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by TB Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What do you do when love strikes at the worst possible moment?

Dagny is convinced she’s about to get engaged while on holiday in England. What she doesn’t expect is getting dumped. To make matters worse, it happens on Christmas Eve.

Allison receives an assignment from her boss that will make Allison’s journalistic career. The investigation will call for one thing: her complete dedication to the story and nothing else.

The two meet on Christmas Eve night, and while Allison is brimming with joy, Dagny wants nothing to do with anyone. However, what’s worse? Being alone on a holiday or spending it with a stranger neither will probably ever see again?

There’s one major problem. They just might be perfect for each other despite the terrible timing.

Is it kismet or a curse?



by Zoey Lennox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Everyone knows personal trainer Blayke Bell’s family are obsessed with Christmas. The tree goes up at the start of November and there’s always a long list of festive activities planned.

When Blayke learns one of her clients, Zanthie Brown, has never had the chance to celebrate Christmas, she’s positively scandalised. Compiling a checklist, she sets out to ensure Zanthie experiences a Christmas she’ll never forget. Between ice skating, hot chocolate, baking cookies and tree decorating, sparks start to fly, but there’s a problem. Everyone knows you shouldn’t date your best friend’s ex and Zanthie is Blayke’s friend and work colleague Lana’s ex-girlfriend.

Join Blayke and Zanthie as they try to fight their growing feelings in this festive romance.



by Caitlin Ryan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Bridget Buttermilk hates Christmas. Between raising her daughter alone and running an online crafting business, she has no time to put up a tree, or bake cookies for Santa.

Valerie Rivers loves Christmas. If it’s Christmas themed, she has to have it. Leaving her high-school girlfriend, Bridget, to pursue an acting career is one of her biggest regrets.

Is 25 days enough to fall in love, find her Christmas spirit, and keep their sanity long enough to make it through the annual Christmas market, or do they need a Christmas miracle?



by Marian Snowe

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Three feet of snow. Two single women. One meddling family. Is it a recipe for love or disaster? Jas Arsenault’s heart aches for someone to spend Christmas with, but she’s still reeling from a bad breakup. Chloe Simmons has always felt alone and unlovable. When they meet unexpectedly in a ski resort’s only working hot tub, both women are shocked by the intensity of their connection…but Jas’s matchmaking family is about to throw a wrench in the works.



by Fiona Zedde

Nailah has certain rules. She only dates studs, gets her therapy from racing her Camaro, and always leaves exes in the past where they belong. But when one ex—her only femme mistake—comes back into her life bringing passion and an explosive secret, can Nailah throw out her rulebook to have a real chance at love?



by Michelle Arnold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Abandoned by her mother as a small child, Allie has spent her life trying not to disappoint anyone. Her friend Josie, a spontaneous, fun-loving college professor, seems determined to defy Allie’s low expectations in life. She persists in finding new ways to brighten Allie’s life and reassure her she will always be there, no matter what.  When Allie’s mother suddenly turns back up, Allie wants to believe it’s an attempt to rekindle their relationship and finally heal her childhood trauma, but Josie suspects there is more to the unexpected contact. Nevertheless, when Allie agrees to make an enormous sacrifice for her mother, Josie promises to see her through it. Allie finds old wounds reopened as she faces the draining ordeal, but with Josie steadfastly by her side, she begins to wonder if perhaps it is time to come out and try to mend her broken heart.



by Marcella Manibusan

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A famous lesbian musician, Summer Jacobs, is in love with her equally gay but also married publicist, Mia Reynolds. As Mia struggles to process this revelation, time is also unknowingly running out. While Mia overthinks almost to the point of indecision; Summer presses forward knowing she’ll have to put her heart out there if she stands a chance with the love of her life.





by Ann Caspersen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Lyss’s in-laws spring a last minute cookie exchange on her, she’s in a race against the clock to get her baking done in time. But when Jamie, her sexy butch wife, decides to turn up the heat in the kitchen, cookies are the last thing on Lyss’s mind. She’s about to have a very Merry Christmas indeed.





Quarter Life: Book 2

by Adrian J. Smith

Faye’s been Molly’s lover and agent for her creature-hunting friends for a year, but she’s still unsettled and unwilling to fully explore her Tainted Side. She is sent on a mission and disappears in South America.

Molly, a powerful witch, searches for Faye ruthlessly, leading to conflict with her team. Meanwhile, she’s brought Amelia in to help, and Amelia has her sights on seducing Molly as things fall apart.

Content warning: Rape, torture.





Broken Chronicles: Book 2

by Kellie Doherty

Rare goods trader, Orenda Silverstone leads a happy life with her wife and friends. She’s an Elu—a race whose crafting is centered on protection—but her power is broken. Now, her sword is her strength. When her wife gets kidnapped and Orenda has to use her trading skills to complete some nearly impossible tasks to get her back, a good sword arm won’t be enough. Orenda’s time is rapidly coming to a close. She needs help.

But she’s been forced into silence. Two sun goddess worshippers, twins Lan and Lyra, decide to join Orenda’s quest in order to guard one of the rarer items to its destination. Orenda’s not sure she can turn her back on either one, but with no other options, she competes against the sunrises to complete her tasks before her wife is killed.

Then, the unthinkable happens. Orenda’s best friend, Jax, tries to kill her.

Between racing against the coming dawns and battles at every turn, Orenda’s list now seems insurmountable. No longer certain of who is friend or foe, she must come up with a plan to save them all before the sun rises on her wife’s final day.





Malice: Book 30

by K’Anne Meinel

Lessons on how to piss off a lesbian serial killer:

1) Hit her in the head with the butt of a gun.
2) Treat her with disdain and underestimate her abilities.
3) Involve her family!

Alice awakens to discover she has been taken prisoner. Flashbacks are instantaneous, and when she realizes that Kathy and Emily are there too, she is compelled to return them to safety. Alice doesn’t want her family involved in this part of her life. She isn’t comfortable with them knowing, much less participating, after all her years of hard work to keep them in the dark.

Paybacks can be deadly for those who don’t realize how truly gifted Alice is. Follow along as Alice continues to triumph at what she does so very well…





by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

narrated by Stephanie Murphy

What happens when the one person who makes your heart sing is also the one person who could destroy everything you’ve worked for?

Laurie “The Hatchet” Emerson is a ruthless leader in Boston finance who’s rumored to have a block of ice where her heart should be. If only. Recently widowed, Laurie fears she’s broken beyond repair, until a once-in-a-lifetime business deal reignites her passion for work and gives her a shot at proving to the world she still has some life left in her.

Jack Kennedy is a young portfolio manager who aspires to greatness. Unfortunately, she’s so many rungs down the corporate ladder she can’t even scrape up enough money to move out of her mother’s apartment. Her luck changes when her work ethic is finally rewarded with the job opportunity of her dreams.

A blizzard forces their worlds to collide, but what was meant to be a no-strings night of passion becomes more complicated when they both arrive at the office the next morning to discover they each spent the night with the one person in the city who could crush their futures.

Together, they just might hold the keys to everything they’ve ever wanted, but the difference in their ages and positions could spell the end of their careers. Will the ice queen and the protégé find happiness together or lose everything?



by Maggie Cummings

narrated by Paige McKinney

Dylan Prescott has all the answers, even when she doesn’t know the questions. She’s in her element cruising the singles scene and crushing cases as a newly minted NYPD detective. Equal parts free spirit and thrill seeker, catching bad guys and charming good girls are what she was born to do.

Briana Logan doesn’t play. A successful assistant United States attorney with several convictions on her résumé, she’s a commanding presence in the courtroom. In any room, to be honest. Smart and sexy, she’s got her work-life balance down. It’s simple: career first, everything else second. That is, until Dylan Prescott is assigned to the team investigating a sophisticated narcotics ring.

Their chemistry is undeniable, but the complicated NYC criminal justice system doesn’t leave room for real feelings. Keeping their emotions in check isn’t easy. Where the heart is concerned, no one is bulletproof.









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