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Love Stories: Book 10

by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sophie London has never believed in love at first sight. When she forms an instant connection with gorgeous virtual assistant, Charli Robinson, she’s thrown into a spin and her rule book on love flies out the window. This woman is perfect, and she can imagine them spending the rest of their lives together.

Charli Robinson is not perfect. Accumulating a colossal debt twelve months earlier, she’s leading a secretive double life. Working a second job as a paid escort is not information she dares to share with the woman she’s fallen hard for.

With only a few weeks before her debt can be repaid and Charli can walk away from the escort business, her two worlds collide with spectacular, yet catastrophic, consequences. Sophie is left devastated, confused, and heartbroken. Has everything they’ve shared been a lie?

Unable to disclose her secret, Charli is left in a precarious situation. Does she come clean with Sophie and risk a financial blow so severe she’ll lose everything; or will she choose to walk away from the love of her life?



by Kenna White

Ros McClure knows that she’s well-qualified and deserves the promotion the university has promised. But she didn’t expect that the good ol’ boys network would be standing in her way. She’s willing to stubbornly wait a little longer, but a family emergency is drawing her back to a time and a place she’d rather leave in her past.

Stacy Hagen has been a high school biology teacher for nearly three decades. Living in a small Kansas farm town, she can multitask like nobody’s business. Farmer, tennis coach, part-time housepainter—she can do it all. What she hasn’t been able to do is find the love of her life.

When their paths cross again after twenty-five years, will old secrets finally be exposed? Or will hearts be broken once again…



by Cynthia Dane & Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For the first time ever, both Natalie and Erica’s stories are told – at once.

BOUND: Together stitches together both points of view and brings a bombastic tale of secrets, deceit, and carnal passion. With a never-before read epilogue, this limited-edition book tackles the greatest question to ever confront Natalie and Erica.

Can a relationship really survive if the love is made on a bed of lies?


Sports Series: Book 4

by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sloan Rossi has spent the past six years living in London and playing football. When she arrives as a freshman at an American university thinking she’d get the starting spot in her role as a forward, she is mistaken. An injury to their goalkeeper forces Sloan into a different role on the team than she had planned.

Marley is a junior, with her sights set on playing in the NWSL after graduation. An injury sidelines her for the entire season, putting a freshman who’s never played goal into the starting spot. The real problem with all of this isn’t that Marley’s worried about losing her starting spot. It’s that Sloan has become a friend; a best friend, really. And as the two spend time together, it develops into more for Marley.

Sloan hasn’t ever thought about being with another woman before. She’s suffered loss after loss in her life, and she puts her heart into her sport. When she and Marley spend an entire year getting to know each other, though, Sloan starts to think that maybe Marley isn’t just her best friend. Maybe she’s something more altogether.

Trigger: Loss of a parent.



by Erica Abbott & Pol Robinson

A single-minded government employee, a former Peace Corps volunteer, far too many goats, and one stray dog…what could possibly go wrong?

Sara’s entire life has been nomadic—developing and growing sustainable sources of food in small rural communities has meant no place to call her own. Now she’s ready to come home, focus her efforts on her own country’s food deserts, and settle into life in the Pacific Northwest. But just as she plants her roots, things begin to unravel.

Margaret is a city planner. She’s tough, ambitious, and smart. She’s also determined to get what she wants for her city, the taxpayers, and her own career. The only obstacle on the path to her success? An equally determined woman named Sara.

Two women, worlds apart, clearly have no common ground between them…or do they?



by Cheri Ritz

There is nothing Sadie DuChamp loves more than rocking out on stage behind her drum set. Her music career is a dream come true. But when her band breaks up and she gets evicted from her New York City apartment all in the same week, her life suddenly feels more like a nightmare. She finds herself with no choice but to retreat to her mother’s home in the suburbs of Chicago. The return also forces Sadie to face the guilt she has choked down since the last time she left.

Jess Moran is fine with her love ’em and leave ’em reputation. She’s too busy with grad school to let herself be distracted by matters of the heart. Her plans for the summer break include lazy days in the sun and nights helping with her family’s craft vodka business. If she happens to stumble upon a few one-night stands along the way, all the better. But when she arrives home from school to find neighbor-turned-rock goddess Sadie swimming in her backyard pool her plans for a quiet summer disappear like free samples of vodka at happy hour.

The more the two neighbors butt heads, the more they are drawn to one another. Will they find harmony? Or risk missing the beat and losing the rhythm of love…





by Crash Callahan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Almost a decade ago, Vanessa burst into Joelle’s room at their boarding school and kissed her hard against the wall before disappearing from their campus without a word. When Joelle stumbles across Vanessa’s face on an online dating site, she can’t resist finding out what happened to the first woman that managed to make her weak in the knees. Their reunion is nothing like they think it will be. After a passionate—and then passionately angry—start, the question is this: will it be better, or will it be worse?

Trigger Warning: Vanessa’s backstory includes being on the receiving end of doxxing and harassment.





by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Elena Cortez loves Halloween. So when her new sexy neighbor Cassia invites her to a Halloween party, she’s super-stoked! Only problem: Elena thinks Cassia might be a witch. Like a real witch. Who’s using her magic to make Elena have the most epic orgasms of her life!

Will Elena be able to discover the truth about Cassia? Will she let herself become the ultimate witch slut? And will she let Cassia put her wand wherever she wants?

Find out in this fun, Halloween-themed erotica!





by E.J. Phillips

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Gemma has ignored the call of the Wild Hunt for years, but the sudden loss of her twin brother and the appearance of a ghost named Eve sends her chasing after them—no matter the strange and dangerous path they lead her down.

Falling in love with Eve wasn’t in the plan, but sometimes you have to veer off track before you find what you’re searching for.

Trigger Warnings: Heavy themes of death, grief, and loss. Also macabre imagery, bad language, verbal abuse from a parent, and reckless driving.




Ascension: Book 4

by L. Fergus

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Every god rises from the dead…

For Kita it’s been three long years recovering what she has lost—her ability to fight. Now, she searches for those dear to her—Zidin, Snowy, Sarge, Tina, and her Legion. The Mass is vast and finding them will not be easy.

But will her friends accept the new evil she has become?

Her intelligence tells her of the war that rages on The Mass, one Kita has no intention of fighting in until her past catches up to her. Suddenly, Kita finds herself called on to do the impossible—save Yorq, from its enemies and itself.

Kita is lacking one thing—an army…

With her Legion a shadow of its former self there’s only one place she can turn—Arcone.





by A.J. Marchant

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lori is a university lecturer. Addy is a student. In her head, Lori knows better. But the pull between her and Addy isn’t something she finds easy to resist—despite her friend’s warning about Addy’s questionable past behaviour.

After a fun night out that ends in a major lapse in judgement, Lori wakes up in Addy’s dorm room. And her whole life unravels.




Hobbs: Book 4

by Elena Graf

Available in Kindle Unlimited

As Hobbs, Maine, gradually reopens, town doctor Liz Stolz has begun a new tradition, Thirsty Thursdays, a weekly cocktail party on her deck. Liz’s friend, architect Samantha McKinnon has recently moved to Maine. Liz recommends Sam to do a bathroom remodel for the most hated woman in town, Olivia Enright—a super-rich, retired hedge fund manager whose outspoken, right-wing views have alienated everyone. An impulsive kiss shakes up friendships and relationships. Meanwhile, pretentious, overbearing Olivia is pursuing Sam and trying to find her way into the tight-knit group.





by Kris Bryant

narrated by Brittni Pope

To say Sheriff Natalie Strand is shocked that Sarah Eastman, the girl who kissed her at a high school party, is back in town would be a huge understatement. Between Sarah’s return and a stray dog that gets the best of her, Natalie’s world is suddenly turned upside down.

They say you can’t go home again, but that’s exactly what Sarah does when she returns to Spruce Mountain, Oregon, to live with her aunt and uncle after her divorce. All she wants is peace and to ensure her daughter, Harley, has stability. Seeing Natalie again after 17 years ignites a passion that she hasn’t felt in a long time. Never mind that her heart tumbles in her chest or that she forgets words when Natalie’s around, she needs to focus on her family and getting her life back together.

Natalie and Sarah are about to discover that anything is possible when love takes the long way home.


A Legal Affairs Romance: Book 3

by Carsen Taite

narrated by Paige McKinney

Perry Clark takes pride in her legal work for a needy nonprofit. When disaster strikes, leaving her unemployed and homeless, her sister Campbell comes to the rescue with a job offer. Perry accepts reluctantly – working for corporate clients is only temporary, right? But after Campbell assigns Grace, Perry’s childhood crush, as her mentor, Perry’s heart might be making longer-term plans.

Grace Maldonado remembers Perry Clark as her best friend’s sometimes-annoying, often-rebellious little sister, so she isn’t prepared when she discovers Perry is now brilliant and gorgeous – though still bullheaded – and challenges her at every turn.

When she isn’t arguing with Perry, Grace is fighting a growing attraction she can’t seem to ignore. Because, not only is it wrong to fall in love with your best friend’s sister, Perry has no intention of sticking around.






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