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Pink Bean Series: Book 10

by Harper Bliss

Jill Becket knows she’s in trouble the minute a brand new, gorgeous client walks into her practice.

Amelia Shaw is suffering from a massive burnout, and has no clue of the calamitous effect she’s having on her new therapist.

Jill’s ethical code prevents her from acting on her feelings.

Falling in love is so low on Amelia’s priority list, she doesn’t even consider it. Her only current life goal is to feel better.

Can these two women find each other despite the professional and personal obstacles they face?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you this joyful and lighthearted/the long-awaited 10th book in the much-loved Pink Bean series.



by Gerri Hill

Self-described city girl Lexie Walton is a million miles from nowhere and completely out of her element.

Park ranger Kyler Clemons had loved the vibe and the beach of Mustang Island. Getting caught with her boss’s wife, however, got her transferred to the wild and remote Davis Mountains State Park—literally in the middle of nowhere. Now after four years, she’s forgotten about the beach and has embraced the mountain life, feeling like a local. She hangs out at the Cottonwood Creek Bar and Grill. She watches football with Mark Walton. She’s taken up birdwatching and stargazing as hobbies. She is perfectly content. No stress. No drama. And no desire to date.

Then Lexie Walton waltzes into her life.

After losing her cushy job in Austin―and unable to find another one―Lexie accepts her parents’ offer to join them and her brother in running a rustic lodge and restaurant in the remote Davis Mountains of West Texas. Hesitant to commit to such a drastic move, she agrees to a trial run―two months. Two months would get her through Christmas and the New Year. Her friends thought she was foolish to make such a move. There was no nightlife, no parties, no spin class, and no green smoothies. And no chance of dating. That was a plus, however. After her breakup with Crazy Cathy, she wanted no part of the dating game. This remote area would do nicely.

But then she meets this cute, tree-hugging park ranger who turns her world completely upside down.



by Bryce Oakley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A college tradition turned long-term promise means the Payne and Sideris families have spent every Christmas together for the past thirty-something years.

Cass Sideris loves traditions. She’s grown up alongside the Payne children, including her best friend Dylan, the young twins who exist solely to make her life harder, and, uh, the oldest Payne daughter, Stevie. Stevie, a firefighter with perfect hair and a kind heart. No big deal.

When Stevie gets her heart broken, Cass doesn’t expect to be the one consoling her. And after a series of unfortunate events and a last-minute road trip bring her closer to Stevie, Cass starts questioning more than just her feelings for Stevie… like her path in life. Still, she definitely shouldn’t be trying to casually catch Stevie under the mistletoe, right?



by Lori G. Matthews

Samantha Cassidy, award-winning actress, up-and-coming Hollywood “It Girl”, is missing three things in her life: an Oscar, a special someone to share her life with, and a baby goat in pajamas.

Alex Novato married her college sweetheart, but tragedy struck and the love of her life was ripped from her arms. Now she refuses to open her heart again, choosing casual sex over deeper commitments, until a not-so-chance meeting with her favorite Hollywood starlet turns her world upside down.

Will Alex give love another try? Will Sam find the courage to follow her heart, Hollywood be damned? Will anyone get a baby goat in pajamas?

#CassiNova is a sweet, funny, fun romp through the Hollywood Hills.



Book 2

by Jo Cox

Available in Kindle Unlimited

V’s about to start her first teaching job. After years of begging favours, juggling childcare, and working her arse off, she’s finally standing on her own two feet. The only trouble is, they’re a bit wobbly.

She knows she doesn’t want her old life anymore, but perhaps the set ideas she had for her new one need some reassessment. In fact, when she’s knocked completely off-balance by Sofia, a hot Italian who’s single-handedly raising the sex appeal of the entire maths department, the whole plan is thrown through a classroom window.

After all, the greatest joy is in the unexpected—she’s got the precocious five-year-old daughter to prove it.

An age-gap romance that’ll add a smile, subtract a frown, and leave you feeling anything but square.



by Grace Parkes

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ali’s long-term relationship breaks down unexpectedly and Ali feels lost.

After a chance meeting with an enigmatic stranger, Ali embarks on a new adventure.

But then things get complicated and Ali is faced with the most difficult decision.

Will Ali find find true love for Christmas, or will it all end it tears?



by Lucy Bexley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Sacha Brighton is dreading her sister’s Christmas Eve wedding, but she’s headed to their family cabin all the same. She’s braced herself for a lot of diva wedding antics; what she wasn’t prepared for was her sister’s wedding planner that she can’t get off her mind.

Hal (Hallie) Halliday (she knows) wants this wedding she’s been organizing with her check lists for to go perfectly. Could Hal really have a chance with Sacha, her former high school crush?

Or will Sacha be just one more disaster Hal had to take care of to keep this wedding on track?

Checking It Twice is a low-angst lesbian Christmas romance novella filled with ice skating, failed gingerbread cookies, and people trying their best.



by Erin Wade

This Christmas Short Story follows Cordelia (Cody) Preston and Renn Summers as they navigate life after college. Overweight but brilliant they’ve had each other’s backs since they were four. Suddenly they face a life where Renn is a U.S. Marshal and Cody is a budding restaurateur struggling to put her establishment on the map. You will laugh with them and cry for them as they recover from the blows life deals them but they keep on swinging. You will love the fast action of their adventures in life and their misadventures in love.



WeHo: Book 20

by Sherryl Hancock

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After a hectic but joyful Thanksgiving, Lyric, Savanna, Shenin, Tyler, and a bunch of the others head up to Yosemite National Park on a camping trip. Long hikes and beautiful scenery with great friends are the agenda. It promises to be an adventure like no other. But nothing ever goes quite to plan.





A Fur-ever Veterinary Romance: Book 4

by Cara Malone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A love triangle, a road trip and a rescue cat make for an unlikely adventure in Cat’s Meow, a heartwarming tribute to friends – and lovers – you can count on.

Entering her second year of vet tech school, Ling is caught between her best friend and her long-time crush.

Ling wants nothing more than to tell Dakota how she feels, but she can’t risk upsetting the delicate balance of their friendship – until she discovers her best friend, Amber, is the third point in their love triangle.

When Ling and Dakota take a road trip to catch Dakota’s runaway cat back home, Amber invites herself along for the ride and from car snacks to road music, it’s clear the battle for Dakota’s heart is on.





by Rachel Gold

The summer before her senior year, Emma Synclair decides to find her true love: either a girl or God. Since she has a crush on her best friend—and on her best friend’s girlfriend—Synclair figures she’ll have better luck with God.

Which God? How will she know? Wicca, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity? Her atheist parents are out of the country for three months, so Synclair has the space to try some religions in peace.

Or so she thinks, until her friends decide that her house is the party house—that is: the dinner party house! How can she tell them no? She sneaks away to start her spiritual quest, but runs into her childhood friend Avery. Who grew up to be hot. And is also into girls. Is her true love Avery or God? Can she have both or is that the path to neither? Synclair vows to find out.





Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 33

by Victoria Rush

When Jade complains to her sex therapist friend about always being the one taking the lead in the bedroom, Hannah makes her a proposal. If Jade’s so interested in playing the submissive role, how would she like to be Hannah’s slave for a week?

For her first test as a slave, Hannah takes Jade to a fancy restaurant and demands that she satisfy her under the table while she eats dinner pretending like nothing is happening. When Jade passes this first test, Hannah takes her home and ties her up to her four-poster bed, where she takes maximum advantage of her helpless but delighted friend.

But it’s not until Hannah dresses Jade up in a revealing costume and leads her into a raunchy lesbian bar that things really begin to get interesting. With all eyes on her sexy and compliant slave, it doesn’t take long for things to devolve into a wild free-for-all, where the two women begin to get second thoughts about the whole domme and submissive experiment…





Five Points: Book 4

by CJ Murphy

Sheriff Chance Fitzsimmons and her wife Jax have had more than their share of turmoil in the last few years since reconnecting. The couple has finally settled peacefully into married life. A tragic twist of fate shifts their focus to something they couldn’t have been prepared for.

Self-declared Sovereign Citizens are discovered within Tucker County, one with ties to a violent group in the Midwest. Concern turns into a dangerous reality when a simple vehicle accident sends Chance, and Chief Deputy Taylor Lewis, down a path of investigation with more hairpin turns than the backroads of Tucker County.

In this fourth book of the Five Points Series, the winds of change, both political and natural, are blowing into Tucker county. Chance and Jax’s family comes under scrutiny as they stand together to protect someone with the deck staked against them. The stakes are high as the Fitzsimmons clan proves nothing is impossible when you have love on your side.





by Diana Green

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Rowena Shelton is a fox-shifter, stolen in childhood from her home-world. She now works as an agent for the secretive and powerful Sentinels, trying to bring an end to the inter-world slave trade.

Etty Sikes is a street-smart spitfire from the wrong side of the tracks. She harbors untrained magical abilities and a deep longing for a better life. Can she channel these into working as Rowena’s assistant?





Empire’s End: Book 5

by M.S. Linsenmayer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The war was out of all control.

Whatever her plans had been, Major Eryma Soteira knew one thing now: The war had to end, or the whole world would burn. She even knew how to do it: Assassinate Princess Catherine, the Autocrat of all Russia.

Desperate, Eryma threw caution to the winds and charged straight into her enemy’s homelands, into the very heart of Europe…

Right into the arms of her ex-lover, and arch-enemy, Dame Julie d’Aubigny

The Knight of Blood and Roses.





by Clare Lydon & TB Markinson

narrated by Claire Storey

Would you trade fame for love?

Saffron Oliver is the golden girl. Golden hair. Golden skin. Golden movie career. Only one problem: She hates it.

She flees to her sister’s seaside town – where she meets the confident and charming Kirsty McBride. Kirsty is everything Saffron wants to be. Perhaps also, everything she wants. But Saffron can’t have it all. So now, she has to decide: Does she crave Kirsty enough to blow up her golden life?

Best-selling lesbian romance authors Clare Lydon and TB Markinson have crafted a sizzling lesbian love story about not being afraid and going after what you really want.



by Georgia Beers

narrated by Lori Prince

If there’s one thing Brooke Sullivan knows for sure is that people let you down, but that hasn’t stopped her from going after the life she wants. In a new city, with a new job and a new start as a high-end real estate agent, she’s finally back on her feet. The last thing she needs is a distraction. Not her volatile neighbors, not a damn stray cat, and certainly not the flaky, infuriatingly adorkable girl-next-door property stager she has to work with.

Macy Carr believes in soul mates and true love. She knows because she had it all, until a freak accident took the love of her life. She’s doing okay though, surrounded by her family, her animals, and her BFFs. Home staging gives her a sense of control, and she’s made her job her happy place. If only the super sexy, super cold new agent working for Macy’s biggest client wasn’t determined to ruin that.



by Jae

narrated by Angela Dawe

Shy butch Denny has a simple life as a cashier who helps raise her niece. Then she gets a wrong-number text from a stranger named Eliza, asking her for dating advice.

Eliza, the queen of disastrous first dates, finds an instant connection with Denny that makes her question everything…like just how straight she really is.

A slow-burn lesbian romance with likable characters and low angst.



by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Libby Marshall

Melanie had been teenager when she’d been driven to flee Harker’s Island and the madness that surrounded her family there. She hoped to find some peace and closure, but it is not meant to be. Small towns have long memories. Melanie has not been forgotten, nor forgiven.

When trouble erupts, will she rise up and become the hero needed to save the town, or will she walk away and leave them all to their fate?



by Maria Siopis

narrated by Kat Andrews

An elusive and dangerous serial killer is terrorizing New York. The murderer’s method of operation is baffling and grotesque. There seems to be a specific purpose for the killings, but no one can quite grasp it.

When two police detectives arrive at the first crime scene, their dislike of each other is evident, and they immediately collide. Fiona Sapiro, head of the newly conceived New York Special Force unit, urgently seeks to become involved with the investigation and help end the deadly assaults. Sophie Andrews, a detective from the nearby precinct where the murders occurred, rejects all offers of Fiona’s participation. Both women desire an end to the bloodshed and the capture of the killer, but first, they will need to put their differences aside to solve the crimes.

Over time, the killer becomes progressively more arrogant, and the carnage at the crime scenes intensifies. As Fiona and Sophie are forced to accept collaboration, their relationship deepens. Will they finally acknowledge they are a perfect fit, or will they run away from feelings that both deem perilous?

One thing is certain… the killing must stop!



by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Carrie North

Have you ever met a person that you just were in sync with? You knew immediately that they were someone special for you? Would you know how lucky you were? Would you know they were the one?

What do you do when you fall in love with a woman, when you thought you were straight? Dealing with this unusual relationship brings a lot of “firsts” to Joan’s life.

Joan is a world-renowned artist who has always identified as straight, has three children, and is content with her life, when she meets Grace, a respected psychiatrist who also happens to be a lesbian.

Joan is conflicted and has to deal with her feelings, the incredible woman she finds herself in love with, and the relationship that occurs over the next 20 years.




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