue’s true identity comes to light. Their love, their future, and their lives hang in the balance as Blue is forced to prove where her allegiance really lies, pitting love against loyalty in the final battle.





by BJ Phillips

Rita Grayson is dead, and no one is sorry she’s gone. When the body of the woman they all love to hate is found off the fishing dock at Leisure Lakes, everyone is a suspect−including Rita’s Husband and George, the beloved local gator. The police investigator befriends a retired detective turned landscaper as they navigate through some odd clues and seemingly ridiculous gossip to solve the mystery.





by Sydney Quinne

Imagine knowing someone is going to die. Dreaming it. Almost feeling the knife slip in…

Will you try to prevent it if you can?

Andy Bouchard was a keeper. Someone who had to look after women with particular talents. Forced out of retirement to see what a newcomer—feisty math wizard Isabelle Templeton—can deliver, she has to prevent one last murder before she’s allowed to return to her safe, ordinary life.





by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Cassandra Arnold

Don’t judge a book by its cover! Nothing, and no one, is ever what they seem.

Ellen Christenson escaped from an abusive life, but can you ever truly escape the scars on your soul? You try and move on, but life’s patterns tend to repeat until you have learned their lessons.

Ellen’s life choices bring her full circle to the scenes of her abuse, and she will need to deal with the past in ways she never anticipated for the healing to begin. She must repair her soul and all the people she has devastated along the way.

Ellen hadn’t intended to end up in the high-tech world of Silicon Valley, but she finds herself the head of a start-up. Cool, calculating, and efficient – this is the mask she shows to the world. Few people, if any, know the real Ellen.

Nearby San Francisco provides Ellen a never-ending supply of girlfriends, but are her internal scars concealing her desire to find that one special woman…a kindred soul…her soul mate?

For years, Ellen has borne the guilt of her decision to allow another to die for their sins. Now, Ellen is blown away by the feelings and emotions she has suppressed for so long!






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