New Lesfic Goodies: January 19th Edition

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Here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases and announcements.

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by Kris Bryant

Nico Marshall’s living her best life. Her packaging company’s turning a profit and she’s just been labeled Chicago’s most promising up-and-coming artist. The only thing missing is love. When she meets a beautiful woman on the train with an indescribable sweet and sugary scent, Nico’s ready to make her move.

Sophia Sweet doesn’t have time for distractions. Never mind how fit and tan Nico is, or how she has the most beautiful eyes ever. Sophia only has one goal: keep the family business alive. Her third-generation chocolatier shop, Sweet Stuff, is tanking. In a last-ditch effort, Sophia creates an upscale version of their product and needs the perfect package to ensure success.

When Sophia recognizes Nico from the train but mistakes her for the packaging company’s warehouse employee, Nico doesn’t bother to correct her. She’s been burned by women in the past wanting her for her money. This time, she’s determined to win Sophia over with her charm.



by Cade Haddock Strong

Everyone fantasizes about winning the big jackpot, but what if you actually won…

Ty MacIntyre’s life changes the instant she wins the lottery. People are after her winning ticket and she’s not sure who to trust. She’s been given the gift of wealth. Will she use it to get her life back on track or will that prove easier said than done?

Karla Rehn is forced to walk away from her dream of being on the US Ski Team. She’s angry at the world—especially herself. A trail of reckless behavior threatens to derail her plans to earn a college degree and become a nurse.

Ty is drawn to Karla the moment the two women meet. Can they guide each other through the obstacles that life has thrown their way?



The Your Way Series: Book 3

by Jamey Moody

Available in Kindle Unlimited

How do you suddenly find yourself in love with a friend? A much younger friend!

It had been six years since Stella Morris lost her wife. She was doing her best trying to navigate without her soulmate by teaching classes at the fitness center she owned with her two best friends.

She knew she was spending too much time alone, so when a friend needed a favor she offered to go along. That favor turned into another and then another and suddenly Stella found herself falling for her much younger friend.

If the age difference wasn’t enough to challenge this new relationship the surprising lack of support from her friends made it complicated. Then something amazing happened that no one expected.

Come along with Stella as she finds her forever love in the most unlikely place.

This is the third book in the Your Way Series. You’ll see familiar faces, but it can be read as a stand alone.



by Nancy Wheelton

Veterinary technician Valerie Connor longs for love, but as hard as she tries, her relationships never last. As a single mom, Val’s determined not to give her heart to someone who doesn’t also love her daughter and their small town life. When an intriguing schoolteacher moves to town, Val hopes it just might work out this time.

After her career and love life crash and burn, Ronnie Yakimoto escapes the big city and surprises herself by enjoying life in tiny Thresherton, Saskatchewan. She’s there to teach and learn to live a stable, peaceful life. But she’s just gotten clean after hitting rock bottom, and nothing is more important than staying clean, not even love.

When a stable of horses is threatened, Val and Ronnie must work together against the odds to save them, and maybe even themselves, along the way.



by Kim Hartfield

Available in Kindle Unlimited

These five standalone lesbian novels explore different facets of love, sex, and motherhood. Life is far from over for these single moms as they find passionate romance with other women. In fact, the best days of their lives are only just beginning.

This box set includes:

Another Mother – The actress playing a little girl’s mother falls in love with her real mom.

Half a Heart – The social worker trying to reunite a family ends up becoming part of it.

Two Moms – Sparks fly between the moms of a teen babysitter and her client.

Baby Doctor – The obstetrician delivering a baby finds a decidedly unprofessional connection with the mother.

Mother of the Bride – Best friends as teens are reunited when their adult children plan to get married.



by Callie Hall

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Adel’s social circle is rather small. Without the fans of her blog, she wouldn’t have one at all. This doesn’t bother Adel as much as it probably should, but with her apartment feeling as empty as her love life, Adel’s determined to make a change. Starting with herself.

Asking someone else out, however? Adel’s going to need a lot more than some liquid courage to pull it off.

Gail’s put everything she has into her family’s bar, but if she doesn’t think of something soon, she’ll lose everything she owns. With the walls closing in around her, what Gail really needs is a distraction, something to take her mind off of things, if only for a little while.

Meeting a new patron is exactly what Gail needs. What she doesn’t expect, however, is to miss the other woman’s company once she’s gone.

Without Adel’s number or an address to go by, Gail’s left with the memory of an evening that ended much too soon. But when their paths cross twice in one night?

Gail isn’t about to make that mistake again.



by Missouri Vaun

Children’s book illustrator Garet Allen has just escaped her most recent ill-fated relationship and accepts a temporary teaching position at a rural public school. After all, how hard can teaching kids about art really be? Apparently, pretty hard because her first day on the job is a complete disaster, and that has nothing at all to do with the fact that Tess Hill, the captivating and overly conscientious music teacher, shares the same classroom.

Tess, a dedicated teacher and single mother focused on creating a stable life for her daughter, is immediately attracted to the handsome, cavalier Garet for all the wrong reasons. Everything about Garet says short-term, and Tess refuses to consider anything less than forever. She’s not about to give her heart away to someone she can’t count on.

Can Garet and Tess survive three months sharing the same classroom without killing each other…or falling in love?



by Julie Cannon

According to newly single Kelly Newsome, whoever came up with the idea of a lesbian resort located on a warm tropical island is a goddess. Kelly’s bound and determined to experience everything, and everyone, the island has to offer.

Matt Parker is on her first “real grown up” vacation since her wife died six years ago, leaving her to raise their young son alone. With no responsibilities to tie her down, Matt’s not looking for anything other than a good time and toe-curling, no strings attached sex.

Neither one expects to meet the woman who could give them their last first kiss.





by Les Mood

Available in Kindle Unlimited

This is a collection of twelve stories about women discovering and exploring new aspects of their sexuality. Some of the women depicted, as in the title story Curious, are scratching an itch they did not realize they had. Some of them, as in Les Biennes Society of London, are indulging the desires they had been suppressing. Several of the stories are about women unexpectedly, and happily, finding themselves being seduced by another woman.

Each story can be read independently, although a few have overlapping characters. And each story contains descriptions of intimate activities, sometimes involving more than two people, and thus are intended for adult readers only.





by Genevieve McCluer

Hannah Olsen just wanted to be an accountant. She met the girl of her dreams and was more than ready to settle in for an ordinary life. Then she found out she was the reincarnation of Thor. Suddenly, she’s thrown into a world of magic and intrigue, unexpected attraction, and a mystery she’s got to unravel. All she can count on are her friends and her partner, and perhaps her new crush. With their help, she just might be able to find her way in this new life, and maybe stop an evil plot along the way.





Hannah Graves Series: Book 3

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Wintery depths of perma-frost and snow blanket New York as the zombies released recently, threaten to over-run the human populace. Hannah and her friends are struggling to fight back the tides of death, even as they are exposed to the mortal world. A life Hannah chooses to save could unravel everything.

With the threat of discovery looming, a storm system hammers the north-east of the US. Something beyond time, beyond all concepts of primal and powerful lurks. Hannah will be forced into a cosmic-scale struggle for her life.

Many revelations come to light in the third gripping installment in the Hannah Graves Series!



A Year of Occult Romance

by Bianca Gamble

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mackenzie Black knows a thing or two about bringing joy during the holiday season. Joy is the sweetest and most nutritious of the intangible energies that keep Mack’s kind alive; and the joy of her long term customer and favorite vampire, Hannah Graeves, is the sweetest substance to be found.

Hannah’s newest suspect in a dangerous drug ring case is the precinct’s favorite baker and the woman Hannah was planning to ask to be her date to the Officer’s Christmas Ball. Ruling her out as a suspect is priority #1.

With a criminal mastermind using Mack’s shop as a money-laundering scheme and Hannah’s partner kidnapped during the investigation, it’ll take both of them working together to solve the crime and clarify their feelings for each other!





by Macey Wilkie

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Welcome to the future, where four women are doing what they can to solve crimes. They’re called Team 4G. They’re not just crime-busters; they use very advanced and sometimes strange methods and thoughts to get to the bottom of a problem.

When thieves use a sophisticated way to steal art, a large security group called the Syndicate calls on the four to help.

Will the two couples be able to get to the bottom of this one, when even the Syndicate runs into dead ends everywhere?

Let’s find out!





Fatal Fidelity: Book 1

by Rien Gray

She needs an assassin.
They’re the best in the business.
Falling in love was never part of the deal.

Desperate to escape her abusive husband, Justine hires a contract killer. Campbell’s services come at a high price, and their dark, seductive charisma leads Justine right into their bed. Hiding an affair while Campbell designs the perfect murder has Justine walking a tightrope of stress, but each time the two of them sleep together, it’s harder not to get attached. Campbell struggles with their own traumatic past, convinced that the truth will drive Justine away.

There’s a faint hope that things could work, save for one problem: Justine’s husband wants her dead too.

Revenge is easy—heartbreak could cost both of them everything.

Trigger Warning: There is one on-page murder of a side character and mentions of past domestic abuse.





Poetry for the New Millennium

by Sandra de Helen

“Can I change hearts and minds? I’m trying.”
From “Day 82: Can I Change?”

Sandra de Helen’s newest poetry collection is all about changing hearts and minds. This collection of poems, gleaned from many decades of keen observation, show the poet to be insightful and clear-headed yet displaying
a sly wit. Her musings on justice, politics, women in society, war and peace, racism, the 2020 pandemic, and more will be enjoyed by anyone with a heart. The poems here go all out with attitude and with skillful creation by a poet at the top of her game. As the Rainbow Awards judges said: “The author wrote with lyrical, beautiful sentences that painted pictures in my mind. Her choices in style and presentation were fabulous.”





Provincetown Tales: Book 8

by Radclyffe

narrated by Lori Prince

Reese Conlon’s much anticipated family leave for the birth of her child is jeopardized by the arrival of a federal task force on the hunt for a sex trafficker. And not just any purveyor of underage girls, but a US Senator and presidential hopeful.

With Provincetown the center of the investigation, one of her rookie cops drawn into the undercover op, and an Assistant US Attorney who never heard of teamwork, Reese has a hard time putting the personal before the professional. When the choice comes down to the lives of her officers against the promise she made to her wife, Reese puts everything she cares about on the line.



Tangle Valley: Book 2

by Melissa Brayden

narrated by Melissa Sternenberg

Finding forever is simply too hard.

As a renowned chef, Gabriella Russo knows how to season a good dish. It’s her personal life that’s been too spicy for her liking. Ready to take a break from the rollercoaster of romance, Gabriella’s moved to Oregon to open Tangled, a restaurant on the grounds of Tangle Valley Vineyard. A good glass of wine and space to create is all she requires.

Ryan Jacks brings all the girls to the yard, or so it should say on her business card. She’s a skilled carpenter who’s been told more than once that she’s good with her hands. When Ryan takes a job building a new restaurant, her world comes to a halt. The sassy chef is sexy, insightful, and comes with the kind of smart mouth that has Ryan rethinking just about everything. But with Gabriella off the menu, what’s Ryan supposed to do?



The Your Way Series: Book 1

by Jamey Moody

narrated by Morgan A. Southard

How do you find something you didn’t know you’d lost?

Olivia King has had it. She’s out of shape and tired of being alone. When she takes a tour of a fitness center, she had no idea how much she would gain while trying to lose.

Frankie Dean and her two best friends own Your Way, a place where fitness means more than improving your body.

Can Frankie lead Olivia through this journey to repair her self-image and discover her self-worth? And will Olivia give Frankie something she didn’t know she’d lost.

This is the first novel in the Your Way series. Each are stand-alone but, you may see familiar faces and old friends.



Children of the Wild: Book 4

by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Bobbi Wilson

He’s a young man coming into his own. He’s also a werewolf whose alpha nature is rising. She’s an older woman coming to terms with a major life change. She knows she has to deal with him, and she knows she shouldn’t, but she finds herself falling for the guy. It’s never easy.



A Royal Romance Series: Book 4

by Jenny Frame

narrated by Keira Grace

For Veronica Clayton, the sudden death of her mother has turned her naturally bright and happy-go-lucky view of the world bleak. As the police protection officer for the queen’s children, she has purpose, but for the next six months, the queen’s family is the focus of a documentary on royal life. The last thing Clay wants is a camera pointed in her face.

Katya Kovach, a refugee to Britain, knows all about death and grief. She saw her family shot in front of her and has never recovered from those dark memories. Now trained at London’s most prestigious childcare school, she’s happy as the nanny to Queen Georgina and Queen Bea’s children.

Clay is usually good-natured, but the rule-oriented Katya is not only a pain, but annoyingly beautiful, and they find themselves facing the awkward reality that everyone else is a couple except them while their every move is being filmed. Loss has defined both their lives, but guarding their hearts may prove to be the biggest heartbreak of all.






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