Friday Feels Fun: April 8th Edition

We made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate.

Below, you’ll find books, life advice, and the pet of the week. We truly hope these tidbits help everyone slide into weekend mode. But first, we have some announcements.


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It’s week 13 of IHL’s Sapphic Reading Challenge. You can click here for reading suggestions for stories showcasing a Cute Animal / Pet / Wild Animal9 of the books featured on the page are on sale, but today’s the last day to snatch these up at bargain prices.


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Now for today’s edition of Friday Feels. If you’d like to contribute to the weekly feature, click here to find out how.

Don’t forget to scroll all the way to the bottom to see an adorable cat. 

Here are the top 3 most clicked books of the week on I Heart Lesfic:


The Roads Left Behind Us

by Kat Jackson

After some unexpected life detours, Callie Lewes is determined to complete her PhD program and figure out what to do with the rest of her life. Her laser focus is finely tuned and she’s ready for total immersion in literature, subpar student essays, and all the joys that come with being a graduate teaching assistant. She has no time for, or interest in, anything else. Especially not dating.

Even if Callie were to entertain the idea of dating, she’s certain it would be with someone vibrant, open, and close to her own age. Definitely not someone like Dr. Kate Jory, a new member of Pennbrook College’s English department. Kate is both intimidating and a closed book. And the age difference between them is not small. But Kate is also brilliant and fascinating, and Callie is drawn to her in ways she’d never imagined possible.

Not that Kate notices. Or does she? Callie can’t tell. Even though they develop an engaging and flirtatious friendship, Callie struggles to work up the courage to put herself directly in Kate’s romantic path—wary of the type of fire she suspects their sparks could ignite.


Dominance of the Heart

by Char Dafoe

Italian immigrant, Carmen Astrella, has lived half her life in her adopted Canadian country, alone. Running her successful rehabilitation centre for dogs and having her faithful Doberman companion, Lupo, by her side, the unfathomable thought of a loving, committed relationship with someone was a foreign idea to Carmen. At the age of 45 and a dominant in the kinkier side of sex, contractual relationships were all Carmen ever needed to fulfill her desires. That feeling implodes after Carmen’s submissive of one year abruptly leaves her, leaving Carmen to reassess her life, asking herself where her heart truly lies and what it wants.

Sweet, submissive Cassandra Harte has been living her life on autopilot. Always following the rules with a polite smile. At the age of 40, Cass assumes she knows what she wants – a mellow life with someone safe to come home to. When her world gets rocked after discovering her girlfriend’s adultery, Cass suddenly questions her calm and quiet life. Rocketing from neutral to top speed, Cass’s existence flips upside down and she seeks out something to take the edge off. Carmen Astrella, the fiery Italian dominant is just the elixir for the sweet submissive.

Come follow two very different women as they sort through their lives that were once thought to be concrete, and into the arms and beds of others before realizing they were meant to be together all along.

A light BDSM erotica with twists and turns that reaches deep into the psyche’s minds when it comes to powerplay of dominance and sex that inevitably succumbs to the power of love.

Do It for the Glory

by Kaya LaSalle

Available in Kindle Unlimited

After a terrible attack at one of her concerts, will a traumatized rock star find love with a gruff K-9 handler?

Mia Soltani isn’t looking for love. In the aftermath of a horrific attack, she’s just trying to make it through each day and get back up on the stage. But she might have found more than she bargained for in the gruff K-9 handler working security at her shows…

Emery Olson and her German Shepherd Mojito work security at the Madrigal Resort in Las Vegas. When they get a new rock star client for a long-term residency, Emery figures they’ll be just another diva. She wasn’t banking on someone like Mia…

As Mia and Emery grow closer, they realize they’re falling hard and fast. But when new threats to Mia’s safety arise, their fragile new relationship is thrown into turmoil.

Will they be able to find their happily-ever-after? Or will their love story be cut short before it ever really begins?




The Date

by T.B. Markinson

Available in Kindle Unlimited

What happens when a prickly cat lady runs into the new dog owner next door?

When Francesca and Cooper decide to become balcony friends, and Prin’s twin sister takes on the role of enthusiastic matchmaker, Brit and Prin decide to give each other a second chance. All they need is one date to see if there might be something more between them.

But somehow everything keeps going hilariously and disastrously wrong.

Deal ends on April 8th.


Jan, a reader, says: My advice is to persevere. Keep in their face and they eventually will see it your way.


Meet Meeple

The adorable Meeple belongs to author Sage Donnell.

That’s all for this week.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

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