New Lesfic Goodies: January 12th Edition

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Before getting to the new ebook and audio releases, IHL has four important announcements.

First, I’m pleased to announce that Miranda MacLeod has joined the IHL team. Since the beginning, it’s just been me running the site, but Miranda has officially come on board. Please help me welcome her, and I would like to say a big thank you because I wasn’t sure how I was going to continue on my own.

Second, the way to submit ebook and audiobooks to be included in the newsletter has changed, so authors, please click on this link for how to submit books (ebook and audio) for the newsletter. IHL will not include books unless they receive an email from either the author or publisher.

Third, the winner of the holiday photo contest was Harper Bliss and Her Mrs. Also, the winner of the $50 Amazon Holiday gift card has been contacted. Thanks so much to all the authors who helped IHL spread holiday cheer after such a difficult year.

Four, Jae has put together a Sapphic Reading Challenge. Check it out here.

Now, here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases.

Happy reading and listening,

TB & Miranda




Midnight in Manhattan: Book 3

by Rachel Lacey

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A television star and a flight attendant walk into a bar…

Six months after a traumatic event left actress Piper Sheridan confined to her apartment with debilitating panic attacks, she’s determined to start living her life again. Motivated by an upcoming audition, she summons her courage and goes out for a drink, keeping her identity under wraps. It sounds simple enough, but nothing about going out in public is easy for Piper these days. And her hopes of going unnoticed are stymied by the bubbly blonde on the next barstool.

Flight attendant Chloe Carson is only in New York for the night, and she’s only looking for a little casual fun to go with her cocktail. The mysterious woman beside her isn’t fun, exactly…but she’s intriguing. And beautiful. Even without knowing her name, Chloe is drawn to her. When they share an unexpectedly intimate moment, Chloe knows this is a night she’ll never forget.

Can these two strangers turn a chance encounter into something lasting?



by J.J. Arias

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Who helps Cupid fall in love?

Libby Cassanova is the last in a long line of matchmakers. When the secret that she was dumped by her fiancé comes to light, she must act fast to salvage her reputation. There is nothing she wouldn’t do to keep the truth of her failed relationship from toppling her future, and that includes pretending to date a woman if it makes her story more believable.

Reagan Soto is a struggling artist offered a chance at easy money by pretending to be Libby’s girlfriend. Upon meeting the tightly wound thirty-something, Reagan is immediately intrigued by what lies beneath all the polish and barely held-together facade.

As Libby and Reagan play at being in love, the line between fantasy and reality quickly blurs. Can Libby get over her fear of getting hurt and see that her perfect match is right under her nose, even if she never expected it to be another woman?



by Melissa Tereze

Available in Kindle Unlimited

There goes Harper Grey’s love life, the latest victim of a classic cliché: the office affair.  Now she’s driving through drenching rain, a sad song on the radio, the seat beside her as empty as her new dream house. Without the loving and faithful partner who turned out to be neither.

Still, she’s looking forward to making a fresh start in The Lakes. When she finds the house as cold, drenched, and power-outage dark inside as outside, she makes a tactical retreat to a B&B down the road. And wonders if she’s made a tactical error.

Cait Taylor has poured every ounce of her energy into the guest house she owns with her brother. But lately, everyone seems set on pushing the “town sweetheart” to find a sweetheart of her own. The attraction she feels for Harper goes far beyond mere sympathy for her plight, but it’s clear Harper isn’t ready.

Yet as the two dance around each other, Harper realizes Cait makes her feel the way her ex never did. And she wonders if it’s time to let Cait into her empty heart…and make it home.



by Mariah R. Embry

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A flash of red behind Celeste caused Amina’s world to still. A soft breeze rustled through the trees as the scarlet bird hovered right behind Celeste. A Cardinal. Jules’s favorite bird. He used to say it was a sign from heaven.

Amina knew… At this moment, she knew it was that miracle she asked for.

Trigger Warning: Violence/Domestic Violence.



by Sienna Waters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Every love story has a happy ending.

But is it love if you don’t even know her real name?

Elle Baker is one step away from being fired from the journalism job she’s wanted since forever. She needs a story, and she needs one badly.

Alya Goldstein is known for not only being super-successful, but also for being incredibly private. An interview that’s impossible to get.

Until a misunderstanding leads to Elle being hired as Alya’s new assistant. It’s the perfect way to get the story. Or it should be. But as Alya starts to finally open up, Elle finds that she’s getting far more involved in this story than she really should be.

As the lies spiral out of control, Elle’s forced to face her past. Sometimes it’s the lies you tell yourself that are the most damaging. Someone has to make Alya believe in happy endings, but is Elle in too deep to live happily ever after?



by Lyn Denison

A life-threatening incident had changed Mac Donovan’s life. On the positive side, she’s seeing more of her friends and realises how much she’s missed them. Her best friend wants her to move on and knows just the woman to help Mac do just that. Mac has decided she wants no complications but then she meets Liv Murray and thinks just maybe… However, moving forward means sorting out the mess of the past. Is Mac up to that?



The Stronger You: Book 1

by Ruby Scott

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Each of us has been given one life but when we feel broken or incomplete, is it possible to find love? Would you have the courage to take someone’s hand towards a happier tomorrow?

Dani is a confident, outgoing, PR professional without a care in the world, but she is about to find out what can happen in a single moment, when you are in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

Fighting to reclaim her confidence; her life; her strength, Dani is encouraged by her friend to take up Krav Maga. Meeting her instructor, Logan, is the first step on a journey that will transform both women’s lives in a way neither could have foreseen.

This is a slow-burn, lesbian romance where strength, courage, and hope go hand in hand. Because tomorrow will be better than today.

Trigger Warning: This book contains one scene relating to a street mugging, and contains a storyline involving PTSD.



by Jade Winters

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The only person standing between Alice and Machu Picchu, Haight Ashbury and the Great Barrier Reef just dumped her for someone else.

But with her ticket booked, her backpack overstuffed and her Lonely Planet underlined, Alice gets news of her mother’s stroke.

Returning home to look after her, Alice meets Kerry, the nurse assigned to care for her mum. Frustrated, heartbroken and caught in the headlights, the last thing Alice needs is another relationship, but there’s something about Kerry which draws her in. As time passes, professional ethics are tested and lines blur as Alice and Kerry grow closer.

However, when Alice discovers Kerry’s secret, she decides that fate may have brought them together… but fate, it appears, has a mind of its own..





by Lianyu Tan

A dark lesbian romance retelling of the Hades/Persephone myth.

In the land of the dead, Queen Hades’ word is law. Hades gets what she wants—always—and what she wants is a certain goddess of the springtime.

Innocent Persephone never expected to fall prey to the Queen of the Underworld. With her tears and pleas for freedom ignored by pitiless Hades, Persephone must learn to satisfy her keeper in all ways, lest she suffer the consequences.

And though she cannot deny that something blooms within her, something forbidden, Persephone despairs of ever feeling the sun upon her skin once more.

No matter the cost, Hades intends to keep her. Forever.

Trigger Warnings: Non-con/dub-con scenes between the main characters, emotionally/physically abusive relationship between the adult heroine and her mother, references to parental neglect and abuse when the heroine was a child.





Supernatural Submission Series: Book 2

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Elena Cortez just found out her new lover, Cassia, is a witch. Which is pretty great since Cass can use her magic to bring Elena to the heights of unbelievable passion. But when Cassia has to rush out of town on witch business, she leaves Elena with an unquenchable thirst to be ravished.

Fortunately the ultra-sexy Juliana just moved in next door. Unfortunately, Elena thinks Juliana might be a vampire who wants to bite her sensual and supple skin.

Will Elena give in to her lust for Juliana? Will she be taken by a witch and a vampire at the same time? And how many supernatural creatures live in this neighborhood anyway?

Find out how vampy Elena gets in Book 2 of the Supernatural Submission series!





by Annette Mori

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Abby Prentice is suffering through the worst writer’s block in her entire career. After deciding to escape her home’s confines, she takes a walk on the beach and meets a mysterious woman who, Abby believes, must be the reincarnation of Helen of Troy. After the strange woman claims that she is on vacation, Abby quickly offers her personal services as a tour guide. Evasive about where she lives and why she has chosen Forks, Washington, as the destination for her three-day vacation, the stranger is only mildly annoying to Abby.

Feeling burnt out, Musetta desperately needs a vacation. Her boss reluctantly agrees to three days. On the first day of her adventure, she is delighted to almost literally run into her favorite writer and begin her three-day adventure. As she spends more time with Abby, she finds it increasingly difficult to return to her job despite the catastrophic consequences of leaving her position. For the first time, Musetta is falling in love.

Soon into their journey, both women notice something odd is happening all around them. Abby is not the only writer experiencing a block. Art in every form has come to a screeching halt in the Northwest. The media is forecasting an end to cultured civilization, beauty, and emotion as we know it. Will the women find a way to return inspiration to the Northwest, and does Musetta have the key to solving the crisis?





by Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly

In the final sequel of Dark Horizons ex-soldier Taylor Morgan has no idea how long she’s spent in Daashu, the brutal prison where enemies of the Dominion go to die. She doesn’t know what’s become of the naledai rebellion, or how Earth, her homeworld, is faring against the ikthians. She’s only sure of one thing. Maia is out there somewhere, making a plan to rescue her.

Meanwhile, Maia is tormented by guilt. She blames herself for Taylor’s capture, and her research into the shared genetic history of all Milky Way species has been stolen by the Dominion, only to be turned into a deadly biological weapon.

With the help of Rachel Harris, Taylor’s best friend; Elurin, an ace pilot and Dominion defector; Akton, a stalwart naledai soldier; and her own traitorous mother, a former Dominion official, Maia must rescue Taylor and stop the Dominion from wiping out the naledai, the humans, and even her own people.





by Caroline Lowrie

One hospital. Two missing infants. Three decades apart. When a newborn is snatched from the Maternity Unit at St Catherine’s Hospital, a desperate police hunt ensues. Only a small window of opportunity exists in which to identify a suspect and bring the baby back safely.

Detective Sergeant Meg Wiley, close to retirement and panicking about what she’ll do with her empty days, reluctantly joins the search, but she’s haunted by her memories. Feeling estranged from her partner Emma, she struggles to concentrate on the job. She soon discovers, however, that the past is a key. Her history will unlock the mystery that surrounds the disappearance of not one, but two babies.





by Pascal Scott

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Appearances notwithstanding, Lydia Anne Bell’s life has not been easy. As the daughter of Mary Carroll Bell, the acclaimed Massachusetts State Poet Laureate, and the wife of Eleanor Sarah Bradlee, University of Massachusetts professor and heir to the Bradlee fortune, Lydia looks as if she has it all.

But when Lydia discovers that Eleanor is having an affair with a colleague and contemplating divorce, her increasingly tenuous hold on sanity threatens to break as the illusions of her privileged life are shattered.

How far will she go to save her marriage? Or, is it already too late?

From the Golden Crown Literary Society award-winning author of Hard Fall: A McStone and Martinelli Thriller comes another twisty tale of love, sex, deception, and revenge.



Sequel to Terminal Event

by Ali Spooner

Agent Blair Cooper and her partner psychic Tally Rainwater (Terminal Event) are back in a gripping new murder mystery investigation. When the serial killer Casper Caruso, known as The Ghost of East Texas, was sent to death row, Agent Blair Cooper was adamant that there were more victims of his killing spree. As his execution day approaches, Casper reaches out to Blair. If she agrees to a face-to-face meeting, he will give the whereabouts of 10 additional bodies left in his wake. Is his request an act of remorse for his ruthless killings, or is there something sinister lurking in his dark mind? Blair and Tally must piece together the clues to bring closure for some of the victim’s families. However, when you bargain with the devil, there is always a price to be paid.





Children of the Wild: Book 3

by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Bobbi Wilson

The vampire king’s promise of sanctuary, a safe haven for all nonhumans, hangs in the balance. Reluctantly, he sends his youngest agent to retrieve and hide a maddened werebear. If she can’t keep him out of the public eye, then all will be lost, and she’s not doing so good.

The bear is elusive, savage, and on a killing spree. If the humans find out about nonhumans, they will hunt them into extinction. She has to stop the bear, but first, she has to catch him.



Charming Thief: Book 2

by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Desarae Holland

Simone takes a trip to Antwerp, Belgium. Four out of five diamonds come through this capital. Is it too much for this thief to take on the job she has agreed to undertake? Will she get caught? How do you hide that many diamonds?



by Jade Winters

narrated by Ella McCready

Genevieve’s parents are still reeling from the news that their daughter is gay, and she will no longer be marrying Paul, the man who they believe is the ideal son-in-law. Rejected by her family and friends, Genevieve makes a new life with Rebecca, the woman she has fallen in love with, and she has never been happier.

DC Isabel Smith first encounters the couple when investigating a vicious attack on Genevieve along the embankment of the River Thames. Her investigation is hampered when Genevieve regains consciousness but cannot remember the attack, who she is, or the woman she loves.

With great reluctance, Rebecca has no choice but to let Genevieve return to her family and ex-fiance, who will do whatever they can to steer her along the path they believe is the right one – the one that does not include Rebecca.






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