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by Miranda MacLeod

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Would you marry a woman you hate for a life-changing inheritance?

Monica’s business has been hit hard by a global recession, her ex-girlfriend is selling the house out from under her, and the hot handy ma’am, Ray, who was hired to fix up the place, turns out to be the most annoying woman on the planet. Could things get any worse?

All Ray wants is to finish her job and say adios to the world’s most high-maintenance client. But after being mistaken for Monica’s girlfriend, how can Ray walk away when going along with the charade would grant an old lady her dying wish? It’s not like Ray intended to be so charming that Monica’s grandmother would rewrite her will.

Now the unlikely couple stands to inherit a vineyard in rural New England and a heap of cash large enough to change both their lives. The only hitch? They have to get hitched. And since Monica is a professional wedding blogger, they’ll have to make it the wedding of the century while convincing two million followers they’re madly in love.

No problem, aside from the simple fact that they can’t stand each other. There’s a good chance the whole thing could end in disaster, but is it possible these enemies might find true love along the way?

Best-selling lesbian fiction author Miranda MacLeod has written a slow burn fake-relationship romance that will warm you through and through.



by Emily Hayes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

How do you find a way to tell the truth when you have been lying from the start?

A sizzling hot Age Gap Long Distance Online Christmas Romance.

Lucy Beckett is an Instagram sensation and top model who is exhausted with fame and the superficiality of her life. She creates a fake profile online to find real friends who don’t want her for all the wrong reasons.

She never expects to find a real intense soul connection with someone in the build up to Christmas.

Lucy’s new girlfriend is coming home for Christmas. Can Lucy find a way to finally tell the truth?



by Amy DeMeritt

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The winter months can be lean on jobs for a contractor like Zoey, so winning a bid with the county to plow some country roads is a financial blessing for her family. And it’s not such a bad gig, especially when she has a thermos full of hot coffee and some great bluegrass music to drown out the sound of the plow.

Megan hasn’t seen her best friend in over a year, so she decides to take a road trip with her recently newborn son to visit her in Cleveland. But when a road closure detours her to the middle of nowhere in rural Pennsylvania and a snowstorm strands them on the side of the road, it seems like she’ll never make it to see her best friend.

When Zoey rescues Megan and her son, it’s a bit tense and awkward at first. But as the ice thaws and they get to know each other, they start to grow fond of their chance encounter and love begins to blossom in their hearts. Perhaps, they’ll have a complete family for Christmas after all.



Catskill Crew Romance: Book 2

by Anna Cove

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Maybe this time, the matchmaker has met her match.

Skylar Woodhouse has found love for everyone in her life but herself. When she meets Joy Zahara, an adorable nerd and CEO of a popular ethical social media site, she finds someone she can’t resist. Skylar knows better than most that sometimes two people can’t help but fall in love. Even when, on paper, they’d make a terrible match. Even when they’re trying their hardest not to. But when it comes for her, will she have the strength to do what’s right?



The Complete Collection

by Hildred Billings

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Life has not been kind to Mercy: her girlfriend is gone, she’s unappreciated in her corporate job, and depression has always haunted her. That’s how she came to stand on the bridge where she meets Acedia, the deity who oversees the Seven Sinners, bringers of peace and carnal healing.

Now Mercy must embark on a journey to reclaim the sinful delights in life, beginning with Lust, the crimson-colored deity who hopes to reawaken more than just a woman’s heart. But Mercy soon discovers that a spirit’s power is not meant for most mortal flesh – a dire thought, when there are seven ethereal women waiting for her, each with their own sinful agendas!

This is the complete collection containing all 9 parts! Lust, Avarice, Sloth, Envy, Wrath, Excess, Vanity and Acedia are awaiting you!

Trigger Warnings: Depression and Suicide Ideation.



by Ellie Spark

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Love Stories 6-10 contains five of Ellie Spark’s most loved novellas. While characters do reappear in stories, these love stories can be read standalone and in any order. One fan said:

“This collection of novellas is a perfect antidote for when the real world gets a little too much to bear. Each of the books contain delightful characters, some good humor and believable moments of conflict that always resolve into a nice HEA ending.

The author’s writing style is fun, quick, breezy…It’s like these are great summertime books. And I also think that these stories are great for anyone who just simply likes good love stories, no matter who the lovers are.”



Various Authors

Welcome to the festive season and Affinity’s limited release Christmas anthology celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary in business. Enjoy the all new Xmas musings from several of your favorite Affinity authors. Ali Spooner, Jen Silver, Del Robertson, Annette Mori, Natalie London, Samantha Hicks, and JM Dragon. There are even a few recipes that you will surely want to try for the parties and dinners with family and friends…or even on your own.

All proceeds will go to our authors’ nominated charity – Wayward Whiskers Cat Rescue – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in San Antonio, Texas – founded in January 2013. They take in stray special needs cats, and kittens that may otherwise be abandoned or euthanized.

This book will only be available until the end of March 2021. Merry Christmas everyone!





Sappho’s Island Series

by Les Mood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kristy was running from an unwanted marriage when the boat she was on sank in the Caribbean. Clinging to a piece of wreckage, she made it to Sappho’s Island, home to an exclusive resort for women who love women. When she accepts a job at the resort, Kristy discovers sex on the beach is more than just a drink choice at Sappho’s. Kristy is soon exploring the ways women can pleasure women while the one she really wants runs from her.

Marina  has been at Sappho’s for four years, and is satisfied having casual hook-ups with no heartstrings attached. She knows the woman who washed up on the beach would be more than a friend-with-benefits: she’d be a threat to her chosen lifestyle. Marina vows to avoid her at all costs. Until Kristy corners her in the shower.





Real American Sex Toy Series: Book 1

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Crimson and Lady Kaye are super-sexy members of G.I. Ho (Government Issue Hero Ops), an elite special forces unit dedicated to taking down evil terrorist organization Viper.

When one of Viper’s top agents, The Countess, plans to kidnap a scientist, Crimson and Kaye are called into action. But The Countess is quite possibly the sexiest woman on the planet and an expert at turning women into her personal sex toys.

Will Crimson and Kaye be able to resist The Countess’s sensual body? Will they let The Countess test out al her wicked, kinky toys on them? And will they finally give in to their desire for each other?





Books 1-3

by Cameron Darrow

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Everything the Great War took, a group of extraordinary witches will remake for themselves.

The First World War is over, the old world shattered and overturned. But one didn’t need to be anywhere near the fighting to have everything stripped away. Families, homes, identities lost, the witches of EVE were left at war’s end with only two things: their magical gifts and each other.

From the ashes of Allied victory and the Russian revolution, this group of survivors will forge for themselves something altogether new in a time when women aren’t even allowed to vote, let alone openly practice magic in public. Or love one another.

But not all threats to their budding coven come from without.

Secrets, lies and lingering trauma they’ve suffered could tear them apart as easily as the war tried to do. They will have to overcome and embrace all that they are to ensure the peace is a lasting one, and that no one will ever again suffer as they did.

Contains discussions of suicide/rape survival, but no depictions.





The Succubus Files: Book 1

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sexy and smoldering embers of my beautiful lady-friend still heat the bed. I am thrust into a dire emergency as I receive a call from an Immortal detective informing me that my ex-girlfriend is dead, murdered by some expression of power.

What had started out as a prolific morning, will soon become a state-of-emergency.



by Carolyn Elizabeth

As kids, best friends Willa Dunn and Lee Chandler spend every summer together at the idyllic Upstate New York community of Forestlands Lake, nestled in the foothills of the Taconic Mountains. During the summer before they turn sixteen—just as the two are discovering that there might be something more to their friendship—a tragic accident befalls Willa’s family and without warning, Willa and Lee’s world is torn apart.

Twenty-five years later Willa is a successful author of the young adult ghost stories she loved to read as a child. She returns to the lake looking for a writer’s retreat and an opportunity to connect with her troubled teenage sister, Nicole.

Lee, now a single mother to her wise-beyond-her-years teenage daughter Maggie, is the director of the summer camp on the other side of Forestlands Lake.

Before Willa and Nicole even have the chance to unpack, their plans are upset by a mysterious young girl, a near drowning, and a surprise reunion. Soon Willa and Lee are working to protect the girls, reconcile their past and unearth the secrets surrounding Forestlands Lake—putting old ghosts to rest once and for all.





Knight Protector: Book 4

by Rachel Ford

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A new queen. An ancient feud. A succession bought in blood.

The world changed in the blink of an eye. Once an estranged cousin to the king, Aria is now heir apparent to the South. With her nation still in the midst of an unjust war, torn by Byzantine politics and rampant treachery, the inheritance seems a curse. Not least of all because peacemaking between the distant branches of the royal family means marriage: her marriage.

Among the sycophants and assassins, politicians and spies, Aria knows who to trust: no one. She doesn’t trust her intended, Augustus. She doesn’t trust his smart talking half-sister, Terese. But when the young woman saves her life, the queen’s guard begins to slip.

Which is a problem. Because if she crosses the rest of the royal family, it won’t just be a war with the North she’ll have to contend with; it’ll be civil war.



Shambhala Saga Series: Book 1

by Susan English

Available in Kindle Unlimited

She had to travel beyond the planet to discover her true self. Will she find the courage to walk through the doorway to a new future?

Shambhala Space Station, 2097. Solitary physicist Callisto (physics, after all, is a jealous mistress) never accepted conventional wisdom. So when she’s recruited to work on faster-than-light technology by a beautiful and mysterious older woman, she eagerly accepts the career opportunity at the women-only research station orbiting Earth’s moon. But her enthusiasm suffers when her first discovery is unexpected heartbreak.

Throwing herself into work on a problematic warp drive prototype, Calli blossoms in the utopian female community that shows her love and acceptance for the first time in her life. But when a twisted conspiracy, a disingenuous affair, and a disastrous betrayal test her place in this unique environment, the brilliant scientist must dig deep to find her moment of truth.

Will Calli embrace her destiny in an unexplored cosmos?

Callisto 2.0 is the transformative first book in the Shambhala Saga feminist science fiction series. If you like compassionate characters, deep-space intrigue, and hopeful visions of the future, then you’ll adore Susan English’s cosmic adventure.





by Tagan Shepard

Marisol Soltero’s life is built on big scores and fast women. From her nightclub she rules over the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago with ruthless calculation. Though everyone knows her as the Queen of Humboldt, Marisol lives part of her life in the shadows. When she hears of an impending assassination attempt against the Governor of Illinois, those shadows threaten to ruin everything she’s built.

Governor Sabrina Sloane has spent her life cleaning up the streets, first as State’s Attorney in Chicago and then as Governor of Illinois. Every criminal to cross her path has ended up behind bars—except one. When that criminal saves her life, she’s forced to shine new light on everything she thought she knew.

As a mutual enemy forces them together, Marisol and Sloane must work as a team in a fight for their lives. Can they overcome their differences and their growing attraction to find their way to freedom? And can Governor Sloane ever bring herself to trust the Queen of Humboldt?



by Dolores Arden

Remy Devereux is an ace homicide detective with the SFPD. At work, she’s embroiled in a months-long murder investigation that has yet to show any signs of breaking. At home, she’s on the skids with her soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, while nightmares of the gruesome murder scene keep her up at night.

On the other side of the country, Giana Falco has just made the biggest change in her life. She’s ended her engagement and now she’s moving to the west coast to take a job as a forensic scientist in a town where she knows practically no one. It’s either the bravest or the stupidest thing she’s ever done.

Sparks begin to fly the moment Remy and Giana meet. Remy has never seen a woman more intelligent or more beautiful than her new colleague, but she knows that allowing herself to fall for a straight woman would be a uniquely masochistic kind of folly. For her part, Giana is intrigued by the tall and reticent detective. She sees no reason why the two of them shouldn’t become the best of friends.

The stakes couldn’t be higher as the two women put their heads together to work the case, drawing ever closer to finding the killer—and ever closer to finding each other. Try as they might to ignore it, the attraction they feel becomes something neither one of them can deny.





by A. Zukowski

I stared at the photographs, mesmerised by the mystery of the two women. Their bodies and skin have been frozen in time, turned porcelain white and uncovered on the north face of Mont Blanc. They were once lost to the eternal silence of the snowy peaks, waiting to tell their stories. Who were these two unknown mountaineers to each other, and why were they summiting unaided, alone at the pinnacle of wilderness? My search unfolds as a love affair in early twentieth-century England comes to life.





Lix Club: Book 1

by Emily Hayes

narrated by Violet Dixen

Quinn is the handsome, yet guarded owner of LA’s most exclusive women-only club, Lix – an incredible adult playground where fantasies do come true. Can Lauren find a way to seduce Quinn and explore the magical world of Lix?

A sizzling hot butch/femme age-gap lesbian romance with light BDSM themes by Emily Hayes.

Lauren is curious to explore the enigmatic nightclub Lix and also her own sexuality. When she meets the club owner, Kelly Quinn, she is blown away by Quinn’s charm and natural dominance. Quinn is fiercely guarded, and Quinn is a player. Can Lauren find a way to change all of that?

Contains BDSM and explicit sex.



by Margaux Fox

narrated by Jaye Kew

Neither woman can stop thinking about their perfect first love from so many years ago. Nothing else compares to what they had with each other. An emotional second chance holiday romance from the best-selling author of Her Royal Bodyguard.

In 1995, Jo and Carole fell wildly in love and lust, running around the countryside as teenagers.

Tragedy struck, and the two girls were torn apart.

Every year since, they see each other only on Christmas day – and always on Christmas day – when Carole comes home for Christmas. Each year, they are polite, yet distant.

Twenty-five years of pain and loss have passed, and Carole and Jo are all grown up. Can they find a way to heal their wounds and the distance between them and rekindle the greatest love either of them have ever known?



by L.L. Shelton

narrated by Lois Ridge

Twenty-one-year-old Brandy Lee is a newborn she-wolf assigned to drive Lady Rochelle, the leader of she-wolves. Within hours of reporting for her first day, Brandy Lee’s world is turned upside down when she learns she is the reason for an uprising.

Vampire Raven lives a comfortable, quiet life as the assistant for the leader of the vampires, Queen Lana. At least until temptation strolls into the RedBlood Estate – by the name of Brandy Lee. Soon, Raven has no choice; she must follow her heart. But will it lead her into love or danger?



by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Cassandra Arnold

The humans of Earth have been guided and nurtured as they bred indiscriminately. Now the puppet masters are returning for the harvest. At the moment of our greatest danger an unexpected ally returns from the stars and a leader of incredible ability arises from the vast numbers of the marginalized. She seizes command of the allies and leads them against the enemy. Will they succeed? Can we even survive? And if we do, will there be anything left of our poor battered battleground of a planet?



by Holly Anne Weaver

narrated by Randi Bachman

Amelia Gittens, a Black female, has the distinct honor of being the first female to be admitted to the US Army’s elite group of snipers, fighting in Afghanistan. It doesn’t come without its price, though. She comes back as so many veterans do – with post-traumatic stress syndrome, complete with major flashbacks.

Working as a New York City police officer, she is involved with a suspect shooting. Unfortunately for her, it is the cousin of a major international drug dealer who seeks revenge on her, her partner, as well as the departmental psychiatrist.

Amelia responds the only way she knows how: falling back upon her military training to keep her ward safe while the situation is being resolved. The whole while, she is battling her own inner demons, fighting with herself to keep them at bay, nearly tearing herself apart.






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