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by Lise Gold

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Celia Krügerner visits her Uncle Dieter’s castle in Switzerland for his annual summer ball, she’s excited to learn that Erin, who she shared an unforgettable dance with the year before, will once again be attending. Although their exchange was brief, Celia’s been unable to stop thinking about the dark and mysterious woman, and she’s determined to make a lasting impression on her this time.

Erin Nour, superyacht designer and avid traveler, has sailed from Bermuda to attend her good friend Dieter’s ball and has donated a vacation on The Barracuda – her pride and joy – to the charity auction held during the event. The long journey was worth it, as she’s not only looking forward to celebrating his recovery from recent ill health but also to seeing his favorite niece, Celia again.

When Dieter places the winning bid, he invites Erin, Celia and his love interest Andy to join him on the yacht. Erin soon finds out that this will be his last voyage and honoring his wishes, she promises to keep the severity of his illness to herself. They embark on a life-altering journey together but with secrets between them, can love prevail?



Four Point Universe: Book 11

by Max Ellendale

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ex-rock star, Dusty Song, abandons her music career to become a U.S. Marshal tasked with safeguarding vulnerable people from the criminals set on silencing them. When Dusty first encounters the illustrious Honorable Judge Bidwell, she sees a woman marked by the cases she’s tried.

Years later, Dusty remembers the strong-willed, audacious woman as the unlikeable star of the courtroom. When she’s called in to revisit the case following a series of disturbing reports, she comes upon a Mercedes Bidwell much different than her memory recalls. The two women walk together on a path seeded by those who came before them, carrying a silent wish in hope that someday someone will see them for who they truly are.



by Gun Brooke

High school counselor Aislin Kennedy’s charisma and exuberance mask deep scars that prevent her from letting anyone too close. Instead, she throws herself into helping her students. CEO of a fashion conglomerate, Susanna Durr has been through three painfully public divorces, and to say she’s given up on love would be an understatement.

When Aislin agrees to help Susanna connect with her daughter, Cynt, surprising feelings awaken for both of them. But Aislin isn’t ready to trust again and Susanna’s track record is intimidating. If the past were to repeat itself, it could break Aislin for good.



by Milena McKay

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A cupid’s life is hard. There are so many rules.

Rule Number 1: Graduate from the Cupids’ Academy.

Rule Number 2: Attend the Annual Cupids’ Convention in Las Vegas.

Rule Number 3: When shooting your arrows and bringing love to people, strive for the Perfect Match.

When junior cupid Abby Angellini, fresh from Cupid Academy, heads to Sin City, she runs smack into her idol.

Sabine Goddard is the one cupid who has a faultless record when it comes to slinging arrows and bringing people together. The stats for her own love life, however, aren’t nearly as great.

Sparks fly as Cinnamon Roll meets the Queen of the Perfect Match and the word quiver takes on an entirely new meaning.



by Joy Argento

Artist Carrie Martin is struggling with the probability of profound loss when she meets Hope Garret in a grief support group. Hope is warm and easy to open up to, not to mention beautiful. Hope makes the perfect model for a series of figure paintings, and they build a friendship that helps Carrie find meaning in life again. Carrie is determined to keep things professional though, even if she can’t deny her attraction.

Temptation may prove impossible to resist and Carrie’s heart is on the line when she discovers Hope has secrets of her own. When a past mistake puts everything at risk, can the truth win out and love conquer all?



by Nicolette Dane

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Lucy Burgess has lost it all. At least, that’s how it feels. After losing her job in New York City, she’s forced to move back to her hometown in Michigan. Living with her mother in her mid-thirties isn’t how Lucy imagined her life playing out, and the change is difficult and demoralizing. To Lucy, it feels like a huge step in the wrong direction. And she’s finding it hard to get herself back on track.

But there is a glimmer of hope when she meets Aria Caspar, the pretty local barista, a friendly and positive woman in her late twenties, and Lucy’s first friend after so many years away from home. While Lucy yearns to put the pieces of her life back together and return to the big city, Aria shows her all the things she has given up to chase her cosmopolitan dreams.

As the two grow closer, amid their blooming romance, Lucy discovers that Aria has her own challenges to contend with. Can Lucy and Aria push through all the loss and heartache together and get back on their feet, or will life’s hard knocks prove to be too much for this encumbered pair?



by Amanda Radley

Romance is in the air on this detour to love.

High-flying executive Celia Scott is on her way to Tokyo to accept a prestigious award heavy with emotional baggage. She’ll make the trip, but she doesn’t have to like it, and she certainly doesn’t have to make nice with a stranger on a plane.

Artist Lily Andersen is excited to finally meet her online crush, the only person in the world who truly gets her. She just needs to survive the eleven-hour flight from London to Japan with a testy seatmate who by turns annoys and fascinates her.

Fate, upgrades, and a troupe of travelling clowns bring them together for a journey memorable for all the wrong reasons. Not only do they have nothing in common, they really can’t stand each other. But people are not always as they seem, and Celia and Lily are about to realise, there’s more than one path to love.



by Ava Freeman

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Go on vacation? Check. Sip cocktails and relax on the beach? Check. Fall in love? Definitely not on the list.

On a whim, Genesis Malone decides to book a solo trip to the island of Barbados. A sunny beach vacation sounds like the perfect way to renew her spirit after a heartbreaking divorce. The trip takes an unexpected turn when she meets a woman who could be just what she needs to move on. That is if her heart, and the universe, will let her.

Zuri Baker seems to have it all but what she really wants is someone to share her life with. When she meets Genesis, she is intrigued by her quiet nature and longs to get to know her better. Too bad her on-again off-again girlfriend isn’t willing to let her go quite so easily.

When they return to their regular lives and find themselves in the midst of exes, not quite exes, and work drama, will they be able to hold onto what matters most; each other?



A One in a Billion Series: Book 1

by Lea Ellen

On the verge of bankruptcy a chance encounter leads to an offer she can’t refuse.

I’m going to be ruined. Bankrupt! My childhood dream of running my own bakery shattered. What was I thinking trying to run a business all by myself? I don’t know anything about marketing, financial planning, sales or budgeting.

That’s when I met Jackie Powell while working an upmarket catering job on the side.

Her gorgeous red hair, long toned legs and stunning curves caught my attention. Her confidence, demeanor and mouth watering scent made me forget about all my troubles. Even if only for a moment.

Indulging Her is a heart pumping lesbian romance featuring a billionaire, an age-gap relationship and a happily ever after.



by Jenny Frame

For Veronica Clayton, the sudden death of her mother has turned her naturally bright and happy-go-lucky view of the world bleak. As the Police Protection Officer for the Queen’s children, she has purpose, but for the next six months, the Queen’s family is the focus of a documentary on royal life. The last thing Clay wants is a camera pointed in her face.

Katya Kovach, a refugee to Britain, knows all about death and grief. She saw her family shot in front of her and has never recovered from those dark memories. Now trained at London’s most prestigious childcare school, she’s happy as the nanny to Queen Georgina and Queen Bea’s children.

Clay is usually good-natured, but the rule-oriented Katya is not only a pain, but annoyingly beautiful, and they find themselves facing the awkward reality that everyone else is a couple except them while their every move is being filmed. Loss has defined both their lives, but guarding their hearts may prove to be the biggest heartbreak of all.



by Stephanie Shea

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Mia Stone isn’t looking for romance, but when she collides with Lauryn—a beautiful, notorious popstar—on New Year’s Eve, fireworks go off. The good, bad and the ugly. When Lauryn turns out to be Mia’s newest client, can they put aside their differences long enough to acknowledge the undercurrent of romance between them? Or will an unspoken grudge forever keep them at odds.

Collide is the second novella in a trio of Flippin’ Fantastic romances about the three women who own and operate Flippin’ Fantastic Renovations. Pencil in this slow burn lesfic romance for the perfect Valentine’s Day read.



by Alexa Woods

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A terrible business idea. Two clashing personalities struggling to make it work. A blossoming attraction.

Taylor Samson has one goal in life: to give her daughter a better future. That’s why she left the comforts of her hometown for the big city. That’s why she works like a zombie. And that’s why she gathers strength and pitches her big business idea to Christina, a gorgeous, calculating investor. Her dreams are trampled underfoot when the heartless business lady coldly rejects her proposal.

Christina Hilford has one goal in life: to be successful in her career. Families and changing diapers are the last things on her mind. So when she meets Taylor, an obvious amateur in the business world, she can’t help but roll her eyes. It doesn’t matter that she’s stunning.

Despite their immediate disdain for each other, Christina and Taylor soon find themselves thrown into the task of making Taylor’s disaster of a business plan work. Slowly, their preconceptions of each other start to give way. Taylor can’t seem to resist the moments when Christina lets down her guard. And Christina is starting to wonder if this little family can give her the home she’s never had.

Can they shed their prejudices and admit their growing connection to one another? Or are their lives meant to intersect briefly before they must eventually part ways?

This is a standalone steamy F/F enemies to lovers romance novel with a HEA.





by Anne Shade

Harlem, New York, 1925 is a mecca of cultural and creative freedom, where masquerade drag balls are all the rage and the music, dancing, and loose prohibition laws unite people from all walks of life.

Dinah Hampton came to Harlem for better opportunities for her family but ends up working as a nightclub chorus girl to help make ends meet. Among the nightlife and danger, she finds love in the most unexpected way.

When a scandal rocks Celine Montre’s family and sends them fleeing from New Orleans to Harlem, the gorgeous Dinah Hampton helps her to discover that there’s more to life, and love, than she ever thought possible.

When a notorious gangster sets her sights on seducing Celine, Dinah and Celine are forced to risk their hearts, and lives, for love.





by Renee Roman

Mika James is handsome, so what’s the problem if she uses her attributes to seduce rich women? There are worse ways to keep a roof over her head. After her latest lover calls it quits for a better offer and shows her the door by telling her she’ll never do anything of importance with her life anyway, Mika has a choice to make: keep searching for validation between the sheets or go back to college and prove she’s capable of more.

Professor Jennifer Long loves her job and she’s really good at it. Unfortunately, it’s the only thing she has under control. Her unrewarding yo-yo dieting and her mom’s unending suggestion that she lose weight because no one will want her the way she is has killed not only her confidence, but any belief she’s sexy.

Mika’s struggling with her coursework, but she isn’t keen on admitting she needs help, even if it’s from the beautiful Professor Long. When Mika realizes Jennifer could also use some tutoring—of the hands-on erotic variety—they strike a deal to help each other. If only their perfect sexy arrangement wasn’t so dangerous for their hearts.





by Toni Logan

Jamie Carr recently inherited her aunt’s struggling vineyard, nestled in the picturesque hills of Northern California. With help from Jamie’s slightly out-of-control best friend, Kali, and her aunt’s surviving lover, Kate, the vineyard is about to get a makeover.

Being stuck on a fifty-acre vineyard for over a century can be a bit mind-numbing, especially for Ruth, the resident ghost, who never wanted to be there in the first place. Fortunately, as time has passed, so has the ownership of the property, and if the three friends who now live in the old Victorian house are any indication, things are about to get much more interesting.





Cain Casey Series: Book 7

by Ali Vali

For Cain Casey nothing is more important than family, and having hers close—Emma, Hayden, Hannah, and the new baby—is as near as she’ll get to true happiness. But enemies who lurk in the shadows threaten more than just her business, forcing her to question whether the biggest threat comes from having it all.

As Cain continues to search for lingering adversaries like agent-turned-drug dealer Anthony Curtis, the FBI is hot on her tail and will stop at nothing to lock her away. Add the Russian mob into the mix and it might be too much to handle. It will take a transformation into the devil incarnate for Cain to keep those she loves safe and to hold on to her rightful place as the head of the family.



Micah York Series: Book 1

by A.J. Marchant

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Just like her father, Detective Micah York has spent her career bringing criminals to justice; except one.

Even after decades of manpower and a specially formed taskforce, Morelli has slipped from their grasp time and again. Despite his known trading in an underground black market, he’s untouchable.

That is, until a cold case, the murder of a young man in cartel territory, turns up a connection that may lead straight back to him.

Spiralling deeper into Morelli’s game, Micah hustles to keep up without losing sight of herself, or her wife and kids. But each turn of events takes her further along a dangerous path, one she may regret ever going down.

Bodies drop around her, betrayals come to light, hard choices have to be made.





by JD Wilburn

Detective Bo Alexander knows the perils of drugs and alcohol all too well, and she’s made it her mission to keep people safe.

Cass Halliburton grew up in the Voleurs, the most ruthless motorcycle outlaw club in the world, and she’s in Galveston Island to watch over the national expansion of her “business.”

Bo’s assigned to the task force looking to take her down, and Cass plans on making sure Bo keeps her nose out of club business. But the clues aren’t adding up, and the attraction surging between them only makes things more dangerous. When Bo stumbles on a secret far more threatening than anyone anticipated, a stranger in the shadows wants payback.

Bo and Cass are on opposite sides of the law, and their battle of wills may not only decide their chances at love, but also their fate.



by Carsen Taite

The first time Summer Byrne met hard-nosed prosecutor Owen Lassiter, Summer was the jury forewoman who delivered the verdict that ruined Owen’s winning streak. Summer never expected to see Owen again, but a brush with a stranger pulls her back into a life she’d rather forget and back into the path of the wildly attractive, infuriating prosecutor who refuses to accept evidence she can’t see with her own eyes.

Owen Lassiter knows the law, knows her own mind, and doesn’t have time for half-baked theories from a woman who hears voices from the great beyond. When Summer Byrne—her nemesis—offers a window into the murder case Owen’s getting ready to try, hell no doesn’t begin to describe how Owen feels. But working with Summer as a consultant reminds her that Summer is as enticing as she is aggravating and promises to be a life-changing experience that neither is ready to embrace.





by Miranda MacLeod

narrated by Lori Prince

Would you marry a woman you hate for a life-changing inheritance?

Monica’s business has been hit hard by a global recession, her ex-girlfriend is selling the house out from under her, and the hot handy ma’am Ray, who was hired to fix up the place, turns out to be the most annoying woman on the planet. Could things get any worse?

All Ray wants is to finish her job and say adios to the world’s most high-maintenance client. But after being mistaken for Monica’s girlfriend, how can Ray walk away when going along with the charade would grant an old lady her dying wish? It’s not like Ray intended to be so charming that Monica’s grandmother would rewrite her will.

Now, the unlikely couple stands to inherit a vineyard in rural New England and a heap of cash large enough to change both their lives. The only hitch? They have to get hitched. And since Monica is a professional wedding blogger, they’ll have to make it the wedding of the century while convincing two million followers they’re madly in love.

No problem, aside from the simple fact that they can’t stand each other. There’s a good chance the whole thing could end in disaster, but is it possible these enemies might find true love along the way?

Best-selling lesbian fiction author Miranda MacLeod has written a slow-burn fake-relationship romance that will warm you through and through. Listen to it today!



by Jennis Slaughter

narrated by Kassie Pines

When Delaney Delacroix is called to locate a missing girl, she never plans on getting caught up with a human trafficking investigation or with the local witch. Meeting with Raelin Montrose changes her life in so many ways that Delaney isn’t sure that this isn’t destiny.

Raelin Montrose is a practicing Wiccan, and when the ley lines that run under her home tell her that someone is coming, she can’t imagine that she was going to solve a mystery and find the love of her life at the same time.



Pride Trilogy: Book 1

by TJ Dallas

narrated by Scarlett Rose

This erotica follows Lara as she moves to a new city and comes to terms with her desire for another woman – a seductive bartender with a supernatural secret.

Lara’s world is turned upside down when her boyfriend cheats on her with her best friend, and she’s forced to move to a new city. Desperate for money, she gets a job at an LGBT nightclub. But her heart races, and inappropriate thoughts about the club’s owner, Harry, convince her that it must have everything to do with the stress that she’s under. She’s not gay. But there’s something about Harry. She’s stunning, cocky, and looks far too good in a shirt and tie. She’s also telepathic and can read Lara’s emotions like a book.

Harry is one of seven managers at the Cardinal, and she has a set of skills that can help Lara, but she has to manage her own feelings about three of the other managers in the meantime – Lust, Gluttony, and Envy. When things go downhill for Lara, can Harry make her proud of who she is, without admitting their deadly secret?

Trigger warning: 18+, mature mature and sexually content, 1 x brief M/F scene, depression/attempted suicide



by Erin Wade

narrated by Victoria Mei

Erin Wade combines humor and action in this Short Story as Cody Preston and Renn Summers navigate life after college. They’ve had each other’s backs since they were four. Suddenly they face a life where Renn is a U.S. Marshal and Cody is a budding restaurateur struggling to put her establishment on the map. You will laugh with them and cry for them as they recover from the blows life deals them but they keep on swinging. You will love the fast action of their adventures in life and their misadventures in love. Sexy, lesbian action & adventure. Humorous.



by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Cassandra Arnold

Shelly is a troubled teenage transsexual. Can she escape the family violence and find love, a place in the world, or is her life over when her abusive father decides to work at home?




At I Heart Lesfic, we believe the world could use a bit more kindness after one of the hardest and longest of years. Many authors have signed up to help IHL spread kindness in the world.

Anna Ferrara shared her Going Bananas story. Also, Anna is giving away 1 ecopy of Snow White and Her Queen 2.

Thea Landen is here to shared her A Near-Comical Ration of Cars to Drivers. Also, Thea is giving away 1 ecopy of Hunting Astrid.








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