March Book of the Month Winners

Before we get to the March winners, we have some announcements.

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Book of the Month Awards

We’re thrilled to announce the Book of the Month Awards for March.

Without further ado, here are the winners:


March 2022 Winners



Behind Her Eyes

by Melissa Tereze

Available in Kindle Unlimited

All it takes is one cold lie to ruin the recipe for a perfect love…

Five years ago, Abi was in culinary school and dreaming of working at Adley’s, a Michelin-starred restaurant, and for its equally delectable owner. Instead, she’s alone, broke, and out of friendly couches to sleep on. Her only direction…rock bottom.

Abi’s in a mess, but it’s her mess, and she plans to fix it. She just doesn’t know how—until, huddled and shivering in a doorway across from Adley’s, she sees the beautiful owner drop her purse. And returning it reaps an unexpected reward.

Behind Victoria Adley’s cool public persona and power suits is a woman in turmoil, a victim of tabloid lies that have thrown her for a loop. Accused of having an affair with a female employee, her family has fallen apart and her business is suffering.

When Victoria offers temporary shelter to the homeless young woman who found and returned her dropped purse, she is irresistibly drawn to Abi’s kindness and warmth. Their instant attraction melts into something more, but they can’t pretend the real world doesn’t exist. While all the ingredients for a lasting love are there, putting them together isn’t so easy.

Because Victoria isn’t out.

And Abi can’t live a lie.



In the Shadow of Love

Shadow Series: Book 2

by J.E. Leak

She was prepared to lose her life. She was not prepared to lose her heart.

Romance, secrets, and intrigue swirl around two female OSS agents navigating duty and love amidst the backdrop of New York City during World War II.

An encounter with a sultry nightclub singer led reporter Jenny Ryan to a secret job at the Office of Strategic Services and an unlikely romance with the woman of her dreams.

OSS agent Kathryn Hammond fell for her former assignment, and she’ll do anything to keep her safe—including staying away. When ghosts from her past emerge, and Jenny waltzes into headquarters as a new recruit, all of Kathryn’s fears come true.

With Jenny’s protection out of her hands, and society, the war, and time against them, will their love survive?

In the Shadow of Love is the second book in this lesbian historical romance series. If you like secrets, spies, and love against all odds, you’ll love this emotionally sweeping love story.

Note: As this is a series, reading the books in order is recommended.

Sensitive Content: This novel contains instances of PTSD from war experiences. While it is not the central theme of the story, it is woven into the tapestry of the characters’ lives, and I am mindful that for many, such forewarning is appreciated.



Welcome to the Cardinal

by TJ Dallas

Available in Kindle Unlimited

When your friend recommends a renowned sex club, the location you find yourself at is not what you expected. The seven-story building in the heart of Edinburgh also hosts a hotel, a restaurant, a casino… Even a nightclub! As you explore in your own time, prepare to meet a plethora of sinful people. Do you want to learn how to play Blackjack, or would you prefer the owner to show you a good time over her private poker table? Are you ravenous for food, or something more in the restaurant? Does the sexy butch who runs the gym really know what she’s doing with a strap-on? (*Spoiler alert, of course she does.) Choose wisely.

A create-your-own lesfic erotic adventure based on the Cardinal, the setting of my women-loving-women series featuring the Seven Deadly Sins. Over twenty seductive sapphic encounters to enjoy!



The One to Walk Away

by L. Dreamer

Available in Kindle Unlimited

For FBI Special Agent Lake Stuart, doing the right thing had come at a price—her family. Years later, in a new city, a new career, she’s still feeling the burden of the cost. She refuses to let anyone close enough to break her heart again. She’s the one to walk away now—until she goes home with Dr. Mel Pascale for one of her many routine one-night stands. What happens to Lake’s ‘one and done’ way of companionship when she can’t get Mel out of her head?

Pediatrician Mel Pascale likes her life the way it is: working at a premier hospital and volunteering at a refugee clinic, hanging out with her nephew, sister, and best friend, and surfing. But she yearns to find someone special. When she (literally) runs into a beautiful, assertive woman, she’s taken with her immediately. And when she does something she’s never done before–take a stranger home for the night—something clicks into place and falls into an incongruous mess all at once.

Just as the two women are figuring out who they can be to each other, Mel gets embroiled in Lake’s multi-agency drug cartel corruption investigation, putting their burgeoning relationship—and lives—at risk.




Heart of Heroes: Book 1

by Molly Bragg

When Deputy US Marshal Danielle ‘Danny’ Martin was told she’d gotten a promotion, she expected to be leading her own fugitive retrieval team. Instead, she got transferred to Pontian Florida of all places, and assigned to a Superhero support detail for Focus, a seemingly immortal superhero who is also one of the most famous lesbian icons on the planet.

Bad enough she’s got to spend every day working with a woman she’s had a crush on since she was five years old, but when she arrives at her new post, things start getting weird. It turns out that Focus asked for her by name, and it quickly becomes apparent that Focus wants to be more than just coworkers, or even friends.

After Focus has a violent reaction to Danny getting hurt in the line of duty, she starts looking into why the Superhero might be so fixated on her. She begins to suspect that seeing the future might be one of Focus’ powers, but when a mission leaves her stranded thirty years in the past, right at the start of Focus’s superhero career, everything becomes clear, except why the Focus in the past can barely seem to tolerate her presence.




by Kitty McIntosh

Available in Kindle Unlimited

Do memories from the past hold us back? Can Bridget ever move on? A day out in Glasgow may hold the key to the rest of her life.




The Headmistress

by Milena McKay

narrated by Abby Craden

A chance encounter. An unforgettable night.

And back home, trouble is brewing on the remote island of Three Dragons, where nothing feels like it used to. Alone and lonely, Sam Threadneedle wishes upon a star, hoping for change. But when said change comes, it’s with a roar and not a whimper.

Torn between loyalty and lust, Sam is forced to reevaluate everything.

Can she and the Home of Dragons withstand the storm that is Magdalene Nox, or will any and all crumble?

Not everything is as it seems, and as she slowly unravels the mysteries behind the centuries-old walls, Sam realizes that home is much more than oak and stone.


Chey won the $15 Amazon gift card giveaway.




It’s time to vote for your favorite April 2022 books.

Voting is open until the end of May.

Results will be announced in June.

Best of luck authors!


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    Congratulations to all the winners. Now my ever-growing TBR list may force me to invest in a new
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    my next read. But it’s all good.

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