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by Tagan Shepard

Kieran Hall has never been lucky in love. She married her high school sweetheart only to have him leave when she came out as pansexual. Then there was the rebound relationship that turned serious. It wasn’t long before they were out the door, too.

For years Kieran avoided any attempts at finding the next person to break her heart, building a life that was comfortable but lonely. That loneliness finally pushes her to give dating another shot. The only problem is, without freshman homeroom or a chance meeting in a bar, she doesn’t know how to meet someone new.

With the help of her best friend, Penelope, Kieran takes the plunge into the intimidating world of dating apps. It’s just as bad as she knew it would be, but Pen is always there to pick her up and dust her off after another disaster. In fact, hanging out with Pen quickly becomes her main motivation to keep swiping right.

When one of her dates suggests that maybe her dating problems stem from her feelings for her best friend it leads Kieran to wonder, could love have been right there in front of her all along?



A Stonecreek Romance: Book 1

by Callie Hall

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Tatum doesn’t do relationships, unless you’re Rosie, the Rose-breasted Cockatoo living inside Oswald’s pet shop. For years, Tatum’s coveted the bird, but she’s never been able to take Rosie home. Vet bills and feather plucking aside, the attention Rosie needs is far too much for Tatum to give all on her own.

However, when Kate, Oswald’s granddaughter, asks Tatum to volunteer so she can spend some one-on-one time with Rosie, Tatum can’t refuse. The added company isn’t too bad, either.

Kate’s cared for Rosie ever since an irate mother brought her in due to the noise. Unfortunately, a bird isn’t like a dog, and unlike a dog, they have a hard time bonding to anyone else once they’ve decided on a home. So, when Tatum enters the shop and talks to Rosie as though she’s one of the family, Kate gets an idea.

Of course, she never planned for things to go this far, and while Kate believes Tatum is perfect for Rosie, Tatum might not be the right fit for her.

To Love Again is a sweet lesbian romance about two women, one trying to move on and the other not looking to be tied down, and their very adorable bird named Rosie.



by Michele M. Reynolds

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Six Feet is a contemporary, pandemic romance with the emphasis on romance.

Henley Stones Smith, 42, is a psychologist with three foster daughters: Paloma, Jackie and Manhattan.

Nicki Zabelle, 28, is a professional video gamer who sleeps in late and always orders take-out.

The Covid pandemic hits and Nicki abruptly moves from Boston to Western Massachusetts where Henley is juggling working from home, remote school, and single parenthood.

Little Jackie’s early morning mishap brings Henley and Nicki together.
Henley sees Nicki as an incredibly young neighbor who is kind enough to share her pool.

Nicki sees Henley as an incredibly hot neighbor who she hopes is kind enough to share her bed.



by Nancy J. Hedin

Mary Caine is pushing sixty and pulling her hair out because the one thing she counts on—the Midsummer Carnival—may not even happen this year.

Mary openly adores the Midsummer Carnival and secretly hopes each year that her mom, who abandoned her as a child, will return with the carnival company. And Mary passionately loves Sadie Barnes, her first love, who left town thirty years ago. Mary wants a second chance and feels like she might get it when Sadie comes back to town to take a school administrator position.

Suddenly, everything goes to pieces. Not only are the rights to the carnival barbeque sauce recipe in question, but two dead bodies are found by the lake and somehow Sadie is implicated in both.

With the help of her pilfering, talking crow named Win and her faithful hound named Bob Barker, Mary is determined to win back Sadie’s love, exonerate her from the murder, solve the suspicious deaths, preserve the carnival, and for extra credit, help Sarah—the pregnant teen Mary has employed at her grocery store.

Old Love proves that a second chance at love can come at any age—even in a small town.



Catskill Crew: Book 3

by Anna Cove

Available in Kindle Unlimited

The vows were: For better or worse, in sickness and in health.

Too bad they didn’t mention crushing boredom.

Alex Montgomery is in demand. Coming off a public and humiliating crisis at her therapy practice, she’s ready for life to start getting easier. But everyone needs something, from the publisher of her upcoming book to her employees. She doesn’t have the mental space to worry about what’s going on at home. It’s fine. The house is still standing. Her wife and child are still breathing.

Jenny Chen is barely holding on. Every day, she feels pieces of her soul slipping under her childcare and household responsibilities. When she tries to talk to her wife about it, it’s like she’s speaking another language. That is, until she says the word divorce. Alex seems to understand that just fine.

Alex can’t let Jenny go.
Jenny can’t see a way to stay.
Something needs to change, and Alex is just desperate enough to find that something.

What will Alex do to keep her marriage intact and win a second chance at falling in love again with the love of her life? Can two people who know each other so well change and accept change in one another?



The Astington Series: Book 1

by Elle Armstrong

Available in Kindle Unlimited

There’s an instant connection when Max and Lauren’s eyes meet across a crowded café. But their attempts to get to know each other, are constantly thwarted by either Max’s mysterious alarm or Lauren’s frenemies, who Max nicknames the three witches.

As the witches stir up a storm, Lauren tries desperately to escape the spell binding her to them. Meanwhile Max is left wondering if her and Lauren are meant to be, or destined to be fated lovers.

A visit from an ex, kickstarts a chain reaction, leading to drama on the moors, that will have far reaching repercussions. Will Max and Lauren get to be each other’s amours, or will outside sources combine with the witches, to spoil everything?



by Alexa Woods

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when a fake marriage between the two polar opposites turns into a real thing?

Contrary to her family expectations, Emily Radcliffe isn’t lawyer material and she won’t stay in the closet just to help her dad’s political ambitions.

To shake her button-up parents out of their mistaken ideas of who she is Emily needs a bombshell.

A fake marriage to a tattooed, raven-haired beauty with strong opinions and a rebellious spirit might be exactly the explosive she needs.

Danica Davis is Emily’s complete opposite. A formerly homeless foster kid, Dani’s clawed her way into a decent living.

But now her shop is at risk and she’s got six months to sort it before she’s back on the streets – again.

The solution comes in the form of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed ray of sunshine who wears irritating yellow dresses and never stops smiling.

Emily needs a fake wife. Dani needs money. It’s a perfect match. The catch? This convenient arrangement soon turns into a real thing.

As the sparks fly, Emily must learn to fight for her choices. And Dani has to figure out if, for the first time ever, she’s willing to put her heart on the line.

This is a standalone steamy fake marriage opposites attract F/F romance novel with a HEA.





by Freia Ricola

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When nineteen year old Evelyn Drake received the offer to appear in a new TV production, she was over the moon at her good fortune. However, travelling to London from her home in the British city of Lincoln, Evelyn soon discovers that the new production might just be cursed.

But while the job itself might be a disaster in the making, her meeting with one of the costume girls, Laura, an energetic 22 year old with dreams of opening her own store, is anything but disastrous.

Perhaps there will be a silver lining to Evelyn’s ill-fated trip after all…





Jade’s Erotic Adventures: Book 40

by Victoria Rush

Some girls just need a little extra encouragement to come out of their shells…

When Jade sees an online ad for a ‘bodysex’ workshop, her interest is tweaked. But when she learns that it involves a group of naked women learning new sexual techniques under the direction of an intimacy coach, she decides to sign up for a trial session.

The first session starts out innocently enough, with all the attendees just talking about their goals and intimacy issues, and gradually taking off their clothes to become comfortable around one another. As they marvel at the diversity of body shapes and sizes, the coach encourages the girls to lose their inhibitions and begin to touch themselves.

As the sexual electricity in the room begins to ramp up, it doesn’t take long for everyone to begin moaning and squirming in pleasure. With each new session, the coach introduces more advanced self-stimulation techniques while the participants get more and more turned on watching each other.

But it’s not until the final session in the series when the coach introduces a surprise new technique that has all of the girls howling in pleasure…





The Darkness Series: Book 4

by KC Luck

Available in Kindle Unlimited

If the lights go out forever, can love survive?

Darkness still prevails throughout the world but in Astoria, Chief of Police Taylor Barnes has everything under control. There is only one more thing she wants to do—marry the always challenging Jackie Scott. Unfortunately, the universe seems to be conspiring against her when a caravan of travelers led by a sexy and mysterious woman named Rosella Cane arrives and pirates start attacking cities along the Oregon coast.

Facing the threat of pirates, Major Grace Hamilton must call on the help of the Wind Dancer to chase them down. As much as she hates putting the ship and crew in danger, the outlaws must be brought to justice. The other obstacle is working with the ship’s fiery captain, Meg O’Grady. Close friends, but nothing more, Grace longs for a time she can confess her love but won’t because she knows she will never be enough to make Meg happy.

Doing whatever it takes to get by in the aftermath of the catastrophic solar storm responsible for knocking out power around the globe, Cyd Elliott survives by keeping her life simple. It is not an easy task in the ravaged metropolis of San Francisco, but her needs are few until she hears a scream in the distance.

Naomi Andrews was the ‘it’ girl. Hollywood could not get enough of her and the movie she starred in was a blockbuster. Everything had been perfect in her life until that night in April when all the lights went out and stayed out. Trapped in San Francisco for months, Naomi can’t take life anymore but when she goes to the Golden Gate Bridge to jump off, she meets someone who changes her mind.

If you like a story with romance and adventure, mixed with conflict and heroism, then you will love KC Luck’s page-turning new book. This is a full-length novel, which can be read as a stand-alone book, however, it is closely tied to the previous three stories “Darkness Falls,”Darkness Remains,” and “Darkness United.” These books have an end-of-the-world/dystopian theme but are significantly more focused on strong female characters in loving sapphic relationships.



A Java Jarvis Thriller: Book 2

by Erin Wade

Bestselling LGBT author Erin Wade pulls out all the stops on this thriller. A Lesbian, Action Adventure Romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering for Java Jarvis and her team at SKIRT. When women are murdered during Mardi Gras for the third year in a row New Orleans Police Lieutenant Beau Braxton calls in the women of SKIRT. The FBI’s Serial Killers Investigative Resolution Team consisted of five beautiful FBI agents and was directed by Special Agents Java Jarvis and her wife Kat Lace. Working undercover the team had a one hundred percent success rate and was only pressed into action when others failed, and local authorities requested their assistance. Java and Kat discover that murder is one of the nicer things perpetrated by a well organized group participating in human trafficking, porn, snuff films and abduction by request. When wealthy Avery Ricard a beautiful plantation owner sets her sights on Kat, Java pulls out all the stops to keep her wife and to keep NOLA citizens safe. Join Java, Kat, their dog Ares and the entire SKIRT team as they love, laugh and hunt down the bad guys.





Split Series: Book 1

by Cindy Rizzo

A deeply polarized and ungovernable United States of America has separated into two nations—the God Fearing States (GFS) and the United Progressive Regions (UPR).

Judith Braverman, a teenager living in an Orthodox Jewish community in the GFS, is not only a talented artist accomplished in the ancient craft of papercutting, she also has the gift of seeing into peoples’ souls—and can tell instantly if someone is good or evil.

Jeffrey Schwartz has no love for religion or conformity and yearns to escape to the freedom of the UPR. When he’s accepted into an experimental pen pal program and paired with Dani Fine, an openly queer girl in the UPR, he hopes that he can finally find a way out.

As danger mounts and their alarm grows, Judith embeds a secret code in her papercuts so that she and Jeffrey can tell Dani what’s happening to Jews in the GFS without raising suspicions from the government. When the three arrange a quick, clandestine meeting, Jeffrey is finally faced with the choice to flee or to stay and resist. And Judith is reeling from a pull toward Dani that is unlike anything she has ever felt before.

Content note: the book contains one brief memory of sexual assault of a male teen by another male teen.





Bella Books Authors

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence for her shoe.

A woman realizes she was meant to decline a wedding invitation, but only after she’s arrived. Can she borrow some of a stranger’s charm to make it through an awkward night?

A power outage during a rehearsal dinner. A vanishing bride. A distraught groom. How’s an innkeeper to keep up? Especially when the bride reappears with a strange request: help her escape her own wedding.

It’s awfully easy to bring “something old” to your wedding when one of the brides happens to be Death’s 700 year-old Head Minion.

As if a museum wasn’t enough of a draw for a history nerd, throw in holograms, a secret wedding, and a mysteriously well-informed woman and things really get interesting.

Weddings are so much more than parties. They’re a gathering of family and friends. The start of an adventure. And most importantly, they’re a celebration of love. From Bella Books comes a collection of short stories sure to put you in the mood to say “I do.”





by Anna Stone

narrated by Lexy Rebe

Grab all four books in the sizzling Irresistibly Bound romance series in one collection.

Being Hers

While working at an exclusive club, law student Melanie attracts the attention of Vanessa, a glamorous executive. Soon, she is swept into Vanessa’s sensual games of submission. As their connection grows more intense, they realize their no-strings-attached relationship is turning into something more, but old wounds keep them from surrendering their hearts.

Her Surrender

When librarian April has a one-night stand with womanizer Vicki, she isn’t expecting their uninhibited night to leave her wanting more. What she’s expecting even less is that Vicki is the wealthy property developer who’s planning to bulldoze April’s library. As tensions heat up between them, neither can resist the pull of their attraction. Will their love-hate relationship cause everything they’ve worked for to go up in flames?

Hers to Keep

When art school graduate Lindsey joins a sugar baby website to pay off her debt, she meets an alluring older woman named Camilla. Lindsey isn’t interested in women, but Camilla has an irresistible proposal for her: move into her mansion for three months as her girlfriend and submissive, and all Lindsey’s financial woes will disappear. Their arrangement is just one big lie.

But what happens when the lie becomes the truth?

Freeing Her

Faith is thrilled to land a job as a nanny for a wealthy, recently divorced mother of two. The only problem is her boss, Eve. She’s uptight, controlling, and impossible to please. But when Faith discovers a side to Eve that she never expected, it becomes clear that behind her strict façade is a passionate woman bursting to break free and make Faith hers. However, if they give in to their desires, they risk losing everything.



by Jenny Frame

narrated by Amy Putt

Ashling O’Rourke has always seen love through the prism of her vintage romance novel collection. The dukes, the duchesses, and the corsets and carriages help her to experience different kinds of love. She’s content living a sheltered life in a small village and even gets a job working for the Rosebrook Village Trust. Ash’s newly exciting life is only marred by the arrogant Archie, who thinks she’s the office tea girl.

Steff “Archie” Archer is a Townie who never likes to be more than a mile away from a coffee, sushi, or juice bar. Despite being an avid environmentalist and working for Rosebrook Village Trust, she never wants to live there. She’s lived the country life before and vowed never to return.

When unsentimental Archie falls for the hopeless romantic Ashling, Archie needs to learn how to make her sweetheart swoon. But will she be able to settle in the village, and make her home where her heart is?



Sorceress Seduction

Sexy Demon Hunter Series, Book 3

by Riley Rose

narrated by Nikki Monroe

Ashlyn Summersnow, expert Demon Hunter, somehow has gotten herself into an illicit love affair with Thalia, a succubus, the sexiest of all demons. And somehow joins Thalia in journeying to a powerful and sensual sorceress for a favor.

The sexy sorceress will grant their request if they do two things for her. Become her sex toys. And help her win the heart of a powerful warrior named Kiosa.

Will Ashlyn and Thalia succumb to the Sorceress’s domination? Will they help her have kinky shenanigans with her strong and sexy warrior lover? And will they finally find true love with each other?

Find out in Book 3 of Ashlyn’s sexy and submissive fantasy adventures!



by Prudence MacLeod

narrated by Marie Claire

Defiant young Annie Laurie Balfour is sent to a distant land in hopes of avoiding a devastating public scandal. There she acquires a dark and dangerous ally, a guardian angel of great, and terrible power. Together they return to Scotland to extract vengeance and gain justice for Annie. Will they succeed or die in the attempt? Only time will tell.






At I Heart Lesfic, we believe the world could use a bit more kindness after one of the hardest and longest of years. Many authors have signed up to help IHL spread kindness in the world.

Jean Copeland penned A Little Help from My Friends. Also, Jean is giving away 1 ecopy of Poison Pen.










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