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A Tangle Valley Romance: Book 3

by Melissa Brayden

As winemaker at Tangle Valley Vineyard, Madison LeGrange relies on science and logic to make the best vintage possible. It’s also how she manages her life. But with her career in its prime, her accountant thinks it’s time she diversifies her income. Not a problem because her favorite café, the Bacon and Biscuit, is up for sale. What she didn’t plan on was the time she’d spend with Clementine, who has her feeling anything but logical.

Clementine Monroe loves her job managing the Bacon and Biscuit Café. In fact, after escaping a difficult past, it’s all she has. When Clementine is offered the opportunity to step out from behind the counter and buy the place, her longtime dream is about to come true. That is until it’s snatched out from under her by the very same girl she crushed on in high school. Old habits are hard to break, but Clementine has no plans to forgive Madison anytime soon.



by Susan X Meagher

When you’re a single lesbian who’d prefer to be partnered, it pays to keep your eyes peeled—even at work.

Kelsey Maliar blew into Summer Hayes’ shop on a frosty cold morning, and within a few minutes things had warmed up significantly. By the end of the week they were having a great first date, followed by another, and still another.

Everything seemed perfect, something neither of them had a lot of experience with. But they were both ready to put in the work this time, having learned that the end result was well worth the effort.

Nearly every couple reaches a few forks in the road when they’re starting out, but things sailed along very smoothly—until they didn’t.

What do you do when a woman who’s remarkably close to perfect struggles with an issue that wouldn’t bother the vast majority of people—but is a hot-button for you? Is it a positive grown experience to work through an emotional challenge together? Or is self-protection the wise choice?

They’ve both tried to understand the path to love, but the manual’s really hard to comprehend. If they can stick to their resolve, they should be able to hurdle this roadblock. But can they?



by Jenn Matthews

A beautiful opposites-attract, lesbian romance fused with music, fear, hope, and honesty.

Primary school teacher and singer Rosie Tanner has stopped waiting for someone to have a baby with. She’s diving in and going it alone…although her pregnancy plans are a secret for now.

Amber Kingsley’s only goal is to stay sober and safe, so any complications like relationships are definitely out. That is, until she accidentally joins a community choir—despite having no musical talent or interest—after laying eyes on beautiful star soloist Rosie.

It seems her heart has some crazy ideas. So should Amber actually listen to it?



by Nicole Pyland

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Tate Antonio has been without her father for nearly thirteen years. He left one day and never came back. Tate had given up on hearing from her father ever again when a strange letter arrives in the mailbox of her apartment that she shares with her best friend since birth, Flynn McEntire. Born just two weeks apart, the two girls grew into women with a plan. They would attend the same university and later, medical school. They would be in the other’s wedding party when they married the men of their dreams.

The problem with that plan? Tate has no idea that Flynn’s dream has changed, and Flynn wonders if Tate will ever realize she’s in love with her. The other problem? Tate’s father has left her a letter and a lot of confusing information to sort through. That sorting takes Tate and Flynn on a summer journey that will have implications for the rest of their lives.

Will Tate find her father? Will she find the love she was always meant to have? Will she find herself in the process? Can she find it all?



Cast Iron Farm Series: Book 3

by Ali Spooner

A perfect summer ends with danger on the Appalachian Trail for Whit, Mitch and Brad. Once safely home, the relationship between Eli and Whit continues to strengthen as the boys return home and they grow as a couple. Eli falls deeper in love with Whit and North Carolina as the trees come alive with autumn color. The first Christmas at Cast Iron Farm is celebrated with Eli’s family as a new chapter in all of their lives begins. Join the family for the third book in the Cast Iron Farm Series.



by Dena Blake

After a tumultuous childhood, Harper Sims left her hometown and never looked back. She’s a partner in a successful veterinary practice and loves everything about her job and the big city life she leads with her teenage daughter.

Addison Foster had big dreams, but life hasn’t turned out the way she’d planned. Working as a veterinary assistant in a rural clinic gives her the chance to raise her daughter surrounded by the people she loves, but it’s not easy to be honest about who she really is and what she really wants in a small town.

When Harper’s father becomes ill, she whirls into town to run the clinic, and sparks fly between her and Addison in more ways than one. Their attraction is undeniable, but Addison isn’t ready to admit her desires, and Harper isn’t sure if she’s willing to stay.

Home may be where the heart is, but is the journey back worth the pain?



by C.A. Popovich

Lynette McCarthy was twelve years old when her parents pledged sole loyalty to a charismatic cult leader. At twenty-four, she escaped, armed with the hope that there was a better and kinder world outside. Healing from the trauma of the past and making a life for herself in a new world is a long and challenging process. When she meets a sexy conservation officer, her vow to never be vulnerable again is put to the ultimate test.

Growing up in a military family, Barb Donnelly has pride and a sense of duty. She loves her job as a conservation officer in the upper peninsula of Michigan but needs some time away. In the Wisconsin Dells, she meets the mysteriously reserved Lynette, who captures her attention like no other.

Just when Lynette believes she’s beginning to trust her heart again, her past catches up with her and her secret threatens to destroy her chance at happiness.



B.D. Grayson

Lochlan Paige is one of the biggest stars in Nashville. With her gorgeous stage presence and pitch-perfect voice, she’s earned her countless awards and sold out shows. But being famous hasn’t changed the fact that her favorite place to write music is in the quiet confines of libraries. Everything changes the moment she meets college student Vanessa and her fast-paced, very closeted world of country music is turned upside down.

Vanessa Wallace, a serious pre-med student, aspires to becoming a pediatric oncologist. During a late-night session at the campus library, an annoying hum coming from a secluded section leads to an encounter with Lochlan Paige. Little does Vanessa know she is about to take off on a whirlwind adventure that may end in love…or loss.



A One in a Billion: Book 4

by Lea Ellen

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Forced to live a double life, she’s given up on love until her cover is blown and the whole world finds out.

Seeking political reform to make a real impact on her constituents’ lives, ice-queen Debbie Bruce is a strong woman who doesn’t take any prisoners.

As a well-known politician and closeted lesbian, she’s been forced to give up on her love life to further her career and focus on her re-election campaign.

But living a secret life absent of affection, leads her to look for other ways to fulfill her intimate desires.



by Emersyn Grey

Riley Stephens is taken on an unexpected outing that will change her life forever. What will she do when she meets a beautiful blonde who reappears in the least likely of places?

Lakin Hart loves the power her job gives her, and she’s not looking for a change. But what will happen when her path crosses that of a lonely professor?

Will Riley and Lakin be willing to explore worlds outside their comfort zones in search of what they’ve both been missing most?

Trigger warning: Light domination (consensual).



by Kim Hartfield

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When Roselle returns to her hometown, her only plan is to care for her ailing mother – but the beautiful owner of the local coffee shop shifts her priorities. Jacqui is unique and fascinating enough to be the main character of Roselle’s next book. Now Roselle’s dreaming up the story of an author falling for a baker. But her life isn’t actually a romance novel… is it?



by Susie Ray

Available in Kindle Unlimited

As One Door Closes is a collection of two short romance stories.

The first sees Jane adjusting to her life without her family, but then another door opens bringing her more pleasure than she ever dreamed possible – even Covid-19 cannot dull it.

When Jane meets Sally, they just click and a new world of possibilities opens up before them, and there is more to come…

Someone Believed in Me has Jenny making bold new steps to restart her life after, prison and a failed marriage. Thank heavens her new boss is sympathetic and caring, or she might never have met Natalie, who worms her way into her heart, helping to put right all the wrongs she has been dealt.



by Char Dafoe

After five long years as a slave to the hard, cold streets, Nayvee LaCroix was done selling their soul. Desperately at the end of their rope, Nayvee knew something had to change before they made the grave decision to end it all, permanently. The night Nayvee had given up hope they met a fellow lonely soul who also had been yearning for more in life.

Trystan Diamond, successful entrepreneur with more money than anyone could dream of, was instantly attracted to Nayvee and their chivalrous charm and boy-ish good looks before gaining any knowledge of what Nayvee really was. Switching on their charm, Nayvee scored the biggest payload of their life that could help get them off the streets, but what Nayvee wasn’t expecting was for the charming and handsome millionaire to fall in love with them. Living life by the rules of the ruthless streets, Nayvee’s defenses were always up, creating a hardened wall for anyone to break past their offense, including Trystan.

Little by little, Nayvee’s less than desirable lifestyle mixed and mingled with Trystan’s refined, sophisticated life, slowly chipping away at that wall, letting an astronomical and blinding bright light of love to penetrate Nayvee’s heart. Just when Nayvee and Trystan slowly find their footing on the shaky ground of their budding romantic relationship, in stepped Rian, a ghost from Nayvee’s past, and partner on the streets, stirring up old emotions in Nayvee and new ones in Trystan.

Rough meets refined in this tale about kindred spirits who don’t conform to the norm and fall head first in love with each other in this modern day Pretty Woman meets Cinderella story.

Please see the publisher’s note for the trigger warning.





by Shiralyn Lee

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Abby Harper’s single life has plummeted to an all-time low, and could things get any worse when a one-night stand proves to be a huge failure? And if that wasn’t bad enough, a mad-dash drive with her sister Kate, to try to find their father, who says ‘I’m dying’ just before his phone gets cut off, and then he goes missing, turns out to be a journey from hell they didn’t need to make.

A live video stream she didn’t even know was happening reveals more than just her personality, and a drunken text message goes horribly wrong. With the pressure of trying to impress a woman she’s just met, she accidentally, at a dinner party she’s hosting, gets her parents, brother-in-law-to-be, and new love interest, high on weed. She also gains fame in the most unusual way, which includes a hotel, a flag pole, and apart from wearing a shower cap, being naked.





The Robyn Hood Adventures: Book 2

by Niamh Murphy

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Robyn Hood and her loyal friend Littlejohn want nothing more than to stay one step ahead of the Sheriff of Nottingham’s men. But when they offer their help to a Holy Sister in need, they soon discover not all is as it seems. Now they have both the Sheriff of Nottingham on their tail and the self-serving Bishop of Hereford too. Will they aid a fellow thief? Or save their own necks, keep the gold for themselves, and leave the fugitive, sword-wielding rogue for the gallows? Find out in this brand new Robyn Hood Adventure!





by Jo Havens

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What would make the most ruthless ice-queen assassin in the Kingdom hesitate?

Bound to the Kingdom for life, Cie serves a cruel King, her knives pledged to his word, her life at his mercy. She is also one of the Kingdom’s most privileged slaves – one of the Praetoria: five of the best, sworn to protect the Prince and, one day, to rule at his side. It’s not a bad life – luxurious parties in any of the eighteen worlds, beautiful women falling over themselves to land in her bed, her orders to be obeyed by over forty-eight billion citizens.

But when a routine job goes spectacularly wrong, Cie discovers there is a witness to her failure – a witness to a political assassination the King would never want revealed. It’s Cie’s intense misfortune that the witness is a beauty – a woman with sweet, warm skin that Cie longs to sink into, with deep, brown eyes that hold promises that Cie has only ever dreamt of, a woman whose embrace offers a gentleness and a kindness Cie craves above all else.

Jemma thought she’d been in love before, but when she falls for the King’s assassin, she falls hard. Cie burns her up – the assassin plays fast and loves harder, and Jemma’s head is whirling even as her body is thrilled. Jemma watches as a growing terrorist threat pushes the King to madness and Cie’s orders become more and more violent. The woman she thinks she loves is steeped in red. Is it even possible for a girl from the suburbs to love a person so drenched in blood?



Wolves of Wolf’s Point: Book 2

by Catherine Lundoff

The Wolf’s Point werewolf pack, born from the magic that calls small groups of middle-aged women to embrace their inner and outer wolves, has been protecting the town for generations. Now Becca Thornton and the Pack have their hands (and paws) full of all the trouble they can handle. Plus a bit extra. Pack member Erin Adams just found a dead body in the trunk of her car and confessed to murder. But no one’s sure who the victim is and Erin can’t remember what happened. Did Erin fall off the wagon and murder a former foe? She doesn’t trust herself and Becca’s beginning to have her doubts.

If that wasn’t enough, Becca’s ex-husband sold their old house and their new neighbors are clearly up to something. Can the Pack get the mystery solved and Erin’s name cleared before the next full moon? Or do the town’s new residents have other plans?



The Sisters of Sarras: Book 1

by Barbara Ann Wright

Adella del Amanecer is from a noble family whose pride comes from dedication to the kingdom of Sarras. She works long hours as a diplomat and barely has time for her sisters, let alone romance, a fact that makes her nights feel longer than her days, especially when she thinks about the lovely bard on the corner.

As an ex-spy for the Firellian Empire, Bridget Leir has fled from crises and corruption until settling in Sarras, where she can hide as a bard. When a chance meeting with a beautiful diplomat leads to romance, Bridget’s new life feels filled with promise, until Sarras investigates Firellian rumblings of war. If the truth comes out, the Sarrasians—and Adella—will never believe Bridget’s spying days are done, and worse—Adella will be accused of sleeping with the enemy. It’ll be the gallows for them both.





Ladies of Diamond Lake: Book 3

by McGee Mathews

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The newest officer to join the Diamond Lake police force, Jackie Dupuis is a little eccentric. She finds deciphering people exhausting, which leaves her lonely in this small town. She isn’t quite ready to say that she made a mistake taking this job, but she’s close. If not for the success of her paranormal hobby in this extremely haunted place, she might have already left.

When Angie Stolmeijer arrived, she assumed she wouldn’t be in town for more than a few months. A budding musician and a cosmetologist, she works at the hair salon of Winnie, her Aunt Nancy’s partner. As her aunts try to help her find direction, they watch with knowing eyes as Angie develops an interest in a certain new cop. Even with their support, though, there are some journeys in life that you must walk alone.

Amy Gilbert and Molly Gorman enthusiastically prepare for their baby. Amy’s footloose lifestyle is challenged while attending to a stubborn, usually self-sufficient, and now pregnant partner. To her shock and pleasure, her parents embrace the upcoming grandbaby.

Molly has her eye on the future, yet her family history haunts her. Her parents are opposed to her having a child. Molly’s paternal grandfather was her hero, upholding the law. Small-town gossip has her wondering if it’s true that shady characters are sprinkled on her family tree. When a body is found, the rumors gain traction.





Lucky Breaks: Book 2

by Rae D. Magdon

Sasha Young, leader of the Lucky 7, has unfinished business. Her eighth clone is ready for activation, but this time, she won’t be passing on her memories. Caring for a newly autonomous being that shares her DNA is challenging enough, but the situation gets complicated when Ford Andrews, a prominent CEO, hires the Lucky 7 for one last job. His payment? Information about how Sasha’s parents really died.

Elena Nevares is in over her head. What began as a short trip to awaken Sasha’s clone has turned into one dangerous situation after another. All the while, her brothers and grandmother are waiting in Barbados, without her protection. With foes old and new trying to take down her crew, can she justify putting her family in danger for them, and for a future she isn’t sure she believes in?





by A.J. Hutchinson-Forton

Available in Kindle Unlimited

McKenna Scott is missing. She’s presumed dead. Perished. Out of her misery… Suddenly, she’s not. She’s alive! Existing. Viable, just about…

Two years after she vanished, Mac Scott stumbles into a London hospital. Scars encrust her body. She cannot tolerate the slightest physical touch despite her body aching for human connection. She has no memory of what happened to her. As Mac tries to ease herself into a life that now feels alien, she is consumed with grief and anger at losing the self-assured, fun-loving woman she once was. So she looks for help.

Enticing therapist, Alisha Cole, helps her retrieve shards of horrific memories and it soon becomes clear… Mac may be home, but she is far from free.

Using her scars and memory fragments like a road map, she investigates her disappearance and journeys through the perilous twists and turns of her own mystery. Unexpected love and an insatiable need to be freed from the evil which torments her, drives Mac to rediscover herself and find newfound fortitude.

Where has she been? Why was she captured? She’s about to find out. And then she will make them pay. Escape is just the beginning; Mac is going to raise hell.

Trigger Warnings: Explicit scenes of violence and sex. Rape. Homophobia. PTSD flash backs.





by Erica Lee

narrated by Ana Sofia

Reese James’ life was never easy. Trying to stay upbeat and positive while her twin sister battled cancer took its toll on her. The one thing getting her through was her relationship with her lifelong best friend Bette Mitchell. Unfortunately, constantly blurring the lines between friendship and something more was destined to blow up at some point, and that’s exactly what happened when Reese hit her rock bottom.

After losing her father, Bette Mitchell didn’t know how she would ever feel okay again. The thing she did know was there was one person who understood exactly how it felt to lose someone close to her. The problem was she and Reese had barely spoken after Bette broke her heart three years earlier.

But now Reese is back in town for the funeral and willing to do anything to help Bette smile again. Well, almost anything. She can’t let go of what happened the night everything fell apart between them.

A look back on Reese and Bette’s relationship through the years shows what brought them to the point they are at today. Is their history enough to lead them into a future together, or is there too much heartbreak between them to move forward?



by Ophelia Alexander

narrated by Alexandra Ryan

Clare is 17, a popular straight-A student, and has her daily life completely determined by her controlling mother. Outwardly, it appears she has everything figured out, but silently, she feels lost in someone else’s life. Her only escape is behind the lens of her camera.

Hilda is forced to move back to the US, and is looking to escape a painful past relationship and start over. Her alternative look and rough exterior don’t do her any favors as she struggles to be accepted by her peers and restart her athletic career.

When the two girls meet for the first time, something clicks. New and conflicting emotions stir within Clare that force her to question who she is and what she wants out of life. Hilda, being suddenly thrust into the spotlight of Clare’s popularity, fears that to fit in, she’ll need to hide her feelings of affection, which has never been her strong suit.

Will the two be able to navigate the uncharted waters of their passion, or will they drown in a sea of their own expectations?

Trigger Warning: Verbal and physical abuse.



Children of the Wild: Book 7

by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Bobbi Wilson

A woman is taken, tortured, and suddenly Rhonda’s thrust into a position of command that she doesn’t want. What if she screws it up? What if it all goes wrong and blows up in her face getting everyone killed? She’s utterly terrified, and the man she depends on most just sits there waiting for orders. Will she succeed on her own or fail and bring ruin to all?



by K’Anne Meinel

narrated by Violette Helvetica

The war is over, and the boys are coming home. It’s time for women everywhere to leave the factories and return to their rightful places…in the kitchen.

Women did their duty and filled many traditionally male jobs while their men were fighting for their country. But now, the men are back and ready to take over. But what if your man didn’t return? And what if you found you enjoyed the freedom your job gave you?

Neither Marion Whiting nor Barbara Jenkins loved their jobs in the mill; however, they did the best job they could for their government, and after being widowed by the war, those jobs had become a necessity. The two women fell in love and moved in together to save on expenses, but they soon discovered life very different from when they were married to men. After giving up their individual homes in order to buy a place together, they discovered that no bank would give them a loan without a responsible male’s signature. Since Marion and Barbara no longer had men to “take care” of them, they decided to take care of themselves, and each other.

Dreams are meant to be pursued, so Marion and Barbara bought an island using the last of their combined money. They wanted to create a vacation getaway, where they could raise their shared family, but they had no idea what it would take to make their dreams on this island a reality.

Will they have to give up their dreams to save their relationship? Will their freedom be thwarted by outside influences? Come along as two women in post-war Maine embark on their dream.

“What could possibly go wrong?” you ask….





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