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Now, here are this week’s new ebook and audio releases.

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by TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Can a long shot bring love to a couple of lonely hearts?

Joni Fisher is facing economic ruin. The once successful advice column she runs with her mother is on the brink of cancellation, and it’ll take a miracle to turn things around. Joni’s last-ditch effort to save her job and preserve her mother’s legacy is The Love Project, a web series she’s developing to bring the Help Me Henrietta franchise alive for a new generation. All she needs is a willing victim…er, star.

Hope Alvarez dreams of falling in love, but she’s always suspected she’s different. Physical attraction is a foreign language to her. After her only prospect for a meaningful relationship falls through, Hope has to face the fact that she’s completely hopeless when it comes to love. Can her favorite advice columnist, Henrietta, save her from a lonely future?

As the series gets underway, fans swoon for the lovable yet unlucky Hope, and they’re not the only ones. Joni is smitten, too. But she’s been down that road before, vowing never again to fall for a straight woman who will keep her forever in the friend zone. Except, what if she’s been reading the situation all wrong? Helping Hope make sense of her identity might save Joni’s job, but will it also bring her love?

Best-selling lesbian fiction authors TB Markinson & Miranda MacLeod have written a touching slow-burn romance about love striking when least expected. Read it today!



by Maggie Brown & Leni Hanson

What if you’re a nerdy med student and a womanizing rock star wants you as her next conquest—then leaves you totally humiliated.

Now fast-forward eleven years.

Sexy and magnetic, Australian rock star Austen Farleigh is at the height of her spectacular career. Her penchant for one-night stands is as famous as her many songs.

American Dr. Merritt Harrington now works for Doctors Without Borders and is at a crossroads in her life. Her last assignment in the Andes Mountains was harrowing, and her love life at a dead end. No one has been able to ignite even a tiny spark since Austen—damn her.

When they meet again in Australia, Merritt is desperate to keep Austen at arm’s length. But temptation whispers in her ear.

From the US to Peru to Australia and the highlands of Papua New Guinea, their desire for one another is on an uncontrollable collision course—with a force they may no longer be able to ignore.



Kapow: Book 4

by Renee Dahlia

Society expects them to be rivals, but what if the best revenge is love?

Fashion blogger JAMIE CLEVELAND only gets access to her trust fund when her father is happy with her actions. If it was just money, she’d walk away, but she desperately wants to keep her mother safe too. Obedience matters to him. When she gets pregnant, she learns that her lover Craig is married and she freaks out. Her family, especially her father, cannot find out. Desperate, she confronts Craig’s wife, and they argue. All is lost until she turns up at the hospital for an appointment and Craig’s ex-wife is her doctor.

When DR AMANDA AITKEN discovers her ex-husband, Craig, has been screwing a fashion blogger, she’s reminded why she filed for divorce. It’s one thing to believe that women shouldn’t be pitted against each other when a terrible man is to blame, but it’s another thing all together to see one of her husband’s fuck-buddies in person. But when Jamie arrives at the hospital for an appointment, she realises she can’t let her children’s half-sibling grow up alone. She invites Jamie to live with her and raise the baby along with her own two children.

Society expects them to be rivals, and neither of them expect that the best revenge on Craig is to love each other.

Content Warning: A**hole man. Pregnancy. Discussion on abortion. Catholic. Domestic violence. Gaslighting.



A Fur-ever Veterinary Romance: Book 5

by Cara Malone

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Kiran has no room in her life for love.

She’s perfectly content with her close-knit friends, her avian research at the local university, and, well, her own hand is enough to satisfy her on lonely nights.

But then her BFF starts a family, Kiran’s dean denies her tenure, and she breaks her wrist trying to tame a traumatized cockatoo. In just a few days, everything Kiran cares about is obliterated. The icing on the cake? Her influencer sister is planning the wedding of the century and to make it Instagram-perfect, she made Kiran promise not to be a loner with no date.

So when wildlife rescuer Danielle calls Kiran to help rehome a displaced owl, their road trip turns into more than either of them bargained for. In shared motel rooms across the Midwest, it’s easy to go from venting to hooking up, and Danielle even agrees to stand in as Kiran’s wedding date.

But will their friends with benefits arrangement end when Kiran’s cast comes off, or can she make room for love at last?



by Regina Jamison

As a young African American woman from Durham, North Carolina, Sky Valentine is tired of being boxed in by small minds and Southern expectations. To escape the restraints of her Southern upbringing, Sky flees to Rhode Island to attend college. Once there, Sky doesn’t just work on her degree, she also works on shedding many of the things that peg her as a Southerner.

Sky also falls head over heels with the sexy and vibrant Zenobia, solidifying what she had felt in her heart all along—that she loves women. But their affair is brief and interrupted by Zenobia’s sudden departure from school.

With college completed, Sky returns home to find that her domineering mother has promised her hand in marriage to a rich and arrogant man. But it’s 1986, and Sky is determined to live her own life. So she gathers her courage and flees to New York City, where she lands a teaching job and an apartment.

In time Sky meets Grace Webster and it’s love at first sight. But then Zenobia comes back into Sky’s life and Sky is faced with an impossible choice—finish what she started with Zenobia years ago, or fight for the relationship she is building with Grace. What will she choose?



by Graysen Morgen

Barrel racing is Carly Rae Walsh’s life, until it’s ripped out from under her. With nothing to do and nothing to lose, she uses her years of horse whispering skills and intuition to train a troubled thoroughbred race horse.

Allison McKinley is a world class dressage rider who has stepped back from the spotlight to mourn the sudden death of her mother. The last thing she needs when she decides to start training again for competition, is her father’s impulsive desire to own a race horse, and his bizarre decision to choose a rodeo barrel racer as the trainer.

The two women have nothing in common except horses, and even that’s a stretch. Can they uncross the reins long enough to see what’s happening between them?



A Sapphic Romance Anthology

by Chace Verity, Candace Harper, Leigh Landry, Dee Holloway

Second chances–are they always deserved? This collection of contemporary romance stories explores the different ways women can be messy and still find a happy ending.



by Lucy Bexley

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Darby lives her life on the bright side. She loves her two best friends Mia and James, so much in fact that she’s built an awesome career running Flippin’ Fantastic Renovations with them. All she wants is to decorate houses, cheerlead the people around her, and for no one to call her by her given name (Jane).

Astrid West is restless. She’s curated a life that ties her to nothing and no one. Her best friend is a stray cat named Meatball. She works a series of part-time jobs and owns exactly 8 shirts, all of them black. She’s lived in Denver for a year and has yet to commit to a lease. She moves cities on a whim, always looking for that perfect location where everything will fall into place.

Astrid is working the door at Revel, a Denver lesbian bar, when she meets Darby. Darby, who wears mittens and pink heart sunglasses and offers to help her, a total stranger, move apartments on New Year’s Day. Can Darby convince Astrid that people make a place a home? Or will Astrid leave Denver in search of greener grass before she gets the chance?

The Bright Side is the final novella in a trio of Flippin’ Fantastic romances about the three women who own and operate Flippin’ Fantastic Renovations. Put on your heart-shaped sunglasses and curl up with this lesfic romantic comedy for the perfect cure to your February blues.



A One in a Billion: Book 2

by Lea Ellen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Meeting her idol takes her life in a direction she could have never expected.

Today is the day I’ve been waiting for. The most important year of my life.

I know I should be focusing on my last year of undergrad: practicing my essay skills, studying for exams, and planning which law schools I will be applying for. But that’s all become just white noise. Because today is the day I will meet my idol – The Fiona Scott.

I’ve been dreaming of this day ever since I knew I wanted to become a lawyer. Watching her interviews, reading into her high profile cases and imitating her in my bathroom mirror.

There’s only one problem. All I can think about is the way she ties her long blonde hair, her intoxicating scent and what it would feel like to touch her smooth skin, and kiss her beautiful lips.

But… she’s my professor and I’m her student!





by Pumpkin Spice

Available in Kindle Unlimited

They lived out their wildest, wettest fantasies on the move. Three different women, all intimately connected to The Night Train, find ways to satisfy their needs in ever more inventive and erotic ways.





Sexy Demon Hunter Bundle Books 1-3

by Riley Rose

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Ashlyn Summersnow is the sexiest Demon Hunter in the five lands. She’s an expert at getting rid of monsters, demons, and any other kind of supernatural baddie. She’s also an expert at losing her clothes and having steamy sex.

Find out if Ashlyn can fight her illicit desires as she romps in the hay with a hunky farmhand, lets a sexy succubus do naughty things with her tail, and submits to the magical control of a powerful sorceress in this fun, fantasy adventure erotica series!

This collection contains Books 1-3 of the Sexy Demon Hunter Series:

Book 1 – Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Farmhand Desire
Book 2 – Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Succubus Seduction
Book 3 – Demon Hunter Ashlyn: Sorceress Seduction



Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 34

by Victoria Rush

When lonely divorcée Jade is feeling particularly needy one night, she searches online for a personal masseuse. When she sees an interesting listing for tantric massage, she clicks on the link and is surprised to see graphic illustrations of the company’s Goddesses massaging a man and woman’s private areas.

Intrigued, Jade books a personal appointment and when she shows up at the masseuse’s private studio, she’s greeted by a sexy African-American girl in a revealing bodysuit. For the next ninety minutes, she’s teased and feted with the most intimate and sensual massage she’d ever received.

But when the introductory session ends with her perched on the edge of ultimate release, she eagerly books a follow-up session. At her next visit, the sexy masseuse leads her on an even more intense journey of erotic massage, culminating in the most incredible sexual experience she’s ever experienced…





The Cushing-Nevada Chronicles: Book 3

by Georgette Kaplan

Alone. Betrayed. Left for dead. The danger couldn’t be higher in this gripping, final chapter in The Cushing–Nevada Chronicles adventure romance, with kick-ass lesbians fighting for their lives…and each other.

For years, rogue archaeologist Easy Nevada has been hunting artifacts of immense power for her billionaire employer. But when the key to unlocking their secrets turns out to be her partner, Candice Cushing, Easy’s boss double-crosses them.

Candice is kidnapped and Easy is left stranded in the middle of the Sahara Desert with no supplies, no hope of rescue, and an army of mercenaries between her and Candice.

They don’t stand a chance. Then again, they could always try things the Easy way.





Chiara Corelli Mystery Series: Book 3

by Catherine Maiorisi

A middle-of-the night phone call summons NYPD Detective Chiara Corelli and her partner, Detective P.J. Parker, to a politically sensitive murder scene. The victims—a U.S. Senator, the pastor of a mega church, and a self-made music industry billionaire—appear to have been killed during a sex orgy.

Pressure is mounting to cover up the circumstances. But Corelli and Parker are enraged by the words scrawled in blood on a mirror, and their hearts are broken by what they find hidden in a closet. Now the partners vow to find the killer and expose the unsavory lives of these men while seeking justice for the real victims in this case—the children.



Gina Giles PI Series: Book 1

by Aria Storm

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Gina’s not having a very good day, and it’s only going to get worse. She’s been tailing sleazy cheating clients all day and she receives a call from her business partner that she has a mysterious client waiting for her at the office.

On her way home, she comes across a robbery in progress and she has to make a split-second decision, help the young beautiful cop about to be over-run with Irish mob thugs or look the other way. Lucky for the young cop, Gina’s a softie for a perfectly lovely lady.

Gina and the young cop end the night on the Irish mob’s hit list, so now Gina will be forced to make a series of tough choices and take on a case for a rival mob boss just to keep her head on her shoulders long enough to get out from under a death sentence.

The mean streets of the fictitious Georgia city of Peckford will buck and threaten to devour the young sleuths at every turn.





by TB Markinson

narrated by Ella Lynch

Can a weekend change your fate?

As soon as Rory Price’s plane touches down in Britain for her two-year work contract , she has big plans to see and experience everything she can. The one thing that isn’t on the twenty-seven-year old’s agenda is a relationship.

Tell that to her matchmaking British friend who sets Rory up on a coffee date on her first full day in the new country.

Imogen Wright doesn’t want any more complications in her life. The only thing she’s considering committing to is adopting a dog.

Their blind date starts off disastrous, but there might be more than meets the eye.

Will the two headstrong women continue to clash, or will they see what’s so obvious to their matchmaking friend?



Mistress: Book 2

by Anna Stone

narrated by Lexy Rebe

A trip to Paris. A seductive older boss. An illicit, irresistible escape.

Kat Walker needs a distraction. Broken-hearted from a breakup and working long hours as an intern at Mistress Media, she longs for an escape. So when the opportunity to accompany her boss to Paris arises, Kat can’t say no, especially since she’ll be spending the week with Lydia Davenport, Mistress Media’s new CFO. The mysterious woman has occupied Kat’s fantasies since the day she started her internship.

Lydia Davenport lives a solitary existence. After her wife’s death, Lydia hardened her heart to love. Instead of relationships, she prefers a beautiful woman at her feet, calling her “Mistress”. A woman like Kat – sweet, innocent, forbidden fruit desperate to be plucked – is everything Lydia desires.

One night is all it takes for Kat to discover that Lydia is even more commanding in the bedroom than in the boardroom. Immersed in a secret, addictive fling, neither woman is prepared for what they find in each other – a sense of security, solace, and maybe even love.

Can Kat and Lydia break free from the chains of the past, or will their hearts remain locked away forever?



by Carsen Taite

narrated by Paige McKinney

The first time Summer Byrne met hard-nosed prosecutor Owen Lassiter, Summer was the jury forewoman who delivered the verdict that ruined Owen’s winning streak. Summer never expected to see Owen again, but a brush with a stranger pulls her back into a life she’d rather forget and back into the path of the wildly attractive, infuriating prosecutor who refuses to accept evidence she can’t see with her own eyes.

Owen Lassiter knows the law, knows her own mind, and doesn’t have time for nonsense and half-baked theories. When Summer Byrne – her nemesis – offers a window into the murder case Owen’s getting ready to try, hell no doesn’t begin to describe how Owen feels. But working with Summer as a consultant reminds her that Summer is as enticing as she is aggravating and promises to be a life-changing experience that neither is ready to embrace.



Ladies of Diamond Lake: Book 1

by McGee Mathews

narrated by Heidi Bindhammer

When interim police chief Molly Gorman pulls Amy over, more than the antics on the motorcycle catch her eye. She discovers Amy Gilbert spends her days repairing cars in her family garage and is intrigued. The only holdup? Amy occupies her nights playing softball and drinking with her wild best friend, who offers incredibly bad advice about love. After several run-ins with a certain drunken mechanic, Molly wonders if Amy is really worth the trouble. When Amy disappears, she has to put her mixed emotions aside to work the case.



by Jennis Slaughter

narrated by Cassandra Arnold

In the male-dominated sport of Formula 1 racing, Samantha ‘Sam’ Dupree is struggling to make her mark against the boys. She hears about a driver who is making a name for herself in NASCAR and goes to check her out. Little does she know that she’s in for the race of her heart.

Addison McCloud wants nothing more than to drive. She doesn’t care about fame or fortune; she just wants to be fast enough to get herself and her family away from her abusive father. Meeting Sam changes her world and revs her life into overdrive.

When the two women meet, sparks fly like the race cars that they drive. Will they be able to steer their relationship into something more and win the race, or will their families make them crash and burn? The boys of Formula 1 are going to learn that Southern girls are a force to be reckoned with.



Correlian Guard Series: Book 1

by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Lillian Rose

The government kidnapped her mother. Some unknown entity slaughtered her father. The two forces have always chased her. One wants her as a specimen, the other wants her dead. When a third force joins the chase, led by a hunter from another world, can Tracy Hawks maintain her advantage? Will she ever have a safe place to call home?



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