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June 2021 Winners





Don’t Call Me Hero: Book 5

by Eliza Lentzski

Available in Kindle Unlimited

William Desjardin was dead: the victim of an interrupted home burglary, according to the police. Cassidy returns to Embarrass with Julia to support her with the funeral details, rehoming Julia’s mother, and settling the Desjardin estate. For Cassidy, being back in the small, northern Minnesotan town has brought back a number of good memories—most starring Julia herself. But it’s also triggered some memories she’d rather leave buried. And when an unexpected life insurance policy implicates Julia in her father’s death, the short visit turns into much more than a trip down memory lane.





by Brit Ryder

Glass ceilings, red tape, rules…Some things are meant to be broken. No one expects their heart will.

Claire Weaver’s only goal is to climb the ladder of success. After winning an unwinnable toxic tort case and securing a ninety-million-dollar verdict, she’s a shoo-in for a judgeship at Kansas City’s circuit court.

The last person fire investigator Emery Pearson expects to see in court is the stranger she had the pleasure of dominating last night—only this time, Judge Claire Weaver is definitely in charge. To say she’s excited is an understatement. Claire is everything she needs—sexy, available, and not looking for a relationship.

Their day jobs clash, even as their desire burns, and a discreet sex-only arrangement is the only option. But when pushing their sexual limits threatens the boundary of their hearts, will they be guilty of breaking their own rules, or allow love to tip the scales?





by Brenda Murphy, Megan Hart, Fiona Zedde

Haunted? Hunted? When you need a safe place from disaster, heartbreak, or gods trying to break you and drain your blood… come to Sanctuary. It’s New York’s most exclusive club for magical beings and the backdrop of three sexy stories from three award winning authors.

We Choose to Be by Megan Hart

Love is in the air…and the blood. When hemomancer Hadassah meets the woman of her dreams, she has no idea that Yael is actually a blood demon. Is it only the draw of Hadassah’s talents that brings Yael into her bed? Or is there something more. Something that could last. What is love, after all, unless it’s bound by blood?

Sanguine Faith by Brenda Murphy

After a messy break-up leaves Laurel homeless and unemployed, she accepts her great-uncle’s offer of a townhouse and a job. When a seductive spirit trapped in the town house offers Laurel a means of escaping the life her uncle has planned for her, she learns that free does not mean without cost.

Promises Made by Starlight by Fiona Zedde

Abandoned by her wife years before and left devastated, Izzy has recently lost nearly everything else. Her credit is abysmal, she’s underemployed, and her successful best friend treats her like a charity case. But when her wife reappears, breaking her heart all over again, Izzy finds that not everything is as it seems. Blood gods walk the earth, and the one she once welcomed into her bed is back—ready to reclaim what’s hers.





by A.J Forton

Available in Kindle Unlimited

A lesbian fiction thriller. Mac is Back! In part two of the Retrospect story and it is darker, bolder and sexier than ever!

Mckenna Scott is alive! But far from out of her misery. After two years vanished, Mac Scott fought to unwrap the mystery of her disappearance and bring down the monsters that stole her life away. And she won. Yet, it soon became clear that behind those monsters was an evil force so formidable that they not only threaten her life but all of humanity.

Mac Scott’s path to rediscovering herself continues. As the conflict in her heart finally finds harmony, some bonds break – while others strengthen. Who does her heart truly beat for?

Her time held captive from the world and every battle fought to bring down Jakub, have taken their toll on Mac. The ghosts of her past haunt her, and she is learning that sometimes to move forwards, you must look back.

Mac fights to destroy her demons, but as she grows stronger and faster, so does The Culling. With the weight of the world on her shoulders – It is no longer a question of why she was captured, but if she can convince herself that she is no longer the girl in chains.

Escape was just the beginning; war is coming. Agent Scott must adapt. She must infiltrate. She must become a member of The Culling. Too many lives depend upon it.

Mac is back! And she is going to raise hell.

Trigger Warnings: Rape, graphic violence, explicit sex scenes, PTSD flash backs.





by JM Dragon

A lady faces the bleak loss of someone who had caught her heart but never known her love at the final battle where King Arthur Pendragon is returned to the Ladies of the Lake.

A knight armored in black, in search of redemption, has a personal secret that at any time could ruin the reputation of the family name.

When the lady’s father, a nobleman affiliated with King Arthur, asks the Black Knight to bring his daughter home from Camelot, the knight reluctantly agrees.

Neither the lady nor the Black Knight could have expected what was to follow in this timeless romance of love battling secrets and treachery.





Collection of Stories

In Our Words: Queer Stories from Black, Indigenous, and People of Color Writers is a thoughtfully curated collection of short stories at the intersection of racial and queer identity. Comprising both the renowned and emerging voices of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color authors, across multiple countries, and diverse in style, perspective, and theme, In Our Words reflects the complexity and diversity of human experience.





by Melissa Tereze

narrated by Emma Griffiths

Their love could heal their hearts…but destroy the relationships they both hold dear.

Emma Bradley is trembling. And not because of the climate difference between England and Africa, where she’s just ended an 18-month stint teaching sports to kids. She’s about to see Vanessa again.

Golden hair, luminous blue eyes, a smile to light up a room. The woman Emma loves. The woman she spilled her heart out to, then ran away to another continent to avoid a humiliating scene – because Vanessa is her best friend’s mum. If Emma is lucky, maybe Vanessa chalked it up to too much wine. Or better yet, forgot all about it.

Vanessa Middleton is fighting a serious case of uncertainty. Emma’s confession is crystal clear in her memory, and now that Vanessa is divorced from her cheating husband, the strongest barrier between them is gone. But there are others no less challenging.

Because, if Vanessa couldn’t keep her husband’s attention, what could bright, beautiful, much younger Emma possibly see in her? Worse, if the two of them act on their attraction, their affair could jeopardize the relationship they both hold dear: Vanessa’s daughter – Emma’s closest friend.


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